The Maelstorm and the Guardian…original name the Strawberry and the Fishcake

This is a Naruto Bleach crossover, the idea of traveling to different worlds and not aging was borrowed from Shiroi Usagi-San's story Phase, with his permission of course. Now bare in mind please this is not my first fic but is my first bleach fic, I only watch the anime specifically the English anime so please don't blame me if the characters do or say things they normally wouldn't, just PM me about it and I will do what I can. On that note please remember this is a fanfiction so I can do whatever I want with it really but I want to stick to the story as best I can so if you spot a flaw help me out.. Thank you.

I do not own Naruto or Bleach they belong to their respective owners



Naruto grimaced as he ran through the forest following the sounds of a woman's screams, he didn't rightly remember how long ago he had staked out this forest as his domain 'was it five hundred years ago, five hundred and fifty?' it didn't matter, in his twenty first year he had gained the ability to use all of Kyuubi's chakra, the demonic chakra too this day continued to increase his chakra reserves and the side effects of using it were considerably lessened. Kyuubi's soul was in his stomach with it had come unexpected side affects. Immortality and eternal youth, he didn't know if he was invincible but he clearly remembered being decapitated at least once before. He dismissed his thoughts as he caught sight of a clearing and what was in that clearing filled him with rage.

Yuki whimpered in fear as the five men surrounded her in the Guardian forest, she knew why they had taken her she was considered the most beautiful maiden in the entire village. Long silky black hair, dark brown eyes a angelic face skin like ivory and very generous curves, 18 and a virgin turning down men left right and centre and now her virtue was going to be taken by force by 'some disgusting old evil bastards' what frightened her most was the fact they where in the guardian forest. Her family believed the old tails that an ancient being lived in the forest and would kill all who violated its sanctuary, though it did take pity on people. She remembered when she was a kid a group of boys had gotten lost in the forest, they where found three days later perfectly health and claiming they had been fed and led out of the forest by an 'angel'. Where as a few who made it out of the forest after deliberately trespassing claimed they saw a 'demon' or some kind of fierce beast or animal that would growl from the shadows in warning and then attack any who persisted.

So that's why she froze when she heard a rustle of leaves and a growl coming from behind her. "Hey, Hey Carl whazat sound me just heard?" asked one of the doomed men (lets face their dead already they just don't know it yet) "I dunno probably some animal forget it I wanna make this pretty little thing scream". Yuki's eyes widened and tears began to stream down her face, she froze when she heard a whisper "close your eyes and keep them closed" she didn't know why but she obeyed instantly. She felt something large move past her as she listened to what was going on around her.



"I am your death" spoke a voice it was so quiet and calm and deadly yet held a deep and mature quality that Yuki found slightly arousing even in her current situation.


Yuki almost opened her eyes as the screaming began, she heard her attackers try to run but they stopped suddenly followed be screams and wet flesh sounds as they fell to the ground obviously dead. She was shivering in fear and screamed when arms wrapped around her hoisting her into a bridal carry. The events of the night where too much as she passed out unknowingly in her saviors arms.

Naruto grinned slightly as he carried the unconscious woman in his arms 'hmm she's 18 I guess and she smell's nice pure, my guess would be she's a virgin what you think fuzz butt?'

"Well I think you could have some fun with her before we leave, I finally figured out how to do that world teleportation thing so we can do it tomorrow or whenever"

'hmm sounds good, oh where home chat later fox'


Yuki woke up remembering her horrible nightmare, then she looked around "Where the hell?" she said out loud as she realized she was in apparently nicely furnished cave.

"Oh your in my home"

Yuki screamed whipped around a froze, she stared and stared at the man who had spoke not realizing the slight amount of drool making its way down her chin or the growing dampness between her legs. She liked what she saw, the man behind her had to be a solid six foot six maybe even taller and appeared to be about twenty or twenty one in age he had a chiseled face that was extremely handsome, however six long perfectly positioned scars on his cheeks gave his face a feral quality. He had long blonde hair with blood red tips that reached down to the small of his back and electric blue eyes. He wore a sleeveless vest which was open in the front displaying an impressive set of muscles. Yuki snapped out of it not because he said something but because her body made her do something, moan with desire. She was utterly mortified when the man chuckled seemingly pleased with her reaction.

"You okay now hime, no lasting damage I hope?" she shook her head not trusting her voice.

"Incase your wondering what happened, I saved you from those men" her eyes widened as she stared at his face not catching a hint of deception "why did I save you? Its quite simple really this is my forest" it took her a few seconds to register what he had said and then her eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. She had been saved by the famous and fabled guardian.

She passed out.

She awoke again a few minutes later and stared at the man who was currently facing away from her, 'okay what to do'

Just then her inner pervert came into being 'lets reward him eh?'

