Clark often wondered if he was insane. Well, who could blame him? His parents told him he was an alien, and he had all these weird powers -- for all he knew he could have had some horrible experience and was now suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Living in a fantasy world. Most likely he got whammed in the head during the meteor shower.

Not to mention all these new feelings he was having. These crazy, ridiculous, silly... Clark got out his thesaurus. Bizarre, ludicrous, preposterous, sappy, nonsensical -- wait, sappy? Clark struck that from his mind. His feelings certainly weren't sappy. They were distinctly not sappy. What the hell was that word doing in there, anyway? Clark pouted. There wasn't a sappy bone in his body. There was, however, a completely different bone, which was the cause of his whole dilemma.

That's right. Clark Kent was getting spontaneous erections.

Though, he supposed, they weren't all that spontaneous. And it wasn't as though he wasn't used to getting erections; he had been in love with Lana for years, and she always walked around in that way. But at least when it had been Lana, it hadn't been confusing. It had been normal. Expected, even. In fact, now that he looked back on it, his Lana-inspired erections seemed more like priapism than actual sexual arousal.

But perhaps that was because he now knew what real, powerful sexual arousal felt like.


"Hey, Clark," said a smooth voice. Clark started, in more ways than one. He often wondered, when he wasn't wondering if he was insane, how Lex's voice could be rich and cool at the same time. Like... some deep, cold thing. The ocean? Clark wasn't very good with metaphors.

Lex raised an eyebrow. Seductively. Or not. It was then that Clark realized Lex was talking to him.

"Oh, hey, Lex. Didn't see you there," he said evenly.

"You invited me," Lex reminded him.

"Oh, yes. Right. Invited. You. Um. Just wanted to say that I think it's, you know, silly."


"Yes, silly. Ridiculous, bizarre, ludicrous, sap--"

"Yes, I know what the word means, Clark. It's just that I don't know what you're referring to." He took a step closer and lowered his voice. "What's silly?"

Clark swallowed. Lex had a glint in his eye that threatened to break the buttons of his pants. "We-- us."

A ghost of a grin flitted across the other man's features so quickly that if Clark wasn't super-perceptive he wouldn't have seen it. "We're silly, Clark?" he asked quietly, moving closer yet. "Why are we silly?"

Clark coughed nervously. "Well, it's just that we... we're friends. And we shouldn't... fight. If we're friends."

Lex's eyes searched his face. "Friends?"

Clark grinned, glad he had gotten through. "Friends." He held out his hand.

Lex hesitated before accepting it. "Right. ...friends."

Clark couldn't help but think Lex looked strangely disappointed as he left the Kent residence, long black jacket swirling behind him. Not that Clark noticed the way Lex's clothes moved on his body. Well, not much.

Clark sighed. If he was insane, there was really nothing he could do about it. So, he decided, he might as well have some fun with it.


It had been nine days since Clark's impromptu apology, and he had been over at Lex's mansion every single day. For hours. Making the most of their friendship, apparently. It wasn't as though Lex didn't like having the guy as his friend again, or that he didn't want him around; it was just kind of awkward after so much time practically estranged. Though if Clark noticed the uneasiness, he payed it no mind.

"Do you have anything besides classical music?" he asked from the leather sofa as he shuffled through Lex's CDs.

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with classical music," Lex said, affronted, looking up from his laptop.

"Not saying there is, but after a while it all sounds the same, doesn't it? Not saying it's a bad sound--"

"It most certainly does not," Lex stated in a tone that brooked no more argument.

But Clark payed his tone the same amount of attention he payed everything else lately. Namely, not much. "What, violins, cellos, that other instrument with the strings... you can't tell me each one is still completely different after hearing ten songs with them."

"What about your music, Clark?" he asked. "All it is is guitars. I'd think they would all sound the same after hearing two."

"That's completely different," Clark declared. Lex smirked. "No, really, it is. My kind has... singing."

"Ah, Clark. When will you learn that the purest music sings loudest of all?"

Clark grumbled something about taking meaningless epigrams and shoving them where the sun didn't shine, then seeing who sang the loudest. Lex snorted. The next few moments passed in silence.

"Lex? I thought you had work to do," Clark said when Lex stood, stretched, and started walking towards him.

"It can wait. Besides, I wasn't getting much done anyway. Something kept distracting me," he drawled and flopped down next to Clark on the sofa. Clark hid a smile. Lex was so uptight most of the time, and while his polished, dark look was quite attractive, it was good to see him flop once in a while.

"Oops," Clark said unapologetically.

"Oh, yes, I can sense how much you care," Lex laughed.

"Well, you work too much anyway," Clark said reasonably, and shifted imperceptibly towards Lex.

"Oh, stop pouting. I haven't done any work at all in the last week. And you're on my hand."

"I am not pouting," Clark complained. He wiggled a bit, seeming to actually move, but actual distance was not acquired.

Lex smiled. It might have been a bit condescending, but it was incredibly sexy, and Clark knew he didn't really mean it. "Of course not, sugar."

Clark tore his eyes away from Lex's mouth. It was hard. "Did you just call me sugar?"

Lex raised an eyebrow and asked coolly, "Do you have a problem with that?"

Clark suddenly had the feeling that they were talking about something much more important and much more dangerous than silly epithets. But then, Clark often got strange feelings like that. He just attributed it to his insanity.

"No. Not particularly."

If Clark didn't know better, he would have said Lex's smile this time was small and shy. But he did know better, so it wasn't.