Summary: Our favorite group of ninja find themselves hired by Voldemort. Their objective? Capture and kill Harry Potter. Their mission gets more complicated when they find themselves facing Red Moon. What new troubles does the group Snake bring?

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Rookie Nine – 17

Team Gai – 18

Golden Trio – 7th years

Sand Siblings – 17, 18, 19 (respectively; may/may not appear)

Kakashi, Anko, Kurenai, Gai – 28

Japanese – Once we get in to England.



Kakashi x Anko

Neji x Tenten

Others will be mentioned later on


"Working for the Enemy"

Chapter 1

Of Molded Warts and Dumb Doors


"This must be the weirdest missions we've ever taken. And that's saying something when you have Gai-sensei as a teacher." Tenten commented behind her red dragon mask that had small slits outlined in gold. "No offense Lee." She hastily added. After three years, she had joined ANBU, later than Lee, Neji, and Naruto, but in ANBU nonetheless. Her black spandex pants looked painted on her legs, outlining her figure quite nicely, and her sleeveless turtleneck top clung to her upper body like water. Over her torso was silvery armor that was flexible to allow better movement, it was designed like a tank top. She had the same material on her calves and forearms. Sleek, black combat boots that were zipped up to her thighs stuck to her like a second skin. Her black gloves went up to her upper arms, stopping just below a red tattoo on the shoulder. Around her hips was a silver mini-skirt and hanging from the back of her waist was a large red and gold scroll, a katana at her waist, and a jiang (Chinese sword) with a gold tassel attached to her back. She had trained with Mitarashi Anko long enough to be an apprentice, although she didn't summon snakes; her friends claimed she received Anko's sadistic nature while training with her for so long – but she denied their claims.

"None has been taken youthful flower." Lee replied. Aside from the boots and mini-skirt, his attire mirrored hers, only the men's uniform wasn't as clingy. His armor was also a metallic green, having claimed it increased his 'youth'. A green turtle mask had lazy-cut eye slits outlined in gold. His bowl haircut could still be seen from behind the mask, and some hair from his bushy eyebrows poked out from the eye slits. A pair of nunchaku hung from his right waist and wore the traditional black ninja sandals.

"And we agreed to this mission how?" Sakura queried, a finger tapping her chin. Pink hair that had grown a few inches longer over the years was pulled up in to a high ponytail; her pink hair paired up with a set of jade green eyes. She wore a red zip-up in the middle top that stopped at her bust line with a white circle on the back. Protective fish-netting covered any skin on her torso that might have been seen. A white mini skirt was placed over her fish-net short shorts that stopped two inches after the skirt. Red combat gloves adorning her hands and red combat boots zipped to her knees. Well known for her mighty strength she learned from her master, Tsunade, she was well feared in Konoha and beyond.

"We didn't." Shikamaru shrugged, hands stuffed lazily in the pockets of his black cargo pants; an olive green vest over his black long-sleeved top. Shikamaru had ascended to Tokubetsu Jounin over the three years after the offer had been nearly tossed at him. He was much too lazy to take the ANBU test, although he was qualified. His chocolate brown hair had been tossed up in to a high ponytail that made him look like a pineapple head.

"I heard our client looks like a snake." Ino piped in, tossing her long, platinum blond ponytail over her shoulder. Her bangs slanted to the right, pinned down by a purple bobby pin so that they wouldn't be in the way of her sky blue eyes during battle. She wore a translucent fish-net short-sleeved top that revealed her midriff and showed some cleavage; you could spot a purple piece of cloth that only covered her breast underneath the fishnet. A long sleeved purple top that only covered up to her bust line was zipped up enough to show what was underneath. Her purple skirt that went to mid-thigh had slits going up the sides to reveal a pair of black short shorts. Her black boots went just past her knees with a two-inch heel. She has been the known apprentice of Morino Ibiki and became a Tokubetsu Jounin, one of the top known interrogators.