'WHA-WHAAAT!!!! I can't do that I'm a virgin'

'yeah so what better way to lose it then to a totally hunk of a man who most likely has lots and lots of experience in having sex'

'I'm not s-sure'

'get off your ass and FUCK HIM GIRL'

Yuki nodded slowly to herself, she stood and walked over to him she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned against his broad back. She let her instincts and desires take control as she licked his ear and whispered "I think you need a reward mister hero".

Naruto grinned to himself as the girl propositioned him eagerly, he turned slightly and grinned at her.

The next thing Yuki knew she was completely naked and being lowered to the floor by an equally as naked savior. Her eyes closed and she moaned loudly as he suckled on her neck leaving a red shiny love bite behind, he chuckled to himself at her little moans and sighs as he kissed his way down to her breasts. She gasped and clutched at his head as he sucked her nipple into his mouth, her moans began to echo around the cave as she fisted her hands in his hair. Moments later he put a hand on her other breast and began to squeeze it and play with the nipple, this earned further moans he next slipped his spare hand down between her legs and in-between her folds noticing how wet she was before he found her clit and began to play with it.

Yuki moaned loudly as Naruto made her feel incredible, this was nothing compared to her own hands not even that one time she had lesbian sex with her best friend measured up to this. She groaned slightly as his mouth left her breasts, she then realized for a split second she didn't know his name "wa-wait please?"

"Whats wrong?"

"We don't even know each others names"

"HAHAHAHA oh man hehe kinda dumb huh well I'm Naruto"


Naruto smirked slightly as he got back to work and eventually reached her pussy, he smiled as he parted her lips slightly before he dived in with his tongue. Yuki cried out at the sudden intrusion but soon began to call out Naruto's name and buck into his face as he licked her inside walls. She began to twitch as an incredible amount of pressure had built up in her stomach "OOOOOOH GOD"

Naruto opened his mouth wide and swallowed as much as he could; he smiled as he looked up at Yuki's stunned and flushed face "you taste good" if she hadn't already been red faced she would have become at that statement, she muttered incoherent gibberish for a few seconds as she came down from her high.

Naruto chuckled as Yuki slowly brought her eyes back into focus and stared at him in wonder "What's wrong?"

"That was incrediable"

"Yeah however there is a problem"


"If I continue you will most likely never have it as good as I can do, it sounds arrogant and makes me look like an asshole I know but its happened before"

Yuki frowned and came to a decision "Who cares?" Naruto smirked and moved up her body giving her a passionate kiss as he lined up with her. He looked in her eyes and she gave him a nod he plunged in.

Yuki screamed and bit down on Naruto's shoulder as the pain coursed through her, she had expected pain but not this much then as it slowly began to subside she realized it was due to the face that he was massive. He watched her and wiped away a couple of tears, she smiled at him slightly as the pain continued to fade, he kissed her and she kissed him back eagerly. He pulled back and got a nod he began to slowly shaft in and out of her she was soon moaning and clutching at him clawing him occasionally even though it healed right after, he increased his rhythm slowly in a steadily increasing tempo.

Naruto chuckled to himself as she screamed out his name and tightened around his large member he however wasn't done he continued on and on and Yuki had at least three more orgasms before he finally came with her.

Yuki screamed out as yet another earth shattering orgasm ripped through her, she fell back as Naruto leaned over her panting slightly a light sheen of sweat on his skin. Yuki had utterly collapsed as Naruto pulled out her very slowly and laid down next to her "w-wow" Naruto laughed.

"if you think we're done you got another thing coming yuki-hime" Yuki looked over at him both fear and lust shining in her eyes, Naruto chuckled to himself as he began to rise again and Yuki noticed with an almost hungry look in her eyes. Naruto smirked as he moved.


Yuki winced as she walked with a pronounced limp with the pounding she had received last night she actually couldn't walk but Naruto had healed her but he couldn't heal all of it, but she had to admit it was a pleasant soreness. She topped the hill and looked down at her home village, she looked over her shoulder at Naruto who had carried her most of the way. "Let me give you a parting gift Naruto-sama" Naruto's eyes widened at the added suffix as he was pushed against a tree and hands quickly undid his belt and pushed his pants down. Naruto gasped as he was engulfed in a warm damp place, he grinned slightly as Yuki began to give him a blowjob he hadn't let her do this last night the entire night being simply him pleasuring her.

Yuki moaned as she fingered herself while sucking on Naruto's dick, she soon realized she would never get the whole thing in her mouth and began to rub the parts that she couldn't get in her mouth.

