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Mystique was late; Eric hated it when she was late.

Walking at a fast pace down the long metal hallway of Magneto's lair she had her hand tightly wrapped around little Marie's wrist. She hadn't wanted to bring the girl, but who'd of thought that finding a babysitter in a pinch would be so difficult, especially in New York City.

Mystique was still getting use to this whole mother thing, it was difficult for her, and she had never taken in a child before. The members of her Brotherhood were all older and knew how to take care of themselves, whereas Marie was a fourteen year old who had just lost her parents. Mystique was trying, she really was, but it just wasn't enough. Though she hated to admit it she would have to send for her friend Irene, who was born with natural motherly instincts and could take care of the girl. Still, it frustrated Mystique that she did not have the required natural skills to take care of the young girl.

Tonight was an awful beginning, she had been so pressed for time that she brought t Marie with her. Mystique wasn't sure how Eric would react yet, he might punish her with rough sex, but that she could handle, what she couldn't handle was him laying a finger on her Marie, or any of his Acolytes for that matter. Mystique hated the bunch of them, they were all young, brute, and needed some serious training in combat as well as manners. Mystique just hoped that they would all be out tonight.

But as a pair of sliding metal door opened before them there sat Creed, Pyro, and Piotr around a table playing cards. There were beer bottles everywhere and Mystique wasn't sure but she thought she saw some cocaine on one of the table edges. Mystique cringed at the thought of leaving Marie alone with them, but Eric was waiting.

Mystique took Marie over to the coach in front of a big screen TV and had her sit down, double checking that Marie had her gloves on to avoid any accidents involving her powers.

Once all seemed well with Marie she strode over to the table where the boys were playing cards and threw some of the bottles to the ground.

"Blazes Mystique!" cried Pyro nearly falling out of his seat. "Why is it every time we meet you've got somethin' shoved up ye ass!"

"Can it Pyro," Mystique said firmly, looking him directly in the eye. "Now listen to me all of you!" she demanded her hard gaze moving to Creed. "That's my new little girl sitting over there and if any of you touch her, not only will you hit the ground unconscious but when you wake up I will personally cut your throat open with my nails!" She looked to Piotr, "Got it!?" she hollered.

"Got it Mystique," replied Piotr, "We didn't even see her till you pointed her out."

"Well it better stay that way!" warned Mystique as she gave each boy a long hard stare, "and if that damn Cajun comes around you make sure he keeps his filthy swamp hands off her!"

"Got you love," said Pyro, "but don worry bout Gambit, he's getting busy tonight!" This was followed by a cheer from the other two, which ended when they looked back at Mystique.

"One last thing," she said knocking a few more beer bottles to the floor, "keep it quiet out here, I don't need my girl hearing all your trash talk!"

With that, Mystique took one last look at Marie who was sitting in the exact position Mystique had left her in and made her way through another sliding door that led to Eric's room.

He was angry just like she knew he would be, but he seemed eager to get started. It didn't bother Mystique; the sooner they got started the sooner she could be out of here. This interaction had been going on for years. It was Mystique's monthly exchange for the unlimited spending Eric gave her, and at first Mystique needed the money bad, but now she was settled and had her own money coming in.

"You're late!" Eric said sternly, "And not in the correct form."

Mystique looked down at herself and realized she was still Raven Darkholm, knowing she'd get punished for this as well she quickly turned into the tall, attractive, middle aged blonde, that had been Eric's wife many year ago. She smiled at him kindly, hoping to cool his temper. It worked; he walked over to her and did not hit her, but instead planted a pleasantly warm kiss on her lips.

Mystique, now playing the role of Sara, leaned into his kiss and opened her mouth to his. She had become use to his love making and found a part of her enjoyed it, though she still loathed him to her very core. His hands were just making their way to the belt on her skirt before he pulled back and grabbed a necklace from the table.

It was the same simple sapphire necklace he made her wear every month. She never really knew the story behind it, but she assumed it had been a gift to his wife. It was absolutely stunning and worth a small fortune, not just for the price, but the power it had over Eric. The necklace was Mystiques intended robbery, she knew as long as she had it Eric wouldn't drop all contact with her, he would come searching and most likely hunt her down. But by the time he would be able to find her she would have a powerful weapon that would keep him from getting what he wanted.

Once Eric was done clasping the necklace his lips moved to the tender spot of Mystique's neck. She faked a moan as she cried out his name, hoping it would induce him into his erection sooner than usual. It didn't work; he simply continued to kiss her neck as his hands made their way up her shirt to her breasts, where he teased her for several minutes. Mystique knew it was going to be a long night and as Eric threw her against the bed she tried to get into it, knowing it was the last time she'd ever hold Eric tenderly again.


Marie sat in the same spot Mystique had set her in for hours, her only form of entertainment being the TV, which the boys had on a Real World Marathon. Marie found that she hated the show immediately and found the boys crude conversation even worse, so she starred at the clock from ten to three in the morning and Mystique still wasn't back. Marie was a smart girl who knew what was going on, but she couldn't help but ask herself, sex takes this long?

"Don't fuck with me Creed!" shouted Piotr, "I know you be cheatin'!"

"Oh yeah, how? Am I hiding the cards in my fur or something!?"

"I don't know but I swear I will tear you the fuck apart till I get it oughta you if it happens again!" warned Piotr sitting back in his seat.

"Common mates, can't we play like good boys now?" asked Pyro.

"No," grumbled Creed, "that damn Cajun is only sixteen and spends every Saturday night fucking the socks off some chick while were always stuck here playing cards!"

"Leave him alone," said Piotr, "he just a boy, when he picks up an STD he'll learn his lesson. Then there will be plenty of room for us to make our move on the ladies."

"Maybe us mate," said Pyro, "but furball over here gonna be a virgin his whole life."

"Bite me Pyro," Creed snapped, "I've had sex many times, unlike you Mr. I only have a five inch dick!"

"Ouch!" hollered Piotr as he began to burst into laughter.

"O.k you know what mother fuckers I'm sick of this! I'm going to bed if all your going to do is make fun of my fucking dick!" growled Pyro as he began to get out of his seat, but he felt a pair of hands push down on his shoulders till he was back in his seat. "Well if it ain't the sex machine himself, what you doing home so early Remy?"

"Three in de mornin' ain't early homme," said Gambit.

"Do you mean to tell me that Gambit couldn't find a girl tonight?" teased Piotr.

"Oh dis Cajun did boys, but de thing was her parents would've killed her if we got caught so we had to improvise," said Gambit with a smirk.

"Please emphasis on improvise," said Creed a smile coming across his face.

"Let's jus say dat de ally wall was all we needed."

"No way!" cried Pyro, "I won't believe it till I see proof mate!"

Gambit smirked again as he removed a pink thong from his pocket and threw it to Pyro. Pyro caught it and observed the handwriting on the string. I had a great time bad boy, give me a call! And sure enough it was followed by a local area number.

"For fucks sake Remy, you a damn freak you know that!" commented Pyro as he threw the thong back to Gambit, who immediately threw it into the trash.

"What are you doing mate?!" exclaimed Pyro, "Aren't you going to call the girl back?!"

"No," laughed Gambit as he took a seat in one of the empty chairs. "She was a good fuck but dat's bout it. You can call her if ya wanna homme."

Pyro grunted, "I wouldn't dream of following you up mate, you must got some skill with all the girls you've hooked up with."

"No kidding," added Piotr, "so what did this one look like?"

"Tall, black curly hair, dark brown eyes, and a nice ass, the same as usual," replied Remy solemnly.

"You don't seem too happy, what the black haired ones not your type Gumbo?" asked Creed.

