Just a little something that had been playing in my head for a while now. This I rated M because I have a tendency to make my stories that way unless restrained but restraining is so much effort, I guess I'm naturally morbid. Hope you like it.

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The mighty Yautja peered done at the broken form of the ooman at his feet with his head tilted to one side regarding it thoughtfully. He looked up and clicking could be heard from behind the steely mask he wore as he seemed to contemplate something. He sighed almost remorsefully to himself. He had fought many of this kind before and never had he ever encountered such a spineless group of pups. Granted most seemed to be scientists and not worthy of being hunted but he expected a lot more from what appeared to be the oomans protectors. It was pitiful really as he expected much more of a fight.

He adjusted his Awu'asa slightly as he attached another trophy. His armour like most others was a steely dark grey with his clan symbol emblazoned on his shoulder piece for all to see. The only difference was the slight marbled effect on the metals surface giving the effect of pulsing energy within his Awu'asa as the light danced across it. The symbol was basic; resembling a white eye with four white lines swirled round to meet in the centre where a red dot sat glaring. His dread locks where midnight black with golden ringlets holding them in place and they cascaded down his back like a waterfall of darkness. His skin was a mottled cast of various green hues with light brown splotches leaving his chest pale white. His skin could have reminded a passing ooman of a deadly reptile, one with shouldered plasma cannon, twin wrist blades, other sharp implements of death and four hundred or so pounds of killer instinct to back it up and should never be taken lightly.

He took a step forward when the air rippled and before him appeared another of his kind slightly smaller but just as impressive. The smaller bowed his head respectively to the former who merely jerked his head by way of acknowledgement.

"It would appear my Lord that the Queen is not here," a voice said and the taller Yautja looked down.

That's right he had forgotten. Their true purpose here was to capture a Queen of the Kainde Amedha (Hard Meat) but after many weeks of restlessness he could say he got a little carried away and forgot their mission. Not that it mattered anyway, as they would have had to get through the oomans to get to the Queen. That seemed a waste of time now since the damned beast was not here. He clicked his mandibles in irritation his subordinate waiting nervously beside him.

He looked down at the younger Yautja. "Where is Elder Fark'ra?"

"Two levels above us my Lord."

With a nod the taller indicated for him to lead the way. With a quick backwards step the young Yautja turned to briskly lead the way. As they ascended in the lift of the oomans he scowled fiercely behind his mask. How come it was not here when all their information had said that the Ooman's had managed to capture one? He admired their bravery as the capture of a queen was not by all means an easy feat. He knew from experience.

The doors hissed open and his subordinate lead him into a room filled with panels and unfamiliar equipment. Jars of liquid lined cabinets on the walls mostly smashed from the brief confrontation that had happened. In the corner cowered an ooman female with dark hair and pale white skin and fear reeked from her in waves. He gave her the briefest of glimpses as all their kind looked relatively the same to him. He looked across the room and the Elder stood with a few others and was steadily regarding a jar of some sorts with a strange looking creature inside, obviously dead.

"Fark'ra!" he growled pushing a table roughly out of his way.

The Elder looked up his greying dreads flicking to the side as he regarded the on coming figure.

"Ah, my Lord Kelron'nak…"

"Why isn't the Queen here," Kelron'nak demanded of the Elder who calmly stared at his seething superior.

"I do not know," the Elder confessed in a light voice, "It would appear that it has been moved beyond our reach."

Kelron'nak growled with repressed frustration and he turned to glare solidly at the pitiful female who continued to cower in the corner. Seeing that such a heated gaze was upon her she screamed and flung her arms above her head as if by doing so he might just disappear and all this was just a bad dream.

"Speak with her," Kelron'nak demanded the Elder, "You speak Ooman so get her to tell us where it is!"

The Elder sighed, "Yes my Lord."

With deliberate slowness he approached the quivering lump and knelt beside her speaking as soothingly as his deep growling voice could. With a shake of his head he righted himself and turned to approach Kelron'nak.

"She said it was taken to a planet but does not know where."

"And why not?"

The Elder shrugged, "Maybe she was not important enough to give such information to."

