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Summary: The summer before seventh year was a memorable one for Lily Evans. It was filled with adventures, it was when she found out she was going to be Head Girl, it was when she made an Unbreakable Vow without knowing exactly what a Vow entailed. To her great pleasure, the Vow included dating the Head Boy (whom she did not know at the time) for two weeks. The summer before seventh year was great for James Potter. It was filled with Quidditch, Quidditch and Quidditch. It was also the summer he found out that he was going to be Head Boy. [Lily X James

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James jumped over the couch and landed on the floor before staggering over to his mother, "Please mum?"

Sirius followed, "Yeah. Please Mrs. Potter?"

Jocelyn sighed before screaming for her husband, "Todd!" Ever since the boys had found out that they were going to go to Diagon Alley to buy their school supplies, they went wild. All she heard now were pleas for a new broom.

Todd rushed into the room where James and Sirius were trailing Jocelyn, who was fixing the draperies, "What's wrong? What's happened? Is anyone hurt?"

Jocelyn muttered something but no one heard what she said.

"Dad, you'll understand. Can we get the new Meteor Three Hundred?" James widened his eyes and pouted; Sirius followed suit.

Stuttering, Todd looked at his wife, "Uh, Jo?"

But before Jocelyn could say anything to her husband, James threw his arms around his father, "Dad, I love you!"

Sirius, though he knew he didn't need the Potters' permission to buy a broom hugged Jocelyn, "Mrs. Potter! You're the best, d'you know that?"

James tightened his hold on his father, "You've always been there for me. Remember when I jumped off the roof? Remember that? You were there to catch me!"

Sirius smiled at Jocelyn, "Remember when I first came here after I ran away? You opened the door. You welcomed me to your home!"

"And when I poked my eye with your wand? You brought me to St. Mungo's," said James.

"You even baked me cookies," Sirius exclaimed, "Really good cookies!"

"Well I suppose you boys deserve them," Todd announced after a silent conversation with his wife.

Jocelyn nodded, "Head Boy and Quidditch Captain!"

Sirius and James hugged Jocelyn and Todd tighter and gave each other high-fives, "Yes!"


Diagon Alley was crowded that day. Families hustled and bustled around the stores searching for new equipment they needed for Hogwarts. Sirius had already been pushed against the wall and James had been hit in the head with a book even though they had only been there for five minutes. The two rushed to the window of Quidditch Quality Supplies and gazed in awe: the new Meteor Three Hundred lay behind the window, gleaming in its newfound glory. Boys of all ages crowded around the window with James and Sirius groaning at the thought that they couldn't get the most wonderful broom they've ever laid their eyes on.

"My mum says it's too expensive."

"Puddlemere United ordered one for each player last night. My dad told me."

"Seventy miles per hour in less than ten seconds!"

"Look at the handle!"

"You've got to have lots of galleons to get that."

"I think I'm in love."

James looked at the boy strangely and nudged Sirius, "Shall we go in?"

"Yes, we shall," replied Sirius and the two strolled into the store.

The storekeeper immediately rushed to their sides, knowing James and Sirius as frequent buyers, "How may I service you today?"

"We were wondering," James started.

"If we could get," continued Sirius.

And at the same time, like they had practiced, they said, "The Meteor Three Hundred."

In a matter of ten minutes, Sirius and James both held the newest brooms that cost them a hefty amount of money. They had huge smiles on their faces and held their broom with such care; it was as if they were holding a baby. They walked out the store and loved the attention that was on them. It seemed as if all the boys who were staring at the broom behind the window were now staring at the brooms held by James and Sirius.

Sirius shook his head, "It's sad we can't fly them out here."

James nodded, "Too many people."

"Might hit their heads."

"Startle some of them."

"Scare some of them."

James touched the handle of this broom, "Hit them with the handle."

"Sad," Sirius heaved a sigh.


Sirius looked down at his broom and imagined himself high up in the air, "But we'd know how it rides."

"How fast it can really go."

"How we look while we're riding it."

James chuckled, "Of course we know we'd look great."

Agreeing, Sirius nodded, "But others might want to see how dashing we look."

"How our hair goes against the wind."

"The ladies would love it."

"Lily would admit her love for me when and if she sees."

"If it turns well, we'd know."

"Does it stop quickly?"

"Is it like we dreamt it would be?"

James looked at Sirius, "Let's try it."

"Let's," Sirius nodded.

