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This is not especially tied to the books except that Voldemort died at the end of the war. Dumbledore didn't and is still Headmaster. Snape didn't die and he's Master of the Dark Arts. Hermione graduated from college and returns to Hogwarts to teach.

"My, my Hermione what are you doing up here? Are you here to see the show too?" Poppy Pomfrey asked.

"What show?" Hermione asked setting down her book and walking over to the ladies suddenly joined her in the tower. "I just thought I'd read a little and this seemed like a nice quiet place."

Hermione Granger had been back at Hogwarts for just over two weeks after a two year absence. However, she wasn't a student anymore but a professor. Potions Mistress to be exact. After graduating from the university, Hermione received a request from Albus Dumbledore to join the faculty and she couldn't turn it down.

It was taking her a while to adjust to her new role and she was relieved she had time to get settled before the school year started. Hogwarts was a very different place when she was not a student. She had her own compartment that was nicer than what she had imagined in Griffindore Tower (she was Deputy Head of House), unrestricted access to the school and an entirely new access to her former professors and superiors. Like most students Hermione forgot that her teacher were people too. When Minerva McGonagall greeted her in Muggle clothing she nearly feel over. But as the days past Hermione learned that they were all human and did and desired all things everyone wanted.

Well almost everyone. Severus Snape was proving to be an exception although not entirely. The war hero and Master of the Defense Against the Dark Art was the same as he'd always been. He wore the same clothes always, always wore the look of displeasure and distanced himself from all others - at least most the time. Hermione had wanted advise about teaching Potions from her former professor and to her surprise he met with her. He didn't offer much insight except to say that children were demons and to watch her back. He said all of this rather nicely however and told her that she would do fine but that he would be willing to answer any specific question as they arose.

That was the only meeting she had with Snape and nearly the only time she saw him because he was so frequently in his own compartment doing …well whatever it is he was. She saw plenty of everyone else however and had hoped to escape them temporarily to read but was clearly out of luck.

"My dear girl, this is hardly a quiet place," Minerva declared as she entered the room. "You ladies ought to be ashamed."

"Joining us today are you Minerva?" Rolanda Hooche asked with a smirk.

"I was actually looking for Hermione. Thank you."

"But you'll stay for the show no doubt." Pomona Sprout said smiling.

"What show are they talking about Minerva?" Hermione asked anxious to be included.

"Don't ruin the surprise," Rolanda told Minerva as the women began to move towards the window.

"Here he comes," Sybil Trelawney said breathlessly. "Isn't he dreamy."

Hermione joined the ladies and gasped. Running along the path was Severus Snape. She barely recognized him. His black hair was pulled back, he wore a black shirt and black shorts that showed off a fit figure.

"He's wearing Muggle clothing," Hermione said shocked.

"Only when he runs," Minerva explained. "I told you when you came that even Severus has his moments of being human. This is it. And these women like to watch."

"Does he know?"

"Heavens no!" Poppy exclaimed.

"He'd throw a fit, I'm sure. Try to take away all our point!" Pomona laughed.

"Or give us detention," Rolanda added. "Although I'm not sure I'd mind having detention with him. I know Sybil wouldn't."

"Have you …. Have you and Severus?" Hermione asked shocked.

"Ha! No but she'd love to," Rolanda answered for a Sybil.

"Stop laughing. You'd sleep with him just as soon as I would," Sybil defended.

"None of you getting any of that that's for sure," Pomona reminded. "It's a bloody shame too."

The woman stood at the window quietly for a few minutes watching as Severus stretched. The women admired the usually cold man being very hot as he took off his shirt to cool off.

"Oh my," Hermione gasped as a shiver ran up her spine at the sight of her former professor topless. She knew she shouldn't watch but like all disasters she couldn't look away. "He's…."

"He's very sex," Poppy finished Hermione's sentence. "I saw him naked one time when a student made a potion that went wrong. He is very well endowed."

"Oh," Hermione replied embarrassed quickly turning her head from the window.

"It's a shame too because we don't even think he uses it."

"Now Rolanda!" Minerva interrupted.

"Pardon?" Hermione exclaimed shocked.

"Well, he never goes out. We never see him with a woman….hell we never see him with a person," Pomona explained.

"I just don't know if he's a virgin." Poppy said thoughtfully watching Servus begin to run again.

"The man can't be a virgin. He's no innocent," Sybil defended sighing as he ran off to the distance.

"All right. That's enough," Minerva interrupted. "You all should be ashamed. Now come Hermione I want to go over some last minute things with you before school begins tomorrow."

"Okay," Hermione agreed following McGonagall but oddly disappointed to be leaving.