Naruto moaned loudly as wet slurping sounds reached his ears, he was going to blow "y-yuki-hime I'm gonna…OH GOD" Yuki's eyes widened as his dick began to twitch in her mouth and hands, he exploded in her mouth and she swallowed it all eagerly. She stood and wiped of her chin and grinned at him "you taste good as well" Naruto grinned back at her.

"Thanks for this Yuki-hime"

Yuki smiled slightly "do you think I could visit sometimes?" Naruto sighed sadly making Yuki worry.

"No because I'm leaving this world tonight" Yuki's eyes began to fill with tears until Naruto kissed her. "I-I don't want you to die Naruto"

"I'm not dieing merely leaving this world, I've lived in this world since the day I was born which was about two thousand years ago Yuki, I'm tired of this world I'm going to a new one to have new adventures" Yuki smiled sadly at him then kissed him once again. She smiled at him and began to walk down to her village, not turning back knowing somehow that would make it harder on both of them.


"Hey kit before you leave we should change your age make you younger eh?"

"How much younger?"

"Lets say 15"


Naruto grimaced as a slight pain went through his body and he lost a couple of inches in height, Naruto sighed as he drew out a giant seal and charged it with Chakra, he stepped into the centre and activated it there was flash of white and he was gone.


Naruto groaned it felt like he was floating, he opened his eyes and uttered a single sentence "aww fuck" he was at least a hundred feet of the ground in mid air. He screamed as he neared the ground and impacted with a loud crunch.

A black cat walked leisurely through a forest seemingly in no hurry to reach her destination where ever that might be, suddenly a flash of white light in the sky startled her she looked at where it had been through a gap in the trees and was surprised what looked like a person falling from it the person began to scream and even from where she was almost a kilometer away she could hear the crunch of impact and it made her wince. The black cat began to run (I dunno what the hell you call it with a cat a gallop?) in the direction of the…ahem landing she soon arrived at the edge of a clearing where the person had landed and was slightly shocked to see a tall blonde teenager getting out of a crater seemingly unfazed by a landing that would kill normal people.

The strange teen looked around for a moment before beginning to talk to himself and apparently getting a response. "Hmm better explore eh Kyuubi?" the boy nodded to himself and made a weird T shape with his fingers, he then frowned dropped his hands and tried again, his eyes glazed over before opening wide in shock "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN I'VE GOT NO CHAKRA?"


"oh" The blonde seemed to faze out again as the cat watched on in amazement.

Meanwhile inside Naruto's mind.

"So your telling me when we got here all my chakra was converted to this Reiatsu stuff which has to do with my spirit, so its basically spirit energy and that you still have chakra but any of it that leaks over will convert to Reiatsu but I still heal thanks to your chakra."


"Can I still use the tails?"

"I dunno but do you really need to?"

"Probably not but why did it convert?"

"Most likely its because chakra is your world equivalent of personal energy or what ever you want to call it, this worlds is this spirit stuff so to fit in it must have converted over, don't know how but it did so don't worry about it".

Naruto nodded to himself as he tuned back into the world he sensed something behind him, he whipped round and jumped a good twenty feet back in a single jump as he was faced by some monster with a white bone like face.

The cat watched as the blonde seemed to have a conversation within his own mind, the feline hissed when a large white faced creature appeared behind the blonde boy. The kid snapped out of it and turned around facing the creature, the cat watched in some surprise as the boy leapt over twenty feet back with pure muscle power.

Naruto watched the creature warily as it stared at him, it spoke

"Hmm you have much energy I'm going to enjoy eating your soul" his eyes widened at the thought of it eating his soul and this gave it the chance to strike. It launched itself at him and he just managed to dive out of the way by pure reflex he kicked out sending the creature flying. It landed heavily and slowly got back up growling.

"to kill it you have to smash its mask"

He didn't know who had said that as it had definitely not been Kyuubi so he decided to follow its advice. The monster launched itself at him and he got ready to strike.

The cat had decided to at least give the kid a chance on his own to fight off the creature, the cat watched as the kid readied himself and the monster launched itself at him. The cat watched as the kid launched a punch at the monsters mask and almost fell over in shock when the kid's fist blasted almost straight through the mask. The guy was just standing there with half his arm inside the monsters face.

Naruto smirked to himself as he drove his fist straight through the creatures mask, he didn't need Tsunade-bachan's version of strength he had his own. The creature screamed and seemed to fade away into dust, the voice spoke again "Well that was unexpected" he whipped round and spotted the voices owner…a cat?.

"A cat?"


"Well wouldn't be the first time, what's your name?" The cat face faulted at the fact this wasn't the first time he'd encountered a talking animal 'there is no way this guys met any of my family, is there?' "uhh its Yoruichi Shihouin"

"Wow not even Gamakichi has a second name"


"Oh well you see uhh, are you a summon creature?"

