A/N- So… Here is Seamus' POV as promised earlier.

I heard the car pull up into my long, winding driveway. Whatever my old friend Carlisle needed, it must have been urgent. I wondered if he would bring Edward with him. Or Esme. I had not seen or heard from Carlisle in many years. Many, many years.

I was surprised to find the yellow sheet of paper, announcing his arrival.


I am in need of your assistance. Please forgive my shortly announced arrival. Edward is very ill and you have become our last resort. He is in a coma after he tried to change his mate. I hope that you will be able to help us.


I did not expect the beating heart that accompanied him.

I met Carlisle on the porch.

"Seamus, I am so glad to see you." I was stunned by my friend's appearance. He was usually always impeccably dressed and properly groomed. The epitome of young successful doctors everywhere.

The Carlisle that appeared before me could have passed for thirty-five and his rumpled clothing and mussed hair alarmed me.

"Carlisle…" I moved to take the steps down to meet him.

"It's Edward." Carlisle frowned. "He is—he is not well."

"So I saw in your telegram." I nodded, "But how can that be?"

"There's a girl—down in my car. Bella. She and I can explain everything that we know, between the two of us. I was just checking to see that you were here." Carlisle dashed away, into the trees.

Whoever he had brought, she was human. She had to be if her heart was still beating.

But when Carlisle and she broke through the tree line, I was entranced. She looked so—fragile. And afraid. I'm not sure why she should be so afraid. When she glanced up at me, her surprise made me even more interested.

The closer they came, the more I realized this girl—she was an abomination. The fingerprint of a vampire's venom left traces on her facial structure and in her quick, precise movements. But her heart was beating. Her cheeks were tinged in pink. Her eyes were a chocolate brown color.

She was beautiful. More beautiful than any other vampire I had met.

But she wasn't a vampire. It was impossible.

I schooled my features. This child—however old she may be—was frightened of me. For some reason unknown. And she needed reassurance that I would not be any source of harm or upset.

"Hello, Bella." My Irish lilt saturated my speech. Her cheeks flushed an inviting color and I marveled that the vampire in me did not attempt to overtake my control. Then her melodic voice filled my supersensitive hearing.

"Hello Seamus. Thank you for meeting with us." I wondered, suddenly, about my appearance. I wasn't accustomed to having company, although I did have some warning. But I imagined it would just be Carlisle and possibly Edward. Not this beautiful creature who was mounting my cabin's steps. I almost laughed at the absurdity that was my mind. What would I have done? Donned a tuxedo?

And then I realized. She was Edward's mate. Edward's wife, quite possibly. She would not be here with Carlisle if it wasn't because of him. My insides bristled. I remembered Edward. Pompous came to mind when I thought of my one week encounter with him. But for this angel, I would be courteous as possible. Ease her mind.

"Bella, do not be afraid. I'm here to help you in any way I can." I suddenly remembered Edward's fantastic pianist abilities, "Edward is a vibrant young man. I remember he had a particular talent with the piano. Such a rare gift to be had."

Her face opened like a flower at the mention of Edward. I had found her soft spot without even trying. She was in love with him.

I offered her my hand for the last few steps onto the porch. She smiled painfully at me as she took it. I was struck by another peculiarity. Her touch was warm.

"It's so odd. I can tell you've been affected by a vampire's venom, but the warmth in your touch is surprising." My thoughts tumbled out of my mouth before I could catch them. Her present state was just not achieved.

"Do you think you can tell us anything?" she asked, eagerly.

"I will try, Bella." I promised, leading her into my house. Her surprised doubled when she came into my front room. The cabin was a little rickety looking on the outside, but inside I had created a small castle for myself.

"I enjoy the comforts so many others do. I just hide it a little better." It was home to me, but maybe Bella had not been accustomed to the glamour that went with being a vampire. The excess in money. All I had to do was sell one of my centuries old possessions and I was quite comfortable for another two or three decades. Then I shook my head. She was with the Cullens. They may have tried to appear modest, but even rumpled, I knew the expensive cut of Carlisle's clothing.

I led them down into my basement. It may have been my lab, but seemed like a good place to begin our interview. They told me everything. How Bella and Edward had met. About their adventures to Phoenix, Arizona and a vampire named James. Then there was Edward's untimely trip to Italy to the Volterra, forcing Bella and Edward's sister Alice to chase him. Finally, I heard in detail Edward's attempt to change Bella.

It was a fantastic story to me. Unbelievable almost, except that Bella sat on a stool in front of me, confirming every story herself. And the way she told it… her facial expressions were captivating.

I shook my head internally. I needed to focus.

As a healer, it was my job to realize the chemistry of situations. So, instead of thinking of Bella as strictly beautiful or curiously complex, I tried to treat her as a patient. Though I had not practiced in many years. I tested out the traits I knew were the traits of a vampire. The tests told me what she already had. She was all but a vampire, only lacking in the sparkling skin, sensitive hearing and impeccable sense of smell. And the bloodlust. We couldn't forget that.

