Forbidden Love

Warnings: Yaoi, angsty and character death(suicide)

Disclaimer: I don't own anything other than the plot. FOP belongs to Butch Hartman and the song is 'May It Be' by Enya.(I strongly suggest listening to that song while reading this fic)

An epilogue for my story 'He Thought He Knew' This is how it goes...1:The Unforgettable Dance, 2:He Thought He Knew, 3:Forbidden Love(This fic)

Dark, sightless sapphire eyes scanned the empty park. Winds passed through making the petite figure sitting on the bench clutch onto his jacket tighter. Unwashed, tangled burnette hair flipped in the wind without restraint. Dirty jeans covered the tiny knees that were huddled against the flat chest. The boys head was placed in between the knees as small thin arms encircled them.

Timmy Turner blinked once letting the two tears he had been holding back roll down his pale face. He listened as the wind blew through the countless trees, the cold cutting into him like a blade. He stared into the darkness. He raised his gaze up into the night sky. He saw the crescent moon and the stars glow through the dark. He took a deep breath letting the oxygen flow through his lungs enabling him life. He lowered his gaze watching the grass billow in the wind. He then closed his eyes allowing his other sense to be peaked.

He heard the wind blow. He smelled the scent of the newly mowed grass. He felt his hands shaking. He tasted the metallic tang of blood.

I thought he loved me...

Timmy felt his heart rip in his chest. His fingers dug into the skin of his palm to where they they turned white. He bit down on his lip so hard that another drop of blood invaded his mouth. He soon felt his entire body shaking as he tried to restrain himself from not crying out in pain.

Was it really all a lie...?

Tears prickled at the corners of his eyes. But what was the use of crying? He had been crying for three days straight now. It wasn't gonna make anything better. It wasn't gonna take away the painful memory. It wasn't gonna make Cosmo come back to him. So he held back the tears. Why should his last moments on this earth be sad? He took a deep breath and withdrew something from his pocket.

I wonder if he'd miss all...

He took out a knife. He clutched the handle tightly as he watched the moonlight reflect off the stainless blade. He looked at it with a inhuman curiosity. He imagined cutting deep into his wrists letting the blood flow freely. He imagined his entire body growing numb from the huge blood loss. He imagined his vision growing fuzzy. Imagined himself letting the darkness take him away to a better place. He imagined the police finding his body. Imagined the visit to his parents telling them what had happened. He imagined Jorgen telling Cosmo and Wanda...he imagined Wanda's pained expression but also saw Cosmo face show surprise then he saw his god parent smile, glad to know that his responsibility was dead.

He let his feet hit the soft ground below him. He looked back up into the sky.

"May it be an evening star, shines down upon you" he sang to himself letting the words pass gracefully beyond his chapped lips.

"May it be when darkness falls, your heart will be true" he twirled the knife in his hands.

"You walk a lonely road, oh how far you are from home" he let a single tear fall down his face landing on the smooth surface of the blade.

"Darkness has come, believe and you will find your way" he let his tongue run along his lips tasting the dried blood.

"Darkness has fallen, a promise lives within you now" his heart tore itself up inside his chest.

"May it be the shadows call, will fly away" he let memories flow through his mind, reminding himself of all the good times he had had with his one true love.

"May it be you journey on, to light the day" he remembered his first kiss. That night before the dance. He and Cosmo dancing in the moonlight.

"When the night is overcome, you may rise to find the sun" he remembered the many dates Cosmo had taken him on through the five years they had been together.

"Darkness has come, believe and you will find your way" he remembered laying on the couch cuddling up against his love, both just happy because they had each other.

"Darkness has fallen, a promise lives within you now" he remembered them telling Wanda. Seeing her face light up in happiness because the two had found someone to love.

"A promise lives within you now..." but then all his good memories turned bad.