"Actually moi prefer de red heads."

"You in luck then, there's one sitting right over there," said Creed pointing toward Marie.

"Merde!" cried Gambit, "Der been a lil petite sittin dere an no one say anythin'?"

"Didn't think that you were one to keep your sex life a secret," said Creed as he stood and stretched himself out. "Well I'm going to bed, see you tomorrow sometime in the afternoon."

"Same here," said Pyro as he too got up and walked toward his bedroom.

"Guess I'll get some shut eye too," said Piotr.

"Common homme have one beer wit me," said Gambit opening a beer and handing it out to his friend.

"No thank you," said Piotr, "I've already exceeded my limit, sides last one in the rec. room has to clean it up and since you're usually up till the crack of dawn I'll leave the honor to you."

"Thanks man," said Gambit before taking a drink from the bottle in his hand.

"No problem, night lucky bastard," replied Piotr before he got up and headed to his room.

Gambit suddenly became very aware he was in the room alone with a very small girl who probably thought he was the biggest pervert on the planet. He was all about impressions and he hated when people thought badly of him, though there were plenty of people in the world who did. Yet, he still liked to make a good first impression.

So setting his beer down he walked over to the chair next to the coach and hopped himself comfortably into the seat.

"Evenin petite, or should I be sayin good morning?" he said very friendly, but the girl didn't move or respond. "What's a lil fille like you doin sittin round a place like dis so late at night?"

Still she didn't respond, she kept her eyes firmly on the clock. Gambit followed her gaze then lifted himself slowly from the chair he was in and moved to the other chair that blocked the view of the clock. He was finally able to get a good look at her but she cast her eyes downward before they could make eye contact.

She was a pretty little thing, with red hair that had two white stripes cupping her face. Her skin was very pale, but where it would look bad on most girls it made her illuminate, and the fact she was head to toe in black made it only stand out more. He wanted to know what color her eyes were but he couldn't see through her thick eyelashes. He was amazed at how beautiful her pouted lips looked set against her firm jaw, if she was this beautiful when she was angry he couldn't imagine how she looked when she was happy.

Gambit managed to pull himself from his thought, she was a young girl, too young for him, and he was trying to be friendly, and the stare he was giving her wasn't the best way to start off. "Cat got your tongue petite or you jus don like to talk?"

"The later," she grumbled crossing her arms as she continued to look at the floor.

"Ah," Gambit sighed leaning back in the chair. "Why such a pretty petite like you not wanna talk?"

"Ah ain't pretty!" she snapped back, her heavy southern accent revealing itself. "An ah don't talk to creeps like ya!"

"Ouch," said Gambit pretending to be hurt. "You hurt me cherie. But aside from dat why you say you not pretty, dis Cajun think you are."

"That doesn't say much," she grumbled back.

She had a temper and a quick wit, Gambit was intrigued, not to mention he was dying to look at her eyes.

"You don like dis Cajun very much do you cherie?" he asked, a smirk on his face.

"Gee, how'd you make that brilliant observation!" she snarled.

"Cause dis Cajun got a way of readin' people, why don we start over? My name is Remy LeBeau, but people call me Gambit, it's nice to meet you," Gambit said holding out his hand to make a proper introduction.

She stared at the floor for a moment, unsure of what to do, he saw her quickly check her cloved hand, but finally she placed it into his and shook it. "Mah names Marie, people don't call meh anything," she stated, causing Remy to chuckle. What could he do to make her look at him?

"Cherie, can I ask you a question?" he asked lowering his voice, his hand not leaving hers.


"Why are you so sad?" he whispered.

Marie was so taken off guard that she looked up into the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. They were bright red rubies on solid black and it felt as if they were piercing through her soul. Gambit was feeling the same thing as she looked up at him and he saw two shining emeralds peering at him. For moments they sat there simply starring at each other, until Marie felt herself blush and she had to look away. She tried to remove her hand from Gambit's but he held firmly.

"You didn answer my question cherie," said Gambit, breaking the silence.

"How'd ya know ah was sad?" Marie said turning back to him, tears glazing her eyes.

"Jus call it a guess cherie," said Gambit rubbing his fingers over her gloved knuckles.

"Good guess," she replied, a tear spilling down her cheek, but she caught it quickly. "An why do ya keep callin meh cherie? Whad it mean?"

"It means dearest in French," said Gambit, who was bold enough to begin rubbing the center of her palm. "Now don get off subject tell dis Cajun what problems a pretty fille like you have?"

Marie took in a deep breath in an attempt to keep back her tears, "Where to start?" she stated timidly. "Meh life just sucks."

"Don say dat cherie, I'm sure it can't be as bad as dis Cajun's life."

"Really?" she said looking into his eyes again. "Then let's play a game, ah tell you somethin bout mah life in exchange for soemthin bout yours."

Gambit froze for a moment, his life was one big mess, and he had never revealed it to anyone. But he figured that the problems a little girl had couldn't even compare to his and that after one shot she'd see her problems couldn't compare to his. "Alright, but you go first petite."

"Both meh parents died a few months ago."

So much for his life being a lot more complicated then hers, he should've known by her look that something was dreadfully wrong. "Moi sorry petitie, but at least you knew your parents; mine left me on some stranger's porch to die." There that was easy, it was public knowledge he didn't really reveal anything.

"Ah could kill you right now if ah wanted to."

Gambit's eyes widened slightly, "How cherie?"

"Nope, gotta get somethin from you," she stated firmly.

Gambit sighed; he didn't know what else he could say without dredging up old and painful memories. "I've broken at least three hearts dis week an I could care less."

Marie looked at the floor again and tried pulling her hand from his again, but failed, as he took her other hand into his and she was forced to look at him. "How could you kill me cherie?" he asked a little above a whisper.

"If you touch meh skin right now," she replied in just as light a tone, "ah would absorb your thoughts an your powers, an if ah held on long enough ah could kill ya." During her last sentence she tried to remove her hands from Gambit's but he stood up slightly and took the empty seat on the coach, his hands still holding hers, and leaned in till his face was only a hair from hers. He could feel her pulse quicken as she began to panic, but he wasn't going to let her move, he was lost in her emerald eyes.

"So you tellin' a guy like myself you've never been kissed?" he said with a smirk.

Marie swallowed hard as her pulse quickened and she thought her heart would jump out of her throat. She simply nodded, not trusting herself to speak. She knew she should pull away now before he got hurt, but he was so close and his scent of spices and cigarette's made her head spin in a good way she had never felt before.

Finally she composed herself, "Ya gotta back away now Gambit…"

"It's Remy."

"Fahn, Remy! Ya gotta back away now before we both get hurt."

"But cherie," whispered Gambit removing one of his hands from hers and resting it on the small of her back, "we ain't touchin."

Marie swallowed hard again, but this time when she opened her mouth she couldn't speak. She was only conscious of two things, her racing heart and the Cajun's burning stare.

Gambit knew he should have pulled away after teasing her a bit, that play time was over, in fact he was dangerously aware that he had quit playing, which was something he hadn't done in a long time. But her eyes shining up at him, her lips slightly parted, made him feel something he hadn't felt with any of the much older, more experienced women he had been with recently.

"Marie," he said softly as he pulled off the thin glove that was on her hand. She didn't even notice, she was entranced in his red eyes that sparkled with something she had never seen in anyone's before. She was trying to discover whether it was admiration or desire when suddenly she felt her glove touch her lips and even better Gambit's warm lips against her own. It wasn't how anyone would imagine a first kiss, but for Marie it was the only option, and though Gambit kept it a light and gentle kiss it burned Marie's skin like fire.