I was interested in Bella's blood structure. Certainly, if the vampire in me did not take over, her blood must have a quality in it that kept me from being attracted to it. I reached into a cabinet and pulled out a needle and a vial. I wanted to see what Bella's blood really looked like.

"Do you mind?" I asked. Her face turned a little pale at the sight of the needle, but she laid her arm on the table between us and turned away. I was amazed at what came out of her arm.

It had taken years but I had trained my eyesight to see abnormalities in the blood stream. Something only a vampire could do without a microscope. When I drew Bella's blood, it was a thin, almost orange color. And I saw in its purest form, strong active antibodies.

Now that I knew more of the story, it was easy to discern what might have happened. The only thing that could possibly have happened. But before I let myself get comfortable with the idea, I wanted to test my theory out.

"Your blood is thin." I stated, although it was probably obvious, "And it smells--" I lifted the vial that held her blood. There was not even a hint of the metallic tang blood usually carried. I shook my head. It was ludicrous. My senses should be making me pounce on Bella. But I was unaffected. "—all wrong. My mouth isn't watering at all."

"It's so strange," Carlisle murmured from his seat.

"We're going to figure this out. I'm sure of it." I was confident of my own abilities. I had several hundreds of years' practice. I could certainly help solve the mystery of a comatose vampire. Couldn't I?

I glanced over at Carlisle again. I had never known a vampire to look as old as Carlisle did. Not physically. No. It was much more than that. It was the way he carried himself. His movements. Nervous tendencies like running his hand through his hair and biting his lip. He had never been like this. Never in all my years of being around him. I had to make sure, for his sake too, that I could at least help them in some way.

"Carlisle, did you ever trying to mix Bella's blood with venom?" I was studying the substance that passed for Bella's blood. The antibodies that I could see seemed to get slower wherever I was touching. Probably an effect of my cold hands.

"I wasn't sure it would make a difference. And I still wasn't certain that drawing blood from Bella was such a good idea with a house full of vampires. My sense of smell has been desensitized a lot since I've been at the hospitals so much, so I didn't want to rely on it." Carlisle admitted with a shrug.

"Well, I'm going to try it. Come over here and watch." I motioned for Bella and Carlisle to follow me to a table along the basement wall.

Carefully, I poured three drops of Bella's blood into a Petri dish. I glanced over at Bella to see her staring intently at the substance. It must have been so odd to see her blood so diluted and inhuman.

I didn't let my attention linger, though.

"Alright, now for the venom." Quicker than I had ever moved before I grabbed an empty vial and inserted some of my own venom into the tube. I carefully dropped the clear, almost non existent venom into the dish and watched.

And the most incredible thing happened. Bella's blood repelled the venom. And then my eyes caught the beginnings of an attack. Bella's blood was attacking the venom. I tried not to shift away from her. But suddenly I was afraid of her capabilities a little. And she had been afraid of me?

"Immunity? Bella's blood is immune to venom?" Carlisle's voice held a shocked quality and his facial features matched.

"Not just immune," I pointed to the dish. It was evident now, even to the untrained eye. The red substance overtaking the clear.

"Seamus… this is… extraordinary." Carlisle kept his gaze trained on the table. I glanced at Bella again and realized her brain must have been spinning.

"I wasn't sure. Not until we drew her blood. She doesn't smell human, but she doesn't have that… vampire smell." I shook my head. It was difficult to explain. "Did you tell me that Bella has been bitten before Edward bit her?"

"That's right." Carlisle nodded, "By a vampire named James, but Edward sucked the venom out—all of it."

I took a moment to mull it over. My personal theory was becoming more and more accurate.

"I think—personally—that there was venom left. Not a lot. Maybe just a drop. I imagine that if Bella came out of a vampire attack alive, she must have had some severe injuries. The first thing that probably happened was a shot of morphine for any pain. Correct?"

"I administered it myself." Carlisle confirmed, nodding slightly.

"Well, like venom, morphine paralyzes. Just in a different way. The mixture of the venom, the constant shots of morphine she received and Bella's blood my have just created the greatest immunity to a vampire's venom ever. And took it a step further. The blood has been taught to attack the venom. And, for some reason, the DNA keeps most of the better vampire traits and leaves out the conspicuous ones, like our thirst and the sparkling skin."

"So what does that mean? What am I? Am I human? Am I a vampire?" Bella asked. It seemed so important that she have a label. Her face was desperate for some kind of affirmation. I really wanted to give her one. Something that would ease her mind at least about that. But I could think of nothing to say that was accurate.

"It means you are an anomaly--an enigma," I corrected myself; "There's no name for someone who has been bitten by a vampire and not been changed or died."

