Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Doctor Fellman quickly caught up with the other scientists as they made their way to the briefing room. He walked on with a thoughtful expression when he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder. He looked up to a red head dressed in blue overalls.

"Ah Jessica."

"Dr Fellman that was quite a surprise for all concerned," she commented with a gentle smile.

"You have no idea," he replied frowning slightly. Behind him the squeak of the Major's boots alerted him to the man's presence and he turned slightly.

"I knew something was a bit off," Jessica then said ignoring the militant as he passed. The doctor looked at the young lady with an eyebrow raised questioningly.

"What do you mean Jessica?"

"Well her body colour, stature and so on were not consistent with reports made about the Hunters in other solar systems," Jessica paused as they stopped out side a door waiting for the other scientists to enter, "Something just doesn't add up doctor."

Fellman patted the young women's arm and smiled. "That's why we are scientists isn't it dear, to solve mysteries like this."

Jessica chuckled as she walked through the door shortly followed by the doctor. In side the scientists were already taking their seats about a long oval table. At one end was a large screen that at present was black. The clinical white walls dazzled in the white light.

Near the far end Fellman took his seat next to another aging scientist with clean cropped hair, moustache and short beard. His sharp grey eyes rested on Fellman and the chatter of the others died to a silence.

"So Fellman," he said leaning back in his chair with a soft squeak, "Care to enlighten us."

"To be honest we had no real way of knowing," Fellman explained running a hand over his balding head, "She was dressed and acted very much like the reports say about the hunters."

"A bit easier to capture though," the Major mused stiffly folding his hands in his lap. The eyes of the scientists landed on him with curiousness.

"Why do you say that?" Fellman asked and the major smiled. The glint in his eye made a shiver run up the Doctors spine.

"No reason just surprised… that's all."

"The question is how did she get among the hunters in the first place?" a voice from further down the table asked and many murmured in agreement.

"Well we won't know till we ask I guess," Fellman said rubbing his hands anxiously.

The scientist next to him murmured to himself. "Well I guess DNA testing, see who she is. See if the data banks have anything on her."

"Agreed, I wonder if she has family or something." Fellman looked at Jessica who shrugged. He smiled and patted her hand.


The major listened intently. DNA testing? Damnit! He thought. If they did that then… He kneaded his knuckles slightly in anxiety even though his stoic face portrayed none of the mixture of feelings inside of him.

All of a sudden his radio crackled and a disgruntled Reaper's voice said, "Major this is Reaper, the girls awake over."

The Major smiled, "Roger that Reaper we will with you shortly, over and out."

He looked to the scientists with a bushy eyebrow raised, "Well Gentlemen?" He turned to the scientist at the head of the table. The scientist nodded and everyone rose on the silent command. As the Major rose he waited a moment till the scientist at the head of the table approached him with a knowing look.

"You don't think Dr Turner?" the Major asked his brows creasing slightly. The scientist in question merely grunted his grey eyes glittering slightly as his mind processed something.

"Lets go."

Major then saluted and followed the scientist out of the room. As they entered the lab the scene that met them made him chuckle. The young girl was snarling and growling in a language unfamiliar to him. Both Lank and Reaper had their weapons trained on her but this did not bother her as she continued to snarl.

"So what's going on?" the Major asked with a smirk.

Reaper looked at Lank with pursed lips and scowled. "Nothing much sir she just woke and started snarling and shouting at us."

The Major turned to the other doctors and Fellman came forward wielding a syringe and a piece of rope approached. The girl looked at him then the syringe curiously then the man. When he came closer her upper lip curled back and she hissed like a cat her eyes narrowed to dangerous slits. Fellman blinked slightly and shook his head.

"Could someone hold her head down?" he asked with a slight nervous cough, "I, er, I don't want her to bite me."

The Major chuckled and signalled Lank to approach. The young man made to protest but one stern look made his jaw clamp shut. He swung his weapon so it sat across his back walked around the table the girl was strapped to and placed his hands firmly against the girl's forehead. The girl blinked, her amber eyes burning with deep anger as she began to struggle again. Then she screamed as the doctor punctured the soft flesh with the sharp needle. She whimpered gently her eyes rolled down to look at the syringe that slowly drew out her blood. Her eyes went wide and she began to struggle more the pain searing through her arm.

"Stay still!" Fellman snapped but she kept struggling. As he withdrew his syringe he swore the girls eyes glowed slightly. He quickly grabbed a phial and deposited the red substance into it then set it aside for it to be examined.