James and Sirius positioned themselves on their brooms and kicked off, hovering just ten feet above the ground. They yelled in merriment and soared higher, making sure to keep themselves within the limits of Diagon Alley. They wanted to have fun but they didn't want to break the Statute of Secrecy by showing muggles that they could fly on broomsticks.

The two zoomed from Quidditch Quality Supplies all the way to the Leaky Cauldron, proving that the Meteor Three Hundred was faster than their old brooms – one Comet One-Eighty and one Cleansweep Six.

It was while James soared over the Apothecary that he saw someone heading over to Flourish and Blotts. Someone with red hair and startling green eyes.

Someone named Lily Evans.


Lily was walking with her parents to Flourish and Blotts to get her set of books for the year. She took in the surroundings around her – this would be the last time she would come to Diagon Alley to get things for Hogwarts. She remembered the first time she came here, she was eleven and she had come with Severus. Of course he knew his way around so he showed her and her parents around.

Speaking of her parents – Lily decided that she would spend the last two weeks of summer holiday at the privacy of her own home. She missed her parents, missed the television shows she used to watch, the way she had to clean dishes by hand instead of watching magic do it, and she missed her room. Another factor came in when she decided to come back home – the Unbreakable Vow.

Lily loved her friends but after a long talk with them, she decided that she would spend time with her parents just in case she ends up dying. Hopefully she doesn't. She still could not believe that they let her take that vow when they knew that if she couldn't fulfill it, she would die. Her life rested on the hands of the unknown Head Boy.

She walked into Flourish and Blotts which was packed with people and headed up the stairs where the Transfiguration books were.


Sirius spotted James stop above the Apothecary and followed his line of vision: Lily Evans walking with her parents to Flourish and Blotts. He flew over to his dear best friend and shouted, "So I assume you want to get our books now?"

"Yeah, you know, books are really, really, important," James replied as the two began to descend onto the ground.

Not wanting to be stopped by some boys who want to see their brooms, James took out his wand upon landing on the ground and pointed it at his and Sirius' broomsticks, "Reducio!" He pocketed the miniature version of his broomstick and entered Flourish and Blotts with Sirius trailing behind him.

The store was filled with students and parents and the line was so long it extended to the second story. James searched around the store with his eyes and could not find a certain redhead, though he did spot a couple of housemates. Sirius tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to stack of books on the second floor, "Prongs."

James looked up and saw Lily tilting her head to the side then telling her parents something that got them to leave her side. He grinned; this would be fun.

He took the stairs two steps at a time and Sirius followed but left once they got closer to Lily. Sirius headed to a stack of the Potions books that they needed and kept an eye on James. James, however, rushed to Lily's side quietly, leaned in next to her ear, and whispered, "All right Lily?"

"Ahh!" screamed Lily, accidentally pushing the stack of books in front of her and dropping three books onto the ground. A little boy picked them up and set them on another stack as Lily whirled around to point a finger at James, "You."

James grinned, "Me."

"What do you want?" She glared at him.

"I would tell you what I want but I don't think you'll appreciate them. See, it has to do with you, me, chocolate and marshmallows."

Lily gaped and moved to slap him but James' reflex was fast enough to block her hand. And he didn't let go either. How dare he! She was not a scarlet woman that would jump into bed with him and marshmallows and chocolate. Lily narrowed her glare even more, making her green eyes turn into a deeper shade of green, "How dare you – you – think of me doing something – something like that!"

James smirked, "What exactly do you think I'm talking about?"

"You and me and – and," she stammered, her anger now accompanied by embarrassment, "and – a-"

His smirk grew even bigger as he watched her struggle. Finally after only a few seconds to James and a few years to Lily, James raised his arm to stop her, "I was only talking about you and me making smores. But… if you want us to do what you were thinking we would have done, that could be arranged."

"I," She inhaled deeply and crossed her arms across her chest, glaring at James, "Potter, I hate you."

"Lily!" A woman with red hair resembling Lily's walked up and put her arms around Lily's shoulders, "I told you that 'hate' is a very harsh word."

"Yeah, well he deserves harsh." Lily muttered still glaring at James.

A man with brown hair and green eyes stepped up and turned to Lily, "Sorry Lils, what was that?"

Lily shook her head, "Nothing."

James held out his hand and for a moment Lily thought he was holding it out to her. Instead, they met the hands of her father's, "I'm James Potter. Nice to meet you, Mr. Evans." He held out his hand to her mother after shaking her father's hand, "Great to finally meet you, Mrs. Evans. You don't know how much I've heard Lily mention you to me."