"uhh no I've never heard of summons before"

"Oh then what are you, can all cats in this world talk, and what was that thing?"

Yoruichi sweat dropped at his obvious excitement and enthusiasm, "Uhh no I'm special and that was a Hollow" the boy suddenly froze and gave her a sly look, "I bet your special what do you really look like?" Yoruichi froze and stared at the boy in shock, he had seen through her spirit form. She smirked inwardly she would figure out exactly who this boy was later for now she would surprise him, she changed.

Naruto watched as the cat changed and suddenly a woman was standing before him, she was tall slightly taller than him at his current age with chocolate colored skin, yellow colored eyes and dark purple hair. He then noticed she was naked and his eye widened taking in her near flawless skin large breasts with dark nipples a neatly trimmed patch of hair above her entrance, he smiled.

Yoruichi smirked a she watched the teenager in front of her examine her appearance she grinned in anticipation of a sudden large and powerful nosebleed when she saw his eyes widen. However she was also taking him into appraisal, he was tall taller than her at least five foot nine maybe five foot ten, when he stopped growing he would tower over her, he had long blonde hair with red tips that reached his shoulders and thin lines on his cheeks that looked almost like whiskers. His eyes where an deep blue, a vibrant and incredible color they seemed to look into her soul, all in all he was 'damm if he was older I'd be all over him'.

Her eyes widened when he smiled, there was a sudden rush of movement, Yoruichi gasped as she was slammed into a tree pinned there by the kids body. He was looking right in her eyes, she was mesmerized temporarily she would later berate herself ashamed that someone as powerful and skilled as her got lost in a handsome teens eyes so lost in fact that she didn't notice him lifting her legs and placing them around his waist.

She would also later learn that he was no teen.

Thoroughly aware of the beautiful naked woman he had pinned to a tree Naruto smiled it was time to play. "Want to play?" he asked with a slight growl to his voice as he pressed himself up against her, she gasped then glared at him obviously thinking that two could play at this game. His eyes widened when she disappeared.

Yoruichi smiled she wasn't the goddess of flash for nothing, she appeared behind him while mulling over what to do in her mind 'he's fast and strong, looks fifteen but by the look in his eyes he's a hell of a lot older, he's got one hot body and is definitely playful most likely experienced in both battle and…other matters, he's not a Shinigami that's for sure. He's not evil I can sense that much, though there is a darkness in his soul aww hell why not I haven't had sex in a long time'She appeared behind him trailed a hand across his cheek while nibbling slightly on his ear when she realized she didn't know his name

"What's your name handsome?"

"Naruto Uzamaki" She grinned as he turned and kissed her full on the lips. She deepened the kiss already noting he was good at it, she gasped in surprise when her tongue ran over the larger than usual canines he had. She moaned when his hands lightly traveled down her bare back and began to gently massage her ass. She pulled back and gestured at him "off" he grinned and quickly stripped, Yoruichi couldn't help herself as she stared. Going down from his wide well muscled chest to his rock hard abs and then below the waist. Her eyes widened and she licked her lips subconsciously as she observed the 'heavy artillery' before her.

Naruto smirked slightly as Yoruichi stared at his package, he moved forward again cupping one of her breasts as he kissed her, the cat woman moaned as he began to squeeze and mold her breast in his hand, he broke the kiss and began to lick and nibble his way along her neck until he chose a spot and began to suck leaving a nice red hickey behind.

Yoruichi moaned she was in ecstasy the kid was good, she gasped when he sucked a nipple into his mouth rolling it around with his tongue and then applying suction in alternating patterns while his other hand left the breast it had been playing with to slide down her stomach and in between her legs. She cried out and bucked against his hand as he slipped a finger inside of her quickly followed by another, while two fingers moved in and out of her his thumb toyed with her clit, this combined with his mouth alternating between each of her breasts drove her to the edge and then over it.

He chuckled to himself as he detached his mouth from her breast and felt her inner walls tightening considerably around his fingers she screamed, he loved it when they did that. Truth be told no matter how much Kyuubi complained about it no matter how much all his males friends told him he was insane, he much preferred to make a woman feel pleasure both physical and emotional than to get any sort of tactile sensation out of them. To be put bluntly he'd rather eat them out then have them suck him off rather make them blush with embarrassment when he said some compliment or some piece of innuendo than have them compliment him on his manners or body. However this in no way means he didn't like that stuff he just preferred it the other way round.

