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Summary: Cameron J. Keller has been a local in her rural hometown since her birth, and she's doesn't believe that'll ever change. She has no hopes and no aspirations for a better future, yet she does dream of another, brighter life. In steps Bree Holloway, who is the city gal that recently moved to the small town. Not only is she intrigued by the mysterious Cameron Keller, but she's too curious to find out what's happened between Cameron and her ex-boyfriend. Just where and how will this end for both Cameron and Bree?

Started: May 20, 2007

The Countryside Life

by Red Hope

Chapter 6

"Come on, I promise you'll love it." Cameron kept her hand out, and she waited for her friend to take it.

Bree was skeptic though. She looked from the large four-wheeler back to her friend. She couldn't resist Cameron's smile or those blue eyes. She clasped her friend's hand and was hauled into the machine.

"Now hang on tight," Cameron instructed.

Bree hastily wrapped her arms around her friend in a deathlock.

Cameron coughed and chided, "Not that tight." Once Bree loosened up, she fired up the Honda ATV then rocketed off towards the woods around her house.

"Oh my god!" Bree hollered.

Cameron devilishly laughed, but she easily dodged around trees and brush. She had the forest around her house quite memorized. The forest didn't even look different at night to her anymore. Just ahead she spotted the usual gully that ran through the woods. "We're going to make a jump."

Bree poked her head around her friend's shoulder and spotted the gully. "Oh my god... Cameron!"

Cameron throttled the four-wheeler and aimed for the built up of dirt that made a natural ramp. "Stand up when I stand," she hollered over the growl of the machine. She hunched forward over the steering bars then she felt the wheels lift up.

Bree squealed, yet she managed to stand on cue. She screamed when they were airborne and only stopped when the four-wheeler slammed into the ground and knocked the air from her. She clung tightly to Cameron for dear life.

Cameron jerked the steering bars hard and pulled back on the throttle.

The four-wheeler's rear kept going while the front end spun. It then came to a stop, but the engine still hummed loudly.

"You still alive?"

Bree suddenly smacked her friend's side. "You're insane. Do you know that?"

"You really haven't seen half of it," Cameron teased. She kept her hand on the brake. "Here we go." She released the brake and pulled back on the throttle.

The ATV's wheels tore up the ground and sped the riders through the woods. Its loud growl echoed through the woods and chased off any wildlife.

Cameron steered the four-wheeler to the part of the gully where it opened up into a small creek. She drove the four-wheeler into the brook and relished how the spray of water went around her. She felt how tightly her friend clenched her. She chuckled and called, "Come on, Bree you wanted to do this."

"I didn't think we'd be doing stunts the first time," she sharply replied.

Cameron laughed and shook her head. "Trust me, this is normal. You ain't seen any stunts." She heard the groan come from her friend. "But if you want, I can show you some stunts."

"No thank you!" Bree hollered.

Cameron smirked, but she focused on her driving. She dodged out of the creek and went back into the woods. She came towards a hillside and drove up onto the side but turned to the left. She ran the ATV along the side despite the rear wheels slipped slightly.

"We're going to roll!" Bree called.

Cameron was more confident about her four-wheeler that she'd been using for years. She turned the handlebars and directed the ATV the rest of the way up the hill and popped up over the ridge. She then came to a stop in front of a few trees and asked, "You want to drive?"

Bree groaned and slumped against her friend's back. She shook her head and muffled, "No... not really."

"Sure you do." Cameron shut off the ATV then dissected herself from Bree. She hopped off the machine and ordered, "Scoot up."

"Cam, I'll get us killed." Bree peered up at her friend then hesitantly steered at all the buttons and gears in front of her. "I've never driven one before."

"Well, it ain't too hard." Cameron pushed on her friend's back. "Go on." She saw her friend wouldn't budge so she ordered, "Come on. I'll help you."

Bree finally gave in and scooted up. She felt Cameron climb back on but behind her now. Then there were long arms that snaked around her waist and held her close.

Cameron leaned forward so her body molded to Bree's back. She rested her chin on Bree's shoulder and began instructing Bree on each of the gears, their proper names, and what they do to the ATV.

Bree carefully listened and memorized everything. She smiled at how well Cameron explained to her each button, knob, and gear on the ATV. For somebody that supposedly had a low SAT score, Cameron was fairly meticulous. Finally Bree felt she had it down pat so she started the beastly machine, which growled happily.

