A Broken Promise

Authors Notes

This is not a new chapter. Sorry folks. But you will be glad to know that after re-reading the story, I decided to add another chappie in order to line it up for the sequel many have already requested.

I now have a Beta, so hopefully most, if not all typos and grammar errors will disappear. I should let you know that I'm from the UK. Which means some words are spelt differently. For example:

Honor is the US version -- while Honour is the UK version

Color is the US version -- while Colour is the UK version

I also noticed that 'teammate' was varied between being one word and two. Blame MS Word for that. I will write it the right way, as one word. Then it states it must be two. So I correct it, just for it to go back and say it must be one. So I just gave up and let it be either one or two words depending on how I typed it. I was just sick and tired of always being in a 'Catch 22' situation.

I don't know when the next chapter will be done, because I'm also working on the plots and characters for my next project. I'll try doing it in my spare time. I have a few ideas in my head.

That's really all this notice was for. To tell you guys and gals that you can expect at least one more chapter to truly make a Broken Promise complete and to line it up for the sequel.

[NOTE When the chapter is done I will replace this notice with the chapter itself.

Thanks to all who reviewed. I appreciate them all. I really like to know what was good and what I could improve on. Don't forget to review or comment. Have fun