While the blonde was following this train of thought Yoruichi was slowly bringing herself down from her high 'whoa he's good with his hands, lets see what else he can do'. She however did not get to follow this thought with action just yet, he lifted his hand showing two fingers soaked in a clear liquid, he stuck one finger in his mouth staring in her eyes the entire time watching her face flush as he sucked and licked his finger clean. He was just about to put the other finger in his mouth when she grabbed his hand and encased the soaked digit in her own mouth. He was surprised to say the least, very few women enjoyed their own taste in his experience, he'd met quite a few but only two in his first fifty years of life Anko and Ino, but then again they had enjoyed each others as well, good times.

Naruto's eyes widened as he was pulled to earth by a certain not yet completely satisfied ex-Shinigami captain, at first he was on top of her but she rolled him over and ended up straddling him. No words where spoken as a chocolate colored hand wrapped around his shaft and guided him to her entrance. He slipped inside her deliciously tight warmth.

Yoruichi cried out to the heavens as they both began to move, she'd had sex before but never like this she'd never been so…filled before. She began to moved up and down as they both moaned, one of Naruto's hands latched onto her waist another onto a breast, they began to move together, she would fall to meet him and then she would rise, he would then rise to meet her and fall again. This was repeated over and over, Yoruichi didn't really know how long they had been at it as she had lost track of time. She felt it an enormous amount of pressure was building up in her stomach, she screamed as it was released. She cried out again as Naruto came adding even more to the sensation she was feeling, he groaned underneath her as she collapsed on top of him.

Yoruichi laid her head on his broad sweaty chest as the both gave great heaving breaths trying to calm their rapidly beating hearts, she felt his chest rumble as he chuckled "wow not many can keep up with me neko-hime" she smiled at the nickname.

Naruto ran his fingers through his lovers hair and heard a peculiar sound, he smiled when he realized Yoruichi was purring "I'd greatly love to continue this until you won't be able to walk right for a week but I believe we both need a place to stay, so we can sit somewhere warmer private and comfortable so I can tell my story and you yours" she nodded at this logic, she moved off Naruto but not before sliding her breasts across his chest and stomach an obvious reminder of what he was missing out on 'for now' he thought with a dry chuckle.

He stood and got dressed, he spotted Yoruichi changing into her cat form who then gave him a look that obviously said "follow me" he smiled. Naruto's face creased slightly in a frown when he heard a giggle in his mind, long ago to get the fox to leave him alone unless it was truly important or he was contacted Naruto had cut him a deal. He gave the fox the temporary ability to see, feel, smell, taste and hear all he did when he had sex, however sometimes this was cut to just sight if Naruto felt a real attachment or connection with the woman he was about to make love too as in this case.


Naruto whistled tunelessly as he looked down from a hillside near a large graveyard at Karakura town a part of a city called Tokyo, he was very glad that where ever he was they spoke his own language called Japanese here. He had been lucky he guessed, he followed the cat woman down a steep hill, the town was complex and large with so many strange things but he supposed he would have to get used to them for now he settled on ignoring all the different things he wanted to gawk at so he could look normal and fit in. Since it was night now it didn't generally matter but it was good practice.

Naruto was curious as they approached an out of the way shop with a sign reading Urahara shop he watched as Yoruichi changed into her human form and knocked on the door, she kept knocking until footsteps where heard. A little kid about 9 to 10 years old with red hair opened the door, he had a grumpy half asleep look on his face but immediately awakened upon seeing the stark naked woman before him, he did the only thing he could do he fainted.

Naruto chuckled as Yoruichi stepped over the boy seemingly without a care in the world, she took some clothes off a rack but didn't put them on however and gestured for Naruto to follow her. He stepped over the boy and closed the door leaving the kid where he was. They stepped into a small room near the back of the shop which was sparse except for a chair a small desk and a single bed. "Kisuke Urahara the owner of this shop leaves this room open incase I stop by, sit down and spill your story I hope its good I'd hate to have to kill someone who's so good under the covers". Naruto chuckled and sat in the chair.

Yoruichi watched him expectantly, he sighed and began his tale. He started with how he wasn't from this world, once he was sure he had her partially convinced of this he moved on to his real age, and then finally his life history including everything such as the Kyuubi.

Yoruichi had great difficult picking her jaw off the floor, the sheer insanity of his story was astonishing, not even the whole crossing worlds and being two thousand years old had fazed her that much. She was after all an ex Shinigami and knew people who where well over a thousand years old she was well over five hundred though she never did count it. The crossing worlds thing was a bit more difficult to swallow but she had decided it was believable and possible. However his life story, his accomplishments and his burdens where the hardest part to believe.

However this was not the most insane thing to her, oh no what was most insane was that she believed every single thing he had said. She groaned as she laid back trying to absorb it all "Tell you what foxy, you strip come over here and well entertain each other for a few hours and in the morning I'll teach you about this world". Naruto nodded as he quickly took off his shirt and pants and walked over to her.