Cameron straightened up and tried to let Bree get use to controlling the four-wheeler. She didn't really have to wait long before they were off buzzing through the woods. She pushed back some of her midnight hair that'd gotten in the way of her face.

Bree followed the creek, which opened up to a swamp, and she circled around it. "Can we just go through the swamp?"

"Sure." Cameron pointed to a specific trail through the swamp. "You can see where I've gone in the past. Follow it."

Bree grinned and directed the four-wheeler to the entrance of the trail. She felt the huge tires sink into the mud, but they ripped through it and plowed through the mud and water. Bree laughed at how the water sprayed up and around them. "This is a lot of fun!"

Cameron laughed loudly and enjoyed how much her friend liked the adventure. "I'll make a country girl out of you yet."

Bree chuckled, but she watched her driving when they came out of the swamp. She zipped past the swamp and came back to the connecting creek. She ran the ATV right into the creek and flew down the creek. "Can we go into the gully?"

"Just follow the creek," Cameron instructed. She was surprised by her friend's sudden boldness. She hadn't expected her friend to be so daring the first time driving by the way she acted earlier. She had to admit that being the driver was far different than being the passenger.

Bree followed the creek and ahead she spotted the opening of the gully. She suddenly realized they would need to stand up or else they'd be hit by the edges of the gully. She squealed and stood up just as they came at the entrance.

Cameron laughed, but she easily stood up with her friend. She released her right hand from Bree's waist, leaned to her right, and let her fingertips scrape along the edge of the gully.

"Wooohoo!" Bree had to kneel slightly just to keep her hands on the handlebars. She hollered, "How we get out of this thing?"

"Just ahead you'll see an opening that I've made with the ATV. It's on the left side."

Bree indeed spotted and hollered, "I see it. Hold on!"

Cameron chuckled and straightened up from toying with the gully edge. She then recalled a slight detail that could turn ugly if not performed, "Bree, you have to come at it on the right angle."


Cameron realized she didn't have time to explain. She feared for the worst so she grabbed Bree's hips tightly. "Brake it!"

Bree became flustered and instead ended up throttling the ATV. She grabbed the brake bar, but it was too late. "Cameron!" She knew they were coming in too fast and the wrong way.

Cameron slipped her arms tightly around Bree's waist. "Let go of the handlebars!" She bent her knees quickly then pushed off with all her strength.

Bree had done what she was told, and now found herself airborne but without the ATV. For a moment, she watched the driverless ATV shoot up the side of the gully, miss the entrance, turn upside down, and begin to fall. Then Bree only had a view of the budding leaves and blue sky overhead. There was a deep, low grunt from Cameron then suddenly her back slammed into Cameron's body. Next water splashed up around them and rained down on her.

Cameron groaned deeply, and her arms flopped off of Bree. She dropped her head to the right and closed her eyes without any other sounds.

Bree ached all over, but she knew it should have been worse if it hadn't been for Cameron cushioning her fall. She hastily rolled off her friend and feared something was wrong. "Cameron?" She splashed around in the water but managed to get onto her knees. "Cameron?"

Cameron remained motionless and quiet. The creek's water flowed around her but soaked her hair and the side of her face.

"Oh my god. Cameron?" Bree touched her friend's face and turned her head over. She then spotted the blood that mixed with the water. "Oh no." She carefully placed her hand under Cameron's head then pulled out her hand to find her fingertips coated in blood. Bree grew frantic, and she used her freehand to hastily dig out her cell phone.

Bree flipped open her phone and stared at the signal, which happened to be none. She suddenly realized how bad this could be, and she hissed, "You have to be kidding." She almost wanted to throw her useless cell phone. "Cameron?" She received no response, and she scrambled to think of what to do to get help. She doubted she could carry Cameron up out of the gully and Cameron's parents were gone from the house.

Bree twisted her head around and stared up at the height of the gully. Maybe she could manage Cameron up over it then make a run to the house for the phone. That's exactly what she needed to do, she decided.

"Did ya scratch my four-wheeler?" came a choked voice.

"Cameron?" Bree peered down at her friend, and fuzzy, amused blue eyes stared up at her. "Jesus." She touched Cameron's cheek. "We need to get you out of here and to the hospital. You hit your head."

"Just a scratch," Cameron argued. She decided she did want to get out of the chilled water. She placed her hands flat against the grainy, wet dirt and began to lift up.

