I present a new Nicktoons Unite/Parody story of Jack and the Beanstalk. This was co-written with dannyfangirl, tomboyishgirl108, and -yellowhearts-, and this story was their idea. I hope you enjoy it. I don't own Nicktoons.

The Nicktoons and the Beanstalk

In Retroville, during a rainstorm, Jimmy, Timmy, Danny, and SpongeBob, were staying at Jimmy's house for the night after they had beaten Calamitous. They were playing video games, and SpongeBob was cooking patties on his electronic grill.

"Wow!" Danny said looking out the window, "It's raining cats and dogs!"

"Really?" SpongeBob asked, "Let me see!" He pushes Danny aside and looks out the window. "All I see is water and more water."

"It's a metaphor, SpongeBob," Jimmy explained.


"Besides, I'm hungry," Timmy said. "I can't beat Jimmy and Danny on an empty stomach."

"Hey!" Jimmy and Danny snapped.

"The Krabby Patties will be done soon." SpongeBob mentioned.

Timmy's stomach groans. "We'll, let's keep playing while we wait." Timmy said.

Then lightning flashed and thunder clapped causing SpongeBob to scream and jump in Danny's arms. Then the power went out, causing the room to go dark.

"Oh crud!" Timmy muttered.

"Oh great!" Jimmy moaned, "No power means no video games and no food to cook!"

"Worse, I'm scared of the darkness!" SpongeBob whimpered.

Danny's hand suddenly glows showing bright green light. "Happy now?" he asked.

Timmy turned on a flashlight to make it brighter. "Well, what are we supposed to do now?"

"I'm not sure," SpongeBob said getting out of Danny's arms. "Hmm," SpongeBob thought. "We can tell a story."

"Yeah!" Jimmy agreed, "Like your Sleeping Nicktoon story that you made up."

"Sounds good to me." Danny said.

"Yeah," Timmy said, "As long as it has action."

"Hey!" SpongeBob exclaimed, "Maybe we can tell the story together! We take turns telling what happens in it!"

"Then it'll have LOADS of action!" Timmy cried.

"Yeah," Danny said excitedly.

"So who can go first?" Jimmy wondered.

They all looked at each other and knew what to do. They start to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. "Once...twice...shoot," they said.

Jimmy beats them with rock as the rest get scissors. "Ha! I win!" Jimmy said with Danny and Spongebob smiling and Timmy crossing his arms angrily. They sit down as Jimmy clears his throat, starting the story. "Okay," Jimmy said, "It's the story of...hmm...The Nicktoons and the Beanstalk."

"So, it's Jack and the Beanstalk?" Danny asked.

"Ooh," SpongeBob said excitedly. "I know this is gonna be exciting."

"Yeah!" Timmy agreed.

"Exactly," Jimmy answered. "It all starts like this..."

Soon in the story, it was the Middle Ages.

"Once upon a time, there was a small folk village where four kids live in. Their names are Jimmy, Timmy, Danny, and SpongeBob. They were orphans and lived with their foster parents, Cosmo and Wanda, and they grew up in a farm where they work very hard to get food and money."

In the story, Jimmy, Timmy, Danny, and SpongeBob appear in Old Age clothing. Danny was getting the eggs from the hens, Jimmy was pumping out water, Timmy was stacking the hay, and Spongebob was milking the cow.

While SpongeBob was working, he sniffed the air and exhaled. "Isn't it a beautiful day for working?"

Danny wipes the sweat off his face, feeling exhausted, but he gives a weak smile to SpongeBob. "It sure is SpongeBob," Danny said to him, "It sure is."

"Got it bro," Jimmy said.

"Bro?" Timmy asked, "We're not related."

"We are in the story!" Jimmy hissed.

"Right," Timmy said.

"Timmy," Danny explained to him, "We lived with each other for our whole lives with two wonderful foster parents, which is why we're kinda brothers."

"Well, that makes sense," Timmy said, "I think."

"Yeah, and we're all special in our own way." SpongeBob said.

Their parents, Cosmo and Wanda appear to check in on their work. "How's it going sweeties?" she asked them.

"Just fine, mom." Danny said.

"Yep," SpongeBob agreed, "Right Jimmy?"