Timmy threw his bag onto the floor of his room as he yelled with a big smile "Cosmo! I'm home!" He soon heard a poof behind him and he quickly turned around to face his green haired lover. Cosmo was staring at the floor so Timmy couldn't see his face but this didn't matter to him as long as he was there. Timmy smiled bigger at the sight of his love and he cheerfully bounced across the room to fling his arms around the other and planting a firm yet passionate kiss on the others lips as usual.

But Cosmo was anything but cheerful as he didn't kiss back as he normally would've. Timmy leaned back looking into his face with a worried expression and asked "Cosmo? Is something wrong?"

Cosmo's face turned grim as he turned his head refusing to look at Timmy. "It's over" he said bluntly. Timmy blinked not getting what Cosmo was trying to say "What do you mean?" Cosmo shook his head and repeated "It's over, Timmy"

Timmy's eyes widened as he finally figured out what the green haired fairy god parent was getting at. He whispered " can't mean that."

"Why not?!" Cosmo yelled struggling to get out of his god child's clutches. But Timmy just clung onto him more tightly "Because you love me! Because I love you!" Cosmo was shaken by the desperate tone in his loves voice but he ignored it and said "Love? Ridiculous!"

"You told me countless of times about how much you loved me! How could you-" "IT WAS ALL A LIE!" Cosmo yelled interupting his gochild's rage.

Timmy gasped at the sudden outburst and soon he felt tears prickle in his eyes. "No..." he whispered faintly suddenly he took Cosmo's face into his hands and kissed him once more except this time more passionately than before. He tried to show every bit of his love through the kiss but it faltered when he felt Cosmo not even try to kiss back. He let the kiss end but held onto Cosmo looking him directly in the eye demanding "Look me in the eye and tell me you don't love me. Tell me it was all a lie."

Cosmo's expression grew even colder as he looked back at his former lover and said faintly, with his voice trembling "I don't love you. It was all a lie."

Cosmo pushed Timmy away and took several steps before stopping, unable to turn around to look at him. Cosmo whispered "We both knew this was gonna happen sooner or later. Don't make this any harder than it already is." Cosmo turned around and immediately regretted it. Timmy stood there on shaking knees, his sapphire eyes wide with sorrow and pain. Tears streaked down his face, he was biting his lip so hard that Cosmo soon saw a single drop of blood fall down his chin and land on the floor below.

Suddenly an anger rose in Timmy's eyes as he retaliated "It didn't have to be!" He expression turned soft once again as he slowly approached Cosmo, pleading, begging "It doesn't have to be this way!"

"Yes it does!" Cosmo snapped.

"Why?!" asked Timmy. Cosmo felt his entire body go numb. He looked at Timmy wanting more than anything to embrace him, kiss away the tears and tell him that it was all a cruel joke but he couldn't. He felt tears descend but refused to let them fall. He felt his heart break and shatter as he lied "Because we were never meant to be."

He watched more tears stream down Timmy's face. He finally stepped forward wanting to comfort him "I still love you Timmy, but only as a godfather could love a godchild. Nothing more...nothing less."

He walked closer and was about to place a hand on his shoulder when he felt a horrible pain on his cheek. For being pretty dumb it only took him a moment to realize that Timmy had slapped him. He actually slapped him so hard the noise echoed through the room. Cosmo's hand immediately went o his already red, stinging cheek as he looked at Timmy with a surprised expression. He knew Timmy knew how to throw a punch but he didn't know he could slap that hard.

He saw all the pain and sadness in his eyes had been formed into anger and soon heard him say dangerously low "Don't bother! You don't have to worry about me anymore, Cosmo I...I-I HATE YOU!" and with that Timmy stormed out of the room slamming the door behind him leaving Cosmo in his own thoughts.


After that meeting with Cosmo, Timmy had ran away to the only person he could've counted on at that moment, Remy Buxaplenty. Remy had allowed him to stay at his mansion while Timmy was getting over Cosmo. He had stayed there for three days. His parents tried to call his cell phone but he never picked it up. Soon he was reported as lost and he knew everyone was looking for him. Remy made sure no one found Timmy as Wandisimo made sure that Cosmo and Wanda stayed away as well.