"But Bella, another piece of the puzzle falls into place!" Carlisle smiled. It was the first time I had seen him smile since he'd arrived.

"It's true. So if your blood is immune to venom, then…. when Edward bit you—he was consuming something that was potentially dangerous for him." I was working to pull Bella's mind from her own identity crisis.

"Which is why he is comatose. His scream—he must have felt it. That would have been me." Carlisle looked pained.

"What a mess I've made." Bella's murmur caught me off guard. She was blaming herself. That much was clear. But this situation shouldn't be placed on her shoulders. How were any of us supposed to know that she would endanger her mate? Her pained expression was almost more than I could take.

"It was not your fault, Bella. We didn't know this would happen." Carlisle jumped in before I could.

"But what have I done to Edward? How can we fix it?" Bella asked. I turned away from her woebegone face. Even in her anguish she was probably the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I wanted to help her. Something occurred to me at that moment.

"That is the tricky part. Bella, may I try something?" I faced her again, trying to divert her attention away from Edward, "You are still—seemingly part human. I have never tried to heal anyone of our venom's hold, but I might be able to—fix you."

"I don't want to be fixed!" She shouted, jumping into a feral defensive pose. She appeared more vampiric at that moment than any other, almost crouched to the ground. "I chose to let Edward bite me. Now I have to live with those consequences!"

"Bella," Carlisle soothed, "Think about this for a minute. What if the water that you're consuming isn't enough? We may never know what you need to survive. What if your current state begins to diminish? I don't think that we can lose both of you." His eyes were sad.

"But you just said that my body was fighting the venom by itself." She turned her rage fully upon me, growling out the syllables, "So far we just know that its effects have been limited to altering my strength, my eyesight and my appearance."

"But as Carlisle said, your body could begin to diminish under the circumstances. You should at least allow me to try. I'm not even sure if it will work." I carefully lowered myself back onto my stool, raising my hands in defense.

"I just—I don't want to be human." Her voice was more pout than growl.

"Bella, you just sounded like Edward. You are being irrational." Carlisle warned, and I almost laughed at her affronted expression, "Don't think of us, or anyone but Edward. You haven't shown any signs of sickness, but what if we find a way to bring him back to us, only to have you get sick? If we can do something…. If we can guarantee that you will be well… it'll be all the better for when Edward wakes up."

Her face bespoke her torn, tortured thoughts. I could see that she was gone to Edward. Completely. The mention of him from Carlisle made the edge of her anger soften into a piece of fluff.

"Edward would want me to?" she asked Carlisle, her voice little more than a whisper.

"I think that he wouldn't care much if we had the chance and didn't take it." Carlisle shook his head. I could see it. He had won her over.

"Alright." She sighed audibly, looking over at me. I took that as a sign and approached her again.

"Just relax, Bella. I only need to touch your forehead." She closed her eyes, obediently allowing me to use my powers. I called up the healing part of me. It was an odd feeling—always had been. It came from the area my heart should be—a warmth that spread through me. Times when I used my healing power, I felt like I had a purpose. I could almost believe as Carlisle did—that we hadn't been a mistake.

I shook my head to refocus. My gift was somewhat like a probe. I could almost feel Bella's veins, capillaries, arteries, the nervous tendons—all of it—like it was a map of her body. I went straight to her heart, still surprised at how even though I could feel the traces of venom the muscle still pumped. But on a thorough examination, working from her heart to the surface skin cells and I found nothing. Nothing, but the traces of venom, latching onto her body, just like us.

"I feel no harm has come to Bella's structure." My hand fell to my side, "There's nothing to heal."

"So she's—"Carlisle raised an eyebrow.

"The venom is bonded to her DNA. She's as indestructible as we are." I supplied.

"Thank you, Seamus," Bella's voice sounded relieved. "I'm sorry that I snapped at both of you. I'm just—"

I was suddenly shocked. She had been afraid I would take away her chance at immortality. It was so clear. She equated mortality with losing Edward, somehow.

"Everyone's on edge," Carlisle gripped Bella's shoulder in a comforting gesture, "You need to rest, dear."

"Would you allow me to ponder on all of this for a while? We have learned much, and I need to sort it all out." I sighed

It was true. I needed to sort everything out. But I also needed to be away from Bella. She was so captivating. And taken. By Carlisle's son.

"Of course, Seamus. I saw an inn about ten miles back. Bella and I will go there and check in." Carlisle offered. I almost let them go. Let them give me a huge girth of space.

"Be serious, Carlisle. You will stay here. My house is yours. Bella, the couch upstairs in my living room is awaiting your arrival. Sleep all you want. And Carlisle, feel free to roam around the woods. There is plenty of nourishment in the area if you need it."

"Thank you." Carlisle nodded. He looked like he needed some time to think himself. I allowed them to walk up the stairs before I began writing down everything that I had learned.

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