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"Elphaba!" Avaric said with a gasp. "It's not what you think!" He said, sitting up. "Nessa-,"

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"Elphaba!" Avaric said with a gasp. "It's not what you think!" He said, sitting up. "Nessa-,"

"Nessa- what, Avaric? You raped me, and now my sister too?! What in hell's name is going on in that dense head of yours?"

"Elphaba-," Nessa said as she brought the sheets closer to her. "It was completely voluntary. Elphaba, we were waiting to tell you- but-,"

"What, Nessa? You thought, 'Oh, he raped my sister, he must be SUCH A NICE GUY!!!!'"

"No, Elphaba. You don't understand. This- this is different. I lov-,"

"No, Nessie! I KNEW, yes, Nessie, I KNEW you couldn't handle it! Nessarose Thropp- get dressed, we are going home! In the morning- I am writing father, and telling him of this horrible situation-!"

Nessa's tears were subtle, yet strong. They streaked quietly down her face as she did as her sister told her to. She tried to talk to Elphaba, but it was difficult to, as Elphaba was screaming her lungs out at Avaric, saying how much of a bastard he was- so on, so forth.


"Elphaba- I don't know if I have ever said this before to you- but now, I mean this more than ever. Elphaba- I hate you." Nessa said with remorse at the loss of Avaric.

Elphaba was silent as she kicked off her boots. "You'll thank me later."

"No, Elphaba- I hate you. I hate you more than anything in the world." Nessa said this, and wheeled off silently to her room.


With out further explanation, Elphaba ended their arrangement. Everyone went back to how they were: Elphaba, alone, Boq and Nessa, and Galinda and Fiyero.

That was that.

Then, not soon after, Elphaba received her note from the Wizard.

She was leaving.

Nessa couldn't say that she wasn't happy.

"Elphaba, Father would be so proud. We almost all are." Nessa said coldly.

Elphaba nodded in comprehension. She kneeled down to Nessa's level. "Nessie- I hate to say this, but I am sorry. Alright? Now stop being a bitch, and be a good girl." Elphaba stood. "You'll be alright, won't you?" she said, having more cheer in her voice than intended.

Galinda giggled trying to break the tension. "Of course! Boq and I will take care of her, right Boq?"

Boq was busy staring Nessa down. He was crying. " I… I can't do this anymore."

"Boq! Wait! I-!" It was too late. He was gone.

"Nessa," Galinda said with a smile. "Maybe he just isn't the right one…" She said with a wink. She was talking about Avaric. Nessa looked at Elphaba in fear.

"No, it's me that's not right. Elphaba- go, I'll be fine."

Elphaba never was quite right with her sister.

Years later, Glinda walked into a room, to see Elphie, her fugitive lover from Shiz, Fiyero, her current fiancé, and the wizard.

"Elphie! I am so glad to see you!! I'm sure you're wondering why I didn't make you brides' maid-… Fiyero, what's going on?" Glinda said with a nervous giggle.

"Well, you see, Glinda, Elphaba and I were just leaving…." He said.

Glinda didn't understand. "What?" Fiyero grabbed Elphie and kissed her. "Wait- is that what's going on? You cheated on me?"

"No, Glinda, it's not like that!" Elphaba said.

"Oh sure, Elphie!!! All this time I trusted you!" She was now crying. What was she going to do with the dress?!

"Glinda, I love you- but I- I- you know, we could do what we did back in collage." Fiyero said with a smile. Unfortunately for him, both girls said instantaneously: "NO!"

"Darn. Then Elphie it is…" Fiyero said with a fragile smile. "I love you, Glinda."

"I love you too."


"Boq- what ever happened? We used to love each other, now – this?"

"No, I loved you. You loved me at first, and then decided you loved Avaric more. Plus, I'd never known that you'd do something as stupid as this…"

"Boq, I love you too. And you know perfectly well why I did this."

"I know- to keep watch for Avaric… well, here's a news flash for you, Nessa, he isn't in this part of the land, he's elsewhere. And here's another one: he's probably dead by now, Nessa? You know why? Cause after he dropped you- he ran for the bars- parties, and back to regular life- for him, anyway. I hate to tell you this, Nessa, he never-,"

"Boq- stop- no-!"


"Boq- I- I-!"

"Loved you! And even if you found him, he wouldn't love you! Sorry to tell you that, Nessa, but that's how things go!"

"Boq- I hate you! I HATE YOU!!"

"That's right, NESSA! Wheel away-, like you've done all your life!!! Wheel away- and good riddance! I hope a- a- a- a house falls on you!!!"

I am sorry, friends- to tell you this way- but the story was less than a happy ending. No indeed, fate was horrid to Nessa- and Boq- and Fiyero- and Elphaba- and Glinda.

Happy endings don't always come true.

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