Lotte- I really need to stop doing cross-overs. Or at least stop throwing in even more stories into it. -sigh- oh well. I love you.

Author's note: Perhaps many of you (that is if anyone has read this) caught the reference to The Hollow Kingdom in this story, but for those of you who haven't, it is strongly referenced here.

Chapter 14

"Peter... What are we going to do about Helena?" Sarah had to yell for Peter to hear her over the sound of the wind whipping past their ears.

"She wanted to stay. We have Toby." Peter gripped Toby's hand slightly harder, to prove his point as was as to secure the boy, since they were following a passing storm.

"But what about her mother? And her brother? They live here, we can't tell them she was kidnapped by goblins!"

"I don't think she was kidnapped." Peter spoke to himself quietly, remembering the venom in Helena's voice, and the glare she gave.

She cried for him. Why would she scream at me? And cry for him! She cried for Hook, why?

"Peter?" Sarah's hands grew cold when she looked over to see the twisted look on his face. "What do we tell her family?"

"I don't know."

Jareth slowly began to feel an unusual warmth to his left, starting with his fingertips, and continuing up to his head. When he opened his eyes, he was met by a softly protruding collar bone, that lead his eye down to the crevasse between a pair of light breasts, the line falling down behind a screen of pink silk and beads. He did not need to see the snake that adored the pale skin to know who laid around him. Her fingers were laved with his, while her face rested against his head. Her lips just brushed against his hair.

"First time she closed her eyes in two days." The harsh voice of a goblin snapped the kings attention to away from Helena. Jareth's head physician had his back to the bed, focusing his attention on mixing a remedy for the wounded king. "Here, drink this." He spoke when he turned around, handing a small goblet to Jareth, whose eyes moved between the object in his hand and the sleeping woman.

"I do not wish to disturb her." The Goblin nodded then left the room for a moment, returning with a straw like object that allowed the king to drink without disturbing Helena. Jareth knew goblin medicine lacked the human aspect of masking the fowl taste, so when he tasted sugar, he was greatly surprised.

"The young goblin queen suggested it." The goblin spoke, seeing the look of confusion on his face. "Perhaps she was right, 'a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down' she said. She is quite intelligent, Your Highness, and beautiful for her kind." Pain that Jareth had not registered in his mind was numbed, goblin medicine worked quickly.

"Why did you call her queen?" He did not need to ask who the doctor was refurring to.

"Is that not what she is going to be? You placed the queen's mark upon her." he spoke quietly, as not to disturb the girl.

"You know we gave up that barbaric practice long ago."

"Yes your highness. Now the king steals his heir, instead of it's mother."

"If you do not agree with this kingdom's law, you are more than welcome to leave. I believe Marek's land is the next closest goblin kingdom, they still steal their queens and hold them hostage until they bare the next king."

"I mean no offense my lord, but with the snake, one must question."

"She is merely a guest, who is in need of protection. You know how dangerous this kingdom can be, and how fragile human woman are."

"No sir. I do not. You must remember there are few here who remember the times of the goblin queens, and they are mainly the walls. The only woman any of your subjects came into contact with was Sarah, and now this one." The Goblin smiled, and nodded to the girl he watched care so dillegently for their king. "She is stronger than you think, my lord."

"What drives you to say that?"

"She broke the charms power." Jareth Jerked up suddenly, regretting it the moment after Helena began to stir, but remained asleep.


"You are very well aware what the snake was designed to do. Keep the queen from all harm, as well as in the walls of the city."

"of course. Every goblin learns that in their basic history lessons. What if it? She is still here, and unharmed."

"Look closely, as the skin around the snake, its is bruised, and scarred. When we found her crying over you, it was bleeding, a wound from the snake itself."

"That is not possible. The snakes have failed in the past, but never have they themselves hurt the woman they protect. That is impossible."

"But true. She broke thought it's barrier, after the incident. There was still clearly danger, but she forced herself into the room, beyond the barrier, as the walls tell me. She forced through it to see you."

The Kiss repeated in Jareth's mind, causing the slightest grin to play on his face, until he remembered the reason he laid in the bed, with drugs running through his lightened veins.

"What happened to the boy? Peter?" Jareth's grim features returned.

"He ran off, with the boy. Your "guest" banished him." He could not keep the amusement from his voice.

"She is quite remarkable. Now, I do need my rest." The doctor smirked.

"Yes my lord, I do hope you will actually rest." His eyes betrayed him as he stole a glance at Helena.

Once the goblin left the room, Jareth laid back down, letting hie eyes wander over what he could see of her.

Helena's car was not in Sarah's driveway when they returned, just as the sun began to rise. No matter how exciting flying was for Toby , he still fell asleep during the trip, which caused Sarah to clutch him in her arms as they made their way across the sky. Wordlessly she took him upstairs to his room, and placed him in his crib. When she returned downstairs, she found Peter standing awkwardly by the front door.


"I should be going, If your parents fine me-" Peter spoke, remembering everything he learned in high school. No good came from situations when parents found boys in their house at night with their daughters, although peter did not understand why,

"They won't. They are out of town. We have to talk Peter."

"About Helena?"

"No, about you," Peter's head snapped up, "And me."