Naruto's family


During the time when the nine demons still roamed, before they were sealed, twochildren were born. A boy and a girl. They were twins

One day a raging demon tried to destroy their village. Their father took the young boywith him while on patrol. When he came across the demon, he sealed it using a sealing jutsu on his son

When the sealing jutsu was done, all that was left was a crying baby boy and his deadfather. In honor of the man who saved the village the people gave him a funeral fit for thehokage and thus naming The Fourth Hokage.

The boy was later named an orphan. He was given the surname of Uzumaki. He kept hisfirst name given to him by his father which was Naruto. Most of the villagers never even knewthat the Fourth Hokage sealed the demon within his own son. Only a small hand full knew. ThusNaruto Uzumaki was born.

Miles a wayin a temple sat the boy's sister, lying in a the center of a sacred circle. Around the girl were several priests. Among them was the girl's mother, performing hand seals needed to complete the releasing jutsu to take the dragon out of her.

When the releasing jutsu was done, they resealed the dragon in a dragon shaped rubynecklace. Beside the ruby necklace lay another necklace, but instead of ruby, it was citrine, thejewel color of orange.

After that the mother took her child and the two necklaces to her homevillage. There she named her child. The child's name was Sakura Haruno.

During the years, both children spent their lives with no clue of how close they really are.

Yep my first fanfic. I'll upload this story weekly and ounce this is done I'll explain the the power Sakura has in the next one.