Pairing: Hitsugaya Toshiro x Matsumoto Rangiku

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o-Seize the Moment-o

-make the most of it-

1. Idiot

Last time he saw her, she had her hair down as usual. However, this morning she had it drawn up in a loose bun. The strawberry-blonde locks looked wild in their restraint and some fell down to grace her back or shoulders in mere protest. The silky hair must be hard to keep in place, he mused, and the thickness of it surely made it heavy and uncomfortable. But she didn't seem bothered at all; sitting on the roof of their division humming happily. He rarely saw her neck this exposed; she looked so vulnerable. It seemed to be so easy to slice that delicate, pale skin. He shook the unpleasant image from his mind, remembering all too well how dreadful it was to see blood on her skin.

Walking over to her, knowing she had sensed his presence long ago, he wasn't surprised when she turned and met his gaze.

"Captain?" Her voice was as deep and smooth as usual, the teasing tone complete with her smiling lips and raised eyebrows. He ignored her sparkling, questioning eyes and sat down beside her to look up at a sky that was far from beautiful. The clouds were of a heavy grey colour, and not even a piece of blue was visible through the thickness.

"What are you doing here Matsumoto?" he asked. "I was looking for you."

She peered at his face, brows brought together in a puzzled frown. It was her lunch break, so unless something had happened, she didn't understand why he would want to look her up. She didn't have to deal with paperwork now!

"I was just thinking sir," she finally replied with a small smile, titling her head; her eyes still on his serious face. "What was it you wanted?"

He let out a frustrated sigh, closing his eyes and putting on an irritated expression. It was his turn to mock her, he mused with an inner smile.

"Matsumoto, have you forgotten what day it is?" he asked, opening his eyes and turning his head to meet the icy-blue orbs of his lieutenant. She blinked a few times, confused, before it dawned upon her.

"Oh," she said before breaking into laughter. "I actually thought you wouldn't remember Captain!"

"Idiot," he mumbled, watching her with a soft smile as she giggled and leaned in closer to him. "How could I forget that day; you nearly killed me."

"But Captain," she said with a grin; close enough for her breath to tickle his skin. "I had never seen anyone looking so cute! I had to hug you! So adorable!"

"Shut up, Matsumoto," he growled, before closing the distance between them and capturing her lips in a soft kiss. It was the day of the year he'd become her Captain, how could he forget?

"Idiot," he repeated, voice low and lips only temporarily free before they pressed against hers again.


2. Just Kissing?

They had been here less than a week, and he already wanted to go back to Soul Society. Living with Matsumoto and Inoue had been more of a problem than he had originally thought. He'd been naïve enough to think his lieutenant would leave him alone if he stayed up on the roof and left the females to their business. But no.

The first night, she'd called for him and said the bathroom was unoccupied and ready to use if he so pleased. He'd rolled his eyes and hadn't moved an inch.

The second night, she called again and told him that yes, fresh air was good for you but that didn't mean he'd have to spend all night trying to be healthy. He'd told her to go to bed and mind her own business.

The third night, he'd watched with mild interest as she climbed up the roof in he gigai. She'd walked over to him with a pillow and a blanket, and a cup of tea. With a sigh, he'd accepted it and thanked her; a bit surprised when she just left. No nagging, no teasing; nothing.

The fourth night however, she hadn't come up at all. He'd been tempted to go look for her, but stayed put. The stars were awfully pretty…but not much to look at.

The fifth night, she managed to sneak up behind him. Crushing his head in between the valley of her breasts, she hugged him and he thought for one moment he heard her sigh. But when he jerked free from her grip and turned to examine her face, she wore her usual smile. She told him to come back inside, and at least brush his teeth, since he'd apparently forgotten to do so. He'd replied that he really didn't need to do it every night, since this was a gigai, and that he didn't feel like going inside yet. She grinned and poked his side, making him jump at the sudden contact, before leaving.

And now he was here. Sitting on the roof, as usual, but no Matsumoto yet. The days had been filled with the usual chaos that came with bored Shinigamis; especially those he was stuck with. It left him almost exhausted, being surrounded with a lack of order he only found with his lieutenant. The irregular pattern of her nightly bothering gave him a headache, because he couldn't see any logic. Of course, Matsumoto Rangiku and logic rarely went hand in hand, but he wished they would. At least now, because nothing in the living world had proved to be good for his nerves. Here, no one respected him as they did in Soul Society. Here, he was a kid with bleached hair and unusual eyes that caught unwanted attention.

His inner musings were interrupted by the giggle of a certain woman. He recognized it anywhere, her laugh, and wasn't surprised when he was clumsily embraced from behind yet again. He didn't bother to dodge.

"Captain!" she cooed, loosening her embrace and placing herself beside him. She grabbed his arm and clung to it, smiling brightly as he glared.

"Let go of my arm Matsumoto," he said with a bored voice, smelling the alcohol. It wasn't sake, he noticed with a raised brow. It must be something of this world, he thought with a sigh.

"Nooo, not until you get inside!" she whined. "Inoue is at Kurosaki's place, and it's lonely without here home!"

"What is she doing at Kurosaki's?" he asked, puzzled. He hadn't noticed her leaving, probably because he was facing the wrong way and too absorbed in his own thoughts to notice the young girl slip away. He hit himself mentally, and was sure to never let his guard down like this again.