When she could no longer breathe Marie pulled away from Gambit with a gasp and laid her bare fingers on her lips, unaware of what to say or do. Everything was spinning and she wasn't sure of what was supposed to happen after a kiss. Her friends had often bragged about their first kisses, but they had skipped on the part where everything goes fuzzy and you can't think straight.

Marie opened her lips to speak but she jumped again at the sound of clashing metal doors and Gambit slipped away from the room.

"Marie, we have to leave now!" demanded Mystique, fear very apparent in her voice.

Marie obeyed and ran to her step mother who took her by the shoulder as they took off at a quick pace down the metal hallways in the pitch dark. Marie felt like she would fall several times before they actually made it outside where they had the moon to light their path.

Mystique was breathing incredible hard, she had taken on her form as Raven once again, only she still had Eric's necklace clasped to her neck. She knew that Eric would be knocked out for the rest of the night, but she couldn't afford to take chances.

When they reached the car Mystique indicated for Marie to get in quickly as she opened her own door and threw the key into the ignition. Once Marie had her door shut Mystique hit on the gas pedal and spun off into the night.

Marie tried to get a quick glance back through her review mirror before they drove out of sight and although she would never be sure she thought she saw a pair of red eyes watching her from the gate.


Second Meetings

Four years…Four long years Eric had his Acolytes out training at the break of dawn till they could no longer stand, then go searching in unimaginable lands and fighting pointless battles just to find Mystique.

He had only had two things on his mind, the battle between mutants and humans, and that damned necklace

Gambit couldn't understand it, but once again Creed, Pyro, Piotr, and he sat in a little restaurant in the middle of England, again empty handed.

That one night was always fresh in his mind, how could it not be? He had been sitting on the coach with what had to be the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and something had come over him that made him kiss her. He still felt guilty about it, she had been too young, far too young for him, and what had he done? He had stolen her first kiss, a dirty Cajun like himself, who had no business meddling with such a delicate flower. It made him wince at the memory of her dark green eyes piercing his own; the nights that followed the robbery he tried to find emerald eyes like those, but failed in that as well. It was times like these where he sat around with the guys, not paying attention to a word they were saying, throwing useless eye flirting at some red head, that he pondered about where she was now and what she was doing with her life.

Eric had gone absolutely mad that morning when he awoke to find Mystique gone, along with his necklace. He had barged into each and every one of his Acolyte's rooms and beat the living shit out of them for information. Gambit of course had seen the most and when he told Eric that he had indeed seen Mystic run out of the place, not chasing her down, Gambit got thrown so hard against the wall he was in a coma for nearly a week. As for the other Acolyte's they too had suffered greatly and ever since had been on the search for Mystique.

It was practically impossible, they had spent a year in Russia after hearing from a terrible source and had since been to Venice, Poland, Argentina, and they were currently in London England. Once again it seemed useless, Eric had phoned them about two weeks ago saying that an old friend had spotted her, of course this old friend was really old and had absolutely terrible vision.

So the Acolyte boys had decided to go out for the evening and have a little fun. It had been a good month since Gambit had his last fuck and it had been a good long month since Creed's last drink. They all decided on a local restaurant called Claude's Kitchen, which had a very wide range of drinks at the bar and more than plenty of young women. Gambit had been giving the attractive red head with a blue mini dress looks all evening, she was with a group of friends, but he knew the second he got her alone she'd fall right into his lap. This made the somewhat drunk Creed annoyed and he raised his glass to propose a toast.

"To Gambit, who doesn't even have to try to get into a girl pants, I hope you have fun tonight with that little red head while the rest of us sit around and do absolutely nothing!"

"Thank you Creed, dis Cajun will," Gambit smirked, looking back over to the red head and raising his glass, she wasn't the hottest thing he had ever attracted, but she still was pretty hot.

Gambit sighed at the thought, yes she was hot, but she wasn't beautiful. There was only one girl he had ever thought beautiful before he met Mystique's little quick witted little Brotherhood partisan, but even she got knocked out of the park by little Marie. Those damn eyes, he hated how he couldn't stop thinking about them. He was nineteen now and he guessed that she was about fourteen at this time, it was terrible of him to think of a little girl that way. He took down a large gulp of his beer before he turned back to his fellow teammates.

"Why don you boys try flirtin' wit some of de belle's here tonight?" he asked. "Remy show ya how."

"No thanks mate," said Pyro, "I like for the ladies to come to me because if they come first that means their desperate and only want a one night stand, I couldn't imagine waking up to the same girl night after night, how lame would that be."

"Torturous!" hollered Piotr as he rose his glass, "To the single life and its many wondrous advantages!"

"Here, here!" hollered the others, genuinely meaning it, except for Remy.

"So what about our job mates?" exclaimed Pyro, "I think we've hit another dead end, surprise, surprise? How many years we gonna keep playing this cat and mouse chase?"

"As long as Mag's tells us to homme," replied Gambit. "Not all dat bad."

"Speak for yourself," growled Creed, "I came into this deal to wipe the human race off the planet and from what I can tell their all still walkin and breathin."

Gambit chuckled, "But homme whad would ya do if there were no humans around? You'd be stuck playin wit a piece of string pussy cat."

Pyro couldn't hold back his laughter while Piotr continued to tease him, "Oh look the little kitty is all upset."

"Hum?" a soft voice behind Piotr mumbled, "Did you boys like need some service?" He turned to see the prettiest little brunette behind him. "Well like don't just sit there like a fool. Did you say my name or not?"

"Oh no we, we just, I mean I…"

"Actually now that you're here could you get me another scotch?" Creed asked hold out his glass.

"Actually I'm not old enough to serve from the bar, but if you wait one second I can get someone who'll be happy to take your order," she stated with a smile before she looked back at Piotr. "So do you need something or not?"

"Well actually, umm, no, I…"

"O.k then I'm like totally swamped so see ya," she said somewhat irritated before she turned and was on her way.

It was Remy's turn to laugh, "If dats how you boys handle de fille's we have some serious problems!"

"Shut up!" Piotr snapped before taking a large gulp of his beer as he watched the little brunette make her way around to another table.

"I'm not even that bad," Creed insisted as he raised his glass.

"Well mates, what do you say we blow this stand and go to a real bar, the chicks here are nowhere near to being drunk," sad Pyro.

"Ah but homme," replied Gambit as he watched the tall red head edge her way through the crowd toward his table, "dat only mean dey will remember how damn good you were in de mornin'."

Pyro was about to make a snappy remark but found himself jumping into an attack position along with his other colleagues as the lamp above their head came crashing down onto the table and sent little pieces of glass into every direction, "What the bloody hell?!"

Gambit ignored the glass and looked straight up to the ceiling where he saw one of the boards shake, knowing a good party crasher when he saw one. He reached for the pack of cards that were in his pocket, but he was too late. The ceiling above collapsed and a figure clad in black slammed their boots hard against the table top.

The people around the restaurant were already panicking and heading through the door leaving the four Acolytes's to fend for them as the figure stood, brining their hands to the collar of their long black coat and pulled it from their body.

"Evein' boys," came a hard yet sweet voice that had its back turned to Gambit but was giving Pyro a murderous glare.

Pyro himself nearly keeled over, their party crasher was a women. She wasn't peculiarly tall but the way her black leather pants hugged at her wide hips gave her the illusion of height, while her black sleeveless top revealed a stunning cleavage line, and she had on a pair of gloves that went to her elbow. Pyro would've jumped her then and there having his way with her if he hadn't looked to her face. She was pale, but young, and she had her eyes painted pitch black while her lips were painted a dark maroon color that was almost the same color as her dark hair that was tied back into tight bun. The longer Pyro stood the broader her smile got, that's when Pyro noticed the stunning dark blue jem around her neck.