Naruto sighed, "Just what I need, another Orochimaru." Still having his spiky golden locks and ocean blue eyes, he could also be called an apprentice of Jiraiya but didn't want to be compared to "ero-sennin". He was also in ANBU with Neji, Lee, and Tenten, although he received a smack in the head by Sakura when he said he wanted armor like Lee's. He did not carry any weapons like Lee and Tenten, only the basic necessities. He left his mask hanging from his hip, a frog painted on it in oranges, reds, and yellows.

"But Tsunade-sama did promise a paid two-month vacation after the mission was over." Hinata's soft voice was carried over all of them. She decided to remain as a Chuunin, although she was qualified to be a Jounin. Her indigo blue hair now waist length and tied at the end with her bangs remaining at the sides of her face to frame a pair of lavender orbs. While still shy and quiet, she no longer stuttered since it wasn't very intimidating if she was the Hyuuga clan leader. She wore a lavender light zip-up hoodie that had white fur lining the edge of the hood and she had on a pair of violet cargo pants.

"That's aside from the fact that this mission lasts a year in a dungeon." Neji said, arms crossed over his chest. His hair went to his waist and was loose, framing the sides of his face. Unlike Hinata, his eyes had a less lavender hue, more of a pearl color. Some may mistake him for a girl with his silky hair, but his masculine face structure, broad shoulders, and lean frame said other wise. He wore the ANBU outfit that was identical to Lee's except for the green coloring, it was silver.

Kiba groaned, "I just got back from Iwagakure and my client over there had a thing for caves." Kiba still had the red streaks on his cheeks and spiky brown hair. He wore a smoky gray t-shirt underneath the black jacket paired with black cargo pants. Akamaru barked at his side, now coming up to Kiba's waist.

Sakura rolled her eyes, "Get over it."

"Why us though? Chouji and Shino could have filled in for us." Ino tapped her chin thoughtfully.

"Because of your interrogation skills." Shikamaru answered, "Tenten's attacks specialize in all ranges, Neji and Hinata have the Byakugan, and Kiba has excellent tracking skills with Akamaru, Sakura's medical abilities, and my tactics."

"Hey, hey! What about me?" Naruto queried. Shikamaru shrugged, "You happened to be available when Chouji and Shino weren't." Naruto glared, "Why you!"

"Naruto has crazy stamina and the Kyuubi that enables him quick healing." Tenten pointed out. They each had known about Naruto's secret for a year, Neji and Shikamaru already had suspicions before that though and were pretty close to figuring it all out already.

"Thank you Ten-chan!" Naruto crushed her in to a hug until she wheezed; all the while ignoring Neji's glare. "Che." Kiba rolled his eyes.


Voldemort's blood red snake-like eyes narrowed in to a glare from behind the shadows of his cloak; Tsunade looked at her newly manicured nails in disinterest as the two waited for the selected nine. "Where are they?" He hissed in annoyance. "On their way." She replied boredly, not even bothering to give him a glance. Just as she pulled out a nail filer, Voldemort retrieved his wand and crushed it in to dust. She glared at him, honey brown eyes giving him a chilling feeling. "Is that all you can do with that stick?" She taunted and placed a finger on the earth below them, effortlessly crushing the ground like a puzzle that was stepped on by a toddler. His eyes widened and he hurriedly jumped away so his legs would not be pulled down with the earth.

"Che." She flipped her head, "Weakling."

"Listen child, I do no-" Her glare stopped him, "You listen, you stick-waver. If it were not for the fact you were able to get through our barriers, I would not have helped you at all. Be grateful you've received my help. I am your elder, although I may not seem it. Also, my ninja will kill you and your men effortlessly if I snapped my fingers." Voldemort forced himself to stay quiet, not wanting to deal with the super strength she so much contained.

"We're here Obaachan!" Naruto sang out, as all nine of them poofed in front of them. Sakura smacked him, "Idiot. Be more professional." The others rolled their eyes and stayed silent.

"Listen up brats." Tsunade called for their attention, which she received obediently. "You are to obey your client, Voldemort's orders until the end of this mission. Be sure to adapt to your surroundings. Their world is much more different than ours. Be careful." She warned, her eyes met with Sakura's briefly. "You will be using this to transport to their world." Voldemort pulled out a golden goblet with a silver M embossed on it. Each raised their eyebrows in question. "This is a port key. Each of you hold on to it and do not let go until you feel your feet touch the ground." He ordered. Holding it out to them, each of them hesitantly held it, Tsunade whispering, "Watch him like you would Orochimaru," in to Sakura's ear. Sakura gave a nod that was not noticed by Voldemort before she felt herself be pulled by a giant force. Naruto and Ino's silent squeal the only thing being heard.