Yoruichi would have the best night of sleep she's had for centuries.


To say Urahara was surprised at finding Jinta Hanakari passed out in the main shop was a slight understatement. He was just about to kick the boy awake when he muttered something in his sleep about a beautiful naked black woman, 'Yoruichi' he immediately forgot about the boy and sprinted to the shops spare room. He was ecstatic at seeing his old friend again, he pushed open the door about to bellow a hello when he froze. Yes Yoruichi was there, and she was in her human form sleeping she was completely naked with the sheets only covering from her hips down.

This was not what made him freeze she was lying on top of the chest of a tall well muscled blonde teen who was equally as naked and was currently smiling at him as if nothing was wrong. He gave the blonde a smile and a wink as he sat himself down in the single chair. The blonde gave Yoruichi a shake and she woke up groggily, "if you want another round give me a few minutes I'm still sore from last night" he chuckled while Urahara contained his laughter.

"Well okay, I just hope you don't mind an audience" Her eyes snapped open and she glared around the room spotting Urahara she relaxed lying back down on the teens chest and nuzzling into it purring contentedly "Well well Yoruichi I didn't know you where a pedophile" to his surprise the woman snorted.

"he's older than you Urahara"

The blonde in the bucket hat eye's widened at this, he threw a curious glance at the blonde. "Names Naruto Uzamaki, I'll tell you my story but on one condition"

"Name it?"

"Get me a cool hat like that except in black and white" Yoruichi looked at her lover in surprise while Urahara roared with laughter, Naruto tried to get up but Yoruichi was holding him down "I need to get up you know" she smiled and curled up on him much like a cat. "No you don't since I'm very comfortable here" Urahara watched and waited to see how Naruto would handle this.

To his great surprise a mischievous glint appeared in his eye and a very fox like grin appeared on his face, he lifted a hand and suddenly spanked the woman lying on top of him. Yoruichi's eyes widened as his hand connected sharply with her rear end while Urahara's jaw dropped, he spanked her again and she jumped off him hissing in anger. Urahara's jaw dropped further and his eyes bugged out when Naruto growled and snarled at the cat woman.

Yoruichi was mortified that the man she had come to greatly like had spanked her, she hissed something she only did when she was truly and royally pissed off. To her surprise and slight fear he began to growl at her, he snarled slightly a feral look passing over his face. It was then she noticed his pupils where slightly slitted, she then sensed it he was emitting an aura of dominance something she had never felt before; she fought against it as best she could but failed.

Urahara watched in shock as the two people hissed and growled in an obvious war for dominance like any two animals, he was however completely shocked when Yoruichi was the first to bow her head. Naruto leaned over and kissed her, while the significance of this act was lost and Urahara and would no doubt be lost on almost every other person on any planet in existence. It was not lost on Yoruichi, being a person closely tied to a kind of animal on ever level, her personality, the way her emotions and mind worked and in a few ways the way her body reacted instinctively. They had fought for dominance the way two strong animals would in a pack, however this was for the position in the relationship. Yoruichi to her shame, surprise and slight arousal had been the one to cave, the one to submit.

However when Naruto had kissed her, he had said quite clearly they where equals. This made her extremely happy, she grinned making a silent promise to reward Naruto later she dived under the covers hiding her naked form from sight, Naruto dressed and sat on the edge of the bed and retold his tale. She watched and giggled every now and then at Urahara's almost permanent shocked expression from Naruto's story.

Urahara just couldn't believe it, mostly it was the fact Yoruichi believed him, he introduced Naruto to the others who worked in and inhabited the store at times, they had figured it would be easiest to just say he traveled from another world was old and powerful. The morning did have some shocks however, Naruto had been freaked out by a blender blew up a microwave and started a fire with a toaster, Jinta had been unable to look at Yoruichi all day and when Ururu had mentioned it he had begun to hit her and pull her hair. However everyone had frozen in shock and in one case terror as Naruto yanked Jinta up by the front of his shirt and stared in his eyes.

Yoruichi watched as Naruto hauled the abusive boy off his feet and glared at him, "Why did you attack her?"

"S-she made fun of me"

"Ururu please repeat what you asked him"

"I-I asked J-jinta why he wasn't looking at Yoruichi"

"Hmm yep sounds like making fun to me, so why did you attack her?"

"I I don't know"

"Bad answer" to everyone's surprise who had been expecting violence, he merely hit the boy hard on the head making him yelp "Hopefully you learned two things today, Never ever disrespect women, secondly never hurt or attack people without a reason, do you understand?" Jinta nodded, Naruto smiled and ruffled the boys hair.

