Title: Unraveled Feelings

Author: Rawrrry

Summary: The summer before seventh year was a memorable one for Lily Evans. It was filled with adventures, it was when she found out she was going to be Head Girl, it was when she made an Unbreakable Vow without knowing exactly what a Vow entailed. To her great pleasure, the Vow included dating the Head Boy (whom she did not know at the time) for two weeks. The summer before seventh year was great for James Potter. It was filled with Quidditch, Quidditch and Quidditch. It was also the summer he found out that he was going to be Head Boy. [Lily X James

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Meena Mckinnon took out three apples and set them on the table with a small smile. She flicked her wand sending the last knife to work – chopping the apples into bite size pieces. On the kitchen counter, there were already four knives cutting several strawberries, peaches, a melon, and pineapple. The chopped portions automatically hovered into a bowl lying next to four glasses, which were being filled with iced tea.

Meena glanced at the quiet girls sitting at the table, patiently looking at her. "Just one more minute girls. It shouldn't take too long for me to mix 'em all up once they're all in there."

"Okay Mum." Marlene Mckinnon replied with a patient smile.

Meena watched as the last bit of apple zoomed into the bowl before taking two serving spoons and manually mixing the fruits up.

Lily Evans turned away from watching Mrs. Mckinnon make the fruit salad. Despite having stayed at Marlene's for over five weeks now, she still found the ways that a magical home differed from a muggle home amazing. It was the glorious summer holiday before her seventh year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and she had decided to spend the greater part of it at Marlene's house. She had stayed at her own home for two weeks – spending time with her family, visiting other relatives, relaxing in her room – but Marlene had invited her, Mary Macdonald, and Alice Creswell over for the summer. Lily couldn't turn her down; not after Petunia brought over that Vernon boy.

It was horrifying really, the fact that Petunia had gotten herself a walrus like that. Petunia was her sister and when they were little she remembered how close they were, how they spent time after time playing in the park but after Severus had told her she was a witch, they grew apart. She remembered being called a freak by her own sister and that was only because she was a witch. Lily Evans was a witch and proud of it, but hearing it from her sister was another thing. Now, whenever they saw each other during holidays Petunia would steer clear from Lily unless she had to be near her. It saddened Lily that she had lost her sister just by being who she was but it also saddened Lily that Petunia had gotten a boyfriend that seemed to be besotted with her.

Lily had a horrible track with boyfriends. There was her first boyfriend from when she was eight years old. He was the perfect first boyfriend an eight year old could dream of. His name was Richard and he brought her flowers every time until he moved away to America. Then there was Michael from second year, who was in Ravenclaw. He was a real charmer and had been her first kiss. Their relationship was great until Severus told her that he was a charmer to other girls as well while he was Lily's boyfriend. Lastly, there was Eric from third year who seemed like a dream come true on their first date. Unfortunately, he came to his true colors and by the third date he was the only one that talked (always about Quidditch) and Lily couldn't get a word in. From fourth year onward, there were no boys for Lily Evans. She busied herself with books and started to study for her O.W.L.s at the end of fourth year. Only one boy kept popping up wherever she went: James Potter.

James Potter was an arrogant toerag, in her opinion. He could be the last boy on Earth and she'd tell you not to count on her to repopulate the world.

"Here we go." Meena said, setting a bowl in front of Lily bringing her out of reverie. She placed the other bowls in front of the other girls before handing them their iced teas. "Enjoy your snack girls. I'm going to do some laundry if you need me."

"Thanks Mum." Marlene said as her mother passed by.

"Yeah, thanks Mrs. Mckinnon," chorused Lily, Mary, and Alice.

Just as Meena walked out of the kitchen she waved it away, "Oh it's nothing."

"Alright, so what else are we going to do today?" asked Alice as she picked up a grape with her small fork.

Lily shrugged, "I don't know. We've done everything, it seems." And she wasn't lying. Staying over Marlene's was an adventure itself. Every day in her stay at Marlene's, they had done something that Lily had never done, haven't done in a while, or never even knew about. The minute she came through the fireplace saw her friends, they ran to the backyard and sat under a tree talking at an unusual speed.

In the past week alone they had walked three blocks down to a plaza, taken numerous pictures in a nearby park, played Quidditch with a couple of Marlene's cousins (they had come over since their parents needed someone to watch them), swam in a lake from ten o'clock at night until midnight, and camped outside using a muggle tent.

"We could just stay inside the house," suggested Lily with a tinge of eagerness.

"Oh of course you'd love to stay in today, wouldn't you Lily?" Mary smiled playing with her fork, "What with our Hogwarts letters coming and all."

The girls smiled at Lily knowing that she was hoping to be Head Girl.

"No," said Lily who suddenly became interested with her empty bowl, "I just thought we'd relax after all we've been doing this summer. But," the corners of her mouth lifted, "being here in time to get our letters would be wonderful. How about it? I'm sure it'll come soon. We don't even have to stay here the whole day."

