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The Other Magical World

Chapter 86: Retrieving Norbert Part 1

"Oh, dang it!" she growled quietly while coming out from under the cloak. "This is miserable! All four of us can't walk without stepping on each other's feet! And then add a dragon to the mix!"

"Well what do you suggest we do?" Harry asked as the cloak fell on everyone's shoulders.

Phoenix thought for a moment. "I can scout ahead. Make sure the coast is clear. I was really good at sneaking around at my old school. Why would it be any different?"

"Well let's see, besides the fact there are ghosts, poltergeist, and a creepy cat, nothing I guess." Hermione sarcastically said untangling herself from the cloak. "Plus the reason behind Harry's cloak is, we won't be seen."

"What good is an invisibility cloak if we can be heard?"

"She has a point" Harry replied.

But before Hermione could respond, Ron peeped in, "guys," he squeaked pointing to the faint moving light.

"It's Mr. Filch!" Harry informed in a hushed voice.

"Alohomora" Hermione whispered to a locked classroom door not too far away from them. As soon as the door was able to be opened, the four of them rushed inside seconds before Mr. Filch rounded the corner.

"Hmm, thought I heard someone down here. " He looked both directions holding his lantern up. "Come on Mrs. Norris, no one is here."

Looking through the crack, Phoenix watched Norris linger smelling and knowing someone was around, "Mrs. Norris!" deciding not to be left behind Norris turned the corner.

Phoenix waited a little longer before turning around. "They're gone."

Sighs were heard, "That was too close." Hermione stated as Harry and Ron nodded in agreement.

"That's why I should scout a head." Phoenix smiled.

Hermione was about to protest until Harry butted in, "okay fine, but be careful."

Phoenix smirked, opened the door, and headed out. Going down both directions, she peeked around the corners before returning. "Okay coast is clear." She confirmed. The others rushed under the cloak. Feeling a touch on her shoulder, Phoenix knew they were ready. Opening the door, the four continued on, going a different direction from Mr. Filch and Mrs. Norris. She stopped and one last time checked around the corner. Seeing nothing or nobody, Phoenix motioned her friends forward waiting for the faint touch for her to continue.

They continued on, undetected dodging from a house ghost, until they finally reached the stairs leading out to the ground. Phoenix looked both ways then quietly and gradually walked down until she was jerked back by her arm.

"The step", she heard Harry whisper.

Looking down, she saw the step disappear. 'Well, look at that, it is gone. I would have fallen right through. "Thanks," she whispered jumping over it. The cloak came down as the three hopped over, then immediately they went back under. Once everything was back in order, Phoenix quietly went down the stairs and opened one of the castle doors. The next step was to head to Hagrid's, then it was to get rid of the dragon.