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A Harry Potter meets Gakuen Alice. A Harry Alice: The best of both worlds.


Alice Academy is closed to all students and is used, instead, as a prison for Alice fugitives and evil doers so where do the Alice students go? Hogwarts of course! It wasn't common knowledge but being Alices meant they had a form of magic flowing through their veins. Making unsuspecting friends and blossoming relationships in the strangest manner, our crew is divided into their respective houses, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff.

Ugly relationships-break ups, an unforgettable masquerade ball, masked strangers, and blossoming love. A new adventure unravels…


Name: Mikan Sakura
Alice: Nullification and Stealing Alice
House: Gryffindor
Personality: A smart bookworm. Mikan hates Natsume and likewise, he hates her. They are constantly at each other's throats and neither likes to back down in front of the other. She isn't popular but has a few good friends. She is defiant to all and doesn't care about people judging her. She is confident and emanates charisma. She gets a lot of attention, though she doesn't care much for it. She loves her Alice very much and mastered it with ease. She likes protecting others and she cares for her friends a lot. She likes helping others. She isn't a show off and is usually a nice and cheerful individual. She excels at almost everything that she does and believes that you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it. She pities people that feel the need to follow others and is determined to help people to become confident and like being themselves. She is admired by many.

Name: Natsume Hyuuga
Alice: Fire Alice
House: Slytherin
Personality: He hates Mikan Sakura with a passion that cannot be denied. He takes any opportunity to torment Mikan and tries to put her down as much as possible but she doesn't seem to bow down to him. He is a smart boy though he doesn't try. He is well respected with his fan girls and even fan boys. He is listed as an enemy to Mikan. He abuses his Fire Alice a lot, to warn people about him. He likes to feel superior and is interested in flashy things. He likes befriending people that are of power or have the same personality as him and he cares deeply about his reputation. He emits charisma as well as a powerful aura of confidence that can be shown in his everyday walk or the intense gaze of his ruby red eyes. He is startlingly handsome.

Name: Ruka Nogi
Alice: Animal Pheromone Alice
House: Hufflepuff
Personality: A gentle and timid blue-eyed boy. He's one of Mikan's only good friends. He respects Natsume Hyuuga but thinks that his friendship with Mikan is much better than trying to put her down everyday. He is kind and loyal which is what a true Hufflepuff student must be and he doesn't like to show off or have attention placed on him. Everyone likes him because he is easy to talk to and easy to get along with.

Name: Hotaru Imai
Alice: Invention Alice
House: Ravenclaw
Personality: A smart inventor that will stop at nothing to get some fast cash. She is really smart but not smarter than Mikan though they are neck in neck. She is another friend of Mikan's because they've been together since childhood. She is seemingly greedy and icy to others. She is interested in the wizarding banking system, fast cash, investments, and of course her beloved inventions. She isn't a loner really, but others are intimidated to go near her. Other than that, she is a lovely person.

Name: Kokoro Yome
Alice: Mind Reading Alice
House: Gryffindor
Personality: An annoying but lovable and funny boy that is one of Mikan's closest friends because of his easy going and relaxed attitude that lightens her up. He's loyal and just a boy that annoys many to no end by reading the minds of the Hogwarts students.

Name: Sumire Shouda
Alice: Cat-dog Alice
House: Slytherin
Personality: An annoying, clingy girl that worships the ground that Natsume and Draco Malfoy walk on. She is one of Natsume's sidekicks and has mastered the role of the evil witch, though she is anything but. She really values her friendships, though she knows that she doesn't have true friends. She's misunderstood and above all, wants somebody that can relate. Overall, not a bad girl.

Name: Yuu Tobita
Alice: Illusion Alice
House: Ravenclaw
Personality: A responsible and caring boy that is both smart and mature for his age. He cares very much about his friends and studies. He excels at school.

Name: Otonashi Yuri
Alice: Divination Alice
House: Gryffindor
Personality: A moody average girl that is interested in weird things. Her favorite subject in Hogwarts is Divination.

Name: Mochiage or Mochu
Alice: Levitation Alice
House: Slytherin
Personality: A mindless drone that lives only to protect Natsume Hyuuga or help intimidate people for him. He knows only to mutter incoherently with his best friend Kitsuneme. He doesn't do well in school and doesn't like anybody that isn't in Slytherin.

Name: Aoi Yuki
Alice: Fire Alice
House: Gryffindor
Personality: A cute girl that has no relations to Natsume Hyuuga. I changed her last name, or rather, separated her name. She is very clever and brave. She likes giving people chances and believes that there is good in everyone. She becomes a great friend to Mikan in later chapters.

Name: Kitsuneme
Alice: Flying Alice
House: Slytherin
Personality: Another one of Natsume's mindless drones that do whatever Natsume tells him to do. He doesn't like anyone that isn't Slytherin and likes using his massive biceps to intimidate others.

Name: Youichi Hijiri
Alice: Demon Casting Alice
House: Slytherin
Personality: A clever little boy that grows up to be a Natsume Hyuuga look alike. He is smart and funny, though silent. A cutie for all of the girls old or young. He doesn't trust anyone though, and doesn't care about anyone except Natsume, his role model. Though Natsume doesn't approve of any relations with Mikan, Youichi stands by Mikan and befriends her early on in the story.



Takes place, mostly, while everyone is in their seventh year.


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