Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of its characters. If I did, the last book would have included Harry and Draco getting together and Ginny being alone for her whole life. I really don't like Ginny.

WARNING: This is a slash story and as thus, involves boys kissing each other. Yay for boys kissing each other!!

Summary: Malfoy watches Harry as Harry watches Ginny. But then Harry watches Malfoy as Malfoy watches Harry. This story is told as though Malfoy is telling the story to Harry.

Pairing(s): LITTLE ITSY BIT of GinnyXHarry at the beginning and of course, HarryXDraco

I watch sadly as your lips press against hers. I know that the redheaded Weasly girl is the one you want. But that doesn't make me want you any less. I want you. I need you. And you want Ginny. I am forced to watch you from the corner of my eye, hoping that I will see you looking lustfully at me instead of Ginny. But that never happens. Today, however, it finally happened. It's during our fifth year at Hogwarts. I look at you out of the corner of my eye and you have finally directed your look to my face, not Ginny's. I think you saw me watching you. You look away, your cheeks turning red. I smile as I continue to watch you. Ginny sits down next to you and presses her lips to yours. I frown as I watch you kiss her back. This time that you kiss her though, I can tell that there is no emotion behind it.

Three hours later, I'm walking down the hallway to the dungeon. You step out of the shadows in front of me. I look at you with fake disinterest.

"What do you want, Potter?" I put up the front of hating you to keep myself from telling you that I love you.

You look shyly at your shoes. Behind your beautiful raven hair, I see your face get red. You seem to attempt to say something a few times. Then you sigh and finally find your voice. "Malfoy, I think I might possibly be… falling in love with you…." You continue to look at your shoes. Inside my head, I laugh and think sarcastically about how interesting your shoes must be.

I feel my own face grow red as I approach you. I tilt your head up so that you are looking directly into my eyes. "I love you, too, Harry."

You sigh and I can see you visibly relax. You smile up at me. It was then that I noticed for the first time that I had grown to be taller than you. I smile back down at you as I move my lips towards yours. I kiss you and a rush of emotions overcomes me. I feel so happy and so embarrassed. I am also mad at myself for being afraid to tell you how I felt. I am also kind of sad. Sad for Ginny, that is. She was losing you. I feel bad that she has to lose you. But, that feeling quickly passes.

We break apart and we grin stupidly at each other. I hear a cough and I look down the hallway. At least two-hundred students and about ten teachers were standing and watching. I cringe as a camera goes off.

You blush and grin at the group. "Well? What's taking you so long? Don't you want everybody else to know?"

The group nods and everyone rushes away to tell everyone else about the big news. I look at you in shock. You blush and smile up at me.

"I don't want to hide that I love you." You say this so simply. I stare after you as you walk away towards Gryffindor tower. I shake my head and head back towards the dungeons. I love you, Harry James Potter. But I sure as Hell will never understand you.

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