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Week 52

My Mother's New Year's Party

Wow. I cannot believe that I have made it through a whole year. One whole year. 365 days. Throughout the year, the craziest things have happened; Voldemort came back, Cedric Digory was murdered, the Order of the Phoenix was reformed, we broke Harry out of his previous address. There were many good times with friends and family, and at the end of this year, we all grew just a little closer, and we all ended up loving each other just a little more as well. In this year I have realized that if we are going to win this war against Voldemort, we're going to need a bit more than just strength; we're going to need complete loyalty, love, friendship and total trust. Before I get carried away with telling you what I have learned from this whole entire year, I should tell you about my mother's New Year's Party and Remus' gift that he was talking about.

Like every year, my mother has her Christmas / New Year's party that I usually dread going to, but this year was different. This year I had Remus. Remus and I went to parents' house early to help her decorate and to help her finish baking. Okay, let me correct that last sentence, I helped to decorate the things that she made and Remus actually did the cooking part. The party went smoothly and without a hitch. Remus and I were unsure if we were going to drink so we rented a hotel just around the corner from my parents place so we didn't have to apparate home. After a couple hours at my mother's house, Remus and I decided to go to the hotel. In all honesty, I think Remus was getting a little concerned. He started mumbling about something.

When we got to the hotel, he looked a little worried, so I grabbed his hand and told him everything was going to be all right.

"My mother said before we left that there are going to be fireworks outside the Hotel tonight, you know, for New Year." I told Remus as I walked into the bedroom.

"I remember her telling me that." Remus said following me. When we made it to the room, he sat down on the bed beside me and said, "I need to explain something to you, and it's very important."

"Okay. What is it?" I ask

"I need to tell you about wolves that I think is very important to our relationship right now. I would one day like to have children one day and raise them with you. However, I also think that you should know and understand that wolves, as a general rule, mate for life. I need you to understand this, because any advancement in our relationship will end most likely with making love, and with this action, it will bind me to you explicitly. I need you to know that, all people that struggle with lycanthropy have both good and bad qualities of wolves. For example, werewolves are excellent hunters and tracker, but we're also extremely obsessive as well... Do you understand?" Remus asked.

I nodded my head; I had been watching him intently as he talked to me. Was he thinking about this for very long? – I wondered. Remus came closer to me and touched my face; he came close to me and kissed my lips. His touch gave me shivers and I knew what he was saying to me. Our relationship was at the point that he was talking about; we either needed to move our relationship further or we needed to go our separate ways and pretend that this whole year did not exist. I was not prepared to let go of my 365 days, and apparently neither was he.

"I want you, and I'm not going anywhere." I gasped, as Remus and I broke apart long enough to get my shirt off and his shirt unbuttoned.

"Good. I want you too." Remus growled into my shoulder.

So um, I'm not going to write anymore, because I'm assuming you already know what happened that night. Remus has gotten even more protective of me, and almost always keeps me at arm's reach. This year has been amazing, and I can't wait to see what next year brings...

This year has been filled with craziness, heartbreak, love, sadness and loss. 365 days in crazy year called life; where would I be without this circus?

the end

Love Nymphadora

To Remus

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