A short, sweet one-shot starring the cute, yet better to mute rabbit, Cream (yes, I know that's mean, but I know you've heard her 4kids voice). This was inspired by two things, my sudden urge to write a one-shot and watching my younger sister attempt to fix a broken bus-play set. I hope you all enjoy, and please leave a review!!

Disclaimer: I don't own Cream, Cheese, or Vanilla.

The two parts approached each other slowly, gently, and, hopefully, carefully enough to meet. But things don't always go as planned, and the pieces brushed past each other, only a gentle tap to serve as contact.

"Oh no, Cheese, my pretty Peggy doll is broken!" A young bunny rabbit, Cream, told her companion in distress. The small chao looked up, first to its owner, than to the broken pig doll in her hand.

"Chew chew." It muttered, a hand over its mouth as it tried to figure out how to repair the toy for Cream, after all, wasn't Cream the one who'd fixed his bow tie yesterday when it started to dangle?

The chao's small hands wrapped themselves around the smaller piece of the toy and, with some effort; it lifted the fragment up off the floor and up to the larger section. Of course, Cheese couldn't get the toy to be fixed either, and Cream was even more distressed than before.

"What should I do? I broke Peggy!" She exclaimed, more in worry than sadness, as she had promised the doll she'd take good care of her.

"Oh no, what if Peggy's damage is permanent? What if she never, never gets better! Will she ever speak to me again?" She began to cry, (actually, it was more of a sob) when her mother, who was walking by, heard her.

"Cream dear, what's wrong?" She was worried about her daughter, whose face had now become very red.

"I killed Peggy!!" Cream exclaimed, before opening into a fresh bout of sobs.

Her mother frowned and said "Let me see Peggy." When Cream held out the pieces, her mother took them and observed the damage.

"Oh Cream, you didn't kill Peggy."

"But her head fell off!"

"That's okay Cream, I can fix her." And a promised, Vanilla brought the two pieces back together with a small 'Pop'.

"See, she's all better." The mother handed her daughter the doll, and Cream broke out into a huge smile.

"Thank you mother!" She gave her mother a humongous hug, which most people would refer to as a glomp, and then held her doll out.

"Thank you Miss. Vanilla." Cream said for the doll in a voice even more high-pitched than her own.

The older rabbit merely chuckled, and motioned for her daughter to follow her as she left the room. Neither of the rabbit, nor the chao, noticed when the small piggy waved her hand at there backs, before falling limp again.

I just couldn't help but include that Toy Story-esque scene at the end, it just seemed so fitting. And I loved writing Cream's slight panic attack. It was fun, to say the least. I hope you enjoyed it!! Oh, and again, Please Review!