"If I may have your attention!" Dumbledore began. The occupants of the great hall immediately silenced, "This is the beginning of a new year and a new adventure. Due to some rumors, I have hired a group of body guards known as Red Moon in our language. Treat them with respect and do not provoke them." Almost as though they were told to appear, six figures emerged from the shadows, two on the left and right sides and another pair by the entrance. They all walked to the front of the room as whispers began. Each of them were dressed in black cloaks with a high collar and button snaps on the front with red moons designing the exterior, outlined in white.

"Che… I can't believe we're body guards." Kisame remarked by Itachi's side. Students all over stared at his unbelievably blue skin with his dark blue hair and features that resembled a shark's.

"Let the feast begin!" Dumbledore announced and plates piled with food appeared in front of the students, but that did not distract them from the new comers.

"This is almost ridiculous at how much gold there is in this castle." Konan commented by Pain. Her blue hair had a light blue paper flower ornament on the side of her hair. She would have been classified as pretty if it weren't for the dangerous aura radiating off her along with the emotionless expression; a silver stud pierced underneath her lip.

"They are most gaudy." Zetsu replied, half his body white while the other black and his hair a green to match with the Venus fly trap around his head.

"Tobi likes this castle." Tobi said, his eye peering through the single eye hole of his orange mask that covered a good portion of his messy black hair.

"Perhaps we shall take this castle after we complete our mission." Konan suggested, face effortlessly blank.

"Perhaps." Pain repeated, his eyes containing rings extending out from his iris and multiple piercings all over his face and ears.


"Look at him! He looks like he wants to eat me!" Ron cowered, gulping down a spoonful of mashed potatoes as he stared fearfully at Kisame who grinned at him with his hand reaching for the large sword strapped to his back by some invisible force. Hermione rolled her eyes at his behavior, "Oh honestly Ron! Grow up! He's not even looking at you!"

"Not when you're looking! But when I look…" Ron trailed off as he shivered. Harry shook his head, "You're imagining things Ron." Glancing over to their new bodyguards, Harry unconsciously shivered when he found himself staring in to crimson pools with a trio of black gems spinning in their depths; but as soon as he blinked, he found them gone. 'Odd…' He thought before returning to his meal. "Oh dear!" Hermione panicked, "What is it?" Harry queried, twirling some spaghetti. "It's past 7!" She replied as though it were most obvious. "Yeah… So?" Ron motioned for her to continue, "I was supposed to be in the library by now!" With that said, she hurried off with her plate only half-finished.

"That girl drives herself nuts." Ron commented but hurriedly went back to his meal while sending cautious glances to the blue-skinned body guard.


"This place needs a make over." Ino commented, her blue eyes taking in the murky stone gray walls that had red drapes hanging from them. They walked on a silver-carpeted path with a giant V wrapped in gold snakes in the center. After they had each landed in this new setting, their client left them with a guide.

"Tell me about it." Sakura agreed, remembering every detail of the dungeon. Lee frowned, "Perhaps they haven't been introduced to the lovely color of green?" Tenten shuddered, "I think that's worse than what they have." Lee glanced at her, "But lovely flower! Green is the color of youth, the color of my Sakura-san's eyes, the color of our love" Lee declared and Sakura inched away from him. Naruto blanched, "Green? Isn't red the color of love?" When Lee was about to reply, Neji sternly ordered, "Enough of this pointless conversation."

"Whoa! Five words in a sentence!" Naruto said in sincere awe. Shikamaru rolled his eyes. "Well, well, well…. What do we have here?" A wicked voice inquired. Out from the shadows a woman emerged that looked like she escaped from the insane asylum. A mass of puffy black hair in messy curls poofed out from her head with dark pools of onyx that swept over them; if they hadn't been raised as ninjas and seen the horrors they've seen, they would have shivered in discomfort. She wore a black dress with large sleeves and boots that silently clunked on the stone floor.

