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We were born in a world where not everything is what we usually predict it to be. No matter how hard we look or how persistent we can get, perfection could only exist in the mind. However of that fact, it could not be enough to discourage us from living the 'perfect life' we always wished. In this broken world, we always sought the impossible. Who could blame us? These shards of broken dreams had become a boring sight – we wanted to know what an unbroken mirror looked like.

We were persistent. We were blind. Many wanted to take off the blindfold that severed our sense of sight but we wandered to far to let them touch us. Now we had suffered the consequences. We had fallen into the pit of despair our friends desperately tried to warn us. Why did we pay them no heed?

The one we thought was a 'perfect plan' was actually filled with flaws… flaws that we didn't care about… flaws that became the reason of our downfall.

Now what will we do? They are already here and now you choose to leave them? Have you no mercy?

Nevertheless, there was never a plan B between you and me. Only thing left is…

… divorce

It was one of those rainy cliché nights. Silence surrounded the once merry household as the main door clicked to a close. She knew that she could never see him again. Now she was left broken to contemplate and mourn while taking care of the sleeping infant in her arms.
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BTW, this is AU.