Secret Obsessions

Chapter: 3

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Sasuke walked leisurely along the corridor leading to Kabuto's office later that night. The Uchiha was, for once, in a really good mood. Ever since he had gotten out of the infirmary earlier this morning everything just seemed to go his way. Orochimaru, to Sasuke's surprise, had left a little after Sasuke had hobbled out of the medical center doors to take care of some business he had in the Sound Village. This left Kabuto in charge, and, by doctor's orders, Sasuke had the rest of the day off to do what he pleased. No one had bothered him today, no one had gotten him even the slightest bit angry, which is very shocking. Sasuke couldn't remember the last time he had just sat around and enjoyed the peace and quiet; there was usually always something troubling him.

The Uchiha smiled and continued down the dark, damp hallways. The earthen walls were musty with ground water, there was a leak somewhere- Sasuke could hear the steady drip of the pure liquid falling into a puddle somewhere. The moist ramparts were adorned with small torches to light the way. The sick flames danced wearily on the charred wood, giving the antechamber a smoky scent on top of the humid air.

Kabuto's office was secluded, far from his quarters, down the second longest hallway in the underground maze. Why Kabuto had wanted his workplace so far from everything was beyond Sasuke's comprehension. Maybe it had something to do with his needed thinking space? Being so far from all the other rooms, Sasuke guessed, all sound would die out before reaching the medic's office. That left Kabuto with plenty of quiet to concentrate. The Uchiha nodded to himself; that seemed like the most logical reason.

Oh well, it didn't matter…

Sasuke hadn't felt even a splinter of pain anywhere all day, so that meant a happy Kabuto, and Sasuke liked to see Kabuto content. In all of the sidelong glances Sasuke had ever given Kabuto he had always noticed one thing: Kabuto never once looked, truly, happy. The medic just hid his distress underneath that mask he always wore. Sasuke would always find himself frowning when he'd see Kabuto like that. The Uchiha would be overjoyed when he could get the mysterious silver-haired nin to smile, a honest smile, not a fake one, and Sasuke couldn't forget the times when he'd hear Kabuto laugh, not a deep menacing chuckle like Kabuto does so much, but a true laugh. It was, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable sounds Sasuke's ears had ever heard, and considering it was issuing from the sole person he wants to give all his affections to, it just made it better. Sasuke would relish in the sound, every time he heard it, and it would end up stuck in his head for the rest of the day, making him smile.

Sasuke sighed, having finally reached the wooden door at the end of the long tunnel. The Uchiha took notice to the small pool of water in the corner off to the right of the door. Ah, so that's where the dripping was coming from. He smiled and reached out and placed his hand on the cold, brass door knob and gave it a quick turn, swinging the door out and open.


On the other hand, Kabuto had been worried all day. He wanted Sasuke, he needed Sasuke, but he was afraid of what might happen. He truly loved the relationship he shared with his young friend right now; did he really want to change it? If they were to change it, would it really make things better? How can Kabuto be so sure that Sasuke wouldn't just cast him away like everyone else has once he tires of Kabuto's affections? Would he tire of Kabuto's affections? Or worse, when Orochimaru found out, what would he do?

Kabuto's head fell down to clash violently with the wooden desk underneath it. So many uncertainties were swirling around inside; it made the medic feel unstable and woozy. He wouldn't be able to take having his heart broken…not when there was barely anything there to break in the first place. He needed what little pieces he had left to sustain his tattered life of servitude.

Well…you don't know until you try, right?

The medic raised his head from the desk; a small red spot was becoming visible on his forehead where it had made contact with the wood. He looked around curiously, as if waiting for something to jump out and scare him. His office was just as it always had been, neat, clean, and just as dim as the hallway outside, lit by only a few candles here and there. Kabuto sighed, anxiously awaiting Sasuke's arrival for his check up…and maybe, if Kabuto worked up enough courage and certainty before the Uchiha showed up, the relationship change that both boys so frantically want. The quiet in the room was suddenly loud, making Kabuto's ears ring the longer he just sat there and done nothing.

The medic placed his hands on the sides of his head, running some of his own chakra through it, washing some of the pessimistic doubts out of his mind, the warm feeling spread through his body and it comforted and caressed his aching heart. The tepid chakra seemed to wrap around and cradle the beating organ beneath his rib cage, like it wanted to make him feel better, even just a little. Kabuto smiled and wondered if that is what Sasuke's touch would do: wrap around him and make him feel wanted and loved. The medic heaved another sigh, but this one had a bit of happiness in it. It wasn't one of his sullen, dreadful sighs that always escaped his lips. The very thought of Sasuke actually wanting to be with him, of all people, made Kabuto smile and feel warm inside. It wasn't a feeling he felt often, so it was a little strange, but he was sure that with time, he'd become used to it.

Kabuto finally decided he was going to love Sasuke…give himself completely to the young boy. Kami-sama knows, the medic has wanted him since the day he arrived, but the last twelve hours have been treacherous on the silver-haired ninja's heart and emotions. It almost made tears well up in his eyes, thinking that someone actually loved him; Sasuke knew exactly what Kabuto was: a traitor, a loyal servant to Orochimaru, a liar, a spy, and an enemy of his old village, yet…Sasuke actually had feelings for him, knowing well what he was, all that he was.

Kabuto smiled, Sasuke must have looked underneath the medic's charade, and saw in Kabuto a capable lover. If Sasuke actually took the time to do that…then maybe his love is genuine?

Only one way to find out…and that was to take that first step: show Sasuke that he felt the same and was all-too-willing to return the feelings.