"It's Mystique! Get her boys," Pyro hollered throwing himself at the girl only to be stopped with a good hard kick to the throat that sent him reeling back.

Creed, who was seeing double by then, lunged forward but was met with a punch right in the eye as the girl bent forward and spun herself around.

She slowly arose again, a dark smile on her face as she turned toward Gambit and Piotr, who were in full attack position. There was something unbelievably familiar about this girl clad in black that Gambit couldn't put his finger on, he didn't have much time to consider it either. Unlike the other Acolytes he was experienced in fighting and he knew that whenever there was an angry woman standing before you looking like she means business you keep your guard up.

"Now that's not very nice," said the voice, somewhat straining, as if it were trying to hide an accent. "You boys should at least ask a gal her name before attacking her like that."

"Aren't you Mystique?" Piotr asked rather plainly, his fists clenched in front of him as they changed into their metallic form.

"Actually I am the Rogue and I have a little message for your boss," the girl said taking one step closer to the side of the table so she was looking down at Piotr, she wouldn't look at Gambit, though he was seriously trying to get a better look at her. There was just something that was so familiar, something in that voice she was hiding. Focus LeBeau, Gambit screamed in his mind as he eyed the necklace determining the best way to snatch it.

"Tell him he can have the damn necklace back, if he releases all his documents on Weapon X," she gave another dark smirk, "and if he refuses then Mystique will destroy the necklace. If she's in a good mood she'll send it back piece by piece, but trust me I have a gut feeling she won't."

"Where exactly do you come into all dis fille?" Gambit asked, trying to get her attention.

Her eyes shifted momentarily in his direction, but she returned it back to Piotr, "I'm just the messenger in all this, even though I'm rather disappointed, I was hoping for a fight. It just proves that Magneto hired a bunch of losers to do his dirty work."

"Tsk, tsk," said Gambit moving his finger back and forth, "yo shouldn't have said dat petite, yo see Piotr here don like bein called a loser."

Sure enough Piotr, who was very sensitive to the word, was angry. He gave a low growl before allowing himself to fully change to his metallic form. "You wanna say that again you bitch!"

"Sure," she replied resting her hands on her hips, "you ain't nothing but Magneto's loser squad."

"You asked for it!" Piotr cried moving forward swinging his arm as he dove in for a punch. Idiot, Gambit thought as he tried to stop the damage he saw ahead of time, but he couldn't reach Piotr.

The swing was useless, the girl, who was obviously a skilled fighter, jumped so that Piotr went falling to the floor. Seemed pretty harmless but when a guy weights about 900 pounds in metal once he's on the floor it takes him awhile to get back up. Plus, the girl had landed right on his back and used the momentum from his attempt to get up to flip herself over Gambit.

She had the exit right in view but as she got up a blast of fire threw her back to the ground. Pyro, who was having trouble moving, had managed to block his target but was disappointed he didn't actually hit her, his hands went back to his throat which felt like it had been squished and let his partners do the rest.

"Gaw'd," the girl cried in a southern accent that immediately got Gambit's attention, it couldn't be. No it wasn't, there were plenty of people in the world with southern accents just like that. Still he made an attempt to grab her but was beat to it by Creed, who took her by the arm and lifted her off the ground.

"You damn whore!" hollered Creed, whose head was pounding; he wanted to rip the girl's throat. But he needed one thing first, "Give me the necklace you bitch!"

"Go for it sugah!" the Rogue spit back, "But let meh warn ya, de ain't no way you getting dis necklace off meh wit out droppin' to de ground!"

"Is that so!" Creed screamed into her face, his own face inches from hers. "We'll see about that…" he began as he reached for the necklace. He had it in his grasp for a micro second before he felt like he was being drained of life. He moaned out in pain as everything went dark around him and sure enough he collapsed to the floor.

The girl stumbled out of Creed's grasp, but after a moment to collect herself she was fully aware of the metal bar that crashed into her stomach as her back leaned into the firm muscles of the Cajun. She tried to struggle but he only pulled her closer to him until he heard her cry out in pain.

"Yo really worth all dis trouble petite?" he asked, his breath caressing her ear. "Jus hand over de necklace an dis can all be over."

"Over meh dead body!" she snapped. She tried to struggle and almost got her elbow into his side but he only pulled his staff into her ribs, hard.

"Listen petite, usually Gambit like a good challenge, but he been on de look out for dis damn necklace for too long. Now why don we make a deal, drop dat device you have on de necklace, hand it over to me, an dis Cajun swear he won't take you to Magneto," Gambit continued to whisper into her ear as she continued to struggle. For such a little thing she was stronger than he anticipated and he needed to keep most of his attention on her arms and legs, while at the same time avoiding the hex that was on the necklace.

"Bite meh," was her only reply.

"Fine petite," Remy said pushing the staff harder into her, "have it your way."

She cried again at the pressure the staff was putting on her ribs and tried to move forward but couldn't. It was that one attempt to move that saved her life, for as she pulled forward a strand of her white hair that she had tried so hard to hide fell across her face.

When Gambit saw the white hair it felt as if a brick had hit him and he hardly felt the hard kick she sent to his knee. But still he loosened his grip enough so that she slipped from him and ran. Though his mind was a reeling with a hundred thoughts he knew one thing was clear, she was running from him again, this time he wouldn't lose her.

"One of you call Mag's tell him I'm goin after de girl," Gambit cried as he lifted his own legs and ran in the same direction Marie had, or should he say the Rogue's direction. Back when he had first met her he would've laughed at the thought of her being called that, but that's when she was a young girl. Now she was older and so completely different it almost hurt.

Gambit ran till he came to the parking lot where he heard the engine of a motorcycle starting up. Nice try cherie, Gambit thought to himself, but this Cajun has his own set of wheels, which to his luck was parked close.

Gambit got to his motorcycle where he hopped on and started the engine immediately, it roared along with the Rogue's as she flew by him, so going as fast as he could manage quickly he pulled out if his parking spot, making marks on the pavement, and began the chase.

It wasn't hard to spot her on the somewhat deserted street, but Gambit remembered his route earlier, there was a highway about one block ahead and he knew the trap she was setting up. So instead of following her Gambit made a turn about two blocks away and then another turn as he followed the path of the highway through the back streets. Soon he heard the sound of another motorcycle and sure enough it was the Rogue's. She was dodging cars left and right like him, only she was in a much more dangerous area. Gambit didn't like that. The thought of what could happen if she had to stop suddenly chilled him to the bone; he needed to lure her off the highway.

So taking the last chance he turned another street and turned into the highway, almost getting run over. But it was enough movement for the Rogue to look back and see him. She increased her speed and made an attempt to pass a large truck but was unsuccessful.

Gambit watched her carefully as well as himself. He had managed to get into the same lane as her and was about two cars behind her when she finally noticed how close he was. She reacted by taking a sharp turn onto a nearby road, which she didn't know had been Gambit's plan.

Taking the sharp turn himself he heard one of the cars behind him come to a screeching halt, but he didn't stop, he didn't even look back. All he saw ahead was the motorcycle in front of him doing 75 in a 40. She was a good rider, but Gambit knew he was better, he also knew he wanted to lose her but at the same time keep an eye on her. He needed some way to have her think she was safe enough to go home while he followed her. There was one thing he could do, but it was dangerous and the risks of it working were against him. But Gambit was a card player and couldn't help but take the gamble as he increased his speed.

