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It's not that I didn't care. Because I did. But I had to leave her. She had to stay the person she was. I would change all that. I had to…

At that moment, Edward came storming up to me, clutching a handful of papers. I stopped typing. He would have to interrupt my train of thought at such a crucial moment.

Of course, if I had mind reading abilities, it would not be so difficult for me to write. Because then I could just get into Edward's head and figure out what the boy had been thinking when he had left me all those years ago.

Ok… so it had only been fifteen years ago. But I still didn't look a day over eighteen.

He had actually tried to talk me out of it. Out of writing our story. I wrote it in my perspective the most but I found reasons to write in his perspective sometimes. Like this particular part.

He said he would never read it. He swore he wouldn't. For the first two months, every time I sat down in front of the computer he stormed out of the house and ran for miles.

But it was important. I didn't want to forget it. And I was already losing important parts of my memory. Like the feeling when I had first saw him. My first impression of him. Which wasn't good at all.

I think that's what he hated the most. That even if I didn't clearly remember, if I wrote it down, I would always have an impression of him from the first time he and I locked eyes.

That dark sinister hole that had been his eyes. I would never forget it.

By the third month of writing--I only wrote in the evenings. I did have a job. Even half breeds go crazy inside cute little farmhouses on Gregory Road--Edward had gotten curious. I caught him trying to find the file on the computer.


I knew he would get anxious. That's why I had it saved on my USB key, safely kept in a box on top of my dresser.

Edward finally gave up his search and asked me where I kept it. He looked so pitiful I surrendered. And surprisingly, on the parts that I had written in his perspective, he gave me more pointers. He told me more about what had been going on in his mind.

And we got closer to each other.

After I first let Edward in on my writings, he began printing copies so that he wouldn't have to sit in front of a computer. And the night I was typing our ill-fated break up in the woods, he began to read the part about the dance studio and James.

I knew it had been coming. But I hadn't known exactly what reliving that day would do to him.

It was the sweetest reaction, I think. He came searching for me… looking all fierce. Not like the doctor who had just come home from treating head colds and surface wounds.

"Why would you let me read this?" he asked, thrusting the papers into my line of sight. His tone held a measure of intolerance that I had to keep myself from smiling at.

"It's part of the story, Edward. Or did I just really fall through the window at the hotel in Phoenix?" I shook my head, "Without that…ugliness neither of us would be who we are today."

"Still, Bella… I never asked you to recount the memories because I would feel this—this… incomparable rage. And what it must have done to you. To write it all down. To have to experience it all over again." He took my left hand in his and began twirling the wedding band and engagement ring around my finger. Something he did when he wanted reassurance that I was still there. "I just—I didn't know."

"They were my choices." I reminded him. "Choices that I made in haste. I was seventeen. What did I know?" I stood and stepped into his always ready embrace, "You have to remember, there's a happy ending somewhere in that part of the story. I think it's the part where I refer to you as an angel… and said angel saved me from vampiric damnation, by sucking my venom tainted, sweet tasting blood until it was clean once again."

Edward grimaced at the memory.

"I maintain that you were a head case that day. Actually, anything you did within that span of three days does not count." He kissed my forehead.

"If you say so," I shrugged. Actually, I knew that I was of sound mind that day. Because I had enough sense to spend my final moments of sanity thinking about Edward. Imagining our life together.

It had looked nothing like this little farmhouse on Gregory Road.

"Well.. I think I am done with this tonight." Edward reached around me to place the rumpled papers on my desk.

"My brain's just about frazzled, too." I nodded against him.

"Would you like me to carry you to bed? Or would you like to—" his sentence was interrupted by Alice's presence.

"Can I help you?" I asked, playfully scowling at my friend. She came nearer to us and her facial expression alarmed me.

"How long?" Edward's voice choked out. I still hated his mind reading capabilities. I was left out of the loop far too much.

"A day, maybe two." She whispered, "We've been expecting it." And then she was gone.

I REALLY hated being left out. Especially when it was my sister and my husband keeping things from me.

"Edward," I seasoned my voice with a warning.

"I had forgotten." He sighed. His arms wrapped tighter around me and I tried to think of what might bring about this reaction.

"Do you really not remember? They may have left us alone for a while, but we knew they were coming back." Edward's voice was a whisper. Then I realized.

"The Volturi." I gasped.

Did you not expect that? Come on… seriously… Edward was in a coma, Forks was attacked by the Seattle Vampire. The Volturi had to be next.

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