Secret Obsessions

Chapter: 1

Hello my wonderful peeps. I know I haven't updated in a long time, but I've had a really bad case of writers block. But this story shouldn't take long, probably five chapters at the max. This was inspired by an Rp. Yay for roleplays!!!

Credit for playing Sasuke: Akira E. A.

Credit for playing Mina (the OC): Shikyo Miazaki

I played Kabuto.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto nor any Naruto related subjects. I do not own Mina.

To Uchiha Sasuke, Kabuto was a complete mystery. Just when Sasuke would think that he had Kabuto figured out, the medic would turn the tables. It aggravated the young Uchiha to no end-to the point where he just wanted to punch something.

When Sasuke first arrived at the Sound he hated the medical Nin with a passion. He hated absolutely everything about him- that fake smile he'd always have plastered on his face, the way he seemed to know everything, the way he spoke in riddles to Sasuke, the way he could get away with utter murder in the base. Every little thing about Kabuto fueled Sasuke's rage to the point where training wasn't enough to get rid of it.

…Well…that was when Sasuke first arrived…

As the Uchiha grew older, he found out quick that Kabuto could be his best friend, instead of his worst enemy, if Sasuke played his cards right. Sasuke found out that dealing with Orochimaru is harder than dealing with Kabuto, and he came to appreciate the kind words that Kabuto had to offer while he would be healing him after training. The medic even seemed to let little pieces of advice slip every now and then just to help Sasuke out so he wouldn't be so beat up the next time he had training, and they worked.

A year passed on, and the once hatred turned into a sort of brotherly companionship between the healer and the Sharingan user. They no longer resented each other, but looked forward to the time they could spend together just conversing about the day, their troubles, and any other topic that would fall out onto the table. This provided Sasuke with someone who he could confide his trust in and someone who could put him back on his feet when he was down.

Sasuke thought nothing of his closeness with Kabuto, until one morning when they were in the kitchen. Kabuto was making them some breakfast and Sasuke was sitting at the table…

The raven-haired Uchiha was watching Kabuto as the medic popped some bread into the toaster. Sasuke was quite content, no longer having to worry about Kabuto trying to slip poison into his food, no, those days were long gone, and so he simply watched the medic. He watched the way Kabuto's shining silver hair swayed gently when he moved, he watched the way Kabuto's long fingers moved softly over any utensil he touched, he watched the medic's movements, graceful yet with purpose; everything about him seemed serene and sophisticated. When the medic was standing still, Sasuke's eyes would follow down the gentle yet strong curve of Kabuto's jaw, to his pale, elegant throat and, shockingly, found himself wondering what the silver-haired man's skin must taste like.

Hmm…he's really hot… Sasuke snapped out of his trance with the said medic placed a plate of jelly toast in front of him.

"There you go, Sasuke-kun," Kabuto said to him with a soft smile on his face.

"Oh, thanks…" Sasuke replied as the medic went back over to the counter to whisk some eggs.

What's wrong with me? Sasuke thought as he took a bite out of the toast. As he continued to eat, he found his dark eyes wandering over Kabuto's body, again, wondering what it would feel like to have his body pressed against him, hot and ready, with the medic kissing him passionately anywhere, everywhere… pinning him down while his fingers ran over Sasuke's body, exploring, investigating…

"Excuse me!" Sasuke blurted out as he ran to the bathroom. He slammed the door shut and locked it as soon as he entered the small room. He leaned over the sink and looked into the mirror. A light blush had found its way onto the Uchiha's pale face. The teen ran some cold water from the tap and splashed it on his face before drying himself with a towel. Then he looked at himself in the mirror again; the blush was fading…

"What's wrong with me? I shouldn't be thinking those things about Kabuto…should I?" Sasuke whispered to his reflection. He stood there, staring into his own dark eyes for a pretty long time, until a knock came at the door.

"Sasuke-kun…breakfast is done. Are you okay?"

It was Kabuto. Sasuke looked around frantically before replying.

"Uh, yeah… I'm fine. I'll be right there!"

Sasuke listened to Kabuto's fading footsteps. No doubt he was going back to the kitchen.

Kabuto…Sasuke sighed and walked out of the bathroom, making his way back to the kitchen to take his seat at the table.

They had a silent breakfast, Kabuto being the first to leave after he had cleaned up.