Kelron'nak growled again and looked down at the console before him. Upon one of the screens was what appeared to be a schematic of an organic being, humanoid in nature and it flashed various un-meaningful numbers at him. He shook his head and gave the order to leave this wretched place. It, for some reason, smelt funny and he did not like it. It made him feel uneasy but as he turned to leave a curious noise met his ears.

He looked up to see a door he had failed to notice upon entering and approached it. The women looked up and let out a defiant scream flinging her self at him.


With a quick motion of his arm she flew across the room hit the wall and slid down the hard metal landing on the floor in a lifeless lump. Ignoring this Kelron'nak walked through the door purposefully and paused. There it was again, that noise which sounded slightly familiar. He continued to walk down the corridor and passed a large window that looked as if it were meant for viewing. He stopped and peered into the room that was bare except for a pile of rags in the corner and the walls and floors where a blinding, clinical white. At first he thought he was imagining things as the room appeared empty but then a squeal told him otherwise. Then the pile of rags moved and a fleshy coloured hand appeared waving at him. Curious he entered the room via a door to his left and approached the pile. A bubble of laughter erupted from the pile and it stirred. From within it seemed like something was trying to escape but to no avail. Kneeling close to it he quickly flicked a piece of rag aside then stopped. Amongst the rags was a pup but an ooman one. What where they doing here? He thought to himself and cocked his head. The ooman pup cooed and cocked its head mimicking his movements. A rumbling chuckle escaped from his mask and the baby waved its arms a huge smile on its round face. Kelron'nak reached out a talon and softly stroked the pup's face from forehead to chin marvelling at how soft its flesh felt. Staring at him intently was a pair of fiery amber coloured eyes and he thought it were strange for a human to have such coloured eyes. The pup suddenly grabbed his talon with a peel of delighted laughter and shoved it in its mouth. Kelron'nak jerked back in surprise staring at the drool on his finger. The pup suddenly whimpered its tiny face screwing up, tears welling up in its bright eyes. The huge Yautja looked down nervously and shook his head pleading.

"No, no, no, please, no."

The tiny thing hiccupped then took a lungful of air before letting out an ear splitting wail the tears rolling down its red cheeks. With out thinking Kelron'nak shoved his finger back inside the pup's mouth. To his intense relief the baby seemed satisfied and suck on the talon chewing on it gently with its toothless gums. The sensation felt weird to him its gums feeling a little… rubbery. He cocked head again as the pup regarded him with out fear and the pup wrapped its tiny hands round the huge finger, the little hands barely able to reach all the way around the mass. The pup cooed again letting go of the talon and waved its tiny plump arms with delight. The pup then took the talon out of its mouth and looked at it thoughtfully giving it tiny squeezes and light slaps.

Kelron'nak's heart suddenly melted as he continued to watch the small infant as it played with his finger. Every now and then it would look up at him with a huge, bright smile giggling ecstatically. His thoughts drifted back to the ship where his three young sons's awaited him. The twins were barely three and the oldest was six, and proving the capable little hunter but all a handful. He remembered the day's when the pups were born with clarity and how fragile that they had appeared to him. They had fit in his one hand perfectly, so small and helpless. They were not so helpless now but back then he felt this over powering need to protect and realised he was starting to feel the same now.

A confliction of emotions played out before him as he was torn between leaving the child to a cold fate and scooping it up in his arms, and taking it with him. He knew that his clan would argue their point but as he watched the infant he could not help the swelling emotion he felt. He tapped his free fingers on his knee as he thought rapidly. The pup would die if he left it or perhaps some oomans would arrive shortly and save it. He shook his awesome head denying that possibility.

With a swift movement he picked up the child with both hands and stood up regarding the pup and it stared back mumbling to its self. He then realised the pup was naked and quite obviously female if the genitals were anything to go by, or he thought it was female as the exposed flesh resembled his species form. She also seemed to be a little old to be a newborn and surmised that she was at least a year old. With a shiver he picked up a rag and wrapped the pup tightly to keep her warm. Her… he never had a daughter. The thought actually pleased him and wondered what his son's reaction would be. He chuckled making the pup coo again and he could not help but laugh even more. Setting the tiny thing into the crook of his arm he left the roof in a brisk walk.