He was getting dangerously close and Rogue knew it, she tried to pick up her own speed, but they were no longer on deserted streets. They were in a heavily populated tourist area and it worried her to death. Mystique's Brotherhood mission was to destroy the human race but Rogue had taken a secret vow she would never lay a hand on anyone that was not attacking her. So, knowing very well it was his plan, she slowed down and made a sharp turn into an alleyway, her bike coming to almost a complete halt before she jumped off and let it hit the wall, her hand grabbing the last step of a metal ladder hanging from the building.

Gambit watched her take the turn into the ally and prepped himself for a jump. He knew she'd either crash or come to a complete halt, he assumed she was smart enough to handle herself. Though it worried him he needed to concentrate, if there was a fire ladder hanging on the building he'd have the advantage of being above and could follow Rogue unnoticed, if there wasn't his back would have a lovely date with the pavement.

As he brought his feet to the seat he let go of the handle bars and counted his second. Three..two..one… He jumped, his bike crashing into a business window. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't nervous and he became even more nervous when it wasn't a metal bar in his hands but someone's knees. Merde, his mind hollered, as his own weight pulled at the person he was holding onto and he fell, his back hitting the ground while his chest got crushed with the weight of the Rogue landing on top of him.

"Shit," she cried out, her ass colliding with his lower chest, her knees aching from the strain. But she knew she had suffered less than Gambit had and once she got herself up she ran.


Rogue arrived back at her London town house two hours later. She had left Gambit lying on the ground in pain as she ran for the train station, where she got off onto a bus, then took a cab home. She needed to make sure he hadn't followed her and the best way to do that was by going all over the city using every form of transportation to lose the scent of Rogue, and become Marie again, though in her heart she knew she could never be the old Marie she had once been.

"Irene ah'm home," she said lightly, praying for a somewhat normal response.

"Did the job go as planned?" Irene asked her voice coming from the living room. So much for wishful thinking, Rogue thought.

"Yes," replied Rogue heading for the stairs.

"Did they follow you girl?"

"No," Rogue said laying her hand on the stair railing. "Ah had one after meh but ah'm sure ah lost him."

"Good, we don't need any more threats to concern ourselves with." the blind old woman said bluntly then sighed. "And yourself sweetheart, are you hurt at all?"

The thought of the pain in Rogue's stomach made her physically cringe but she managed to keep her voice calm, "Not a scratch Irene, but ah am pretty tired, ah think ah'm goin to go to bed now."

"Alright, good night Marie, sleep well."

"Good night Irene, see ya in the mornin'," Marie said plainly as she continued her way up the stairs, each step increasing the pain of her stomach.

Four years had passed since she had last seen the handsome Cajun and not a day went by where she couldn't help but think of him, no matter how badly she tried not to. He had been the first boy she had kissed and from the way things were going he would be the last.

Living with Mystique and Irene had taken a serious toll on the little Marie, who had been so innocent and sweet. Until little Marie had to grow up and became the harsh and anti social Rogue. Living in a house with horny men, having to sleep with a knife under her pillow and have three locks on the door, had made her hard and defensive. She didn't trust anyone and had put up so many barriers around herself that she had forgotten what it was like to cry. Over the years she had grown accustomed to the color black and found that the more she wore the more people disliked her, which sadly was what she wanted. Mystique had pounded it into her head that she was dangerous, a menace to society, to humans and mutants alike, and Rogue had spent too many nights crying over the thought of touch. It was a dream she had given up long ago and pushed it deep into the back of her mind.

She had put all of herself into Mystique's training, living and breathing to fight. It was a sad life she knew but she had nothing else to enjoy. Her moment of joy came when one night one of the Brotherhood boys named Fred, a very large and very strong mutant, had tried to watch her undress and Rogue took him out with one kick, one punch, and a little push. She loved being able to defend herself the way most women couldn't, it made her feel like she had gotten something good out of life.

Rogue walked the long hallway and made her way to her bedroom where she shut the door, bolting her three locks behind her. It wasn't a big room but it held a queen sized bed with blood red colors and a work station, for homework supposedly, but it was the place where Rogue would draw. She was surprisingly good and if she had been a normal girl she'd pursue the life of an artist. But her usual spot of serenity only made it feel like there was a great weight on her shoulders. She decided to take a long shower and just hit the sheets.

Removing her gloves she walked over to the bathroom where she closed the door, turned another two locks, and blasted the water on full heat. She double checked to make sure the curtains were shut and only then did she feel comfortable enough to take off her top. She struggles as she lifted her arms and felt the pain under her ribs, but she managed to do it.

Moving to the mirror she observed the damage the Cajun had done, it was pretty bad. She had a series of bruises below and on her ribs that were still a deep red color. She ran a finger over one but cringed and dropped to the floor, her back against the door. For minutes she just sat breathing in the steam of the shower before she raised herself, fully undressed, set the necklace on the counter, and threw herself under the sever heat of the water.

She hadn't wanted this to be her first assignment ever, she had begged Mystique to send someone else, but it had been useless. Mystique said no one else could keep the necklace safe in the same manner Rogue could, which was why the damned thing had been on her neck everyday for the past four years. No one could get to it without touching her skin meaning she was the soul caretaker of the necklace, it was a pretty awful job. But when Mystique had informed her that the Acolytes were near and that it was time to make their move Rogue had hesitated. She did not want to see Gambit again, she couldn't, and a part of her didn't want him to see her like this.

So she had tried so hard to avoid his eyes and she had, but when he came up behind her, her back against his she hated the fact that he couldn't recognize her, but then again she couldn't blame him. Who could see Marie under all the heavy makeup and black clothing, but dammit a part of her had wanted him to remember. Instead she had been re acquainted with an enemy and he wouldn't have been able to so easily capture her if she had not looked over at him for that brief second, that one little glance had set her off guard terribly. The old memories of him came rushing back, his scent, his lips against hers, those burning red eyes, it had been too much. Luckily she had gotten away with nothing more than a few bruises, if he had hurt her it was her own fault. She still couldn't explain why a part of her ached when she thought that he was capable of hurting her, everyone else had; it was just another lesson of life.

When Marie got out of the shower the first thing she did was put the necklace back on her neck before she put on a black spaghetti top that exposed her stomach and a pair of black sweats. As she entered her room again she turned on her stereo and it was playing The Killers Read My Mind softly. It just then occurred to her that the room was dark and she reached out to turn on the light when she saw two pairs of red eyes piercing the darkness.

"Evenin' cherie," said the husky Cajun voice lightly but at the same time with enough force to knock Rogue over. She momentarily stood frozen, unable to believe it, but she finally gained some composure.

"How the hell did ya get in here?" she asked harshly.

"Not dat hard, der a lot of glitches in your security system cherie, an your locks ain't dat hard to get past."

Rogue swallowed hard as she turned on the light and found him sitting at her desk chair, his legs on the bed and arms resting on the back of his neck.

"Tell meh why ah don cry out right now and get the Brotherhood boys on ya ass?"

"Because I am merely here too…" he began at the same time he looked her up and down but stopped when he saw the bruises on her stomach. His heart felt like it was being squeezed with a pair of tweezers. To think that he did that made him nauseous. "Oh cherie," he said standing, "did I do dat?"

Her eyes narrowed, she was still fully aware that he was in her room, with intentions of finishing what he had started, but the pain in his eyes as he observed his stomach got to her. She hated that someone would care so much, she didn't want anyone to care about her. "Yeah, ya did Cajun, but ya don see meh cryin do ya?" she said harshly.

He didn't say anything, he was too guilt ridden, it hurt him worse than the actual bruises. "I'm sorry cherie," he whispered with more pain than Rogue had ever heard come from anyone but herself. She took one step towards him about to speak when he did something she didn't expect, he ran from her.