He motioned for an assistant to take it away and he turned away allowing the head scientist to approach and visually examine the restrained patient. The girl looked at him with such hatred but he merely smiled. He waved Lank away who gratefully let go and walked back to where Reaper watched sniggering. Lank flipped him off making the marine snigger more.

As they stood aside the major stood beside the scientist and began to whisper ferverently. The girl's eyes switched from one to the other obviously not understanding a word they were saying.

"Lank what they talking about?" Reaper asked watching curiously.

"Fuck knows, who the fuck cares," he retorted hotly, "I need a beer."

Reaper laughed and turned to say something insulting when an alarm blared. He instinctively reached for his rifle and looked around.

An assistant rushed in looking worried. "The perimeter has been breached sir."

The young man sounded both surprised and deeply troubled. Reaper looked up at the Major who nodded. Taking his que he tapped Lank on the arm to get his attention and ran out of the lab to check out the situation.

Dr Turner turned to regard the young man steadily, "Initiate evacuation protocol get this place cleared. No point being here now we're infiltrated. Major make sure your marines are out last, remember they are expendable."

"Will be a damn shame," the Major smirked, "They didn't make bad marines."

The scientist snorted and left at a brisk place leaving the Major to catch up.


Leyk waited patiently as more drones charged past him and bombarded the wall. He soon surmised that the Queen's intelligence did not filter down through the ranks. He chuckled ruefully as he rolled the device in his hand. Then as the bombardment stopped for a split second he tossed it with precise aim at the door before the walls defence could recharge and then …

The door fell inward as the device exploded and Leyk sighed. A bit anticlimactic he thought. He knew he should have brought the bigger one it would have made a bigger bang.

With his cloak active he jumped from his hiding place and ran into the facility the alarm sounding about him. He cursed lightly but it was to be expected he reasoned. He flicked open his wrist computer and regarded the panel as his claw flicked across it. A scanner like dial flickered and a red dot appeared. With a nod he ran off in the direction it indicated glad that Sholeh's Clan had implemented tracking beacons in their armour, made it easier in these types of situations.

As he charged blindly down each corridor he suddenly stopped. Something was wrong and as he looked in to various rooms filled with … odd equipment he realised what it was, there were no Oomans. Where were they? Even with his cloak activated he would have run into one of them.

He growled loudly in anger and continued. He was angry that they would just disappear like that how dishonourable to run from your enemies like that. He had heard interesting stories about humans but they obviously did not apply to this lot. He suddenly stopped again and looked back down the corridor. A strange feeling tingled over his mottled skin. The feeling that he was perhaps being watched. Either way his main goal now is Plasma Caster's and Sholeh and nothing is going to distract him from it. He charged on ignoring the feeling even as dark hiss echoed down the hall.


Sholeh struggled against her restraints hissing angrily. The pain in her arm had subsided somewhat when the Ooman's had left her. She knew they would be back but for the life of her she just could not break free. A clatter caught her attention and she looked up.

Across the room a dark shape loomed and she cursed. A Kainde Amedha sniffed the air and slowly turned in her direction tilting its head almost curiously. It jumped on the table and crouched ready to pounce. Sholeh in a panic let out a defiant roar but the creature ignored it hissing between its teeth. With a horrific screech it leapt and Sholeh closed her eyes from her impending doom. A snapping noise made her eyes spring open and the hard meat feel away into a lump of burning flesh its blood hissing through the floor.

She looked up and another Yautja stood in the entranceway. She gasped when she recognised the emblem on the armour and from the scent knew who it was.

"Leyk?" she cried, "What the… ?"

All of a sudden he pointed and let out a roar of laughter doubling over. Tears streamed from his eyes behind his mask as he laughed in delight in spite of Sholeh's predicament. Sholeh growled.

"Get me out of this you Pauk-de!" she snapped.

"Why?" he replied through breaths as he approached, "Seeing you bound like this make me think 'kinky'."

He then doubled over with laughter again as she screamed. "Just get me out of this or or…"

"Or what?"

"Or I won't kill you!"

He sniggered and examined the restraints carefully.

"These seem to be electronic," he mused flicking one and listening to the ringing noise.

"I don't care what they are bone head just get me out of them!" she snapped angrily.

He sighed as he stepped back but as he did so Sholeh hissed in warning. He spun on the spot and came face to face with an Ooman a weapon pointed right at Leyk's mask. "C'jit!"

Reaper held his weapon firm but shifted uneasily as he realised the whir of something mechanical was indeed a weapon. His eyes shifted to the plasma caster on the 'things' shoulder that was trained on him.

"Oh shit!"


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