Hmm, a daughter…

The pup played with the rat skull that hung from his necklace hitting him on the chest with it. She giggled happily till they entered the room he had come from. She fell quiet and started to whimper again. Kelron'nak looked down and saw that she was staring at the room with eyes filled with fear. With a yank, she ripped the skull from the string and threw it across the room with so much vehemence it startled him. The pup then turned and buried its tiny face into his chest remaining quiet.

The huge Yautja then grew angry because, what ever happened here, it involved this infant and that sickened him. The thought that oomans would experiment on pups sickened him more. Repulsed he stalked from the room and sought his ship.

Arriving safe on his ship he immediately called for a briefing of all the elders and best hunters of his clan then marched to the briefing room. Almost forgotten the pup looked up and stared about her with her curious amber eyes. Around them Yautja stared with a mixture of shock and confusion. He ignored the stares and walked through a door. Inside housed a long table with seats running down each side of it. His own chair was on the far end of the table, high backed and imposing. The skulls and bones were meant to inspire fear more than anything else. With wide strides he sat down leaning back into the uncomfortable material with the infant now on his lap playing with his black mesh vest.

Not soon after the elders and other hunters began to arrive looking to him curiously. They eyed the infant suspiciously but kept all opinions to themselves. Before seating they all saluted smartly and he nodded as a sign for them to sit. As they did so the infant looked up to see what all the screeching noise was and smiled seeing lots of others like the one she sat on. Maybe they will play with her.

Still ignoring the stares he got right to business.

"Well," he demanded, "How did those oomans manage to slip the Kainde Amedha Queen out from under our noses?!"

The table was quiet and he growled.


An elder coughed leaning forward slightly, "It could of happened that they have somehow managed to get their hands on our cloaking technology and used it for their own."

There were murmurs of agreement passing round the table but Kelron'nak did not feel altogether convinced; they had missed something he was sure of it.

"But they could not of known we were coming," he stated readjusting himself as the pup attempted to climb onto his head, "We were cloacked ourselves. They did not have the time to get a Queen onto a separate ship, not without us noticing. "

The table remained quiet and he looked up with a scowl hidden behind his mask.


They all shifted uncomfortably except for some of the more seasoned elders who regarded their leader with a mixture of annoyance and irritation.

"Where did you find that ooman pup?" Fark'ra asked the contempt evident in his voice.

Kelron'nak glared at him but the elder was not relenting. Another elder leaned forward and wheezed, "Are you an idiot! What if the ooman's come looking for it?"

The yautja shrugged indifferently, "It was alone I don't think they will."

Titters and angry clickings erupted from around the tables and he knew they would be disapproving but he did not care in the slightest.

The infant looked round the table looking a little confused and hurt by their strange noises. With a small cry of anger she ripped another rat skull from Kelron'nak's chest and threw it not caring where it landed. It had not flown far when it landed with a dull clank on Elder Fark'ra's head and he growled. Small laughs rumbled round the table making the infant squeal and giggle with pleasure as it bobbed up and down on the spot whilst Kelron'nak held her for safety's sake. He too chuckled brushing a small lock of flaxen hair from her eyes.

"She's rather spirited," another elder commented and he chuckled, "Got one up one you though didn't it Fark'ra."

"Shut up Kefnor."

"Enough," Kelron'nak ordered and all fell silent and he sighed, "It has been a long day… If there is any other news I will be in my quarters." With out another word he up and left. All was silent till the clan leader had left and the room immediately broke out into harsh whispers but he did not care. If he wanted the child, he would keep it. Yes, they would protest but they can kiss his arse for all he would care.

He sighed again looking down at the pup still wrapped in the rag. Must get you clothes, he thought and the pup yawned. He smiled beneath his mask and pulled her closer. She in turn snuggled further into the crook of his arm.

He finally found himself at his quarters and walked in. Three bodies hit him at once and he looked down to see his son's clasp his legs. They squealed, so delighted at the sight of their father that two of them forgot they were naked and dripping wet. A female Yautja rushed in with two towels draped over her arms and she looked a little harried. She took one look at Kelron'nak and collapsed to her knees.

"I apologise my lord if I had known I would have had them ready sooner," she wheezed.

He looked down at the nanny and laughed startling the aged Yautja.

"It's alright Mineor I'll deal with them."