As the medic turned his head to see the door to his office being swung open, he captured Sasuke's deep, dark gaze in his own; the medic noted how Sasuke's eyes were the same color as his own…and were, most likely, filled with the same emotions as his own. Sasuke must have noticed the change of emotion in Kabuto's eyes. He started, breaking the silence…

"Kabuto? You okay?"

The medic smiled and nodded, rising from his seat behind the large desk. "Hai, Sasuke-kun…I'm fine, never better, actually."

Sasuke smiled in return to the response as he shut the door behind him and made his was over to sit on a small table so Kabuto could proceed with the check-up. He jumped up onto it, the paper crackling as he sat down and adjusted to a comfortable position. The cold of this room was nipping at Sasuke's bare chest, causing his skin to tingle and pebble, all the way through his body. The raven-haired Uchiha watched Kabuto softly as he gathered up papers from his desk and looked over them.

After the medic reviewed the documents, he turned and walked toward Sasuke.

"So, Sasuke-kun…have you felt any pain today?" Kabuto asked as he took a small hammer, leaned down a little, and rapped on Sasuke's knee, just below his patella, checking his reflexes.

"No, none at all…" Sasuke replied, his body heating because of where Kabuto was standing, slightly between the Uchiha's legs. The blush was returning and his body was reacting, creating a little problem in his pants, which would be quite noticeable to the medic very soon if he didn't move.

The medic rose back up, stepping closer to Sasuke. The younger nin swallowed an invisible lump in his throat as Kabuto turned to get another instrument. He watched the medic flick a switch and light came out of the small hole; he shined it in the Uchiha's eyes, then he checked his ears, before taking a popsicle stick from a nearby cup.

"Open…" Kabuto said, and Sasuke opened his mouth. The wooden taste of the stick flooded over his tongue as the medic eyed Sasuke's throat.

Kabuto smiled, "You look alright, Sasuke-kun." Kabuto stated as he tossed the stick into a nearby trash bin and stepped closer to Sasuke. This is it Kabuto thought it's now or never…

The medic leaned his face closer to Sasuke's to the point where his lips brushed the younger boy's. "I'm glad that you're feeling better…" Kabuto whispered his voice was heated and full of passion.

Sasuke felt like he was on fire, his body was straining to be touched by Kabuto. He was already so close, just a little farther…a little closer, his breathing increased and his heart was pounding in his throat. "Kabuto…" Sasuke whispered before pressing his lips to Kabuto's, a little uncertain, but Kabuto only wrapped his arms around Sasuke's waist and pressed his heated body against him, giving him confidence.

The Uchiha's breathing picked up as he pressed against Kabuto, wrapping his legs around the medic's waist. He felt Kabuto's tongue, wet against his lips, asking for entrance. When Sasuke left his mouth stubbornly shut, the medic rocked his hips, and Sasuke moaned. Taking the opportunity, Kabuto slipped his tongue past Sasuke's slack lips, catching the moan in his own mouth and deepening the kiss.

Sasuke's mind drained of all thought as his arms shot up and wrapped around Kabuto's chest, clutching desperately at Kabuto's back. The kiss prolonged for several moments, but eventually it broke, slowly, their lips remained close to the others as they gazed into each other's eyes, as if reading each others souls like a book.

Sasuke made to speak, but Kabuto just pressed his lips gently against Sasuke's.

"Shh…I know…" Kabuto whispered, never breaking eye contact, loving the way he could feel Sasuke's heart beat against his own, the way his kiss seemed to make Sasuke melt, the way Sasuke's scent flooded his senses.

Sasuke's eyes widened, "You know that…I-I…"

Kabuto merely smiled, Sasuke could feel it against his lips. Had Mina really hinted to Kabuto about Sasuke's crush, and Kabuto was able to figure it out? She must have…this was too good just to be another check-up.

"It's alright, Sasuke-kun…" Kabuto soothed tightening his grip on the young Uchiha.

Sasuke tried to advert his gaze, but he was lost in those dark orbs that were gazing into his very being, shielded behind small circular frames of glass.

Kabuto kissed Sasuke again, gently, softly…his tongue caressing Sasuke's, wanting to absorb Sasuke into his very being. He felt the younger ninja cling to him.

"I love you…" Sasuke breathed once the kiss was broken; a split second afterwards he realized what he said he snapped his mouth shut, the blush spreading farther across his cheeks.

Kabuto simply smiled, his hands rubbing Sasuke's back as he pulled him closer. Sasuke rested his head on Kabuto's shoulder and the medic whispered in his ear. "I love you too, Sasuke-kun…"

That was it…there it was…

Sasuke felt his heart swell in his chest, tears stung the corners of his eyes, and he buried his face in the crook of Kabuto's neck, the salty fluid leaking down his face and dropping onto Kabuto's chest, on top of his heart. The medic continued rubbing Sasuke's back, tears welling up in his own eyes. They had done it…found someone in the other. Someone that they could love, trust, and live for.

Kabuto felt happy, for the first time…in a long time, he was honestly happy, having Sasuke here with him, in his arms, holding onto him; Sasuke's touch healed him, without chakra or jutsu. All thought of incurring Orochimaru's wrath drained from Kabuto's mind, replaced with Sasuke's love rich words being whispered into his ear. Now, he was sure Sasuke's love was true…

So they stayed that way, for what felt like an eternity, whispering promises of love, caressing the other's skin, enjoying one another's warmth, clutching onto the other as if their very lives depended on it…

…but to them…their lives did depend on it.


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