"Well..." Jimmy began taking out his clipboard, "We took out 37 eggs, 3 broken...three gallons of water pumped...four gallons of milk...and ten stacks of hay."

"Why, that's wonderful." Wanda said.

"Yeah!" Cosmo agreed, "Good going on the handy work!"

"Thanks," the kids said proudly.

"You four must be exhausted," Wanda said, "Let's go inside the house, boys. And while we have lunch, there's something we need to talk about..."

"Like what?" SpongeBob eagerly asked.

"You'll see..." Cosmo and Wanda go inside their house. Jimmy, Timmy, Danny, and SpongeBob look at each concerned and they followed their foster parents into the house.

Inside, they were all at a table having sandwiches and milk.

"So, what is it that you wanna talk about, Ma?" SpongeBob asked.

"Well..." Wanda began.

"All right! It was me!" Timmy cried, "I was the one who dumped the milk in Danny's head. It wasn't Spongebob! Jimmy made me do it!"

"I didn't mean that," Wanda said and realizes something, "You did what?"

Timmy nervously chuckles. "Never mind."

"Anyway, Wanda, what IS it you wanted to talk to us about?" Jimmy asked.

Wanda said and sighs sadly and says, "It's great that you boys are helping out, but we don't make enough money out of it, not even money for food. So..."

"We gonna sell the seahorse!" Cosmo cried.

"Cosmo!" Wanda snapped at him.

"What?!" They all cried.

"You're gonna sell Mystery?" SpongeBob asked shocked, "Why?"

"I'm sorry honey," Wanda said, "Mystery's all we have. We're broke. Our farm isn't really doing well although you REALLY did a great job. We have to sell her for money so we can get food or else we'll starve."

SpongeBob slumps depressively in his chair. Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny felt sad also.

"Are you sure?" Jimmy asked.

"Yes," Wanda said sadly, "So here's what you do...Danny and Spongebob, you take Mystery to the market and sell her for some money and then buy us some food. Okay?"

"Okay." Danny and SpongeBob both said.

"Good," Wanda said, "You can start when you're done eating. And I'm sure that our lives can change for the better soon."

"I hope so," Timmy said giving a smile.

After their conversation, the family starts eating the last of their meal.

After lunch, Jimmy, Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda were working at the farm and Danny and SpongeBob take their green seahorse, Mystery, to the town to the market.

Mystery neighs out loud as Danny and SpongeBob pet her. "I'm gonna miss you, Mystery." SpongeBob said.

"Me too," Danny agreed, "But, I'm sure that whoever owns is gonna take good care of you."

"Ahoy there, lads." Someone called out to them.

Danny and SpongeBob turn around to see townsfolk, Mr. Krabs.

"Hi, there." SpongeBob greeted. "How can we help you?"

"Well... whatcha doin' here with that seahorse?" Mr. Krabs asked.

"We're going to sell her to the market for money," Danny explained, "Hopefully; she will be worth a fortune."

"A fortune eh?" Mr. Krabs asked with his eyes turning into money signs. His eyes change back to normal as Mr. Krabs clears his throat. "But, what if I give you guys something that we can trade for that seahorse?"

"Really?" SpongeBob asked eagerly, "What is it?"

Danny blocks SpongeBob away from Mr. Krabs. "I don't think we should trust him, SpongeBob," Danny said eyeing Mr. Krabs, "He looks like a rotten old cheapskate."

"Rotten cheapskate?" Mr. Krabs asked feeling offended. "Well, I guess you don't want these magic beans I was plannin' on trading ya for your seahorse."

"Magic beans?" SpongeBob asked interested.

Mr. Krabs takes something out of his pocket which is five beans as he shows them to SpongeBob and Danny.

"THOSE are 'magic' beans?" Danny said cocking an eyebrow.

"Yep," Mr. Krabs said, "They are full of magic and wonder and do anything possible. I'll trade you the beans for this here seahorse."

"It's a deal!" SpongeBob shouted excitedly.

"SpongeBob!" Danny shouted.

It was too late. "Deal!" Mr. Krabs said shaking hands with SpongeBob as Danny groans and smacks his head.

Mr. Krabs gives SpongeBob his beans as he leaves with Mystery. SpongeBob looks at the beans with big eyes as he giggles, but stops to see Danny glaring at him. "What?" SpongeBob asked.

