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Chapter One

When Joey came back to Domino he wasn't alone, he had his little boy with him. Joey had left Domino four years ago because of a terrible fight that he and Seto had and he packed his things and went to America specifically to New York, where he had an Aunt Pearl and Uncle George and lived with them till he could find a job.

Joey was a talented artist and got a friend of the family showed an art critic Joey's work and he soon had several of his pieces in an Art Gallery and they brought in a few thousand dollars, so he started painting more and soon had a more people interested in his work.

Jenny was a very nice young woman who had a very abusive boyfriend who finally left her penniless and pregnant and when Joey found her in the park he decided to find a place to live and asked "her to come live with him, no strings attached." No one had ever been that nice to her and she broke down and cried and she finally did accept Joey's help. They became really good friends and she even when she found out that he was gay. Jenny was about two months along then and he found her a good doctor and because he was making money and could afford to give her the best medical care around.

Jenny loved Joey like a brother and she vowed to pay him back every cent after she had her baby and found a job. Joey's Aunt and Uncle loved Jenny as one of the family and they often spent time visiting them. As Jenny's pregnancy progressed she became more tired and one day when she was having her monthly check-up the Doctor found an abnormality in her blood work and discovered that she had a rare form of Leukemia, and "he advised her to abort her baby so that she could start Chemotherapy" but Jenny refused and asked him "will I be able to carry this baby to full term and be able to deliver it?" Her Doctor told her that "he didn't know but if that's what she wanted to do, he would do all he could do to try and make sure that she was able to."

Jenny told Joey what the Doctor found and as he cried, she held him in her arms and softly said "hey, I know that I will be alright." Jenny was put on complete bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy and Joey hired two very good Nurses to come and stay with her when he wasn't there and as her pregnancy progressed she did get weaker and when she was at full term, she was barely able to sit up by herself. One thing that Jenny did with Joey's Uncle's help, she made out a Will and had Joey named as the father of her baby and if anything happened to her, he was to going to be able to raise the baby himself. By the time she was at full term, Jenny wasn't able to sit up by herself and the Doctor delivered the baby a little boy by C-section and as she held her son for the first and only time, she smiled up at Joey who was by her side and she whispered "Joey isn't he beautiful?" With tears running down his face he said "he sure is." Jenny was kept lived for three days and then she did die, leaving Joey to raise their son alone.

On the Birth Certificate he was listed as the baby's father and he named him Daniel James Wheeler, Daniel James because Jenny had said if the baby was a boy that's what she wanted to name the baby. So that began Joey's journey, raising his son alone and loving every minute. When his Aunt and Uncle got to old to help him, he decided to move back to Domino and stay with his mother and sister and they loved the idea of it. When he got back to Domino all his friends were there to greet him, all except for Seto whom he heard had become a very bitter man. Would the news of Joey being back make Seto change? Only time would tell.

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