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Rookie Nine – 17

Team Gai – 18

Golden Trio – 7th years

Sand Siblings – 17, 18, 19 (respectively; may/may not appear)

Kakashi, Anko, Kurenai, Gai – 28

Japanese – Once we get in to England.



Kakashi x Anko

Neji x Tenten

Others will be mentioned later on


"Working for the Enemy"

Chapter 3

The Pot that is Hairy


"Did you collect the information I wanted?" Voldemort demanded, seeing them pass by the doorway to his 'throne room'. Neji barely glanced at him, "We have information. We'll give it to you after healing my team mates." Voldemort glared at him, "Youwillgive it to me now." Neji barely even twitched at the glare and returned one of his own, "My team mates' lives are more important to me than your battle. It's either I give it to you later or I don't give it to you at all." Voldemort rose from his chair, causing his death eaters to back away. "Youinsolent brat!" He retrieved his wand, ready to punish Neji for his rudeness.

"You need us for this mission; without us you would lose this battle. I can walk out of here right now whether you like it or not. Attack me and I will not hesitate to defend myself and leave." Neji glared, Bellatrix glowered at him, "You little brat! How dare you speak to the dark lord that way!" Tenten scowled at the girl, "Howdare you speak to us like we're slaves! You may have hired us but we do whatever we feel will help us in our mission or have it completed quicker. Now if you'll excuse us, we have some team mates to heal." Tenten walked out with an unconscious Naruto over her shoulder – her shoulder was powered with chakra to help her manage the weight of carrying him while Neji carried Sakura.


Ino sat on her bed, examining her nails and eyebrows – making sure she didn't need to pluck any hairs. Kiba played a lackadaisical game of catch with Akamaru and Hinata sat nearby reading a book with Shikamaru taking a bath – most likely sleeping. Each of them nearly jumped out of their skin when the door to their bed room was slammed open.

A beat up Naruto was being dragged in by Tenten and Neji carried Sakura. "What the hell happened?" Ino queried hurrying to placing Sakura and Naruto on their respective beds. Tenten laid down on her own, not even caring that blood was soaking the sheets, "We ran in to the Akatsuki." Hinata gasped, "What are they doing in Hogwarts?" Neji shook his head, "The enemy must've hired them."

Kiba raised an eyebrow, "Why would the Akatsuki work for them? I'm sure just one member could easily over power the enemy's leader." Tenten shrugged, "I'm guessing they see something that will benefit them."

"What the hell happened to Lee?" Kiba glanced around for any sign of the green beast. Tenten looked away from him, "We couldn't save him. Lee can't use chakra like we can so he couldn't just transport out of their, he had to run around for an exit with Neji guiding him. He was close to the exit but by then he was surrounded; Naruto was lucky to even get to Sakura." Tenten sighed.

"They're going to interrogate him aren't they?" Ino whispered. Tenten nodded, "We'll have to get him back, Akatsuki is sure to know ways of getting in to his head."

"Hinata-sama,"Hinata glanced over to her cousin at his call, "You'll have to heal Naruto; Sakura's trapped in a mind-jutsu – Ino will have to deal with that." Ino glanced over at him, "How can you tell?"

"She faced off with Itachi." Ino nodded, taking in the lost and distant look in Sakura's wide green eyes. "How long will it take for her to be taken out?" Tenten queried. Ino shook her head, "Probably an hour or more, Itachi's skilled in mind-games and the mental battles are usually the hardest to heal from. It'll take a while, but I can assure you Sakura will be back."

"It looks as though she's saying something…" Kiba took in her soundless moving lips.

"She's saying she's useless," Neji's eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"That doesn't make sense… Sakura knows she's not useless." Kiba protested. Ino rolled his eyes, "Idiot. Itachi can easily make her think otherwise – I'm guessing he gave her a blast from the past."

"Ino, you deal with her, we'll have to come up with a plan to get Lee out of there as soon as possible." Neji ordered, "Shouldn't Tenten report to Voldemort-san?" Hinata queried. Neji shook his head, "I'll do it." Tenten rolled her eyes, "I can do it, and I can take care of myself in front of that freak."

Neji glared at her, "I'd rather do it, Tenten." Tenten ignored him and walked out, "Tenten!" Growling, Neji stomped out after her – Shikamaru chose this moment to walk in. He paused in his step when he saw Ino slumped on Kiba's lap with an injured Sakura lying next to her. He glanced around and stared at the wounded Naruto that Hinata was healing. Narrowing his eyes he said cautiously, "What did I miss?"

