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Strangely enough, this chapter focuses on Stella's point of view. I know, please bear with me. After rereading my past chapters, I make Stella sound a bit (scratch that, A LOT) like a comic-relief character or something like that which I know that she is, in fact, not.

It was Saturday, and it was the second skating class of Tazusa. Stella smiled as she watched her classmates work on the rink. She was sitting down on one of the top bleachers, resting. Incredibly, it was Tazusa who told her to go and rest after the first hour of class. At first, Stella had been surprised by Tazusa's sudden generosity, but that was when she remembered what Pete told her the week before. Stella was slightly guilty for being the only one getting to rest but she didn't complain. When the demon teacher becomes nice to you, it's common sense to not dare question her awesomeness.

From her viewpoint, Stella got to see that the teacher was starting to feel all the fatigue of teaching. Many of Tazusa's students were attempting to skate around the rink and Stella was sure that they all knew that they were horrible. But none of them seemed to dare approach their skating teacher, so Tazusa had to be the one to go over to each one of them.

"No, no, no! You're posture's all wrong!" Stella watched Tazusa skate over to one of her students. "That's why you've been falling all the time for the past hour! Haven't you been watching me?"

"I'm sorry teacher..." apologized the student, her face paling. Tazusa was probably unaware, but the weak expression on her face actually made her look even scarier to her students. Stella chuckled, shaking her head. Tazusa sighed.

"Watch," Tazusa growled to the girl and began demonstrating the proper skating position by skating around the whole rink.

Pete, on the other hand, was the one students kept asking help from. The students were pretty impressed with him. Pete kept saying that he knew nothing about skating, but he was capable of answering every skating-related question the students kept piling on top of him.

Stella kept looking from her brother to Tazusa. After a while, she began to frown.

It's strange, she thought as she watched them. Those two act so natural when around one another... It's possible they just became fast friends, but Tazusa and Pete's personalities are complete opposites, aren't they...? Is it possible that they really knew one another before this...?

She sighed. Stella glanced around in case people were watching. She reached into her pocket and took out a picture. The picture was taken taken after borrowing a polaroid camera from one of her friends. Stella stared at the picture intently.

She had taken that picture a few months ago while watching a rerun of a show on television. The first time she had watched the show, she couldn't believe her eyes. When she began to ask people about it, they told her that she was just imagining things. But Stella still wasn't sure. So she borrowed the camera and snapped a photo of the scene she watched during the rerun. The finished product was slightly fuzzy because the reception of her television sucked, but she could still plainly see the same thing she saw the first time she saw the show. It was a picture of the airing of the International Skating Competition. In the picture was a familiar purple haired girl, leaping magnificently in the air.

Stella bit her lip. Seeing Tazusa wasn't what shocked Stella when watching her performance. It was the blurry transparent image of someone skating right behind her. And that someone looked exactly like her older brother.

"It's still there..." Stella muttered as she held up the picture to the light. She stared thoughtfully at Pete's image behind Tazusa. Why can't anyone except me see it...?

"Huh, it's the Demon Teacher," said a voice behind Stella. Stella quickly kept the picture again and turned her head. Standing behind her with a hateful glare on her face was Siren.

"Nice picture, teacher's pet." Siren said sarcastically. "Mind telling me what you are doing here?" Stella smiled with the same sarcastic look back at her.

"You should be the one answering that." Stella replied smoothly.

"Very funny," Siren sneered and looked at the rink.

"Teacher!" she called loudly, pointing at Stella. "Someone's slacking off!"

Stella turned to the rink as well and saw Tazusa look up at the both of them. To her horror, Tazusa frowned.

"Yeah, I see the slacker!" Tazusa called back, nodding.

Stella's face paled. She opened her mouth to start attempting to reason with Tazusa.

"Carell!" Tazusa barked. "Get your butt back down here!"

Stella blinked, stunned. Well that was unexpected. She quickly recovered and grinned at Siren.

"Tazusa's right," Stella said sweetly. "Stop being lazy, slacker."

Sirena growled and began to raise a fist.

"Hey!" shouted a familiar voice from the rink. The two twelve-year-olds looked and saw Pete waving up at them, smiling. Sirena quickly disguised her raising fist as waving back to Pete, a forced smile on her face.

"Carell!" Tazusa barked again.

"I'll get my revenge, slacker." Sirena muttered at the corner of her mouth as she passed on her way back down to the rink. Stella grinned and looked at her brother again. He winked at her before he turned and began skating again.

Stella sighed happily at the retreating figure of Siren one more time before closing her eyes to think about the picture again.

Fifteen minutes had passed, and she began to hear Tazusa's voice calling to her.

"Hey! Stella, you feel rested enough already!?"

Stella opened her eyes and saw skaters on the rink stopping and looking confused because of Tazusa's Japanese. Stella spotted Tazusa standing over at the entrance of the rink, looking up at her with a questioning expression. "Well?" Tazusa asked.

Stella nodded and got to her feet.

There's no use just thinking about it, she thought as she spared a moment to glance both at Tazusa then her brother respectively. I might as well just step back and let their actions explain to me what's going on.

She sighed again and shook her head. I have a feeling that asking them directly about this isn't going to answer anything...

"Sutera-chan!" repeated Tazusa, her voice sounding slightly annoyed. "Hey! Are you even listening to me!?"

"G-Gomenasai!" Stella exclaimed as she quickly came back to her senses. She insinctively stuck her hand protectively into the pocket holding the suspicious photo before hurrying down the bleachers back to the rink.

Time, Stella thought, a weak smile on her face. I suppose I'll leave it up to you to answer all my questions...


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