"I have a bad feeling about this," Anissa said. She spoke in a tone of a voice that was the oral equivalent of lip-nibbling.

Facing down a slew and a half of gorillas for the second time in her life, Grace just snorted. "No, really?"

Anissa reflexively clenched and unclenched her hands into fists, preparing for the coming fight. Boomer and Shift were already out there, corralling the fringes. "I'm serious, Grace."

Grace tossed her head, but the look in her eyes wasn't as flip. "So am I, Thunder."

Anissa took a moment to tamp down on the automatic surge of lust hearing her lover call her by her codename – Grace and her role-playing games…she never would have thought the juggernaut could be so inventive – and focused on the here and now, not on her memories. "This didn't end well last time," she said, recalling the team's first mission together.

Rolling her eyes, Grace said, "Define 'well,' Daddy's Girl."

Anissa opened her mouth to do so, but Grace steamrollered right over her. "Okay, so catching that jet with my gut wasn't freakin' fun, but it got the job done." Grace punctuated her statement with a sharp jab of her finger at Anissa's chest; she reflexively upped her density. "And no one died."

Anissa stared at her lover, unable to believe they were having this argument on the edge of a battlefield in the middle of – well, in the middle of a battle. "And what, you think history is just going to repeat itself?" They hadn't been having such a run of good luck lately, after all.

Shrugging unconcernedly, Grace said, "Why not, Princess?" She turned and kissed her hard, their teeth clacking together, and then jumped into the fray.

Watching as her girlfriend punched gorillas right and left with gusto, Anissa sighed and gave in, joining the fray. "Why not, indeed," she grumbled under her breath.

At least there wasn't a jet this time.