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(Get it? There's 4 and it's the fourth of July?)

-Is shot-

The Happy Birthday America Special.



Light sighed. He knew something was wrong when L decided after weeks and weeks of a standstill in the investigation that he decided to take Light, Misa, AND Matsuda somewhere. Without telling them anything, he told them all to pack their belongings and drove (yes, he actually DROVE) them to the airport, where they were now on an airplane to...somewhere.

Light sighed again.

"What's wrong Light-kun?" Matsuda said from Light's left. "Ryuuzaki-san has finally let us on a vacation!"

The fact that they're going on a vacation of all things is wrong and not to mention weird. Their seating arrangement is also weird. Misa sat on Light's right, Matsuda on his left, and Ryuuzaki was sitting next to Matsuda. To make things awkward, they still had the handcuffs on (no need to think HOW they got on the airplane with THOSE on), so the chain was going over Matsuda. Light wondered why Ryuuzaki didn't just sit next to him so the chain wouldn't bother anyone, but then decided not to ask because he didn't want to sit next to the weirdo on this flight, which he didn't know how long it was.

"Thank you for boarding this flight to Florida. We hope you enjoy your flight."

Did they just say...?

"Ryuuzaki!" Light whispered in an angry tone. He was leaning towards Ryuuzaki.

"Yes Lighto-kun?" Great. The usage of first name.

"Why are we going to America, and why didn't you tell us?!"

"I thought it would be a pleasant surprise for all of you,"

"Are you crazy?! What about Kira?"

"What about Kira?"

"Shouldn't we be say, I don't know, LOOKING for him?"

They continued bickering at each other for a couple more minutes. They were both leaning in, making Matsuda, the man in between these two, uncomfortable.

This was going to be one long flight.

Some amount of hours later they finally arrived in a Florida airport, where they were immediately transported to a hotel near a nice, sunny beach.

"Wow, Ryuuzaki!" Misa exclaimed, looking out the hotel window with a happy expression on her face. She saw the beach, and how nice it looked.

Matsuda was also looking out the window, holding a similar expression like Misa.

Light sighed. He knew L wouldn't do this just out of the pure goodness of his heart. L was up to something, and it included going to the beach, in America. Why not just a beach in Japan?

The sleeping arrangements were simple. Matsuda and Ryuuzaki shared one room, and Misa and Light shared another. Alarm bells started ringing in Light's head. Weren't they supposed to be handcuffed? Shouldn't they share a room? Why was he stuck with Misa?

"Misa is your girlfriend, isn't she?" Ryuuzaki told Light when he questioned the arrangements. "And it would just be silly if we were handcuffed at a beach. People might think weird things."

It was weird Ryuuzaki used the "people think" card on Light, as it was usually him that used it, not Ryuuzaki.

"Misa is not my girlfriend!" Light said, before he was dragged off by Misa to their new room, where there would be nice privacy from the 'pervert' Ryuuzaki.

Ryuuzaki turned around and simply smiled at Matsuda.

The next day, they were off to the beach. Light sighed. He was getting awfully suspicious of Ryuuzaki (as if he wasn't suspicious enough). L had made sure they all were wearing swim suits, when L himself didn't look like he was wearing anything at the beach other than his normal white shirt and blue jeans combo. Apparently Ryuuzaki had them at a private beach somewhere so no one else was around. Something he could've easily done in Japan.

Light guessed he voiced his opinion out loud, because Ryuuzaki turned to him and replied, "Don't you know the American holidays? It's the Fourth of July!"

"You took us here for an American HOLIDAY?"

Ryuuzaki smiled and nodded.

Light sighed. The only plus to this was Misa in a bikini. He quickly thought that over, and decided maybe that wasn't a plus. They were all dressed for the water except L.

"You forced us to a beach in Florida, and you aren't even wearing anything appropriate for the beach!"

"On the contrary Lighto-kun," Ryuuzaki said, and with a simple arm movement he pulled all his clothes off to reveal....

A Speedo. Not just any though, but they were American flag print. American Speedo.

How blinding it was for all two of them. Actually, that was only blinding just for Light. It was amazing how pale he seemed, but was actually lightly tanned. Light quickly erased those thoughts from his mind. Misa didn't really care that L just ripped his clothes off to reveal something so life-scarring, and Matsuda had looked everywhere except at L all day. Something must've happened the night before.

"So, let me get this straight," Light started slowly, making sure he had Ryuuzaki's attention. "You took us to a beach in Florida, on the Fourth of July, JUST to wear THAT?!"

"Nice deduction skills Lighto-kun, skills Kira might have,"


"Getting defensive, that's a 10 percent increase Lighto-kun."

Light started hitting his head with the umbrella.

That's when things started to get even weirder.

Misa dragged Matsuda into the water (surprisingly someone who wasn't Light) and they started splashing each other. Light was fine with just sitting under the shade of the umbrella. Ryuuzaki however...

"Let's play games," Ryuuzaki said, staring at Matsuda. Matsuda shivered and shook his head. Misa's vigorous nodding made the choice made however. Ryuuzaki went closer to them, and Matsuda took this to dive into the water and he never rose up again.

Light raised an eyebrow. What the hell did L do to Matsuda last night? Light then decided he didn't need to know, because the question itself was horrible enough. What Light didn't expect however was for Ryuuzaki to jump into the water and possibly swim after Matsuda, leaving Misa standing in the water utterly confused.