On and On and On

Magneto sat in his chair silent and Gambit couldn't understand why. He had just told him everything he needed to know that would end this damn chase for Mystique; he could now capture her and get his necklace back. But instead of calling the team to attack he just sat there in complete silence. Gambit was grinding his teeth together in irritation and made sure Mag's saw him. He wasn't sure how he had managed it but somehow Gambit had betrayed Rogue again. When he walked into Mag's office he fed him all the information he needed to find the Darkholme residence.

Finally after minutes of silence Mag's began to laugh hysterically, something Gambit had never seen him do before. It was a very terrifying laugh that made one's whole being shudder. "Oh Mystique, you fucking bitch, did you think I wouldn't know," he said more to himself rather than to Gambit.

"So Mr. LeBeau," continued Magneto once he was able to control his laughter, "what was it you said you wanted for revealing this information. Ah that's right; you said you wanted to go home to New Orleans. But why would you want to leave so soon when things are just going to start heating up around here."

Gambit grunted, "Four years of dealin wit dis is gettin' on my nerves Mag's. Sides I don want to be here when you rip de whole Darkholme family to shreds. I think I've already done enough to ruin dere lives."

"That is true," said Magneto as he raised himself from his chair and walked over till he was standing his full height in front of the young Cajun. "You have ruined their lives; they are not the first though. But your job isn't done Mr. LeBeau. Not by a long shot. There is no way in hell Mystique would've just let us find her unless she had something planned and I'm not about to fall into her trap, especially when we have our own."

"And what's dat Mag's?" Gambit asked very irritated, he wanted to know why the hell he couldn't be on a flight back home already.

"Why its you Mr. LeBeau," replied Magneto, momentarily resting his hand on Gambit's arm before he went back to his desk chair. "I knew since it was stolen that it would never leave that little freaks neck. That's the only reason Mystique took her in, because she had the power to absorb the life of those who touch her. But we have our own little strategy to get past that."

"What do you suggest Mag's," Gambit said leaning further back into his chair, "dat we all wear elastic body suits?"

Magneto chuckled but his face became very serious as he pulled out a file from his desk. "Those tests I had everyone take last month were for a specific purpose. I had my top scientists do experiments to make some sort of defensive medicine against her. But to the delight of me and my wallet the answer was sitting right before us. One of my own Acolytes has powers that can intersect with her own and block any absorption. Now I knew immediately it wasn't Creed, though with all the hair it seemed like it would be hard to cause any damage. Then tests concluded it wasn't Pyro because his skin is normal unless he creates fire, so that left you and Piotr."

Gambit felt his mouth go dry, so Piotr would be the lucky son of a bitch who could touch her, an angel like her would be stuck with that piece if tin trash. "Well good for dat homme," Gambit snapped bitterly.

"Oh stop sounding so jealous, haven't you listened to a damn word I've said?" continued Magneto. "If you really want me to pull out Piotr's file and show you how his skin in metal form is just like his skin if it's normal I will." Gambit suddenly shot his head up, if it wasn't Piotr that left one Acolyte. "Yes Mr. Lebeau your power of kinetic energy is always on your skin causing a thin veil that blocks the Rogue's powers. If you want to look at your file the scientists have studied you three times and it's been confirmed. So if you don't mind me saying Mr. Lebeau you aren't going anywhere."

Gambit swallowed hard, he could touch her, and the only person in the world she could have skin to skin contact with was himself. For a moment his heart skipped a beat, she was his dream girl, his day and night obsession, and now he could touch her. But suddenly reality crashed around him. He had injured her greatly earlier that night and it pained him, then he had gone off and given her home address to his boss who would no doubt kill her if he had to. How could he be so enthralled with a girl yet hurt her at the same time? It was late and he wasn't sure if he could handle anymore.

"I can't kill her Mag's," Gambit stated firmly.

"I'm not asking you to, we're just going to make sure she suffers. We're going to toy with her like Mystique has toyed with me to her breaking point. Then when she finally decides to tell me where her mother is and returns the necklace we'll let her go. Until then I suggest you use all the charms you've got LeBeau, I want that girl feeling like you're her world before you rip her heart to shreds."

"Your sick Mag's!" Gambit protested, "You really expect me to stay here an mess wit some lil girls feelin's? Well I ain't doin it, either you go get de damn thing yourself or jus blow it off!"

"I don't think so," Magneto said sternly, "Your contract is in session for another two years Mr. Lebeau, how do you think your family would feel if I gave them a call telling them you quit my services?"

Gambit was silent and had to clench his jaw to contain his anger.

"That's what I thought," Magneto commented more coolly. "Remember they sold you to me when you were fifteen because you wouldn't get married. When will you learn that I can send you back whenever I want and let you marry the bitch you were so desperate to get away from? Now if you do this one thing for me, which will take months I know, but if you do it I will let you free on your own. I won't tell your family and you can choose to go anywhere you want." Magneto stood and held out his hand.

Gambit sat in silence for a moment, it was tempting offer. A free ticket out of the hell he would have to return to in exchange for messing with some girls head. But she wasn't just some girl, it was Marie. No it was no longer Marie it was Rogue, and he didn't know her at all. What they had could've died with the years and he wasn't sure if they had anything to begin with. One side just outweighed the other and Gambit had to push away the surge of guilt that he felt in his stomach as he took Magneto's hand in his own.

"No fille is worth losin my future for," Gambit commented as he let go of Magneto's hand and turned his back on the old man, who was laughing hysterically again. Gambit needed some air, there was a great deal on his mind, and he wanted to be out of earshot from that damn laugh.

Gambit went to the only quiet place in the house and that was the library. Though he didn't read much himself something about a library always calmed him. It was a place of silence where no one could bother him. But tonight it didn't help calm him as he ran his fingers through his long hair and paced the room.

What have I done, Gambit thought, for four damn years you miss the girl like crazy and tonight you not only hurt her physically but you agree to do what that crazy fuck asks and damage her emotionally. But what does it matter? She's not worth going back to New Orleans and getting punished for not finishing Magneto's contract. Plus with things this way you won't have to go home and marry Belle. Fuck, Belladonna, the only you have ever loved and cared for in your whole miserable life. Until she was just as eager to murder you as she was to marry you. Marie wouldn't be like her, not Marie; Rogue on the other hand was probably just another Belle only creepier. But she's not creepy LeBeau, she's hurt and suffering, you're probably the cause of most of it.

Gambit flung himself into one of the big oak chairs as he threw his head between his hands and moaned in frustration. Rogue, she was Rogue now, what did he know of Rogue?

She was obviously a skilled fighter who was a damn good rider as well. Her outfit, though it was dark, had looked amazing on her. It gave off a sophisticated aurora while at the same time saying you better stay the hell away from me and that intrigued Gambit's Casanova side. But his thoughts became fuzzy as he remembered seeing her walk out of the bathroom with her hair wet, her makeup gone, and in a very revealing outfit. She was beautiful, far more than anything he could've imaged her young self turn into. But when his mind came to the one thing that ruined the perfect image of her, the red bruises on her stomach, he felt that same pang of guilt he had felt back at the townhouse. It had been so strong that he had no other choice but to run. That would be a hard one to talk out of. But the strange thought of maybe telling her the truth scared him. This whole game would be a game of deception and so no true feelings or words would be involved.

Gambit sighed again as he sat up straight and pulled out a cigarette he had stashed in his pocket. As he lit it and inhaled it gave him the first feeling of relief all evening. Mag's would not be happy, he hated when the boys smoke or drank, he also hated how the sun shone so bright, but just like the boys there was nothing he could do about it.

