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Sara collapses limply into one of the uncomfortable hospital benches outside of Jim's room. "He made it. He really made it."

I nod my head wearily as I go to sit next to her. I lean against her shoulder and grab her hand tightly. "Yeah. He made it."

I'm slightly ashamed of myself. I'm relieved that Jim is okay, but at the same time, I think I'm more relieved that Sara didn't lose him. He's like a father to her—she even told him about our relationship. She loves him just as much as Lindsey ever loved Eddie, and she could have lost him. The thought of Sara having to go through the same pain my not-so-little girl did is heartbreaking.

I sigh and shift closer to Sara, letting her warm body comfort any lingering guilt. They're both okay. Maybe part of me wanted Jim to be okay for the wrong reasons, but my girls will always be my first priority.

I look over to the bench Gil was sitting on a few minutes ago. He isn't there anymore. Funny, I didn't notice him leaving. "Where—"

"I think he's spending the night at a hotel with his girlfriend."

"Grissom has a girlfriend?" I'm not sure which surprises me more; Grissom having a girlfriend, or Sara knowing about said girlfriend before I did. "For how long?"

Sara shrugs and kisses the top of my head. "I don't know. I found out on accident. He was making the arrangements when I walked into his office to ask for some vacation time. I don't think he meant for anybody to find out. I'm sure he would've told you first if he had a choice in the matter, Cat."

I nod slightly. I'm not entirely sure he would've told me first. He might've made some offhand remark in my presence the way he would with any of the night shift, but that's it. I can't see him going out of his way to tell anyone that he's dating someone. It just isn't… him. I'd be willing to be he hasn't actually told Sara yet—she probably just connected the dots.

"Vacation time?"

"Yeah. I figured we could both use it. It's been a long week."

No kidding. I grab Sara's other hand with mine and drop my head against the wall. Spending a few days away from work with Sara and Lindsey sounds wonderful. I'm sure Lindsey will appreciate it, too. The three of us haven't been able to spend much time together lately.

"You know… if we leave now, we could probably pick Lindsey up in time to see the movie."

I glance at my watch. She's right. We could still go through with our original plans for the evening. I stand up, pulling Sara along with me. "All right then, let's get out of here."

We walk out to my car still holding hands. On our way there, I think about what I've been trying to ask her for over three weeks. You'd think it would be so simple—I mean, we just celebrated our six-month anniversary. It's unbelievably difficult, though. Whenever the timing seems right, I can't get the words out.

…Like now.

I take a deep breath and look at Sara. God, she's gorgeous. I swallow around the lump in my throat. All I have to do is ask. One simple question. It's simple. I take another deep breath, vaguely noting Sara's concerned expression.

"Catherine, are you—"

"Will you move in with me?" I blurt out.

Sara stops mid-sentence and stares at me. I stare back, not quite able to tear my gaze away. After almost a minute of silence, Sara reaches out to touch my cheek. A slow smile spreads across her face, and she pulls me into her arms, laughing happily.

"Yes! Yes, yes, yes!" She kisses me deeply, not drawing back until both of us are thoroughly breathless. She's grinning madly, mirroring my expression perfectly. I hug her tightly to me, hopelessly happy. We'll be officially living together. I get to completely share my life with the woman I love.