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Spoiler: Pete and Kerry are in it, so anything from Chimera to Threads may be included (this goes for the future chapters as well)

Why do I do this to myself? I just finished Fruit Juice and here I am madly bashing away at my laptop trying to get as much of this story down as possible. Not many people like Pete I've noticed...I feel sorry for the poor guy really...when your girlfriend is in love with another man...and a man that she cannot have, it must be pretty damn hard. Not much Pete bashing I'm afraid in this, sorry to all you Pete haters out there.

The Pete Files

I can see it in her eyes. When he walks into the room, they light up in a way that I can't make them. She talks about him all the time, I know then too, she loves him, with everything she is. The way her mouth tugs into a smile whenever she talks about him, and even when she isn't, I know she's thinking about him, because that same smile graces her face. I can't make her smile like that, and god only knows I've tried too. I knew right from our first date when she wouldn't stop talking about him, I knew from that moment, but I'm still here. She doesn't love me, I know that, her mind tells her she loves me, but her heart doesn't feel the same, her heart belongs to him. Me? I'm the opposite, my heart loves her, my heart belongs to her, but my mind knows that I could never compete. That I'm merely a distraction. Maybe if she would listen to her heart, she could be happy. The kind of happy that I try to make her, but know I never can. She's too much of a scientist though, listening to her heart would mean ignoring logic and in Sam Carter's mind, logic is everything. Maybe if I listened to my mind I could let go of her, but my heart keeps over-riding my mind. I'll stay, for as long as her logic, as long as her mind, denies her heart. It will hurt when she realizes the truth, that she is in love with Jack O'Neill. It will hurt me more, but I love her enough to let her go.

Maybe one day, Sam Carter's heart will win the argument, and she can have her Jack O'Neill, because, she deserves happiness, and I know in my mind that she can only find it with Jack O'Neill.

Coming soon (as in, as soon as I get it uploaded and formatted properly) 'The Kerry Files'.