A plan, Gambit needed a plan. But at the moment nothing was coming to mind. He was tired of feeling guilty and so his mind drifted to Rogue in her little black outfit. The girl had curves which were so rare these days. Gambit enjoyed them himself but the whole female population was concerned about being a stick. Not Rogue, her hips had been wide and tempting, while her breasts had been just the right size, about a B or a double B he guessed, which was neither too small nor too big, her stomach had a little curve to it, indicating she was a healthy eater. Then her skin had still been that beautiful ivory. He should've known by her skin it was her but he hadn't, now if she had looked at him he certainly would've recognized her. Her eyes were still glistening emeralds; he had seen them grow wide with shock when she recognized his presence in the room and left him dazed. Being a skilled thief he knew that if her eyes really were emeralds they would be worth a fortune and if he were lucky enough to steal them he wouldn't sell or trade them for anything.

He came down to his last puff before he was forced to crunch the cigarette into the chair and consider going to bed. It was going to be a long day tomorrow and he needed his rest.


When he ran Rogue felt pain, anger, and confusion swell in her stomach so quickly that she had fallen across her bed and had to bite down on her lip in order not to cry. She wouldn't cry, she promised herself years ago she'd never cry again. But as she laid there, the taste of blood running through her mouth, she wanted to cry.

She knew he hadn't run away from her because of the bruises but because she had scared him. Rogue did not consider herself a beauty but she didn't think she was so bad a guy would actually run from her. Then again Gambit was use to the best. While she was hiding in the ceiling she had peered through one of the cracks and watched him eye a gorgeous red head.

"Fuck," she whimpered grabbing a pillow and throwing it over her head. She wanted to just let herself suffocate and die. Tonight had been a mistake, one big mistake, but she didn't feel the urge to end her life over it. Instead she just shut her eyes tightly till she no longer felt threatened by tears.

Once she had composed herself she threw the pillow to the ground and reached for her rob. Irene would have to be told so that she could contact Mystique, whose location was still unknown.

Rogue took one deep breath before she opened her door and prepared for an entire night of hell.


Rogue didn't wake up till around noon. It had been a long, long night. After she had told Irene the news the old women had gone into a panic. She had awoken all four Brotherhood boys and had them search the whole house while she called for the security system people to come for a late night check. Later that night she made the call to Mystique who said she'd call back later to have a little chat with Rogue.

Well later was sooner than Rogue thought because it was her phone that awoke her. She was very annoyed but she also knew that this phone call was unavoidable, better to get it over with then drag it on.

"Rogue," Mystique snapped into the phone, "what the hell went wrong? I thought you were prepared for this assignment?"

"Well shows how well your judgment is Mystique," Rogue snapped back, "that dang southern fool caught up wit meh an ah didn' even know it!"

"For Christ sake Rogue my spy had come to me yesterday with information that was threatening enough and now I have to deal with this! Do you realize how much danger you have just put yourself in, with me as well?"

"Indulge me," Rogue commented as she observed her nails not really caring.

"One of the Acolytes can touch you Rogue! I don't know which one but one of them could walk up to you anytime and snap your little neck! How could you be stupid enough to let this happen?"

Rogue hadn't heard Mystique's last questions because she had dropped her phone when she heard the thing about touch. But her initial shock turned into fear, then anger, then who knows what else, she was so damn confused.

"Which one of them can touch meh Mystique?" She asked as she quickly retrieved the phone, "Ah can take out three out of four an ah need to know exactly what ah need to be prepared for!"

"Well my spy doesn't know for sure, though I am convinced it's Piotr. His metal skin must be what stops you from absorbing him."

"That big lug!" Rogue laughed bitterly, "One fuckin kick to the back an the bastard is down! Listen Mystique ah got some info from when ah touched Creed, ah'm not quite sure but ah think ah know where their hiding place is, can't we just go an trash the place?"

"You stupid girl!" Mystique hollered so loud Rogue had to pull the phone from her ear. "You want to see us lose everything we worked for? I sure as hell don't! I suggest you get yourself out there and fix this! If you hang around enough places alone they'll send Piotr after you and you can kill him!"

Rogue rolled her eyes; it was just like Mystique to worry when Rogue's life was in danger, not. It was a sad truth but Mystique didn't care about what happened to Rogue just as long as her location was safe.

"Fahne Mystique ah'll go out right now an get myself killed, thanks for sayin how much you'll miss meh, bye!" Rogue snapped before she hung up the phone, not even bothering to pick it up as it began to ring again.


When Rogue had finally managed to get out of the house it was early evening. She had received harsh words and threats from Lance, Toad, and Fred that they were going to get her back for the lovely late night patrol duty. Lance and Toad she knew were harmless, considering they both liked school mates of hers and they were really softies at heart. But Fred scared her. When she was younger Fred had tried to feel her up many times, of course he had never managed to do anything but Rogue was sure if he could he would.

The sun was just beginning to set as Rogue approached her favorite park. It wasn't exactly the safest place considering it was practically surrounded by trees and Piotr could easily hide. But Rogue's current motto was if no one cares about me why should I care about myself.

The thought that Piotr was the only man in the world she could touch made her sick. Yes he was cute when he wasn't metal boy but he just didn't have it. Rogue had killed any fantasy of ever getting serious with a guy and Piotr wasn't about to change her ways.

That evening Rogue had chosen to wear a pair of dark blue jeans, a red tank top, and a leather jacket along with gloves of course. Then she had her makeup pretty heavy around the eyes as usual but she had decided against lipstick. She really didn't like the stuff but Mystique had convinced her when she was younger that boys would avoid her if she wore a lot of it in a dark color, it was obviously true.

Rogue's hair was hanging loosely on her shoulders as it gently blew in the breeze and she had to pull back a white strand out of her eye. The park was almost empty except for an old man on his bench and a few teenagers holding hands. Soon Rogue would have the place to herself like she did every other night until the cops came by for their nightly check, which was usually pretty late. So Rogue took a seat on her usual bench and admired the landscape before her as it turned from a bright orange to a dull grey.

She was just watching the old man pick up his things and leave when she swore that she felt someone lightly touch her neck, but when she turned to see nothing but darkness she slapped herself mentally for being so stupid. No one could touch her and Piotr wasn't graceful enough to pull off a stunt like that. Only a certain type of person would be able to do that, someone who was quick, light on their feet, and unbelievably quiet.

Rogue gasped as she pulled herself to her feet and spun around frantically looking for someone. One type of person indeed, she had completely forgotten all those we're a thief's talents. Her heart was beating frantically as she continued to look for the shape of the Cajun in the darkness, she knew he was there.

"Come out come out wherever you are swamp rat," Rogue cooed bitterly knowing it would be harder than hell to see his clothes in the dark, she hoped he didn't have his sun glasses on.

"Lookin for me cherie?" the Cajun asked from somewhere. Rogue looked around again and jumped slightly when she saw him sitting on the bench. The bastard!

"You bastard!" Rogue snarled collecting herself. "Here to finish the job ya started last night or ya gonna pin meh down while de big tin man squeezes the hell out of meh?"

Remy smirked, he couldn't help it, "Would you like me to pin you down cherie?" he asked amused.

Rogue felt her cheeks grow red, luckily it was dark out. "Ah'll take that as a no!" she hissed through clenched teeth. "Why don't we just get started then? Ah've got school tomorrow an ah don't feel like another midnight chase!"

"Neither does Remy," Gambit replied as he patted his hand on the seat bench next to him. "Let's jus sit here an talk den, not exactly de most beautiful of nights, since it looks like rain, but Remy think dat you look more dan beautiful wit dat blush cherie."

