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The first day of fourth grade called for special preparation. Gar Logan set out a pair of jean shorts and a purple and green shirt on his bed. The pattern on the shirt was deemed "cool" by the nine year-old; a fact that compensated for its odd colors. His new pair of shoes that his mother bought him the day before sat untouched in its box underneath his bed. He didn't dare take them out before tomorrow.

Gar eagerly unzipped his backpack and peered inside for the third time that night. The three pencil spots in the front pocket were occupied by two wooden pencils and a black retractable pen. Gar took out the pen and clicked it a few times before replacing it. He smiled and opened the larger pocket of his bag. Taking out several folders and a pencil box, he emptied the bag. He stared at all of his fresh school supplies for a few seconds, and sighed happily. Just then, a knock came from his door.

"Garfield," said his mother disappointedly. "It's almost your bedtime and you still haven't packed up your school supplies!" She walked over and picked up his folders and stacked them on top of his bed.

"Aww Mom!" whined Gar. "I've been ready. I was just checking on all of my stuff. You know, for tomorrow and all!" He rushed over to the bed and rearranged the folders that his mother apparently messed up.

"I'm coming back to tuck you in," said his mother, walking out of the door. "You'd better be ready when I get back." She shut the door behind her.

"Tuck me in?" thought Gar out loud as he gathered his supplies. "I'm in the fourth grade already! Sheesh!"

Gar quickly put away his folders and pencil box, making sure they were in the correct order and squarely aligned. He put the clothes neatly on a chair. He zipped up the bag and walked out of his room to brush his teeth and comb his hair. Neither took very long, and nearly seconds later he was in bed with the light off and the door cracked open, waiting for his mom to tuck him in.

The door opened wider and in stepped Gar's father. Gar sat up.

"Hey Dad," Gar said. "I thought Mom was going to come in." His father walked over to the bed.

"She can come in if you'd like," replied the man to his son. "I just wanted to see my only son before his big day… but I guess he'd rather see his mother instead." He trailed off sarcastically.

"Ha-ha, Dad," replied Gar, hardly amused. He crossed his arms. "Can I talk to you?"

"Sure, Son."

"I think I'm a little too old to be getting tucked in."

"Oh," said his father in reply. "You don't like it anymore?"

"I just think I'm too old. I can get into bed fine myself you know, I'm not five…" Gar uncrossed his arms and used them to support his weight while sitting up.

"Well," replied the boy's father. "You are growing up. I guess we'll leave you be from now on." He kissed his son's forehead before heading out.

Gar wiped his head furiously.

"Gee thanks," he said sarcastically. His father just smiled and closed the door.

Gar laid back down and pulled the covers over his chest. He lay there for a while with his eyes open, just thinking about the day to come. About the new school year. About his friends that he'd hope to be in his class again. After finishing thinking about tomorrow, he lay there still, unable to fall asleep. He looked at the clock. 10 pm. He'd lay there for a good forty-five minutes and wasn't tired at all.

The anxious boy got up out of bed and looked at all of his supplies once more, but in the dark. This only made him more excited. He finally stood his backpack on its wheels, leaned it against the wall, and jumped back into bed. He changed positions a few times, but soon fell asleep before even feeling tired.

He awoke eight hours later. There was no alarm being set off, and his parents didn't wake him. School didn't start for another two hours, but Gar got up anyways. He just didn't feel tired anymore. The previous night, he woke up twice, struggling to fall asleep each time.

He jumped out of bed and looked at his clothes that he picked out from the night before. The shoes underneath his bed were still in their box, and his took them out for the first time since the car ride home from the shoe store. He thought for a moment, and then put them back into the box.

He opened his door slowly and poked his head outside. From the hallway, he could see the pale sunlight coming through the kitchen windows of his one-story house. His naked feet chilled as he stepped onto the hallway tile and made his way to the kitchen. The coffee pot was already on and the aroma filled his nostrils. He glanced around. No parents.

Gar opened the pantry doors out of habit and looked around. Nothing looked good. He opened the fridge to the same problem. He sighed and walked back to his room. He never had this much time in the morning before. He considered turning on the TV, but subconsciously knew he'd never get off the couch if he did.

"Wow," he said to himself, thinking about his wise decision. "I'm pretty smart!" His parent's bedroom door opened and Gar ducked behind the couch out of habit.

