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By Your Side

Chapter 1: An Offer.

Jethro Gibbs was standing in his basement sanding his boat. He moved the sandpaper along the length of wood. He looked over at the workbench, Jenny Sheppard was sitting there watching him work.

"Jen could you pass me that." He said, pointing to the sandpaper, the piece he was using needed replacing.

Jenny reached over and passed the sandpaper to him. Since their case in Paris Jenny had been spending a lot of time with her former partner. She would often come from work with him to his house most of the time she would just sit in his basement and watch him work on the boat, they would talk and just have a good time.

"Hey Jen, you want to have a go?" Jethro asked, holding out the sandpaper.

Jenny smiled and walked over to Jethro and answered, "Sure." He handed it to her and he placed his hands over hers and together they guided the sandpaper along the length of wood.

Jenny stopped for a moment and turned her head so she was facing Jethro she smiled and then kissed him on the cheek. "Just like old times." She said.


The next morning the little light that actually reached Jethro's basement shone its way in. It revealed the shapes of Jenny and Jethro curled up together in the corner. They had sat down the night before and had fallen asleep. It was 0730 and they were both late.

Jethro woke first and then once he realised what the time was he woke Jenny. "Jen, wake up we have to go to work. It's 0730."

Jenny woke up quickly and stood up. "It's your basement Jethro, it's too dark." She said.

Jethro smiled at her and shrugged, he didn't really care.

Within the hour they were both showered and dressed. They decided they didn't have time for breakfast here so they stopped off along the way and as well as food they got some coffee. When they reached NCIS they walked in together and when they reached the squad room Jethro walked to his desk and Jenny walked up the stairs to her office. "I'll see you later Jen." Jethro said, walking to his desk.

Jenny smiled and nodded. As she walked up the stairs she looked back down and Jethro, she was really glad they were together again, she missed him during their years apart.

McGee, Ziva and Tony were all sitting at their desks, waiting for Gibbs to give them news of a case. No such luck.

"What?" Gibbs asked finally, after his agents had been starring at him for five minutes.

Tony was the first to speak, "Well haven't we got a case to work on boss?" He asked.

"No. If we did I would have told you DiNozzo." Gibbs replied.

"Of course boss, just wondering." Tony answered then he asked, "You ever going to tell us about your case in Paris?" It had been a month since Jenny and Jethro had been in Paris and true to form Jethro hadn't told his team anything about it.

"There's not much to tell DiNozzo." He replied, "We had to go to Paris and that's it."

"That's it?" Tony asked.

Gibbs stood up, "Yeah that's it." he said. He was going to see Jen. "I'll be back I'm sure you three will find some way of amusing yourselves." He said.

He walked up the stairs quickly and reached Jenny's office. He went in and said good morning to Cynthia, Jenny's assistant, and asked, "Is she in?"

"Good morning Agent Gibbs, no she's in MTAC." Cynthia replied. And Gibbs walked out and walked over to Multiple Threat Assessment Centre, where Jenny was sitting looking at the large screen.

"Hello Jethro, what brings you in here?" She asked.

"Morning Jen. Just stretching my legs." He replied.

"Uh huh." Jen replied, "What are you really doing here Jethro?" She asked.

"I just wanted to come and see you Jen." He replied.

"I'm flattered Jethro." She replied.

"Oh and to give you this." He said, handing her some coffee.

"Jethro I love you you're a lifesaver." She replied taking the coffee.

Gibbs smiled. "Not a problem Jen." He said.

Jenny took a sip and then asked, "You're just bored aren't you?"

"Maybe I am." He replied.

"You are, you wouldn't be here brining me coffee if you weren't I know you, Jethro." She replied.

"That's right you do." He replied then he said, "Jen, I have a question for you."

"I knew there was a point to this conversation." Jenny replied.

"I know you had such a great time working with me in Paris, would you like to do it again?" He asked.

"Jethro?" She questioned, "What are you asking?"

"Be a field agent again Jen, you'll love it. Remember I know you too." He replied.

"But Jethro, I can't just give this up." She said.

"You'll love it, come on Jen." He said.

"I'll think about it. Okay?" She replied.

"Okay, I'll be back later for an answer." Jethro replied.

"Like tomorrow Jethro." She replied.

He laughed then said, "Tonight Jen. After work. I'll see you later." And kissed her on the cheek then left the room.

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