Mrs. Evans laughed and shook James' hand, "I didn't know my Lily talked about me so much to her schoolmates."

"She's told me great things about you," replied James, glancing to see Lily's reaction.

Lily could not believe that James was actually kissing up to his mother like that. She had the urge to punch him right in the stomach and kick him where it hurts but her parents were there and they wouldn't approve of such things. She couldn't do anything to him especially if he introduced himself like that. Typical James; introduce to make sure he's in the good books. Lily tuned out of the conversation and tapped her foot impatiently. She wanted to leave but her mother's arms were around her, and she was quite sure they wouldn't let her leave either. So she stood there, ranting in her head – seething mad. James Potter- that stupid, annoying, no good, stupid, arrogant little boy! I can't believe he actually thinks he can get to me through my parents. Hmph!

"Oh I play Chaser," said James to Mr. Evans with a nod, "Basically I try to get the Quaffles into the three goal hoops. I just throw 'em into the hoops and get ten points per goal."

"A bit like basketball?" Mr. Evans asked curiously about this wizard game called 'Quitch.' Odd name, "Except with flying broomsticks?"

James reached up to his hair and rumpled his hair, "what's basketball?"

Lily noticed it. The rumpling of the hair; how she hated it. It wasn't like he needed to mess up his hair; it was already messed up without his help! But nooooo, he needed to rumple it up even more to make it look like he just got of a broomstick. It wasn't a handsome thing to do; Lily had no idea why girls fell for it.

She knew how girls reacted around him whenever he did that. James rumples the hair, smiles, random girl giggles, random girl waves, random girl winks, James smiles bigger, James walks away, random girl sighs, random girl talks about James the whole day. It was tiring to watch that. And she knew that this year would be no different except for one thing: there were more girls coming in – first years.

Mr. Evans shook his head, "Oh, I guess you don't have basketball here."

"No, but if Quidditch is like basketball I'd like to play it sometime."

"If you're a Chaser, there must be more teammates I assume?"

"Yeah, actually my friend, Sirius Black, he's a Keeper. He guards the goal hoops for our team. He's here in the store actually," James looked around the store and spotted Sirius, "Padfoot!"

Sirius, who had been waiting for James' call ever since James talked to Lily, rushed to his side, "Yeah?"

James introduced Sirius, "Mr. Evans, Mrs. Evans, this is my friend Sirius Black. He's the Keeper I told you about."

Sirius held out his hand and shook Mr. and Mrs. Evans' hands, "Nice to meet you." Time to play the nice schoolmate card, "Lily's talked about you so much, I was wondering when I would get to meet you."

Again, Mrs. Evans laughed and Lily wanted to hit both Sirius and James.

"Sirius, we were just talking about your Keeper position." James turned to Mr. Evans, "He's the Quidditch captain this year, and he knows all the positions actually."

"Really? Captain? Well, son, congratulations!" Mr. Evans boomed.

Mrs. Evans smiled warmly at Sirius, "Lily here is Head Girl this year, you know?"

"How could Lily not be Head Girl?" James exclaimed with a huge smile. He was about to go on about how he got Head Boy and how he would share a common room with her but Sirius stepped on his foot slyly. Sirius knew him all too well.

"We knew it!" Sirius cried out and held his palm out to Lily, "High-five!"

Lily blinked before raising her hand to meet Sirius' palm in a half-hearted attempt of a high-five. "Mum, Dad, can we get my robes first? I think the line here is too long." She pointed to the line that now reached the back of the second floor.

"I think it's best we do," replied Mrs. Evans. "It was really nice meeting you boys."

"It was our pleasure meeting you," James answered.

Sirius grinned, "I hope we see you soon."

"Yes, and we'll continue talking about Quitch," responded Mr. Evans.

"Quidditch," corrected James and Sirius.

James decided that if Lily didn't risk hitting him in front of her parents, then she wouldn't hit him if he hugged her. He walked closer to Lily and threw his arms around her, "See you on the train, Lily." Sirius was about ready to laugh his head off.

Lily's facial expression was unexplainable. It was a mixture of hate, revulsion, and hostility. She didn't care if her parents were there; she just oh-so slyly kicked his right shin and punched him in the stomach. Her parents didn't seem like they saw anything and she was satisfied. "Yeah, see you then Potter."

The Evans family walked away, down the stairs and out the door.

Sirius laughed, throwing his arm around James' shoulder, "Your future wife is great, she is." James elbowed him and Sirius groaned. "Hey, at least we know you'll share a common room with her for sure."