"What am I doing?" he thought to himself, smiling slightly, memories about pranks played filling his brain. The couch was his most famous hiding spot, and always brought back memories. His parent's bedroom door closed and Gar got up.

"Okay," he said to himself. "Gotta get ready. What time is it now?" He glanced at the clock on the microwave. 6:13 am. He sighed in relief; he had only wasted about fifteen minutes. He ran back to his room, overly excited again, and made his bed. He put his backpack and clothes on top and looked at it smiling.

"Hmm," he thought. "I can probably change and wash up in about twenty minutes, giving me plenty of time afterwards. What to do, what to do…" He paced about his room. He finally decided to take a shower, "Just for the heck of it", he thought.

After washing himself with soap, using his special "kid's hair" shampoo, and playing with all of the shaving cream his father didn't use, Gar stepped out of the shower and looked into the mirror at his blonde hair, slightly tanned skin, and green eyes. He smiled and showed his crooked teeth. He wiggled a loose tooth with his tongue and was satisfied.

Gar's mother walked out of her room as he exited the bathroom.

"Gar," she said, looking at his wet hair and the towel wrapped around his body. "Why did you take a shower?" He looked up at her and smiled.

"I dunno." With that, he walked into his room and shut the door.

Hastily drying his hair with the towel, putting on his shorts and shirt, and taking out his brand new shoes, Gar finished getting ready. He combed his hair forward and put gel in it, giving his look the finishing touch. Gar then put his new shoes on, tied his laces, rolled his backpack out of his room, and turned off the light. He took one last look at his room before shutting the door.

Gar rolled his backpack across the tile into the kitchen and sat at the table, his backpack right by his side. He glanced at the time before his mother walked up to him with a plate of toast and butter. The time was 7:00 am exactly. He had a while before he started his walk to school.

"I know how much you don't like eggs or bacon, so I just went with your favorite: toast," said his mother with a slight smile.

"Mom," said Gar, spreading butter on his toast. "My favorite is pancakes, remember? If you don't wanna make it for me on my FIRST DAY OF FOURTH GRADE… that's okay, I don't mind." His mother raised an eyebrow before catching on to his sarcasm. He grinned, hardly believing she still didn't get it.

"Well, thanks for the slices of bread, Mom," said Gar after he noticed the time had passed so quickly."

"Garfield…" warned his mother.

"But… I gotta get going!" He cut her off and smiled again, rolling his backpack to the front door. "Bye!"

"Have a good day at school!" She called after him, but he had already closed the door. She smiled and cleared away his plate. She caught a glance at the microwave clock and stopped what she was doing. It was only 7:20. "What is that boy going to do so early before school?"

"Hey Victor!" called Gar to his best friend who was walking a few yards in front. Victor lived across the street from Gar, and was also year older. "What's up? Excited for school or what?"

"Yo, Gar!" greeted Victor. "Heck yeah I'm excited! Check it out!" Victor pointed to his cap on his head. A white shield was on it.

"No way dude!" said Gar as they continued walking. "You're in safety patrol? That's so cool!" His rolling backpack stumbled over a rock, but he simply kicked it upright and kept walking.

"Yeah," said Victor proudly. "That's why I'm going to school so early. Why are you?"

"I just felt like it," replied Gar.

"Haha! You are so weird!" The two friends continued to converse until they reached their school campus. Victor waved goodbye to Gar and the blonde boy ran up the cement walkway and looked for his name on the white sheets of paper posted on the wall.

There was no rush or mob like there had been last year, when Gar arrived to the first day of third grade only five minutes before class started. After finally pushing his way to the front, he saw that he was placed in a G.A.T.E. class: a whole new level for him. He met new friends with a "higher" intellect, and even passed all of his subjects. His parents were so proud.

He found his name on the list of Mr. Mod.

"Great…" he muttered. "The dude from The United Britains or something…" He slapped his forehead.

He took another look at the list. He saw many names he recognized: K. Anders, D. Grayson, R. Roth, and of course his own, G. Logan. They weren't necessarily his friends, but at least he knew them. He smiled, knowing that he wouldn't be a complete stranger like the year before.

Gar heard the whistle of the safety patrollers and saw people coming. He was no longer the only kid at school. He grinned, and ran to the line on the playground marked with Mr. Mod's room number. It felt good to be first in line.

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