Light covered his eyes and started thinking about his happy place when Matsuda's trunks came floating up on the water.



L smiled as he clicked the "Order" button.

"What did you buy Ryuuzaki?" a voice came from behind L, and he quickly covered the screen and closed the window.

"Oh, that is a secret Lighto-kun!"

That nickname. Light knew something wrong was going to happen. Again. Light knew geniuses were weird, but still. Light also knew Matsuda probably knew something.

A couple days later, Matsuda's face suddenly turned bright red, and he quickly stood up and threw Aizawa's stress ball at Ryuuzaki's head.

"Something wrong Matsuda-san?" Ryuuzaki asked calmly, as if a stress ball did not just bounce off his head.




Weird. That was something Light normally did to Ryuuzaki. He must've sent something to Matsuda.

Light knew this wasn't actually related to whatever Ryuuzaki ordered a couple days ago, but he was probably just bored.

The package finally arrived. Light vaguely wondered if it was costume day again and he didn't get the memo, because everyone was wearing some sort of costume piece. He noted on his computer calendar that it was July Fourth. Then he realized it was meeting day, as everyone was getting up to go to the meeting room. Light sighed.

They sat at the meeting table, without something sitting at the head, namely L. He was missing, though that was no surprise. Suddenly, the door slammed open, and a person they almost didn't recognize came in. It would've worked, but the black rings around the eyes were not very hard to miss.

"Hello everyone. I'm going to start the meeting now," L said with out much emotion in his voice, the normal way he spoke. He was wearing a blond wig, glasses, and a bomber jacket. He had a milkshake in one hand, and a hamburger in the other. "Before I start, I'd like to say that today is Alfred's birthday and-- hmm mm mmhp phhm," the last part was hard to understand because he then took a bite of his hamburger and was trying to talk while chewing.

Light face palmed as L started waving an American flag in his now hamburger less hand while attempting to talk about Kira with milkshake and a straw in his mouth.



Matsuda was sunbathing somewhere in California with his eyes closed behind his sunglasses, when he felt someone overshadowing him, blocking the sun. He opened his eyes and took of his sunglasses and looked up.


Matsuda raised an eyebrow. He went under a different name here in California. "Can I help you?" Matsuda asked.

"Yes, I'm wondering why you aren't in Japan helping with the Kira case,"

Matsuda sat up and looked at them. "Shouldn't you be dead?"

"Shouldn't you?"

"How would you know I'm dead?"

"How would you know I'm dead?" he mimicked.

"You 'died' after immediately leaving the case, Matsuda-san. How would I not know? More importantly, how would you know I'm supposed to be dead if you died first?"

"The main question, Ryuuzaki-san, is why are you blonde and wearing glasses?"

"Why are you wearing the same thing?"

"I thought of being America first!"

"How do you know I didn't think of doing this first?"

"Because I died first!"

Someone ran by them shouting "Pastaaa!" while they stared at each other.

"Why don't you just wake up Matsuda-san?"

Matsuda sat up in bed wondering what kind of weird dream that was.



Light, studying in America for a while, but on summer break, was invited to a party at the beach. More like, he was dragged to the party by his friends.

"Come on Light, it'll be fun!"

"And there are fireworks!"

Light was sitting there with a soda in one hand, watching everyone. It was getting pretty dark, and the excitement was growing in the air as the time to release the fireworks was coming closer and closer. He had fled from Japan and went under a different name, but his friends decided on giving him Light as a nickname. Oh, the irony. Ryuk had disappeared somewhere (probably off trying to steal caramel apples from someone), and Light didn't have anyone to talk to.

It was dark by now and the people who were throwing the party had stuck tiki torches into the ground and lit them, making their spot on the beach pretty lit up. Light finished talking to someone and told his friends he was going to walk around and look for a coffee place because it was getting pretty cold. He had found a coffee place, and after looking through the other shops, decided to go back to the party as it was getting time for the fireworks show.

"Fancy seeing you here, Light-kun."

Oh god. He didn't. Light turned around and almost dropped his coffee in shock. There was Ryuuzaki in all his glory, or not so glory as he was wearing some very patriotic clothes, and a fireworks hat.

"Didn't know you were very patriotic Ryuuzaki." Light said dryly, as it was the only thing he could think of saying.

"Here to see the fireworks, Light-kun?"

So he was avoiding the subject as much as Light wanted to. Good. Light's answer was to turn around and continue walking back to the party. Ryuuzaki grabbed his wrist.

"Would you kindly let go?" Light said, giving a small tug to see if Ryuuzaki would let go. He had a tight grip on Light's wrist.

Ryuuzaki had an odd expression on his face as he studied Light.

Boom. The first firework was shot into the air.

"Are you going to let go now?"

Ryuuzaki only fidgeted.

Boom boom.

Light pulled weakly. This was starting to get awkward, and he really should get back to the party before his friends think he got kidnapped. This would probably happen if Ryuuzaki didn't let go.

Ryuuzaki pulled Light closer.


"W-what are you doing you crazy?" Light asked, but he said it weakly.

Ryuuzaki pushed their lips together.

'Oh.' That was the only thought Light had.

Boom boom boom.