"SpongeBob, how are we supposed to explain to our family that we traded our only hope for money and food for a bunch of beans?" Danny asked.

"Come on Dan," SpongeBob said, "They'll love us! I'm sure they'll understand..."

Back at the house with their step-brothers and foster parents.

"YOU WHAT?!?!?" Cosmo, Wanda, Jimmy, and Timmy cried angrily at Danny and SpongeBob with their faces red.

"Understand huh?" Danny asked to him as SpongeBob laughs nervously.

"We traded Mystery for some magic beans." SpongeBob explained innocently.

"Oh, no, YOU traded Mystery for some magic beans, not me." Danny said pointing an accusing finger at SpongeBob.

"Well, YOU agreed to it!" SpongeBob said pointing an accusing finger at Danny.

"No, I didn't!"

"YES, you did!"

"That's enough!" Wanda cried to them.

Danny and SpongeBob stop arguing.

"I can't believe this!" Jimmy cried, "Now we lost our seahorse and have no food and no money!"

"Thanks a lot, SpongeBob." Timmy angrily said.

"Well..." SpongeBob began showing his family the beans Mr. Krabs gave him, "At least we have magic beans."

"They're not magic, SpongeBob." Jimmy calmly said. "You were tricked. Can't you see that?"

SpongeBob thinks for a moment. "No," he spoke.

Timmy was angry at SpongeBob. "Oh yeah?" Timmy asked. He swipe away SpongeBob's beans and heads to the window.

SpongeBob gasped. "Timmy...NOOO!!!!!!" he cried.

But, Timmy already tossed them out the window. SpongeBob comes to the window to see his beans on the ground. "There's your beans for ya!" Timmy scowled at him.

"Timmy!" SpongeBob said with a tear in his eye, "I-I-I can't believe you did that!"

"Oh, don't cry!" Timmy said, "They're only stupid beans!"

SpongeBob sniffs a bit. Then, he cries with water out of his eyes. Cosmo and Wanda try to calm him a bit as they glare at Timmy. Danny and Jimmy glare at Timmy also. "Why do you have to be so hard on him?" Danny asked.

"Oh, come on," Timmy shouted. "Thanks to him, we're gonna starve for the rest of our lives!"

"Well, look at the bright side," Jimmy said smiling.


"We can always cook the beans and eat them." Cosmo said.

"No," Jimmy answered, "They're too dirty to be eaten. What I really mean is that it's a bright sunny day outside! It can't get much worse!" But after his words, lightning flashed and it started to rain very hard. Jimmy's happy face now turns into a shocked and depressed look.

"Wow, now I feel better." Timmy sarcastically said.

"Um, maybe you should all go to bed and cool off." Wanda suggested.

"Fine," Danny agreed. "I'm tired anyway."

Jimmy and Timmy head off to bed, but SpongeBob stayed behind.

"I'm sorry I caused all this." SpongeBob apologized.

"It's not your all your fault, SpongeBob." Wanda said.

"Yeah," Cosmo agreed. "The sky's been gray all day."

"Come on bro," Danny said putting a hand on SpongeBob, "Cheer up."

SpongeBob sniffed and said, "I'll try. Besides, maybe something good will happen in the morning."

"Probably," Danny said as he and SpongeBob head to bed together. Unknown to them outside in the rain, the beans start to sprout with something coming out.

The next day in the early morning, SpongeBob opened up the front door and yawned as he stretched his arms out. He opens his eyes a bit when they suddenly budged out spotting something. "Oh, dear Neptune," he said.

Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny were still sleeping when SpongeBob bursts into their room. "GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" SpongeBob yelled out loud.

They were surprised by SpongeBob's shouting that they all screamed as they woke up and Timmy fell out of bed.

"SpongeBob," Danny said rubbing his eyes. "What the heck's going on?"

"You guys got to see this!" SpongeBob cried and runs out. Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny look at each other and follow SpongeBob to the front door.

"What could be so surprising that you wake us up this early?" Jimmy asked SpongeBob.

"That," SpongeBob said pointing at something.

"What are you-" Before Timmy can say anything, he, Jimmy, and Danny were shocked to see what SpongeBob was pointing at.

The kids were really surprised. In front of them near their house, was a giant beanstalk! It was so big and so tall that it reached to the clouds.

