A/N: This is the sequel to 'Sitting on the dock of the bay.' I wrote this because if all the things we write about really DID happen at Shiz, then man, would that school be screwed up. I also made this to let everyone see that things happened in the musical the way they did for a reason, and that we all CAN'T have what we want. You'll see. Enjoy.


P.S. A lot of the pairings, I don't like...see profile, but I had to write them for the purpose of the story.

Galinda sat on the dock, watching the clouds go by. All was well. Although it did not seem that way to a lot of people, Galinda had the perfect life. The perfect boyfriends, the perfect girlfriend- the perfect everything. It seemed as if everything had been solved with just the perfect solution…


"Fiyero! I can not believe you did this, AGAIN!" Galinda said as she threw all of her things in to a suitcase. "I trusted you Fiyero!"

"Babe! I'm sorry! I tried, I really did! I am just not a person that is used to commitment!" Fiyero said as he followed her out the door. "Give me another chance!"

"Not this time Fiyero! I am tired of you and Elphaba always cheating on me behind my back! You need to understand that I-!"

"Babe, you need to understand some things too! I love you, but I love Elphaba too! I don't know what's wrong with me, but I do! Can't we work this out?"

Just then, Elphaba appeared.

"I can't believe you did this to me, Elphie, after all the things I did for you!" Galinda said to her. Elphaba mouthed to Fiyero; "How'd she find out?"

"Why don't you tell her, Fiyero?! I am sure she'd love to know!" Galinda said looking at Fiyero angrily. All was silent. "No? Then I'll tell her! I installed bugs on the wall in Fiyero and mine's apartment-!"

"Bugs?" Elphaba asked, bewildered.

"Yes. I imported them from someplace called 'Call-a-rod-oh." (A/N: Say it out loud. You'll figure it out.) "But that is not what is important. What is important is that they recorded you and Fiyero's little ron-de-voo last night!" Galinda spat. Gasps escaped Elphaba's lips.

Galinda continued. "But that is not what makes me mad! It's the fact that- um…that-!"

"That- what, Galinda?" Fiyero asked.

"Maybe we should discuss this inside…"


"So, Galinda, you love both me and Fiyero, and you are not quite sure who to choose- Fiyero, you love me and Galinda, and you are not sure what to choose, and I love Fiyero and you, and I am not sure what to choose, right?"

All agreed.

"Then it is perfect!" Elphaba said with relief in her voice.

"What?" Galinda said.

"What?" Fiyero said.

"Elphaba, it is not perfect!" Galinda exclaimed. "It's actually quite less than- perfect." Galinda said the word perfect with a look like she was about to throw up. Elphaba could not see why they weren't getting this.

"Don't you see?" Elphaba said as if it were obvious. "We all love each other, why don't we just all live together?!"

"Wha-" Both stopped with gaping mouths. Galinda's open mouth was an expression of surprise; Fiyero's more like: I can have two women at the same time?

"Is that even legal?" Galinda asked.

Fiyero had a different question. "Am I in heaven?"

"No, to both questions. But who cares?! It works for me? Galinda, are you in?"

"Yes," she answered regretfully.

"Fiyero?" Elphaba asked. All was silent. "Fiyero?"

Fiyero did not answer. His mouth gaped open, and he was about to drool.

"I'lllll- take that as a yes." Elphaba said. "So that's that."

Just then, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." Elphaba said.

It was Boq and Nessa.

"Hey all, what's up?" Boq said as he rolled in Nessa.

Before Elphaba could stop her, Galinda spoke. "Fiyero and Elphaba and I are all moving in together!"

"WHAT?" Bellowed Nessa.

"Um, you see Nessa…" Elphaba said as she stumbled upon words, "Fiyero loves both Galinda and I, Galinda loves both Fiyero and I, and I love both Galinda and Fiyero…so we decided that we should all-"

"You know that father would object to this, Elphaba!"

Boq went extremely pale. "Galinda, you love Fiyero… and Elphaba?" He asked quietly. "I thought that we-"

"SHHHH!!!!" Galinda said, running over to him. "We don't need to complicate this more with our silly little escapades, Boq!" Galinda giggled as she pressed her hand over his mouth.

"WHAT??!!" There had been three different people say this at the exact same time; Fiyero, Elphaba, and Galinda.

"Maybe we should work this out." Elphaba said.


"So Elphaba and Galinda were having an affair at the same time that Galinda and Fiyero were dating, and Elphaba and Fiyero were having an affair, at the same time I was dating Nessa, and during that, Galinda and I were having affair? Man that's screwed up." Boq said. "But now you three are moving in with each other? But what about me and you, Galinda?"

"I love you, Boq, but I love Elphaba and Fiyero too."

"And Boq, I love you." Nessa said with a pout.

"I love you too, Nessa. Oz, this is confusing." Boq sighed.

"Why don't you two just move in with us?" Fiyero said.

Boq had the response of 'yes,' Nessa, 'no!'

"Come on, Nessie!" Boq coaxed. "It is the perfect solution to our problems!"

"Fine." Nessa's voice was filled with regret. "Let's live this soap opera."



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