DH SPOILER ALERT. (it's been quite a while since the book came out, but for those who haven't read it and don't want to be spoiler-ed, shoo!)

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It's peaceful here. This place we all are now, there's no name for it, because to everyone it's a different place. I've heard that when Harry was here briefly, he thought it looked like King's Cross Station.

We can do whatever we like here. Usually we get together and talk over cups of tea and marshmallow (unlike ghosts, we can still eat and drink), other times we have a look at the lives of our friends who have yet to join us. Our lives may sound pretty mundane, but seriously, it's not. In some aspects we are not even that different from the world below. We have shops, too, except the things are free, and there're so many more things available. Tonks simply adores the video rental shop – her favourite movies are Muggle chick flicks and often when we get together, she'll pop a video in and we'll all enjoy a good movie or two.

Snape's here, too. He came at about the same time Fred Weasley did. He doesn't spend a lot of time with us – you know, given our history – but I know all of us, even Sirius and James, have a sort of respect for him now, for the things that he did and the sacrifices he made for the fight against Voldermort. I have to admit we're not that friendly, but I hope in due time things will improve. He's often with Dumbledore, and once in a while I see him and Lily together. Yes, we know their history, but honestly, there's nothing more than friendship between them. Even Snape knows that full well.

Fred's a real entertainer. He brings so much laughter and joy during our gatherings, always with the jokes and tricks. I know he really, really misses his family (he spends quite a lot of time watching their goings-on) but then, we all do.

My biggest regret is leaving our baby son behind, mere months after he was born. We rendered him an orphan, and we'll never get to watch him grow up, and he'll never get to know us. But Tonks and I have watched him often and he's leading a pretty good life. Harry, Hermione and Ron take really good care of him. Harry is an excellent godfather. The three of them are still young and busy, so Teddy stays at the Burrow for now. He's really growing now, and even though he can't change his looks like Tonks, he can change his hair colour.

And what about me? I have a favourite pastime here, something I've never had a chance to do properly when I was alive. I can never get tired of sitting right below the moon, in its round and full glory, moonlight shining all over me. It is no longer my greatest fear, but has now become something that brings me immense peace. Sometimes, I bring along some hot chocolate and a good book. Sometimes, Tonks or Sirius and James are with me. But for the rest of the time, I like to sit here alone.

I no longer have to transform. There may be many regrets I have for dying, but this is definitely not one. And at least… I am lucky enough to have my wife and my closest friends with me. This is as close to heaven as anyone can hope for.

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