"I have some work to do in the infirmary today, Sasuke-kun…if you need me that's where I'll be." Kabuto stated before he left Sasuke to finish his eggs and bacon.


Later that day, Sasuke found himself stumbling towards the infirmary. Orochimaru must have been in a bad mood, training hadn't gone too well for him. The Uchiha literally fell through the door, coughing up blood; his legs finally gave out on him.

Medical ninjas crowded around him, but through all the talking, Sasuke heard Kabuto's voice.

"Move out of the way! Let me see him!"

The next thing Sasuke knew he was being scooped up in Kabuto's arms. The rest of the medical staff cleared away, no one even dared get around the injured boy for the fear of getting killed by Kabuto.

Sasuke was dazed, halfway out of his mind, and on the verge of blacking out. He could just barely make out the silver-haired nin's fuzzy outline. He could tell that Kabuto was frustrated. He always got that way when Orochimaru ruffed up Sasuke so much; however, frustrated he may be, his touch was never harsh or cold. His hands were warm and gentle, healing Sasuke's wounds and mending his broken bones with his soft touch. If Sasuke could have smiled at the time, he would have, but the last thing he felt was Kabuto's hand on his forehead.

"Sleep well, Sasuke-kun" Kabuto whispered softly.


Sasuke woke up a day later his head pounding and ears ringing. The Uchiha brought a tired hand to rest on his forehead and groaned.

"I see you're awake…that's good…" Kabuto's voice was low nearly silent, trying not to harm the younger nin's head.

Sasuke turned a curious eye up at Kabuto who was now leaning over him. The medic's deep grey eyes were checking over Sasuke's injuries, and when they turned upwards and looked into Sasuke's eyes, the younger ninja blushed-Kabuto noticed.

"Sasuke-kun…what's wrong?"

"Nothing...nothing's wrong…"

"Are you sure? You don't act like it's nothing."

"Y-yeah, I'm sure…"

The medic raised an eyebrow.

"It's nothing, okay!" The Uchiha was starting to get annoyed at the medic's persistence.

"Oh, so there is something? Why won't you tell me?"

"You can just forget it! I'm not telling you!"



Sasuke put his hand on Kabuto's chest and pushed him away. Kabuto scowled and turned around, making his way to the exit. Sasuke watched as Kabuto left the room, stopping outside to talk to a fellow Sound nin who Sasuke was familiar with. She was an assassin for Orochimaru, Sasuke usually saw her around breakfast.

The Uchiha watched as she and Kabuto conversed about something, Kabuto chuckled once and waved to her before he left to do who knows what, and the kunoichi made her way across the room, headed straight for Sasuke's bed.

Sasuke scowled as she came to a stop next to him, he wanted to roll over and pretend like she wasn't there, but his back hurt and he couldn't move, so he just adverted his gaze to the ceiling.

"Hey, Sasuke-kun" she said.

Said ninja sighed,"Hey Mina…"

Mina pulled up a chair and sat next to Sasuke's bed.

"Kabuto-kun tells me that there is something bothering you…want to talk about it?"

Sasuke sighed again,"Sure…it's not something I feel comfortable talking to him about anyway…" He still didn't want to look at her.

"Alright," Mina smiled,"First of all, tell me exactly what the problem is."

"Well…" Sasuke started," I think…I have…a…c-crush…on Kabuto…" Sasuke blushed.

Mina nodded, "Ah, I figured that. I have watched the way you look at him and act around him. Well, what do you plan to do about it?"

Sasuke shrugged, wincing at having to move his shoulder. "I don't know…but I do know that I'm sure not going to tell him!"

Mina giggled a bit. "What if I told him for you?"

"No!" the Uchiha blurted out.

"I don't have to just come out and tell him…I could give him a hint." Mina replied.

"Fine," Sasuke huffed, "Just…don't be too obvious."

Mina nodded and smiled. Sasuke's last sentence sounded more like a desperate plea, so unlike the Uchiha. Sasuke then sighed and closed his eyes, intent on getting some rest before Kabuto came in and had a fit over him. As Sasuke drifted off to sleep, Mina got up and left the room, going to find Kabuto…

Sorry if it is a bit short. And yes, it is going to get fluffy, but I think KabuSasu fluff is cute. Sorry for any OOCness, so don't bug me about it. And don't complain about Mina either, I'm sure the Sound has more ninja than just the main characters, plus she played a vital part in the rp and I would be doing my rp friend injustice to not include her.

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