"They're our new set of killers." Their guide, Lucius Malfoy replied. They had figured this man was the owner of this estate. He had platinum blond hair that did not shine as brightly and beautifully as Ino's and went to his shoulders. Bellatrix Lestrange circled them, eyeing them each carefully. "They don't seem like much." Bellatrix reached for one of Tenten's buns. She was barely able to tap one of them before she found a knife-like weapon at her throat with a needle at her blood vessel. Bellatrix grinned before she removed her hand, "I like this one… She's feisty." Lucius rolled his pale blue eyes. "I'd love to see their abilities on the battle field. They're probably like children." Bellatrix then took an interest in Hinata's eyes, "Interesting. Eyes nearly the color of pearls, how expensive." When she gripped Hinata's chin she found herself threatened with a pair of fingers over her heart, "Don't touch her." Neji monotonously ordered, although she could not understand it.

"As I said… They seem a bit weak to me. After all… What good would a mutt do on the battlefield?" She waved off Neji's threat and looked over at Lucius. "I'm sure he would not mind giving you a demonstration of their power." He motioned over to Neji. "You can understand them?" She guessed. "Translation spells. He (1) ordered us to cast it in case they decide to rebel against us." Waving her wand over herself she walked away, "I'll be seeing you in the throne room."

"Where can we spar?" Neji inquired, though it sounded more like a demand. "Down the hall to the right. But I'd much rather prefer you practiced in the garden behind the house." They all nodded before heading in to their room.


"I can't believe we work for that hag." Naruto grumbled tossing his things on the closest bed, which was near the center of the room, nearly slipping on the varnished dark oak wood flooring. Sakura glanced at him while mumbling, "Idiot." Shikamaru immediately headed to the sofa to sleep on.

"Technically, we aren't working for her." Ino pointed out, sitting on one of the lounge sofas facing a fire in the stone fire place. The walls were painted a warm red with black lanterns hanging from the ceiling and black torches hung up on the wall. A black cherry wood coffee table was placed in front of the sofa, a small red cloth placed in the center with a black pot in the middle holding crimson roses. To one side of the room was a door leading to their sleeping quarters.

"She's only an ally." Hinata agreed, heading to their bed room. A desk was up against the wall of the lounge room with paper and ink set on top.

"I say we kill her after the mission's over." Tenten grinned, spinning a senbon between her skilled fingers. Neji grunted in agreement while Lee gasped, "Lovely flower! Do not speak of such things of our ally! I am sure she is only nervous of our presence!" Kiba snorted at this, "Akamaru doesn't like that old hag either. Calls her a ho-" Lee clapped a hand over Kiba's mouth. "Do not say such ill things of the lady! I'm sure her youth was dampened by the environment of this dungeon." Kiba rolled his eyes, "Alright, Akamaru calls her a gardening tool that he wouldn't pay for." Ino looked at Lee, "You're either blind or deaf, which I'm not surprised with, seeing how you hang around with that weirdo twenty-four-seven… She looked like she was at home in this place and her eyes would light up every time Voldemort was mentioned."

Naruto nodded in agreement, "Yeah, yeah! And you saw how she touched Hinata-chan? And Tenten-chan's hair? No one's touched her hair before! And, and no one can touch Hinata-chan like that!" Naruto proclaimed, Tenten rubbed her temples, "You're giving me a headache Naruto." Hinata re-emerged from the bed room before she spoke up, "Shouldn't we head to the throne room now? I'm sure Voldemort would like to brief us on our first task."

Sakura grunted, "Let that snake bastard wait for all I care." Lee let out a shocked gasp, "Dear flower! When have you begun to take on Kiba-kun and Naruto-kun's vulgar ways of speaking?" Ino looked at him boredly, "Oh please Lee, she's been cursing after Tsunade-sama was her master." Tenten sniffed, "Don't have to rub that fact in." Tenten was still a bit sore that Tsunade chose Sakura over her as an apprentice but got over it eventually. Ino grinned, "Sorry." Shikamaru sighed, "This is all so troublesome." Having been wakened up from his nap, he stretched out on the sofa. Neji headed towards the door, "Let's go. We don't want to be yelled at by our client on our first day of the mission." Tenten grinned up at him, "Don't we?"


