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Chapter 6: Correcting Mistakes Of The Past

Gibbs and Jenny brought Sebastian in for interrogation after arresting him earlier, they then spent the afternoon interrogating him. They charged him with illegal weapons possession and kidnapping and the big one, murder. Sebastian, as expected, he got a lawyer pretty quickly. Abby determined forensically, through a Gunshot Residue test that it was indeed Sebastian who fired the bullet that killed Marc Oliver. Gibbs felt this was the best day of his life, knowing that Sebastian would finally pay for his crimes. Knowing that it was he who caught the bastard pleased Gibbs greatly.

Once Sebastian had been taken in, Gibbs and Jenny were left to fill out the paper work - a long and tedious task, which they were doing in Jenny's office.

"It feels good doesn't it Jen?" Gibbs asked, although it was more of a statement than a question, however Jenny responded anyway.

"What does Jethro?" She inquired.

"Catching Sebastian." Gibbs answered.

"It sure does." She replied. Although Gibbs felt she didn't entirely believe that, so he questioned her. "You don't sound so sure, Jen." He said.

"I just know how easy it is for him to worm out of situations, Jethro." She replied. "Or have you forgotten last time? And the time before that?"

"I know, Jen. But this time, it feels different, it feels like we won't ever be seeing that bastard's face again." Gibbs replied.

"I hope you're right Jethro." Jenny replied, then she added, "But then again, when aren't you right?"

"Jen?" Gibbs asked, "You're not just talking about me being right about Sebastian are you?"

"No, Jethro I'm not. That's one of the things I didn't miss about you, you are incredibly perceptive. It's scary sometimes how much you know about me." Jenny admitted. Jenny's mind drifted back a few years, to when she and Gibbs had been partners, when she let go, when she ended it. Her thoughts were brought back to the present when she noticed Gibbs starring at her. "Jethro, stop that." She said.

"I'm not doing anything, Jen." He replied.

"Sure you're not, Jethro." She said.

"Okay, you got me there, Jen. You know you're pretty perceptive yourself, that's one of the reasons you were such a good agent." Gibbs said.

"Thankyou, Jethro." Jenny replied.

"Jen, do you ever regret the past?" Gibbs asked. He could tell where Jenny's thoughts were, and they were not in the present. They were in the past, he could recognise that look anywhere, as he often had it when he looked at Jenny.

"In what way, Jethro?" She asked.

"Us." He replied simply.

"Us? Jethro, I thought you'd moved on from 'us'." She replied.

"You know what Jen, for someone who's perceptive, you're not very perceptive." Gibbs replied, smiling. This got a laugh from Jenny, then Gibbs said, "Remember it wasn't me who gave up on us Jen."

"Point taken, Jethro." Jenny replied. "I realise my mistakes now, but at the time it felt right. You should know, you were there. Our careers were taking different paths, incompatible paths. I doubt that if we had kept our relationship up that it would have worked out. Our jobs are demanding Jethro, at that time especially."

"Do you still believe that Jen?" Gibbs asked.

"I guess not, Jethro. Or I wouldn't be sitting here with you now, having this conversation." Jenny replied.

"I take it that you would like to correct the mistakes of the past then?" Gibbs asked, moving closer to Jenny.

"I'd say you'd be right Jethro." Jenny replied.

"Good. Glad to have you back, Jen." Gibbs said, then he started kissing her, the kiss was returned by Jenny seconds later.


"They've been up there for nearly two hours. What could take them so long?" Tony asked.

"Oh Tony, you're not going there again are you? I think we can all see that Gibbs and the Director are back together, well those of us with brains anyway." Ziva remarked.

"Is that so Officer David?"

Ziva spun around, she saw Gibbs and the Director standing behind her, "It's okay Ziva. You can cut the 'I didn't say anything embarrassing' routine. We know you know." Jenny explained.

"You knew?" Tony asked.


"He knew." Tony said, rubbing the back of his head.

Jenny turned to Gibbs, who was right next to her. "Shall we go now Jethro?" She asked.

"Sure, Jen. Let's go." Gibbs said, putting his arm around Jenny. They walked over to the elevator and pressed the down button, and waited for the doors to open. Once the opened the two agents stepped in and left the others to wonder what would happen next.

After a few minutes Abby appeared with McGee. "So I see you finally figured it out Tony, took you long enough." Abby said.

"What, you knew?" Tony asked.

"Yeah, of course I knew." Abby replied, "We all did, well except you that is."


"So I take it you won't be giving up on your job as Director Jen." Gibbs said, as they walked out of the building.

"You guessed right Jethro. As much as I enjoyed being a field agent, I don't think I'm ready to go back to it, there was a reason I stopped and I think I'm happy in the Director's job. That okay with you?"

"Whatever makes you happy Jen, that's what I care about."

"Thankyou Jethro."


The waiter handed Gibbs and Jenny a menu each. They looked at the menu for a while then Gibbs said, "Jen, I know I've never said it before but, I love you and I don't want to lose you again."

"I love you too, Jethro. And I too don't want to lose you again. I won't make that mistake again." Jenny replied. Then she picked up her wine glass and made a toast, "To old times." She said.

"To old times." Jethro replied, as their glasses touched. He smiled then took a sip, Jenny did the same.

Gibbs then said, "And to new ones, I hope we will have many more fun times, Jen."

"So do I Jethro." She said as their glasses touched once again. She was once again, by his side, this time she would not leave it.

The End.

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