He turned seeing everyone's curious expressions, "he needed to learn respect, Ururu" the girl looked up from her depression obviously believing she had caused the altercation. "You need to learn to stand up to bullies, I'll show you how, Kisuke please stand up" the odd eccentric man stood up curious as to what would happen "this is how you deal with bullies Ururu" he turned and kicked Urahara right between the legs.

Ururu's eyes widened Jinta and Tessai both covered their own important objects, Yoruichi was laughing madly. "That's for letting this go on", Urahara nodded absently as he lay curled up on the floor crying silently. He turned and faced both Jinta and Ururu "I need you two to do me a favor, teach me about your world okay?" they nodded and after an hour of learning the ins and outs of the store they headed out into the street.

Five hours later of learning about cars, buses, plains, toasters and the joys of pizza Naruto had decided he liked this world a hell of a lot. Of course a certain dark skinned, voluptuous and willing cat woman had absolutely nothing to do with it…pfft yeah right. Naruto sighed slightly as he returned to the shop and settled down in the sole chair in his and Yoruichi's room, Urahara and Yoruichi had said they needed to tell him something.

He sat and watched as the cat woman stretched in a very feline manner while lying on the bed, Urahara was leaning against the wall he supposed it was fair, they had to take in he was from another world and was a two thousand year old ninja with a currently twelve thousand year old demon locked within his gut. However contrary to popular belief which is everyone's but the original designer of the seal, the fox was not actually locked up in Naruto's body, he was locked inside the boys pure soul. Naruto pondered the idea of a large force of Shinigami instead of just one, he decided to accept it.

"Well what do I do now with my life?"

Urahara spoke this time "since your fifteen you should go to school, I'll set you up with the necessary paperwork and you can work here in your spare time to earn money so you can own your own apartment. There is also a way for us to unlock your powers, I can feel it now for some strange reason you have Shinigami powers instead of just regular spiritual powers, but that will come much later I have to prepare for it. So it will take about a day to set you up at school and I can fix you with an apartment for now"

Naruto was stunned at his generosity "Why are you gonna do this for me Kisuke?"

"Two reasons, one Yoruichi would most likely hurt me very badly if I didn't" Naruto snickered while said woman grinned "second I'm very curious about you, about how powerful you will be and about how you will work out as a Shinigami, lets face it I'm a scientist at heart and you make me curious so I'm gonna figure you out and do what it takes to figure you out".

Naruto nodded and a maniac grin spread across his face, which was eerily similar to a eye patch wearing slightly insane Shinigami captain. "I am really growing to like this world"

The other two laughed.


Ichigo Kurasaki frowned, it was turning out to be just a normal day in his life with his father trying to assault him and getting beat up for it and then eating breakfast with his sisters and heading to school. However he had noticed someone his age that he had never seen before dressed in a school uniform hanging around, and Orihime was blabbering about some new person in the apartment across from her, who was apparently a new student. He was frowning because he had sensed something different about the one glance he got of the new guy, something powerful. He didn't know what it was but he guessed it was spiritual power like he had, ability to see ghosts and all that.

He ignored Keigo's posturing about something as someone else entered the room, he glanced towards then but turned to fully face them as he realized it was the new kid. The new guy was tall about as tall as Ichigo himself, he was broad shouldered and looked fit like a fighter. Ichigo noted he moved like a fighter too, stealthy quiet fast and graceful he was a blonde, but his hair had red tips and he had a set of weird faint scars on his cheeks. The guy smiled and walked up to Ichigo and his little group of Keigo, Chad and Mizuiro and held out his hand staring Ichigo right in the eyes "Hello I'm new here who are you guys?"

Ichigo grunted "my names Ichigo Kurasaki" a weird look flashed across Naruto's face "what going to make fun of my name?"

"Wouldn't dream of it I'd be a hypocrite my name is Naruto Uzamaki"

"Maelstrom huh?"

"Got that right….strawberry" Ichigo growled but he suppressed a grin at the twinkle in Naruto's eye "whatever fishcake" Naruto laughed and was quickly introduced to the rest of the gang. Ichigo had been greatly surprised at his reaction to Chad, he'd looked up into Chad's face and said simply "your not so big" and then shook his hand.

Tatsuki walked in feeling very good after smacking Chizuru around after she tried to molest Orihime once again, she spotted someone she didn't recognize and figured it was the new guy Orihime mentioned. He looked over his shoulder at her since he was talking with Keigo and gave her a dazzling smile, this large smile combined with deep blue twinkling eyes made her stomach do back flips. She fought down a blush and merely smiled in return, she froze when a strange look came into his eyes but dismissed it.