With a sigh of relief she handed the towels over and left hardly noticing the tired infant in his arm. He set her in a chair by his bed and set to work drying his hyper twin son's. The oldest was already dressed in his night wear which consisted of a long shirt with no sleeves. He approached the ooman pup curiously cautious not to get too close till his father told him what it was. The baby sat and stared with its huge amber coloured eyes blinking only when he blinked. He then cocked his head to the side and she did the same. With an impish grin he reached out and touched the baby making her giggle. The young Yautja jumped back with surprise and looked at his father who was still dealing with the twins. With a small gulp he approached again and the pup reached out its stumpy arms making grabbing motions with her tiny hands.

"Come on Jerical, Kelra'va time to get dressed."

Kelron'nak held the twins under both arms and they struggled like mad laughing with jovial delight. One managed to wriggle free and ran around trying to flee from the massive Yautja that came up behind him. After what seemed an age Kelron'nak managed to get both twins in bed wear leaving himself time enough to breath and remove his mask. As he did so a scream of pain made him drop his mask. He whirled round and the ooman pup had fallen from the chair with his oldest son rigid, staring with shock. The infant bawled it lungs out and with a great swoop he pick her up hugging her to his chest. The young pup calmed down and hiccupped noisily murmuring softly to herself.

"I...I… didn't do it," his son stammered and his father looked down with sharp yellow eyes very much like the ones that stared back at him. They softened however and he motioned for the boy to follow who did tentively.

"What is it Father?" the young boy asked as he followed to the bed chamber for him and his siblings.

"This is an ooman pup," his father replied placing the female pup on a of what looked like a chest of drawers and rummaged through one draw.

"Is… is it dangerous?"

The sincerity of the question made Kelron'nak laugh and he pulled out a smaller version of the bed wear his son's wore.

"This would have to do," he murmured closing the draw and removed the rag from the pup replacing it with what he had in his hand.

"Well is it?" the boy persisted.

Kelron'nak shook his head and smiled his mandibles clicked together in amusement.

"No, she is not," he replied pulling the garment over the squirming girls head.

"No wonder she looks funny," the boy said matter-of-factly, "she's a girl."

Kelron'nak laughed again, "Into bed with you Galvanuk." He gave the small boy a push towards a bed on the far side and the boy looked at it scornfully.

"Do I have to go to bed now?" he whined, "I'm not tired at all." Galvanuk yawned widely.

His father shook his head as he herded his son into bed after much protest. He decided that just for tonight she would sleep with him until he can get a bed for her. He was about to leave the room when Galvanuk sat up in his bed.


"Yes boy."

"If she's a girl, then what's her name?"

Kelron'nak paused thoughtfully and shrugged. He confessed he did not really give it much thought. The boy hummed as he too thought to himself.

"Well, she really should have a name, so I know what to call her when I want to talk to her," the boy said, "Something nice."

The ooman pup snored softly as Kelron'nak cradled the pup in his arm. Despite being of a completely different species the pup did look beautiful and innocent.

"I think mama's name," the boy said suddenly and Kelron'nak looked up with a fierce scowl but the boy hardly flinched, "She has eyes like mama had."

"Good night son," Kelron'nak said in a monotone turning to leave.

"I think you should," the boy stated.

"Good Night Galvanuk!" he said with a little force in his tone.

The boy sighed and slid further under his cover, "Good night Father."

Kelron'nak remained in a thoughtful daze as he entered his own bed chamber and lay the sleeping pup on the left side of the bed, then dressed him self in his own bed wear that looked like a larger version of what his son's wore. He lay down alongside the pup and stroked the flaxen hair marvelling at its softness. Not even a Yautja pup had skin or hair this soft. He sighed as he came to the realisation that he did have to give her a name. He tried to avoid thinking of his mate's name as he continued to stare at the sleeping infant but as he thought harder upon it he also then realised his son was right, his mates name seemed almost perfect, Sholeh, fire; for that was what her eyes resembled as her burning gaze stared intently at you, a fire, a fire of hope, passion, strength and courage. All these thing he would teach her and the honour of their ways, and she would grow to become a mighty huntress just like his mate had been before her fall at the will of the Kainde Amedha. The pup murmured in her sleep and rolled over so she looked at him and he smiled. This was now his daughter, his little Sholeh and nothing could take her away from him.

