Raito was sitting on a couch in one of Misa's friend's house. Misa had invited Raito and, surprisingly Ryuuzaki to a costume party her friend was having. Misa was dressed up as a witch, Raito was dressed up as...well he was just wearing black wings and a black halo that Misa gave him.

"You look like a fallen angel!" Misa squealed, adding a touch of make-up to his face.

"Yea, a hot fallen angel!" Her friend said, checking him out before being glared at by Misa.

Ryuuzaki was dressed up as...well Raito didn't know yet. The suger crazy detective didn't even arrive at the party yet. So Raito wondered about what sort of costume he would be in, maybe Sherlock Holmes or a piece of candy. Hell, maybe he would even dress up as Raito and call himself Kira. Then he would have to kill the bastard with his own two hands, death note or no death note. But that would be overreacting. At least it would get rid of the trouble of trying to find his damn name.

"Ryuuzaki-san, your here!" Misa announced.

Raito looked up and stared at the crazy detective. He had robes, a wooden stick in his hand, and a fake scar on his fore head.

"Why, I'm Harry Potter."

What can I say? I did this really fast.