"Sakura-chan's trapped in a mind-jutsu Itachi placed her in – Ino-chan's in her mind trying to get her out.Lee… was also captured by the enemy." Hinata replied slowly, her mind mainly focused on healing Naruto as sweat beaded down her forehead and cheeks. Shikamaru nodded, non-to-gently moving Kiba away and taking his place. "How long has she been out?"

Kiba glared at him, "About… ten minutes; Neji and Tenten are reporting to Voldemort."


"That's all the information you've received?" Voldemort growled out and Tenten resisted the urge to snap at him, "Yes. We were all occupied fighting our own opponents. We were barely in there for ten minutes before we were attacked." Voldemort glared at her, "Then you are dismissed, report to the nursing wards if you want healing." Tenten shook her head, "My companions are able enough." With those last words she walked out just as Neji was about to walk in. "I told you not to go in on your own." Tenten grinned at him, "Well, I didn't listen." Neji glowered at her but walked along side her to their room.


"Harry!! Did you hear?" Ron asked. Harry shook his head, "Hear what?" Hermione looked up from her book and breakfast, "Apparently we were attacked."

"Really? Last night?"

Ron nodded, "It seems our body guards are all injured, or most of them at least. I haven't seen them all morning." Hermione rolled her eyes, "They could be concealing themselves." Ron shrugged and continued with his task of clearing the table of any food.


Later on in the day, Harry was called to Dumbledore's office. Walking up the steps to his office, Harry gently opened the door to see Dumbledore patiently sitting in his chair – the Red Moon members not looking as patient as Dumbledore did. "Um… You wanted to see me, professor?" Dumbledore nodded, "Harry, it's known that Voldemort is after you. As a safety precaution, a Red Moon member will be protecting you at all times."

"But I can take care of myself professor!" Kisame rolled his eyes at Harry in annoyance. "Just take the protection, we don't want you killed or captured." Harry looked at him, "You can understand us?" Tobi nodded, "Tobi was enchanted!" Zetsu rolled his eyes, "It's called a spell idiot."

"You can resist all you want, but there will always be one of us trailing you. You can't hide from us." Harry could not help but feel intimidated by the sole female member of the Red Moon group. "How can I trust you all?" The presumed leader of Red Moon with the multiple piercings looked down at him, "Would your professor hire us if he did not trust us?"

Harry clenched his fists, "I still don't want them to protect me. Can't someone other than them protect me? Some one I can trust?" Dumbledore shook his head, "I'm sorry Harry, no other wizard or witch in this building is skilled or powerful enough to take on someone of their kind."

"What is their kind?"

"I don't think you would benefit in any way if you knew what we are." Konan replied.

"Who are you people?" Harry glared, but they all seemed unaffected. Dumbledore then spoke up, "Ah yes, I believe an introduction is needed!" Konan resisted the urge to roll her eyes at the head master's cheeriness. "The female is Konan, over there is Itachi Uchiha, Kisame Hoshigaki, Pain, Tobi, and Zetsu; I believe I've identified them all correctly, yes?" Dumbledore looked to Pain for confirmation who gave a slight nod.

"Each of them will be protecting you in different time frames, rotating their shifts."

"But professor!"

"That will be all Harry." Dumbledore said firmly.


When Harry returned to Gryffindor common room, he was met with worried glances from both Hermione and Ron, "What did he call you for?" Ron queried.

"He's given me a group of bodyguards!" Harry replied angrily. Hermione frowned slightly, "Maybe it's for the best Harry…"

"For the best?!"

"I mean… Hogwarts was attacked yesterday, most likely for you. Dumbledore only wants to protect you after all. He's doing what he feels is best."

"I don't need protection!" A sigh was heard from behind them and Ron looked up fearfully at the familiar voice that followed after, "Just give it up brat; it'll make our lives easier."

"H-harr-harry! W-what's he d-doing in h-here?" Ron pointed a finger up at Kisame's grinning face. "I'm his body guard; I'm supposed to be tailing him aren't I?" Ron nearly fainted. "Do you haveto follow me everywhere!" Harry glowered. Kisame shrugged uncaringly, "It's either this or… this. Would you rather have me follow you without your knowing?"

"I have to go to the bathroom!" Harry declared and looked over at Ron, "Would you like to join me?"

Ron looked at him in disgust, "I'm sorry mate but I don't curve that way." Harry agitatedly ran his hand through his hair, "You idiot! Not in that… Ugh!" Kisame grinned, "I would be more than happy to help you in the bathroom."