Orihime walked in and spotted the new boy she approached "Hello Naruto" the boy turned and beamed at her "Well if it isn't my new neighbor Orihime wasn't it?" she nodded and repressed the urge to touch the marks on his cheeks. She giggled and began to chat to him about different things, neither noticed the astonished looks sent Naruto's way because not only was he paying complete attention to Orihime's ramblings he had also agreed to try her cooking at lunch. Only Tatsuki noticed that Naruto was staring in her face not at her chest, unfortunately Chizuru walked in just then.

Tatsuki growled and got ready to move as Chizuru grabbed Orihime and dragged her backwards while screaming at Naruto about knowing his place or something like that. However she froze when she saw the look on his face.

The red headed lesbian, was livid some blonde idiot was talking to her Orihime. She was trying to comfort Orihime while ignoring her struggles when she heard a low growl.

Ichigo had dismissed the red head when he heard a growl his head snapped towards Naruto who was snarling silently, he moved. Fast. He walked right up into Chizuru's face glaring down at her the red head was obviously terrified as Naruto approached her. Ichigo's eyes widened when Naruto raised his fist.

Chizuru was shaking in fear Orihime forgotten when the blonde raised his fist, she closed her eyes expecting a savage blow but only felt a small and irritating flick o her forehead. Her eyes snapped open looking up into ice cold blue "Go" she fled to a seat on the otherside of the room.

Tatsuki and Ichigo where impressed with how he had used his presence along with body language to terrify Chizuru, fighters knew how to do that. Chad was thinking something along the same lines. The rest of the class was split between awe and terror. Soon the teacher arrived and the class sat giving occasional glances Naruto's way, who'd acknowledge with wave to the boys and a wink to the girls which ended up with the female populace blushing heavily by the end of lunch.


Ichigo was frowning more than usual, Chad had invited Naruto along with their group for lunch which Ichigo didn't mind but Naruto had been followed by Orihime and Tatsuki, which was slightly annoying but easily tolerable however soon the entire of the two girls group was joining the boys on the roof. However entertainment had apparently arrived.

Tatsuki watched fearfully as Orihime pulled a…thing out of her backpack and broke some of it off handing the smaller piece to Naruto. She snickered slightly when one of the girls mentioned all the food must go to Orihime's breasts, which Tatsuki like all the other girls was slightly jealous of her chest size, thou she would never admit it. She watched in surprise as Naruto popped the piece of food? In his mouth and chewed slowly then froze.

Ichigo's eyes widened as Naruto ate some of Orihime's food, he had done that once repeat once and figured it would be best if Naruto learned from experience. However he along with everyone else's jaws dropped when he swallowed and said "Wow, that's good can I have some more please Orihime-sama?"

Orihime blushed at the title. While others watched in awe and disgust as Naruto ate another large chunk of whatever it was Orihime had made. They eventually got used to it no matter how disturbing; however trouble was brewing its name…Keigo.

Keigo was muttering under his breath about the unfairness of the world when he decided to do something about it. Food was sent flying when he leapt up screaming and pointing a finger at Naruto "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?"


Everyone was staring at Keigo in shock, as his outburst continued "who do you think you are turning up here and trying to have your way with all these pretty girls?"

"I'm not 'having' my way with them, unless they want me to that is" Naruto replied in a calm voice while smiling slightly Keigo growled as a couple of girls blushed. However before he could continue Naruto spoke again, "You don't need to worry Keigo, I'm not some random lecher plus I think I've already got a girl its just not official yet" everyone froze.

Several girls including Orihime and Tatsuki to their own shock where very disappointed to hear he was already with a girl, Keigo turned from righteous fury to lecherous curiosity. "So this girl what is she like, how far have you gotten with her eh?" he sidled up to Naruto who grinned mischievously. "She's fantastic tons of fun to be around and very playful, and you asked how far I've gotten with her right?" Keigo nodded and Naruto smiled.

"well I'm not a virgin if that's what your asking"

The reactions where unique, the girls froze Tatsuki dropped her drink and Orihime almost choked on her food, Keigo fell over while Ichigo sprayed his drink all over Mizuiro who spluttered and choked while trying to avoid getting sprayed. Chad just stared, Naruto chuckled took a sip of a can of soft drink and said "I'm not lying" and laughed again. The others soon recovered.

Tatsuki asked a simple question "what do your parents say about this?"

"Nothing I'm an orphan" Tatsuki looked down in embarrassment obviously sorry but she looked up when she heard a gasp. Jealousy spiked into her when she saw Orihime hugging Naruto her more than ample breasts pressing up against his arm. He gave her a small smile "its alright I'm fine with it, lived with my guardian up until a while ago and moved into my own apartment which is right across from Hime's here". No one asked anymore serious questions of the blonde, they all began to chat with each other Naruto and Ichigo occasionally swapping barbed remarks at each other.

'oh yeah I'm really liking this world'


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