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Author's note: This is something like a journal that Tonks herself has written. So, potentially there will be about 53 Journal entries. The idea for the story came as I was watching Bridget Jones's Dairy. Most of the journal entries will be doubled up so it won't be so long.

1 Year in the Life of Nymphadora Tonks


Fifty – two weeks equalling up to one year in this crazy thing called life. There have been good times and there have been bad times, but all in all I would not change one second of it.

First Entry...First 7 days of the New Year

Before I get caught up in explaining a huge plan on how to get Remus to love me, and how we were meant for each other; I should probably explain how I got this journal and how I met Remus...again.

You see, every year my parents hold a New Year's party and they invite all neighbours (well, okay...some of the neighbours), and a lot of family friends from the last order that survived the wickedness of the last war. This was an extremely happy ending to the year; my favourite and NOT evil cousin Sirius (who happens to be innocent of all charges that he has been accused of by the ministry) has broken out of Azkaban (the wizard prison). He will be moving into his parent's old house, at 12 Grimmauld Place soon.

Anyway, Sirius is still in hiding so he had sent a small present to my house the night of the party by way of a rather curious man. I recognized him, to a certain point. I recognized his younger self from when he went to school with Sirius, but he looked much older now. He was wearing worn and well used clothing, and his eyes were shining innocent curiosity and a gentle kindness, and although there were scratch marks on his face that hadn't fully healed, I had fallen in deeply in love. He had introduced himself for a second time to me, for the first time had been when I was a young child, and did not remember his name.

His name was Remus Lupin. How could I have forgotten his name!! He had spent so much time with Sirius and James Potter, I was and always had been on first name bases with all of them, that was until my cousin got thrown into Azkaban, Lily and James being killed by you – know – who, and Peter mysteriously disappearing; With only Remus left out of the four of them, he drifted away from Sirius' family.

Anyway, he had said that he could only stay for a couple minutes for he had to get back to Grimmauld Place so he could help get it ready for the Order Of The Phoenix to set up headquarters there because Professor Dumbledore expects you – know – who is coming back really soon, and he wants to be ready for an attack. Remus had brought a gift from Sirius for me. He said that Sirius really wanted to be there when I opened the package up. Inside a carefully wrapped box was this journal. Remus explained how this journal can only be read by the owner of the journal, and the one person of whom she loves the most in the world.

So, assuming that one day Remus might actually be reading this journal, I suppose, I should document what I have to go through to win over his trust, his friendship, and eventually his love.

All things considered, this is the first 7 days of a New Year, and oh what a year it will be.

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