Harry sighed in irritation before he slumped in to the couch in front of the fire place. "Oh bloody hell…"


While in Charms, Harry flicked a piece of paper at Hermione, this not going unseen to Kisame. Hermione frowned when the piece of parchment landed in front of her. Unraveling the crumpled item, she discreetly read it.

I need you to look up the names: Kisame Hozegacke, Itachi Ocheehah, Konan, Pain, Tobi, and Zetsu.

Hermione then flicked the piece of paper back at him after writing her own message.

What for? They are your body guards. I doubt they would try to kill you.

Harry was about to write back until Kisame's voice entered his hearing, "I don't know if I should be offended or not that you wrote my last name incorrectly. It should be Hoshigaki and Itachi's should be Uchiha. Have fun in researching." Kisame grinned. Harry scowled, but froze when Kisame suddenly reverted to his Japanese speaking.

Professor Flitwick looked up when he heard the string of Japanese words, "Ah yes, the headmaster informed me the translation spell would wear off soon," he then recasted the spell.


"Please Hermione!" Harry begged. Hermione shook her head, "I don't understand your suspicions!" Ron snorted at this, "Maybe because they look like serial killers." Hermione ignored him, "They would not attempt to kill you. They would be going against Dumbledore's orders! Besides, Dumbledore would be able to stop them even if theydid attempt to harm you in any way." Hermione said confidently. A sudden poof of smoke caught their attention when Itachi took Kisame's place. "What the bloody…" Ron trailed off, "How do you explain that?" Harry said stubbornly. Itachi glanced at him, "A simple… spell as your kind would call it."

"Apparating isn't… allowed in Hogwarts." Hermione gaped. Itachi ignored them all and settled for leaning against a wall. "I'll… Look in to it." Hermione finally agreed with a slump of her shoulders. Harry smiled at this before they headed for their next class, Itachi following behind them.


"She's starting to get tired… I don't know how much longer she'll last in there." Shikamaru observed with a frown, reaching for a cloth to wipe the sweat from Ino's forehead. "She's been in there for over two hours…" Kiba stated with arms crossed. Naruto was resting on the bed with bandages wrapped over his wounds. Hinata was healing any major injuries on Tenten after finishing with Neji.

"Can you give us an estimate?" Neji inquired. Shikamaru glanced over at him, "Maybe another ten to fifteen minutes." As though someone woke her from a nightmare, Ino gasped up from her place on Shikamaru's lap, greedily taking in large amounts of oxygen while sweat trailed their way down her form. "I… I think I got her out."

"Think?" Kiba echoed. Ino shook her head, "I can't take them out of whatever it is they're in, it's up to them. I can help them to the exit, but I can't just shove them out. It's not that easy… And it's not as though I have control over her mind. Their mind is theirs to control, not mine," She explained.

"So… How do we know?" Tenten asked rubbing the wrist Hinata just healed. "When she wakes up… It could be for another hour, a few more minutes, seconds – maybe even days. I can check in with her in her mind but I don't have much more mental energy to go back in." Neji nodded, satisfied with the information, "Take a rest. Voldemort will probably give us another assignment tomorrow.We'll wait and train till then." They each nodded in agreement before they got themselves ready for bed.

"Hey… Where's Lee?" Ino queried searching for the green ball of energy. "Captured by the enemy." Shikamaru answered, noticing both Tenten and Neji didn't seem to want to answer the question. "Eh? What's our plan of action then?"

"We'll have to get him back tomorrow once Voldemort gives us an assignment. A majority of us are tired out." Neji answered. Nodding a bit hesitantly, Ino gave in to the soft and fluffy pillows and blankets that were calling to her.


"You're sure this is the place?"

"Yes.Have I ever been wrong?"

"There's always a first."

"Both of you shut up."



"Don't mock me!"

"How do we get through?"

"… It looks like some one set up a powerful jutsu to block out any outsiders."

"How did he get through then?"

Shrug, "We can try breaking it…"

"Too simple… There's something else mixed in with the chakra… I don't know what it is."

"We could try over powering the chakra shield, wouldn't that cause a crack?"

"If it were any other chakra shield – yes, but this is fused with another type of power. I haven't come across any thing like it…"

"I still say we just use brute force."

"No, we don't know the consequences."

"And yet we're trying to break through it."

"Can you see any weaknesses?"

"The chakra and other force are swirling together… There's a gap between them… A small one but we should be able to penetrate it through here."

"We're in."


"I want you all to continue to seek information. I don't have enough to form a plan of action yet… If at any point you can capture Harry Potter, bring him to me – don't kill him."




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