"What are you doing? Hermione asked as she walked in to the living room and found Severus sitting and staring at the fireplace.

"What are you wearing?" Severus asked ignoring her question.

"This?" Hermione asked innocently looking at the dark green button down shirt she had bought for him. "Don't you recognize it?"

"I know what it. Why are you wearing it?"

"I was cold - you weren't in bed to keep me warm - and I thought you may be more inclined to wear it if I modeled it for you." Hermione explained with a devilish grin.

"I think it looks better on you than it would on me."

"Is that so?" she asked her smile fading a bit. "Do you want me to go?"

"No. I mean - if you don't want to."

"Then why aren't you in bed?" Hermione asked walking over to Severus and sitting in his lap.

"I couldn't sleep. Are you in pain?" Severus asked as he notice Hermione had winced slightly.

"Not pain, perse. Just a little sore," she replied blushing.

"I didn't want to hurt you," Severus said brushing Hermione's hair out of her face so he could see her.

"You didn't hurt me. It just that I'd never done it before and you are….well endowed."

"I'm surprised you'd never….I mean you dated Ron Weasly…"

"We tried. A few times," Hermione confessed. "We did some things."

"I could tell," Severus replied recalling her hot lips on his more sensitive areas.

"Yes well, we were always better with …activities that didn't involve us looking at each other face to face. We're too much like brother and sister to be anything more. We tried but…" Hermione trailed as she remembered how hard she and Ron had tried. "What about you? Clearly you're not inexperienced."

Severus looked in to Hermione's eyes and contemplated whether or not to admit the truth and reveal his feelings. He never talked about his feelings but looking at the beautiful young woman on his lap he knew he could trust her and wanted to confide in her.

"You're the first woman I've slept with Hermione."

"That's impossible!" she exclaimed shocked. "You're so ….well…amazing."

"I'm not naïve of the matter to be sure. Like you I've done some things but I could never go any farther."


Taking a deep breath Severus decided that if he was going to confide in Hermoine he would do it all the way.

"Lily. I cared her in my youth, I only wanted her. When I lost her I still didn't want anyone else. I could not bring myself to ….to betray her ….or more exactly betray my attachment for her."

"Oh." Hermione replied breathlessly. "That's why you're here. You feel like you betrayed her."

"No," Severus firmly stated as he saw the hurt in Hermione's eyes. "She was why I was never with another woman before. You are the only other woman I have ever wanted. You are the reason I am here. I don't deserve you Hermione. I don't know how to love. How to be affectionate. I don't know how to be a man worthy of your affection."

"You are worthy of my affection Severus. You're an incredible man. You're brave," Hermione began running her hands across his scars. "You are the bravest man I've ever known. And a hero. You're brilliant and talented. You are devastatingly handsome. And you have the most amazing smile when you let people see it. And while I don't have any other experience I'm sure you are the best lover."

"Hermione-" Severus interrupted embarrassed.

"Believe me, Severus. I am lucky to have your affections," Hermione assured kissing him lightly on the lips.