Bree quickly helped her friend get to her feet. " Be careful." She stood up with Cameron, but she kept her hands on Cameron's waist.

Cameron gazed past her friend and stared at her turned over ATV. She snorted and teased, "You're a hell of a stunt artist, Bree."

Bree glanced over her shoulder and caught a glimpse of the four-wheeler hooked to the either sides of the gully and dangled in midair. The handlebars were inches from touching the water. She slightly blushed and turned back to her friend. "Sorry."

Cameron chuckled and softly grinned. She reached behind her head and something warm coated her hand. She brought her hand around and frowned at the blood. "Let's hope you didn't shake the last of my brains out. I don't have much left."

"I'm not worried about that," Bree fought. "Come on. Let's get you back to the house at least." She turned her head to the gully's edge.

"Come on... we'll go up the trail."

Bree let her friend go ahead of her. She wanted to stay behind her and make sure she made it okay. She struggled up the trail and came up to the top with her friend.

Cameron waited then started the slow walk back home.

Bree noticed how slowly Cameron went, and she was concerned. She walked closer and slipped her arm around Cameron's waist.

Cameron faintly smiled and linked her arm across Bree's shoulder. "Maybe next time we will wear helmets."

Bree faintly smiled but it turned sad. She could have hurt her friend far worse, but she was thankful for Cameron's fast reflexes too. They could have been locked under the heavy four-wheeler and have several broken body parts.

The walk back to the house was quiet. The friends stayed close and didn't separated until they came to the side door of the house. Bree shoved the door open and let Cameron go first. Cameron stood in the entrance way for a moment and seemed to think in slow motion.

Bree came up to her friend's side. "You should get a shower, Cameron. I just want to check your head before hand."

Cameron silently agreed and led the way upstairs. She'd already shown Bree around the house this early afternoon when they'd first arrived. She'd invited Bree to stay the night since neither of them had much homework for tomorrow. Plus her father wouldn't be home tonight, but her mom was due home fairly soon.

Bree pushed Cameron down onto the side of the bed. She then knelt and helped get the soaked boots off Cameron's feet. "How's your head feel?"

"I rather be hung over,"Cameron admitted.

Bree sighed and mentioned, "You'll need to stay up late."

Cameron already figured that, and she nodded. She leaned forward and untied her other boot. She shoved it off and removed her socks too. She then stood up and started towards the bathroom.

Bree silently followed and turned on all the lights in the bathroom. She leaned against the sink then ordered, "Come here."

Cameron turned her back to Bree then stepped back until she felt Bree's body against hers. She patiently waited.

Bree carefully touched her friend's head and inspected the damage. She found that the skin had certainly been cut open thanks to the hit. She'd noticed earlier that Cameron's head never hit any stones but just merely hit the mushy, gritty ground in the creek. She pulled her hands free and mentioned, "I think you'll be fine. Just maybe the concussion after effects."

"I'll be fine," Cameron promised.

Bree sighed and waited until her friend turned around. "I'll be in your room. Just holler, okay?"

Cameron smiled and ordered, "Go on."

Bree was worried, but she left the bathroom anyway. She went into Cameron's room and decided to get changed into her normal attire instead of her four-wheeling, muck clothes.

Cameron went to the shower and pulled open the curtain. She stretched out her hands to the knobs, but she stopped and stared at them as if they were changed. She narrowed her eyes and realized she'd forgotten how to just turn on the shower.

Cameron shook it off and read the letters on the three knobs. She figured out which were cold and hot so the third had to be for the water to go up to the showerhead. She quickly twisted the knobs the right amount and got the shower started.

Bree had slipped into her clean jeans and a teeshirt. She'd set her dirty, wet jeans on top of her closed sports bag. She also put her long sleeve shirt on top of it. She took the remote for the television and clicked the power button. In the background, she heard the shower running.

After fifteen minutes the shower shut off. Then a few minutes later Cameron came into the room with only the towel on her.

Bree glanced over and asked, "How you feel?"

"Better," Cameron admitted. She went to her dresser and fished out some clothes. She then sat on the side of the bed so that her back was to Bree. She bent forward and started to pull on her underwear.

Something caught Bree's attention, and she stretched out her left hand to Cameron's back. "Damn," she muttered. She ran her fingertips across the red and slowly bruising mark over Cameron's right shoulder. "I'm definitely not driving anymore."