"Oh, you don't have to keep on trying to convince us Lils. We'll stay here until you get your Head Girl letter."

Lily shook her head and covered her ears, "No, no, no, no, not thinking about it."

Marlene sighed, "You're going to be Head Girl and when you finally get the letter, we'll celebrate."

"Yes! Let's do something fun," suggested Mary.

Alice nodded, "something new."

"But it's got to be for Lily," added an excited Mary. "What do you want to do?"

"But this is if I'm Head Girl. I'm not Head Girl." Lily protested though she was rather thrilled with the idea of a celebration.

"Yet," incorporated Mary, Marlene, and Alice.

Mary stood up and began to dance around the kitchen table, "Lily! Lily Evans! You will be Head Girl!!!! And we'll celebraaaate with youuuuu! Lily! Lily Evans! Our Head Gir-"

Marlene threw a grape at Mary's nose, "stop!"

"Please," Lily added.

Rolling her eyes, Mary sat back down on her chair and a comfortable silence passed between the four. All were thinking of the coming Hogwarts letters and wondering what will come in their seventh year.

Tap. Tap.

Their heads shot up to see two eagle owls, each with two parcels tied to their legs. Lily was the first to stand up and rush to the closed window, her hands shaking in anticipation. "It's here!" She exclaimed, fumbling with the hinge to let the owls in.

One owl flew to Mary and Marlene, sticking its leg with the two parcels. Mary untied the parcels while Marlene grabbed food for both hooting owls. The other owl stuck its leg out to Lily who was still standing by the window. She slowly took the two letters and handed Alice's to her. She sat down on the nearest chair by the table, closed her eyes and inhaled deeply before looking at it again. Opening her letter, a gleaming badge that read "Head Girl" fell onto her lap. Lily gasped and stared at the badge silently, trying to absorb the fact that she was indeed Head Girl. She carefully set it on the table in front of her and read her letter:

Miss Lily Evans,

It is with great pleasure to say that you have been selected as this year's Head Girl. First and foremost: I, and the rest of the Hogwarts Staff, congratulate you in your new title. We know that you will put in a great deal of effort in fulfilling your duty. You have been chosen based on your performance these past few years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and on your kindness to others. You are widely known within the school to have a caring attitude and great intellect, which is what we search for in an ideal Head Girl.

With the title of Head Girl comes responsibility. Your duty, Miss Evans, is to maintain order and administer proper discipline within the walls of Hogwarts. Also, you must oversee the prefects from each house and guide them in the proper way of following the rules. Power also comes with the title, though I urge you not to take advantage of it. As you have been a prefect these past two years, you know that you have the ability to deduct points only from your own house and give detention. However, as Head Girl, you may deduct points from all four houses if need be. Every night, the halls must be patrolled from regular curfew until midnight. Patrolling schedules are to be discussed between you, the Head Boy and me.

The Head Boy and the Head Girl are honored with their own dormitory and common room. The prefect's bathroom is also at your service this year. Your new dormitory and common room to be shared with the Head Boy is located on the seventh floor and the portrait of Sir Cadogan guards the entrance. Your first meeting is to be held in one of the two train compartments reserved for prefects and Head Girl and Head Boy. Once again, I congratulate you on this great title Miss Evans.


Albus Dumbledore


The following are needed for your seventh year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry:

-Three sets of plain black work robes

-One black winter coat with silver fastenings

- One cauldron (Pewter, Standard Size 2)

- The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 7

- Defensive Magic And Its Uses Against the Dark Arts

- Advanced Potion Making, Grade 7

- Advanced Transfiguration, Grade 7

Lily looked up from her letter and met the eyes of her three best friends, "I got it!"

At once the four girls leaped from their chairs and hugged each other tightly, jumping up and down as they exclaimed for Lily.

"We knew you could do it!"

"Congratulations Lily!"

"Head Girl!"

"You're going to be great!"

"This is so exciting!"

"I can't believe I got Head Girl!"


After several minutes of cheering, the girls calmed down and soon busied themselves by staring at the shining Head Girl badge.

"Lily, I'm so excited for you! You get your own common room and you still have the prefects' bathroom," exclaimed Marlene.

"I know!" Lily agreed still beaming at her badge, which she began to pin on her muggle clothes.

"I wonder who the Head Boy is," wondered Alice after a minute of silence.

"Remus?" suggested Marlene, "He was prefect fifth and sixth year."

"Bertram? He was a Hufflepuff prefect…" proposed Mary.

"Elias Gudgeon? He was Ravenclaw prefect. He's pretty cute." Marlene waggled her eyebrows in a suggestive fashion.

"What about Kevin Whalley? He could be Head Boy." Lily called to mind.

"Whalley? Why him? He wasn't even a prefect." Mary shook her head.

"You didn't have to be a prefect to be Head Boy. Professor McGonagall told me so last year," remarked Lily.

