A little Tritter goes a long way

Uttering something under his breath as he walks through the hospital door, House knows today is going to be another crappy day at the hospital. House could still feel his aching cock from the pounding that he gave Wilson the night before, even though he popped three Vicodin before he rode in to work.

"Mornin' House," spats one of the front personnel whose name House can never remember.

"Oh, Morning? Just another morning full of whiny little sick people," retorts House as he walks into the elevator. It was Wednesday and nothing interesting was up on the docket for House and his cottages…or so he thinks.

The elevator door opens to his floor. "House! We got a situation here!" It's Chase. Oh how House hated his litlle blond aussie whack-job doctor. "We've got a 7-year old with an advanced case of…"

"Stop right there, Chase!" House thought he would have a little fun with the little wallaby. "You know what would be better for you, Chase? Get down on your knees right now and make me remember why I hired you in the first place."

"Oh, very funny House. But if we don't get this girl into…"

"No I'm serious," House says grabbing Chase by the scruff of his neck. "Get down and start sucking!"

"House, you're hurting me," whines Chase as he is lowered to the ground on bended knee. Chase knows what's next. House is going to pull down his jeans and expose his massive un-circumsized erection, and make his partner swallow what he is given.

SMASH!! A noise from inside House's office startles the bitch-ass doctors.

"I thought you were going to save that cock for me!" shouts a familiar voice from inside the office.

It was Tritter. House hadn't seen the serial rapist cop in several months. Not since the last time Tritter burst into House's office and made House take all 10 feet of Tritter's super cock.

"So, you're back," shouts House. "And here I thought today was going to be dull."

"Oh, it maybe dull my friend, but it's hard as a rock, bitch," retorts Tritter, whose erection has already ripped the dockers right off of his own lumpy man body.

The 10-foot super cock flies with such speed that it takes Chase right out of the room with one giant swat. Then the cock turns to House. "It's your turn, Housey," laughs Tritter, whose eyes already glitter with the rape rage he so desperately wants to fulfill.

House limps toward the elevator, hopping on his good leg until he feels his ass pinned to the wall, spread wide by the 3 foot wide glans penis of Tritter. House is knocked to the floor ass up "You like that!" yells Tritter as the first 2 feet of Tritter's cock plunge into House's tearing ass.

"No more!" screams House. But the rape lasts for what seems like eternity. Then darkness as House passes out.

House awakes to see Cuddy, Cameron, and 4-man leaning over him. "House, you alright?" asks Cuddy. "I've never seen a man take so much cock before."

"Yeah, and it was only two-tenths of the guys dick, too," snaps Cameron.

"Shut the fuck up, Cameron," replies House. "or I'll have 4-man bust a cap in your tight ass!"

"At least my ass is tight!" retorts Cameron.

"That's enough!" cries Cuddy. "Let's let 'chasm ass' go home and soak it in cider."

So House went to his House. He was sure Wilson would call him tonight. House turns his ringer off and plays with himself. THE END