Okay! I just finished watching the anime and couldn't help making fanfiction! I have no idea what to do with it so I'm posting it here! Yeaaaah!


Underline Speaking or thinking in Japanese. Sorry. Just to make things clear.

Tazusa sighed as she flipped through the channels. Boring... Boring... Boring... The Championship in Toronto... Boring... Hold on!Tazusa flipped back. A smile came creeping on her face. It was her performance. Her Cinderella performance with her invisible prince. She sighed as she put down her remote and watched herself skate on the ice, remembering how she felt when she was skating on that day.

"Nee-san!" exclaimed a voice. Tazusa's younger sister, Yoko Sakarano, dashed into the room, clutching a cordless phone with her hand over the reciever. "Nee-san! Nee-san! You've been invited to go to Canada to help teach how to skate!" Yoko exclaimed breathlessly. Tazusa perked up.

"What?" she asked, turning to her sister.

"Hello...? Ah... G-Good morning... Or is it afternoon there? Ah! I mean, good morning Miss Sakarano... Err..."

"I can speak English quite fluently, thank you." said Tazusa calmly. "There is no need for you to attempt in speaking Japanese." Ever since Pete disappeared, Tazusa did her best in studying English. It was tough, but she finally managed to get the hang of speaking that other language. There was a relieved sigh at the other end of the line.

"Thank goodness... Ah, Miss Sakarano, we are inviting you to come to Ca-"

"Yes, I know." Tazusa replied. "But this is all so sudden. When will I have to leave, anyway?"

"Ah... Three days from now..." A vein pulsed at the back of Tazusa's head. Yoko cautiously backed away.

"And you just bothered to tell me of this invitation today?" Tazusa asked angrily, a fist rising.

"A-Actually..." said the person at the other end of the line, sensing hostility from the seventeen-year-old world-famous skater. "We had already informed your coach a month ago about this plan and he agreed to it..."

"WHAT!?" The house shook violently because of all the force Tazusa was putting in her stomps as she headed downstairs. Tazusa's couch, Yuji Takashima, and his wife, looked up, wondering what was the source of all the noise. "COAAACH!" Tazusa yelled as she stormed into the room. Takashima sweatdropped.

"I should have known..." he muttered to himself.


That's it so far. Yes, chapters are short but it's a really long fanfiction. Stay tuned.

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