Timmy repeatedly thanked Remy for his help but Remy always just told him no problem and told him to get more sleep. Within those 3 days he had sat in the mansion thinking. He tried, he really tried to get over Cosmo, but no matter what he did or thought he always came back to him and it always left his heart tearing in pain. One time he started crying so badly Remy finally just held him and let him scream his heart out. After three days...he couldn't take it anymore.

The moonlight now shone upon his pale face, giving it an eerie look. He closed his eyes savoring the light as if it were Cosmo touching his face. "Too bad I never really got to grow up. It was always them that stopped me" he whispered to himself.

He lifted the knife with his hand staring silently at the blade. "I wish...I wish he could truly love the way he used to."

He smiled as he placed the knife along his wrist "But I guess that's against Da Rules too, huh?" He pushed the knife down gliding it over his vein. He gasped at the sudden pain that shot through his arm but soon it grew numb as he sliced open his other wrist. The knife fell to the soft ground, now bloodied with a dark red. Blood gushed from both his wrists staining the sleeves of his jacket. Just as he had imagined, his body grew numb, his vision soon became fuzzy and soon it was hard to keep his eyes open. He slowly laid down upon the bench letting his back touch the bottom as he gazed into the sky for the last time, letting it be his last sight.

He eventually closed his eyes letting himself slip into the darkness. He smiled holding onto his last memory of his dear Cosmo's smiling, goofy face.

'This isn't so bad...' he thought as he finally submitted taking his last breath.


Remy walked through the hallways of his mansion in a slow stride. He had just come back from Timmy's house, trying to assure Timmy's parents that he didn't know anything about the whereabouts of their son. Wandisimo had come with him and when they had talked with Cosmo and Wanda both were especially cold to both of them. It was true that he and Timmy didn't have the best past together but he still cherished Timmy as a good rival and friend. And even though Wandisimo still loved Wanda he couldn't forgive her or Cosmo for what they had done to Timmy.

Suddenly Remy heard a poof behind him and he heard "Are you going to check upon Timmy?"

Remy turned around to see a very masculine man standing in front of him with a worried expression on his face. "Yes" he replied "But if I am correct there won't be a need to." He saw Wandissimo's eyes widen at the statement "You don't think he would...?"

Remy nodded his head "I do...and I wouldn't blame him."

Wandisimo soon poofed them both into the room that Timmy had been staying in and found that it was empty, just as Remy had predicted. They both looked around and it wasn't long till they found the note under the pillow of the bed.

Remy opened it and read it aloud...

'Dear Remy,

Thank you for everything you've done for me in the past three days. You've helped me in more ways than I can count. But as you may know I just can't live any longer knowing that everything had been a lie. I'm sorry to say that by the time you've read this I'll probably already be dead. Look for me in the park. It was where Cosmo took me on our first official date. Call the cops. Tell them you found my body in the park and let them take me to the hospital.

Tell my parents...I'm sorry and that I love them very much. Tell Wanda that I wish her best of luck with her future god children and that I love her also. Tell Cosmo...that it may have been just a lie to him but to me it wasn't. Even if it was all fake, tell him that I'm grateful that I was able to experience it. Tell him that I lied three days ago. I don't hate him. I couldn't hate him if I wanted to. Tell him I love him. I'll love him till the day I die and beyond.

Thank you once again Remy, you too Wandisimo,

Timmy Turner

Remy folded the letter back and held it to his chest. He looked up at Wandisimo with a sad expression "Come on...we have a body to find."

I made Timmy commit suicide...COOL! okay not so cool but I had read 5 different one shot suicide fics that I got into an angsty mood and came up with this. Don't hate me, I know it sucks but let me know if you want me to make this a two-shot, okay?