Something climbing onto the bed broke him from his thoughts and he looked down as three figures crawled up and nuzzled against him and the pup.

"So what's her name father?" a small voice asked into the darkness.

"Sholeh," he replied in a soft voice.

Galvanuk smiled, "Good, I like that name."

Kelron'nak leaned up on his elbow and looked at his three sons that lay before him and he chuckled. The twins lay either side of Sholeh and Galvanuk was on the far side with a protective arm over all three.

"She's your new sister," Kelron'nak whispered to his son and the boy stirred.

"I never had a sister before," Galvanuk murmured sleepily.

Kelron'nak lay back down on his side and lay his long muscled arm across all four of his children in a protective embrace.

"You do now my son, you do now and her name is Sholeh."


"Dr Turner, Dr Turner?"

She opened her eyes to stare almost accusingly at the junior science assistant. The young man cowered slightly giving the women a nervous smile. Turning away she sat up with a low groan, every inch of her fibre screamed. She managed to sit up right flicking her long dark hair aside and holding her head before it rolled from her shoulders.

"Damn that monster hit me hard."

"Dr Turner?"

She turned sharply and glared at the young man.

"What!" she hissed. When she saw him jump back slightly sending his wire frame glasses askew she grimaced. "Report."

"Well all the marines are dead including General Bennett," he told her running a quivering hand through his lank brown hair.

"Like that was a surprise," she snorted scornfully. Bloody Military, she thought. They were here just for appearances anyway to hide what they were really doing, which was a lot more than intergalactic research. She slid from the table she had been lying on and looked round at the scene of devastation making her cringe.

"Did they find the queen?" she asked suddenly a hint of panic in her voice her skinny body rigid. Her eyes darted to the open door and set off at a brisk trot with urgency etched into every step.

"No Dr Turner, they didn't," the young man said following after the panicking women, "The cloak managed to hold up just long enough."

A sigh of relief escaped her lips but her brisk pace did not slow as she passed the empty room and farther down the corridor. She did not notice, however, that one of the windows she passed was empty whilst the rest still held their inhabitants, which was children of various ages sitting in their lonely corners; each with flaxen hair and burning amber eyes that glared with smouldering hatred as she passed.

She stopped at the dead end and slammed the side of her fist into a nondescript panel that slid aside with a hiss of escaping air. It revealed an embedded security machine with a protruding piece that she breathed on. A green light flashed and a computerised voice said, "Welcome Dr Francine Turner."

A door slid open with a hiss in front of her revealing another more elaborate lab filled with analysis machines, testing chambers, a comprehensive digital microscope and other unnameable machines of various purposes. She strode across the room with the assistant close behind her towards another door which led to an observation lounge. With deliberate slowness she walked in to the lounge and peered through the shatter proof glass with a look of unadulterated wonder and pleasure. She hit a button impatiently and the air rippled and melted like quicksilver.

The room that she looked into was nothing more than ice box with a large black object encased in ice in the centre. On closer inspection one would notice the bulbous sack towards the back, the skeletal like limps and body and not to mention the most domineering feature, the large crest and head. This was the Queen she was so willing to protect and with her so many questions could be answered and so much could be accomplished.

The thought made her breath catch in her throat and she drew closer to the window pressing her forehead to the cool glass.

"Erm Dr Turner I hate to disturb you," her assistant said, "But there's something you should know."

She turned from the window and glared once more at the man a scowl on her pretty face.

"Well it seems that one of the Hunters took one of the specimens."

The women cocked her head to the side, "Which one?"

"Number Thirteen, the latest Ma'am."

A harsh bark of laughter escaped her throat. Her breath condensed on the glass as she looked back to the Xenomorph Queen her eyes narrowed shrewdly.

"It was a flawed design anyway," she murmured, "It can keep it as a pet for all I care." Her tone was harsh and cruel as her lips twitched. All that mattered now was the Queen and from her, her designs would be perfect, flawless and not these genetic mishaps. Her DNA was the key she was so sure would give her the answers she sought, she knew it.

The young man shifted uncomfortably in the doorway. "I'll go prepare the lab."

"You do that."

With a look of relief he fled into the lab leaving her to look upon the impressive vastness of the Queen and there she could see the future and she cared not the carpet of blood that would flow before her. This time she would not be denied.