"Oh well then that just opens up a whole new variety of options." Alice commented. "Donald McCliver."

"Elliot Smethley." They shrugged.

"Severus Snape." The three girls, aside from Lily, stuck out their tongue in disgust.

"Sirius Black." A round of laughter emitted from the girls' mouths.

"Peter Pettigrew." There came an even louder laugh from each girl.

"James Potter." Laughter, harder than ever before filled the kitchen.

"You're hilarious Mary, you are." Lily exclaimed mid-laugh.

Marlene tried to catch her breath, "James – Head Boy – Lily – Head Girl – HA!"

"I – can't – James – Head – HAHA!" Alice laughed, wiping the tears forming in her eyes.

The girls, once calmed down, grab a cup of water each and drank in silence. "Oh, we should celebrate," Marlene suggested again.

"I remember seeing some sweets in a cabinet here. Where is it Marlene?" Mary asked, looking at the cabinets. Marlene pointed to the corner one and Mary walked over, "Aha, Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans! Ice Mice! Pepper Imps! Chocoballs! You're loaded with sweets Marlene! I love it! Ooh! Chocolate Frogs and Licorice Wands!"

Mary walked over to the sitting room and set the sweets on the table in front of the sofa. She sat down and waited for the others to join her before grabbing a box of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans.

"This is how we're celebrating? Candy? I mean I like it but…" Alice trailed off as she grabbed a Licorice Wand for herself.

"No, this is how we're going to think of what to do for Head Girl Lily," replied Mary.

The three girls shrugged and indulged in the sweets laid before them. "You know, I've had some great memories with Bertie here." Marlene stated to the three.

"And one of them would be…" prodded Alice.

Marlene seemed to ponder for a moment, "Well, my cousins made me agree on an Unbreakable Vow that included the beans in this one huge box when I was ten."

"Really?" asked a wide-eyed Mary.


"What's an Unbreakable Vow?" Lily questioned.

Three pairs of wide eyes stared at Lily, "You don't know what an Unbreakable Vow is?"


"Wow, Lily Evans doesn't know something we do. This is exciting." Mary said, "Let us take in this moment."

"What's an Unbreakable Vow?" Lily asked again, getting very curious.

"Well, you can't break it."

Lily sighed, "I've worked out that much."

"You know, I think we should celebrate Lily's Head Girl title with an Unbreakable Vow." Mary suggested. "It's not going to be a hard vow. We'll make it super easy. I mean: it's the Unbreakable Vow."

"Well…" Marlene started but trailed off, unsure whether or not it would be a good idea.

"Erm…" Alice started.

"It's not bad is it?" Lily asked looking around at her friends, "if not then let's do it."

The three other girls looked stunned, "who are you and what have you done with our Lily Evans?"

"What's life without a little risk? It's going to be our seventh year! I need to do something really exciting in my life. Marlene said she had 'great memories' and one of them was with this Unbreakable Vow." Lily started, "Just don't make it hard. I want to take a risk but still have it easy."

"Are… you sure?" Alice asked.


"The girl said yes. I think we should do it and at the same time not put her in danger." Marlene said.

"But the Unbreaka-" Marlene interrupted Alice before she could continue.

"It will be easy."

"Okay, you guys think up of something and I'll wait here." Lily said with a smile, adoring her Head Girl badge and wondering what she was taking part in (even though she insisted on it).


"Will you Lily Evans vow to date the Head Boy, whomever he may be for two whole weeks which must be done before Christmas holiday?" Marlene asked and felt Lily's hand twitch in hers. They were sitting in the middle of the sitting room and the lights were dimmed down. Mary stood holding her wand (she was seventeen and had the Trace off of her) pointed at Lily and Marlene's joined hands. Alice stood in the corner of the room, not exactly approving of the Unbreakable Vow.

Lily pondered for a moment on the terms of the deal and made up her mind, "I will."

A thin tongue of flame shot from Mary's wand and wove itself around Lily and Marlene's hands. The flame was like hot wire against their skin and though Lily wanted to pull away, she knew she shouldn't. Several moments passed until the flame vanished and Lily withdrew her hand away. "That was exciting."

"Oh Merlin," Alice muttered, biting her lip.

"So, Lily, you can't break that Vow." Marlene said, now regretting her decision on making the Vow.

Lily nodded, "We've gone over that."

"Yes," Mary took a deep breath before declaring in a serious voice, "because if you do, you will die."

Lily smiled. She was obviously amused at the lengths that her friends would go through to try to scare her.

Alice noticed the smile grace Lily's face and assured Lily, "She's not lying, Lily. That's how the Unbreakable works. If you break it, you die."

Chuckling, Lily shook her head, "No. You guys are just kidding."

"I'm sorry Lily but we're not joking around here." Alice mumbled, feeling guilty though she had no part in making the Vow.

"No," affirmed Lily, now shaking her head wildly. "No!"

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