"Hmm, she said something about how Rukia wanted to talk to her," she replied, letting her head drop to rest on his shoulder. He stiffened for a moment, before relaxing. He rarely noticed the cold, but her warmth leaked through his skin and filled him up to the point where he shivered slightly at the night air surrounding them.

"Hn, this late?" he commented, mostly to himself. She didn't answer, but seemed to be lost in thought. She shivered against him, making him frown.

"Are you cold?" he asked with a raised brow. When she shook her head, he looked down and spotted the exposed skin of her arms wrapped around his; the goose bumps giving her away. I guess I don't have much of a choice, he thought before nudging the distracted woman in her ribs.

"Get up; we're going inside."

"Oooh Captain," she said with a grin, her thoughtful expression replaced with a mischievous one. "So that was what you were planning?"

He stood and shot her a suspicious look, extending his hand to help her up. "What are you talking about Matsumoto?"

She didn't answer as she dragged him along, climbing inside with a bit of difficulty because of her intoxicated state. As he came inside closely after his lieutenant, he was immediately attacked by a pair of warms lips. Before he could push away, or respond, she moved away and flashed him a teasing smirk.

"Not here Matsumoto," he growled as she started to drag him further into the room.

"But Inoue isn't home," she whined, "and it's been weeks!"

He didn't need to be reminded of the length of time that had passed since they had been intimate, since it both weakened his resolve and made him more aware of the situation he found himself in. It didn't help that she'd started placing light kisses on his lips and jaw, or that her dainty hands had started to stray from his wrists to…other….parts of his body.

"Rangiku," he groaned against her lips, deciding to give in just a little bit. Just kissing her wasn't wrong, right? She smirked and pulled them both down on the floor, and he had a sinking feeling of dread as he felt his control slip away from him. By this rate, it wouldn't be just kissing, would it?


3. Cold Spring?

She was pretty proud of herself. She had managed to drag most of her friends to the hot spring, including her Captain, and they were now sharing a rather relaxed bath together. To Toshiro's disdain, it was a mixed bath, and thus he was now trapped between his busty lieutenant and a rather large rock; leaving him little room for escape. It was with great difficulty he managed to keep their skin form touching, but the way she moved as she talked happily to the others around them made it almost impossible. He sat gritting his teeth, ignoring everyone as he tried to ignore the occasional brush of her thigh, her arm, her breast…

"Caaaptain!" she finally whined, addressing him after breaking off her current conversation with Abarai.

"What?" he snapped, wincing slightly at his harsh voice. She seemed unfazed; only flashing him a pretty pout.

"You're making the water cold with that bad temper of yours!" she explained. "Cheer up before I turn into ice!"

A vein popped as he glared at her, trying without success to stop chilling the water.

"It's your own fault," he drawled. "I didn't want to come in the first place."

"But Captain! It wouldn't be same without you!" she said, her pout fading into a smile when he only huffed and turned his head to resume his tries at ignoring her. He pressed himself closer to the hard rock when he felt her hip come in contact with his, to little help. Had she moved closer, or was it just him?

She started to pick up on the conversation they others were having, and soon joined them in their debate on how much better it was to drink sake directly from the bottle instead of a cup. After a minute, he gave up on trying to avoid the contact of their hips and relaxed since nothing else was touching at the moment. Another minute passed, and he almost jumped out of his skin when he felt the smooth palm of her hand rest against his knee. He stared at her face in disbelief – she wouldn't! – and quickly answered whoever had asked that he was fine; completely fine.

But he wasn't.

Her hand slowly slid up his thigh, fingers pressing lightly, and stopped awfully close to that place. His face felt incredibly hot, and he was sure he was blushing. Hopefully, it would be dismissed as the doing of the hot water and not for what was happening underneath the surface. He tried to make her stop, tried to grab her hand and push it away, but it demanded to much movement. He was torn between getting everyone's attention by yelling at her to stop and remove her hand, or just threaten her with paperwork under his breath to avoid too much embarrassment. Not that he hadn't had enough of it by now; he just didn't want more to add to it.

"Matsumoto!" he hissed, her fingers making teasing circles on his skin. She ignored him and continued to talk to the others; feeling very wicked as she slipped her hand down to brush against something semi-hard. He gasped, unable to control himself, and bit his tongue hard to silence the moan building up in his throat. The people around them were too absorbed in their conversations that they didn't notice him squirm, or how her arm moved slightly back and forth.

It wasn't until the water turned icily cold that they turned their attention to the red-faced Captain. He looked furious, and his eyes had a wild look in them. His lieutenant sat grinning innocently beside him, shivering at the cold but otherwise looking pretty satisfied for some reason.

"We should get up now," Renji suggested, sweatdropping. The others agreed, and the men and women went their separate ways. Matsumoto was about to make her way towards the small tunnel-like path leading into the ladies' dressing room, but her Captain swiftly grabbed her arm and pulled her back to him. They were almost alone by now, but he waited until the last person exited the spring.

"You are not leaving me like this!" he hissed, his tensed muscles almost shaking.

"Tsk tsk Captain; don't dirty the water!" she said, grinning widely. "I'll make it up to you."

Bending out of his grip, she left him seething in anger but he didn't stop her. The now almost freezing cold water helped him calm down, and it wasn't long until he was ready to go to the dressing room and leave.

"I wonder what pissed Captain Hitsugaya off so badly," Rukia mused as she and Renji made their way down the street. The red-head shrugged, not willing to speculate. He had been sitting beside Matsumoto, after all.


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