Rogue made a sound like she was disgusted but she couldn't hide her damn blush from Gambit. Still she took a seat at the very end of the bench and let her hair fall over her face so he couldn't look at her. She still had her guard up but she figured she could get some useful information from him.

"So why do you think dat Piotr after you cherie? He didn' exactly do to well last time," Gambit said trying to get her to look at him. He was fully aware she was tense and any movement he made would set her off into combat mode.

"Don't act like we don't know Cajun, we've known for awhile now that the pile of metal can touch meh," Rogue snarled.

Gambit was able to subdue the surge of jealousy that he suddenly felt because of the fact she just revealed they had a spy, but he didn't like the thought of her thinking Piotr was the only person she could touch when it was really him.

He managed a small chuckle and a weak smirk as he continued to question her, "I guess dat means Remy can set you two up on a date? I know you probably jus can't wait te be alone wit him."

"Oh please," Rogue interrupted, "the piece of metal ain't worth meh time. Ah just want to get the ass kickin over with, ah'm too tired for any of this!"

Gambit really laughed at her comment, so Piotr wasn't a threat, but he wondered how he should break it to his hot headed southern belle that she could touch him or he could touch her, whatever floated her boat.

"Not big on de foreigners cherie?" he asked with a smirk, "I always did peg you for de type who craved a taste for de south."

Rogue eyed him through her hair; the boy sure thought a lot of himself and it was driving her nuts.

"Swamp rat why don't ya get off the pedestal ya seem to think your so high on!" she snapped. "It's startin to get on meh nerves!"

"Den let Remy help calm you down cherie," he said very seductively sliding toward her till they were an arm's length away. "Apparently you ain't got any happier since we last met. Why you let life get to you Rogue? It much better jus go dancin' through wit out a care."

Rogue blew at a white strand that was hanging in her eye and Gambit had to stop himself from touching it. Something happened as he watched her lips move to blow on that little piece of white hair, attraction; he was still just as attracted to her as he was back in the good old days. Only difference now was they were both older and she was finally touchable, though he wasn't quite ready to tell her yet.

"Alright den," continued Gambit, "if you don want to talk to Remy cherie he understand, after all I am de bad guy." During his last words he gave her an obvious wink that made her ever more uncomfortable.

"Yeah, which is why we should be fightin instead of yappin!" she said bitterly finally looking over at him. He was getting close, a little too close for her comfort.

"Why would I want to do dat? Remy jus come for a lil walk an he happen to see a poor lonely beau an thought he could be of some assistance."

"Don't worry bout meh swamp rat ah'm fahne, what ya need to worry bout are your family jewels if ya come any closer!"

Gambit laughed, "Now you talkin bout moi family jewels cherie, if you keep goin at dis rate Remy gonna assume you actually like im'."

Rogue shrugged before her glare became beautifully murderous, "Ah don't like you one bit swamp rat! Never have never will!" she snapped.

"Now dats not true cherie," Remy said laying his hand on her elbow, "if you recall dat night about four years ago…"

Gambit didn't get to finish because Rogue pulled away from him and began to stalk angrily away from him, but he wasn't about to give up that easily. He continued to speak as he raised himself and fell to a steady pace behind her. "Not like ya pulled away cherie, as I recall it was a pretty long kiss an at de end you didn look angry."

Rogue turned on her heel to face Gambit, she was angry, not because of what he said but because he was right, "Fuck off Cajun! Ya were jus messin around! As ah recall ya had jus got done doin some hoe in an alleyway! It was mah first kiss an probably de closest thing ah'll ever have! You ruined it for me!"

Gambit's smirk faded as he took a step closer to her, his heart was beating and he didn't want to admit it but her words had hurt him. "Messin around! Trust me Rogue I wish it had jus been messin around! If I had known I'd spend de next four years of my life lookin for someone else like you den I would've spared us both! But it happened an you plan to assume what I feel! Well I don think so Rogue cause Remy not de kind to forget a kiss like dat!"

"Well then how can ya assume it meant anythin' to meh!" hollered Rogue, "Ah don't feel anythin' ya damn swamp rat! Ah might've been a lil shocked but that's it! So don't go thinkin' ah spend any of meh free time thinkin' bout ya!"

"Well den I guess you right about one thing cherie, if you didn' feel anythin' durin dat kiss den you can't fell anythin' at all. Take it from me Rogue," Gambit stated, his face unreadable as he took another step so he was towering over her, "I've kissed a lot of fille's but nothin' ever been like dat, not before or since I met you. So if you wanna just forget about it go ahead, go de rest of your life not knowing what could've been. If dat's your style den good, but it ain't mine an I ain't gonna wait for you."

Gambit watched her carefully; she was just standing there, her cheeks pale and her eyes lacking any emotion. He had been careful about his words but he might've crossed the line. He opened his mouth to speak but was stopped by her little fist meeting up with his jaw. It actually hurt a little.

"Merde," Gambit said rather calmly before he ducked another punch, this girl was insane, and he kind of liked it.

"Why don't rats ever stay still!" she snapped as she brought her knee up intending to kick him in the gut. But it never made it because next thing she knew she was on the cold ground back first with a smirking Cajun kneeling beside her.

"We jus know how to squirm our way into tight spaces," he said, "especially into de hearts of stubborn fille's."

"Ugh!" Rogue growled as she quickly pulled herself up and grabbed him by the shirt collar and threw him to the ground with both her knees on his chest. "Rats are nothin but crude dirty animals who carry disease!"

"But we look cute don we cherie," Gambit commented avoiding another punch and taking her hips and throwing her over him.

She hit her back again and landed with a loud thud though it didn't hurt much. Now he was leaning over her his face inches from hers. She began to pull herself up and surprisingly he let her but as she did so he grabbed the back of her coat causing it to fall from her body.

"Dammit Cajun!" she cried, "Play fair or don't play at all!"

Gambit needed a moment to observe her in her blue jeans and red tank top, he wanted her right now, but knew he needed to think with his brain for once. "You never gave any rules cherie."

Rogue only got angrier at him as his stare mad her blush and she made another attempt to tackle him, only he caught her literally by the arm, her bare arm, and got a hold of the other as he pulled her back against his chest.

"What the hell did ya do Gambit?" Rogue cried her anger mixing with her confusion and shock.

"Remy please cherie," Gambit said brining his lips to her neck. He heard her gasp but he also felt her try to pull away, why couldn't she just relax. "Sorry I ain't a tin man from Russia," he continued before he returned to her neck and used his tongue to make little circles at the tender spot between her neck and her shoulder.

Rogue wasn't sure whether she cried from the pain she felt in her arms, which he held a tad too tightly, or his skin on her skin. Fuck, she thought, he was so warm and the tingling sensation on her neck that his lips were causing sent a chill of excitement down her spine. She could easily pull away if she really wanted to, but did she want to? She wasn't sure. She still couldn't get over that the Acolyte she could touch was Gambit, the thought had never eve crossed her mind.

Gambit stopped his kisses abruptly as he decided that this was enough for one evening. He so badly wanted her now and she would probably let him take her, but it was a game and he needed to play carefully.

"Sorry cherie," he whispered into her ear, "dis has been fun but you got school in de mornin. Too bad we had to cut de date short, but we do it again soon non?"

He quickly planted a kiss on her cheek before he completely let her go and took off his own way, leaving Rogue standing in the middle of the park shaking from complete shock.

"Oh gaw'd," she managed to whisper before she dropped to her knees and cried. She wasn't sure why she cried but it was the first time in four years and the tears burned as they fell down her cheeks.