"Whoa!" Timmy said amazed. "How did this get out here?"

"It must be those beans that SpongeBob had," Jimmy said thinking, "After all, this is where you threw the beans."

"So they really ARE magic!" Danny said amazed.

"Ha!" SpongeBob said smirking and pointing at them, "Told ya so!"

"Ha! In your face!" SpongeBob's voice said.

"SpongeBob!" Jimmy said as he stop the story, "Do you mind?"

"Sorry," SpongeBob apologized, "I'm just glad I was right in the story. Okay... continue."

"Well," Jimmy said, "I think I should stop now and let one of you guys tell it."

"Ooh! Pick me!" SpongeBob cried.

"No me!" Timmy cried.

"Hmmm..." Jimmy wondered as Timmy and SpongeBob raise their hands. "I pick..."

"Me! Me! Me!" Timmy and SpongeBob cried raising their hands.

"I pick...Danny!" Jimmy said pointing at him.

"Me?" Danny asked surprised.

"Him?" Timmy and SpongeBob asked.

"Yeah," Jimmy answers and turns to Danny, "So, you'll start the story?"

"Sure," Danny smiled, "We're at the part where they saw the beanstalk right?"


"Okay..." Danny said as he now tells the story,

Back in the story and like Danny said, they were staring at the beanstalk.

"Ha!" SpongeBob said smirking and pointing at them, "Told ya so!"

"But, I don't think Cosmo and Wanda are gonna prefer a giant beanstalk in front of our house." Jimmy pointed out.

"Well, what are we supposed to do with a giant beanstalk?" Danny asked.

Timmy grabbed hold of the beanstalk.

"What are you doing?" Jimmy asked Timmy.

"We could climb it," Timmy suggested, "See what's at the top."

"I don't know it seems a little dangerous."

"But Jimmy, look at this!" Danny said, "Who knows what wonders can take us up there..."

"Yeah," Timmy agreed. "So, quit being babies and let's go!"

"I'm in!" Danny said and changes to Danny Phantom as he grabs hold of the beanstalk like Timmy.

"I'll go too!" SpongeBob said as he jumped onto the beanstalk and grabbed a hold.

"I'm not sure," Jimmy said, but saw his step-brothers starting to climb the beanstalk. "Hey! Wait for me!" Jimmy cried and too grabs a hold of the beanstalk and climbs up, catching up with the kids.

A few inches up, Jimmy, Timmy, Danny, and SpongeBob were still climbing up. SpongeBob starts to have fun by jumping and bouncing on the leaves from one leaf to another.

"Watch it SpongeBob!" Jimmy said, "We're high up and it's dangerous!"

"Come on, Jim!" Timmy said excitedly, "What can happen?"

Jimmy grabs a branch, but slips, he screams as he's about to fall. "Jimmy!" Timmy and SpongeBob cried.

Danny quickly flies down to Jimmy and quickly grabs him before he falls any further. "Gotcha!" Danny said.

Jimmy sighs in relief. "Thanks," Jimmy said looking back at Danny.

"No problem," Danny said and sighs in relief also. Danny put Jimmy back on the beanstalk.

Later on, Jimmy, Timmy, Danny, and SpongeBob were still climbing up.

SpongeBob gasped. "Land ho!" he cried.

"SpongeBob, what are you talking about?" Jimmy asked, "We're a thousand feet in the air."

"No, look up." SpongeBob said pointing up.

The kids gasped. They reach the top of the beanstalk and see in front of them, a giant house. It was ten times bigger then their own house. "Whoa..." the kids said in awe.

"Now that's the kind of house I wanna live in!" Timmy said.

"But who...or what live there?" Jimmy wondered.

They see they're surrounded by clouds still, and Danny floats up to see if they can stand, and it's solid as ground.

"Come on guys," Danny called out. "Let's find out."

He laughs and flies to the house. Timmy and SpongeBob smile at each other and follow Danny, leaving Jimmy behind, who was still holding the beanstalk.

He sighs. "I got to stop asking questions," Jimmy said and gets off the beanstalk and follows his step-brothers.

They have a beanstalk now and they climbed to the top, but what could be in that house up there? Wait for part 2 and find out. Don't forget to review.