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Rating: K

Spoiler: Jolinar's memories? (The one where they are on Netu...it's a blink and you'll miss it spoiler)

Here you are then, the fluffy ending. Honestly, a persian cat has nothing on this ending.

The Cassie Files

Something changed on that trip. Something defining for them both. Daniel and Teal'c were very cryptic about the whole thing, they merely smiled at each other and said the fishing was excellent. How odd. Of course the cat was well and truly out of the bag the next month. I decided to surprise Sam one weekend and should walk out of her bedroom? But Jack O'Neill in a pair of boxer shorts. I don't think I've ever heard Jack swear before them. Of course him swearing bought Sam out, in only a shirt. I don't think I've ever seen her blush that furiously. God it was funny. I of course was deliriously happy. After all if anyone deserves to be happy, it's those two. They've been to hell and back (literally and figuratively) together. Together they have traversed the stars, discovered wonders and seen things that few people can even dream of. These two are bound to each other. Mum used to talk about them as if the were a single entity, always mentioning one and the other in the breath. Jack and Sam. See how easy that rolls off the tongue? Simple. Basic. I'm not naïve. I know love isn't simple. They prove that. But it's still nice to know that something as basic as love in its purest form can still exist in this world.

And, as I sit, my eyes on the happy couple as they sway gently to a magic of their own making (gee, I could romance novels with talk like that!), I can't help but grin. Jack is resplendent in his formal wear, his long lean lines accentuated by the clean cut uniform, and Sam is just gorgeous, the smooth cream satin of her dress hides the swell of her belly, thanks to some rather last minute alterations by her (panicking) dressmaker. Mum once said that love was sacred, something to hold on to and cherish for all time (normally this was after one of her chick flick nights with Sam, so I dunno…maybe soppy romance was on her head) It is sacred and you should hold onto it. It just took Jack and Sam a little longer than most people to realise that (8 years!) and a further 2 years and an act of congress later…here we are!. Now they can love freely. It's been an incredible 10 years, and not just Jack and Sam, but for everyone else. Daniel is with Sarah, and Teal'c is with Ishta. Love isn't basic. They all have sacrificed, and lost and felt pain. Love is a learning curve. A journey. An adventure. An incredible, amazing, awe-inspiring adventure. Some say that the end is your reward. But I think the journey is the real reward. It may hurt, it may take a long time. But you can learn so much in every single moment. After all, there can be no end without the journey. This isn't the end of Jack and Sam's journey. This is merely the beginning for two people who deserve eternal happiness. The Universe owes them that much at least.

-sighs- There, you guys got your fluff ending.

Hope you liked it :)