"Yeah… I can't wait until she finds out. She'll be completely surprised, I know it."


One of the two prefect compartments was empty except for two seventh-years: Remus Lupin and James Potter. The sun was bright outside that day and James could see families saying their goodbyes from where he was sitting by the window, "So what'd you think she'll say?"

Remus struggled to say something and ended up with, "I think she'll be extremely surprised."

"I hope so."

"Do you?" Remus asked.

"Well, I know she'll be surprised because everyone thought it'd be you. But I hope she's super surprised but ends up liking the surprise."


James clapped his hands together, "So, this month I was thinking we could go to Hogsmeade for the map. We haven't finished the East yet."

Remus contemplated for a moment, "Prongs said he wanted to go around Hogwarts, fifth floor, right wing."

"I guess we'll have to wait until next month. I just hope we don't see another prefect like last time."

"That was a close call. Where was it again?"

Just before James could answer a question that he was happy to answer, the door to the compartment flew open and Lily walked in. She raised her hand to acknowledge Remus but completely ignored the other boy with messy black hair and glasses. "Hi Remus! How was your summer?"

"It was great. How was yours?"

"Oh," it was fine. I just made a vow to say that I would date you for two weeks and if that doesn't happen. I die. "It was interesting. I stayed over at Marlene's."

James did not like being ignored, especially if he was being ignored by Lily, "What'd you do?"

Lily turned to James and put her hands on her hips. James couldn't help but grin at how great she looked doing so. When Lily saw his grin, her hands immediately left her hips, "Potter, this is the Heads' compartment." She stated it in a matter-of-fact way.

James mocked surprise, raising his hands to cover his mouth which was gaping, "Why thank you for informing me Lily!" He paused, "By they way, the name is James."

Remus watched the two in pure amusement. Yes, he felt bad for Lily – it was obvious how annoyed she was at James. But he admired James' perseverance – not many guys waited for one girl for as long as James had waited on Lily.

"Potter," She put clear emphasis on his last name, "this is the Heads' compartment."

"Right, I should start following more rules this year I suppose."

"I couldn't agree more."

James rumpled his hair, not noticing how Lily rolled her eyes at this, "At least we agree on something."

"Heads' compartment," she stated again hoping he got the message. "That means it's only for the Head Boy, Head Girl and the prefects."

"I don't hear you calling it a prefects' compartment. If prefects are allowed, shouldn't it be called 'prefects' compartment?'"

"Potter," she growled. Patience was not a virtue when associated with Lily Evans' thoughts on James Potter.

James raised an eyebrow and said to Remus, "I like how that sounded coming from her. If only I could get her to call me James."

Annoyed. Lily Evans was annoyed. "I'm going to say this one last time -"

Amused. James Potter was most definitely amused. "Ooh, feisty."

"This is the Heads' and prefects' compartment. Students who are not prefects or Head Boy are not allowed."

"Alright, I give up," said James. Triumph spread across Lily's face. Turning to Remus once again, James said, "I'll see you later Moony."

Lily never did find out why the Marauders gave each other nicknames. It was so childish.

James and Remus stood up from their seats walked towards the door. Lily watched happily as James was about to step out of the compartment. Then her mouth fell open in an 'O' shape: Remus Lupin had stepped out the door instead of James Potter.

"See you later then James." Remus looked at Lily, "I'm sure we'll see each other soon Lily." He turned back to James before walking away, "I'll be at the compartment with Sirius and Peter."

Lily was still in shock to say anything. This had to be the worst. James Potter was Head Boy? She was Head Girl. They would have to share a common room. They would have to date for two weeks. Or else she would die. James Potter or death? Suddenly death looked like the better choice. He couldn't be Head Boy! There must've been a mistake. This was not happening.

James walked up to Lily and closed her mouth, "You might want to close that." He stretched his arms and yawned, "I'm a bit tired. I could use a little shut eye." He sat down, "I don't think we need to starts the prefect greetings until later." James patted the seat next to him, "Care to join me?"

The glare she sent his way was intense, James wanted to go to the Marauders' compartment. Lily walked to the door, "I think I'll join the prefects in the other compartment and fill them in on what we're supposed to do this year. I think after your 'little shut eye,' you can inform the prefects that will come in here?"

She didn't let him answer, "I'll see you later then, Potter." Lily walked out and James could hear her greet the prefects. This was his last year to get her and it did not start off on a good note.

Over in the other prefects' compartment where the new prefects were being informed of their duties, Lily was talking on and on but one thing kept crossing her mind:

I'm dead.

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