Chapter 35

Alex stood before the mirror, certain that if she smiled any wider her head would split in two. And then where would she be? Not only would she be a headless bride, but she'd get bloodstains all over her pretty dress!

And apparently her nervousness was affecting her brain. She normally didn't think such strange thoughts…

The last month had been beyond wonderful. Busy and hectic and messy and insane…but wonderful. Jim's birthday had come and gone. The party was a small but joyous occasion, and thankfully uneventful. Aside from the moment when Alex had told Jim to close his eyes and snuck Silver into the room at least. Despite the company at the Inn, Silver and Jim had ended up sitting at the bar talking the night away.

Alex's tracking device she'd left on the ship where her parents had held her had come in handy. She didn't even know about until afterwards, when she discovered that the signal had been tracked and the ship destroyed.

Despite everything, Alex had cried when she got home. She wouldn't miss her parents really, just the idea of having them. It was harder to let go of the idea that someday they might have loved her. Jim had held her and shushed her, even as he called her a dummy to her face. She'd been unable to help but laugh through her tears. He was good at that.

Of course other things had also happened as well. More missions and such had gone both well and not so well. After the last one, poor Christy was going to have to her job as maid of honor with her left arm in a sling. On the other hand, at the end of that mission they'd ended up on a small forest moon not too far from Montressor, where the natives lived in tree houses. Jim had suggested they get one as a joke, but now the pair were proud owners of a small hut in an enormous tree. They'd been working on the run down little place whenever they had free time, but they'd agreed not to spend the night until their wedding night. Well…tonight.

And now that her thoughts had gone full circle, Alex found her smile growing once more. She quickly clamped down on the expression, her cheeks were starting to hurt. And she didn't doubt that she'd go right back to smiling later as well. She may as well rest her face muscles while she could.

The result was her looking as calm as a soft spring morning. Her hair was curled, left to hang down her back in dozens of ringlets. It only reached just past her shoulders. She'd been forced to trim a few inches off a few missions ago when a laser had singed the ends of her hair. Jim said it was perfect, but he said that about everything. It was impossible to get his opinion on things…he was too lazy or too biased to be honest.

Still…not even he could pretend not to like her dress. The white silk hugged her torso, seeming to swirl around it until it reached her hips where it flowed to the floor. White silk ribbon roses bunched at the base of her spine where the fabric was cinched together at the head of the train. The fabric was a silk waterfall which would trail behind her a foot or two.

She'd refused a veil. Alex never saw much point of them, and it would only mess up her hair and make her head itch. And the idea of purposely blocking her vision seemed silly.

"Are we ready? I think we're ready…" Sarah bustled into the room, dressed in a lovely violet ensemble and her hair pinned and curled. She seemed more worried about this whole wedding business then Alex did! Sarah wanted a perfect day…while Alex was more interested in making Jim's jaw hit the floor and then dragging him off home where he could tear the dress right off.

And there she went once again. Her brain was seriously broken today.

"What about Christy?" she asked.

"Christy? Isn't she…Christy?" Sarah called down the hallway. The blue haired girl appeared a moment later, flashing a smile at Sarah and then looking at Alex with a grin.

"Wow Lex, I'm proud of you! It's been almost a whole hour since I last saw you, and you're free of engine oil stains!"

Alex made a face at the girl in the mirror, scrunching up her nose. "I'll have plenty of time to mess up the dress after I've gotten married. There is an enormous cake out there with my name on it, after all."

Christy snorted and shoved her way before the mirror, tugging at her shimmering blue dress to make sure it showed off her bosom in just the perfect way. "What, do you plan on starting a cake fight?" she asked, resettling her sling. The thing looked almost elegant as they'd used silver silk rather than the ugly thing from the hospital.

Alex's lips twisted into a smile. "Actually I was just betting on my ability to drop a piece into my lap…but a cake fight would be a blast!"

Christy froze guiltily and turned to look at Sarah, wincing a bit. "Sorry."

Alex rolled her eyes and Sarah sighed. "I don't know why I'm even bothering." The woman exclaimed, sounding beyond exasperated. Alex smiled and went to the woman, taking her hands in her own and giving them a supportive squeeze.

"Sarah…you're like a mother to me, you know that. And in a few hours, you will be on paper as well. But really, you can relax." She said, her smile returning in full force. "Today isn't about being perfect…today isn't about a cake or a dress or a pavilion out on the grass. It's about the people. It's about the smiles and the laughter and the fun that we have. I don't want to look back on today and see a wedding like everyone else's. I want to see the happiest day of my life."

Sarah had tears in her eyes and Alex giggled softly. "And apparently I'm extra sentimental today too. But really, you can relax. If things don't all go perfectly…that's okay."

Sarah rested a hand on Alex's cheek and leaned in to kiss the other. "Alright. I claim the right to start the cake fight then." The woman teased before she disappeared out the door. Alex stared after her, incredulous, and Christy snorted and burst out laughing.

"You will have the coolest mother in law ever." She said with feeling. She'd met Robin's parents about a month back. She and his mother would never get along in a million years. The young woman was more than happy to be openly jealous of Alex's relationship with Sarah.

"I dunno, I think I'm more excited about the husband bit right now."

Christ rolled her eyes and went back to touching up her mascara. "Of course you are."

Alex giggled softly. "I think I'm allowed to be, I am getting married after all."

"Excuses excuses. You two are attached at the hip as it is, somehow I don't know if being legally married will make a difference."

"It will. It'll mean I'm his and he's mine…and goodness there you go, making me get all sentimental again!" Alex complained. "Alright, I'll meet you downstairs before I start getting sappy again." She laughed.

Christy dashed to the door before her. "No! Jim can't see you! I'll go ahead and spy for you."

The girls giggled their way through the inn, making their way to the lower levels as if they were actually being sneaky. They weren't really, but it was fun. It was also pointless, as Jim was outside the whole time. Alex peered around the corner of the Inn once they slipped out the front door, looking at the man waiting for her at the end of the aisle. He was chatting with Sam, his best man, and Silver who was waiting for the signal to come back and get her.

He was perfect. His hair was a bit windblown and his cheeks flushed, and Alex knew he must have gone flying for a few hours that morning to distract himself. His suit was perfectly fitted over his shoulders and Alex knew of the muscle hidden by the unassuming black cloth. Even from here she knew that his eyes were shining, probably just as much as her own pale blue were.

"I'll get Silver." Christy whispered to her, hurrying out to grab the cyborg and practically drag him back to Alex's hiding place. The guests, having seen Alex sneaking about, were all moving to take their seats and Jim stiffened a bit. Alex couldn't help but laugh to herself at his nervousness.

Then Silver was there, smiling down at her and offering his arm. He lifted an eyebrow at her barefoot state, but she only grinned. Who needed shoes when the grass was so soft and cool? Morph, hovering by his shoulder, hiccuped softly and Alex looked at him before realizing that she could see two rings hovering about in his body.

"Morph, you're supposed to carry the rings, not eat them!" The pink blob giggled and hiccuped once more, spinning a bit and reforming, holding out two little arms, each with a ring bracelet. "Better." She whispered with a smile.

Then the music was starting and Silver was patting her fingers on his arm, and leading her around the corner. Then she was floating down the aisle, her smile blooming once more at the way Jim looked when he finally saw her. Then they were holding hands and exchanging vows and then the rings, and Morph was zipping over to Silver and crying softly into a puddle in the cyborg's hat. Then Jim was kissing her senseless and the people in the audience were cheering.

And then, their story really started.



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