"It's about time brats!" Voldemort growled, they each stood there as emotionlessly as possible. The room had drapes of green and silver with a silver throne chair on a small step. People dressed in black robes and odd pointy hats that nearly made Naruto laugh stood on either side of the silver carpet vertically. Lee was only happy they've heard of the color green.

"Your first mission is to retrieve information on the enemy and their plan of actions. I want you five to go." Voldemort motioned at Naruto, Sakura, Tenten, Neji, and Lee. The chosen five were each given a black device. "Use these to record their conversations. I understand you aren't fluent in our language… I expect you all to understand me perfectly in a month. Be ready to leave in an hour." With those last words he dismissed them. "Keep an eye on them Bellatrix." She grinned, "Of course my lord."


"He treats us like slaves!" Ino grumbled, sitting on a random bed. The bed room was for both the girls and boys, four beds up against one wall and another five on the opposite. On either side of the bed was a night stand equipped with lamps. The furniture was made of black cherry wood with a dark, nearly black oak wood as flooring. The room had dark crimson walls with sheets and pillows the colors of blood and ebony blending together. There were dressers nearby each bed for each person and a chest in front of each bed. There was another door leading to the bath room. Shiny black tiles glued to the floor and dark green painted on the walls. Cutting the room in half was a wall that went from the back and stopped five feet in front of the door. A silver border cut the green coloring of the wall in half. On one side there were four sinks with mirrors, a silver wall lamp separating them, and four showers in the back; there were large bath tubs behind the showers. On the opposite wall that cut the room in half were toilets, while cabinets were also placed in spots to hold feminine necessities. "That's because he thinks we are, Ino." Shikamaru sighed, rubbing his nose as he studied the English scroll Tsunade gave to them.

The other side was the same only with one extra because of the odd number of boys. To cover the split room was a curtain by the entrance to block the view of the person that decided to enter. "This guy must be loaded." Kiba commented and Akamaru barked in agreement.

"Well, better prepare!" Tenten stretched before she pulled out a bunch of scrolls she packed in her duffle bags while dumping her clothes and necessities in her dresser; the scrolls went in the chest in front of her bed.

"Where are all your weapons?" Naruto queried. Tenten waved her scrolls as she untied one. "Eh??? But you can hold like hundreds of them in there!" Sakura twirled one. "I know. That's the beauty of it." Tenten grinned as she slid a pair of daggers on each calf, steel-bladed fans at her hips and a large scroll at the back of her waist, another mini-pair underneath the armor of her forearms, and more. Hinata looked at her arsenal, "Don't you think that's too much Tenten-chan?" Tenten shook her head, "Better safe than sorry." Neji glanced at her, "We're not going to a war Tenten." She shrugged. "Well! I'm heading to the practice room. Any one want to join?" Kiba offered. "Che. It's too troublesome." Shikamaru waved off, not glancing up from his scroll. "Just got my nails done." Sakura raised an eyebrow at Ino.

"You got your nails done before our mission?"

"Yeah, I needed something to cheer me up of being away from Konoha for so long." Ino nodded. Sakura shook her head.

"I'll join." Hinata answered as she grabbed a few weapons before she headed out the door with Kiba, Neji keeping a close eye on Kiba.

"All ready?" Naruto glanced over all of them. They each nodded before they headed out.


"Are you sure it was the right choice to hire them?" Minerva asked worriedly. Dumbledore nodded, "I would not have hired them if I thought otherwise."

"What if they kill you Albus?" Dumbledore glanced at her, "Then I have made the wrong choice. Their kind are very honorable. They would not break my contract until their mission is over. They were raised like this."

"But Albus!"

"That's enough of this conversation Minerva. You should get some rest, tomorrow is the start of a new year."


"Is that the brat?" Kisame nodded over to Harry who sat next to a nervous Ron. "Yes." Pain replied, "Do not harm him. We are to protect him until our contract ends. After it is completed, we revert to our original plans.Do not kill him."




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1) He – As in Voldemort.