Cameron twisted her head around and studied the mark. She'd received it when she'd hit the gully's edge just before hitting the bottom. She shrugged and finished getting dressed. "It'll heal, Bree."

Bree sighed and turned back to the television. She didn't feel any better but far worse about what'd happened to Cameron.

Cameron was soon dressed in a pair of loose jeans. She threw on a designer teeshirt that was long sleeved. She pushed up the sleeves then came over to Bree. She sat down and studied the television show.

Bree switched the remote to her right hand. She placed her left onto Cameron's knee. "I'm sorry about everything."

Cameron grinned and replied, "Don't worry about it, Bree. It was an accident."

"You could have been hurt worse."

Cameron shrugged and never lost her grin. "I'm just glad you didn't get hurt."

"Thanks to you," Bree remark. She frowned at her friend's grin.

Cameron placed her hand over Bree's and squeezed. "I'll be fine." She then chuckled and joked, "It'll be a little while before I ride with you again."

Bree chuckled but honestly stated, "It'll be a long time before I drive again."

Cameron patted Bree's smaller hand then stood up. She went back to her dresser to get some socks.

"How are you going to get the four-wheeler out anyway?"

Cameron wandered back over and sat down. "I'll get Eric to help me." She put on her socks then went about collecting her and Bree's dirty clothes. "I'll be back." She disappeared out of the room, gathered her clothes from the bathroom, and went downstairs and to the basement.

Bree shook her head and tried to estimate how lucky she was to have a good friend. She couldn't imagine many people would still befriend her after the stunt she just pulled with the ATV. She stared at the television, but she was hardly focused on the show. She was jarred from her thoughts when Cameron came back into the room.

Cameron sat down on the bed, but she stretched out and propped herself up with the pillows. "Lay down with me."

Bree gave in and moved back on the bed. She became comfortable too and handed the remote off to her friend. "I don't care what we watch."

Cameron plucked up the remote and remarked, "And I do." She grinned at her friend's low laugh. She started to channel surf.

Bree remained snuggled into the pillows and enjoyed being close to Cameron. She would eventually drift asleep because of her busy day of classes and the four-wheeling. She wouldn't be stirred awake until later by Cameron for a dinner with Cameron's mother.

At the dinner, Bree had a chance to get to know Cameron's mother. She was amazed at how kind and warm Mrs. Keller was to her. She couldn't guess what Mr. Keller was like, but she had yet to meet him. She also wondered when she'd meet Cameron's older brother. From what Caroline said, Cameron was suppose to be fairly close to her brother. She'd only heard he attended PSU, which was quite a long drive from home.

By the evening, Cameron and Bree stayed up together and watched a movie. Neither Cameron or Bree brought up the incident in the gully, but Cameron promised Bree that she would take care of the ATV tomorrow with Eric. Cameron had already texted Eric and explained she needed a hand tomorrow. Eric was quick reply and promise he would help.

It wasn't until about midnight that Bree dozed off. She wasn't sure whether Cameron had fallen asleep, but when she woke up at seven thirty, she found Cameron already moving about and getting ready for school. Bree stretched in bed then decided she better get moving too. She made sure to inspect Cameron's head before they left for school. She was happy to see the scab was healing over nicely, and Cameron seemed to have no after effects. Bree started to feel better about the situation.

At school, the day went fairly fast for Bree. She was thankful that it was Wednesday and soon Friday would be back. She got out of second class at normal time and started into the busy halls. She weaved through the people, but she slowed down when she spotted John Emerson.

John Emerson stopped walking and stood in his spot on the opposite side of the hall. He kept his eyes locked on Bree Holloway and watched her pass.

Bree held eye contact with him, but she turned her head away once she was too far. She then saw Eric Wright coming towards her.

Eric revealed a wide grin and stopped in front of Bree. "I heard what you did to Cameron's ATV."

Bree groaned and shook her head. "Yea... don't mention it, please."

"You two didn't get hurt?" Eric had already asked Cameron, who said no, but he didn't believe her.

"Cameron got a little banged up," Bree replied. "She seems fine though."

Eric sighed and lifted his hands. He gripped the straps of his bookbag. "I'd asked her, and she said 'no' to me."

Bree huffed and replied, "You know Cameron."

"That I do," Eric agreed. He then realized he needed to get to class. "I better go. I'll see you, Bree."

"See ya." Bree briefly watched him go then she hurried to get to class too. On her way there, she started to think about John Emerson. What in the world did he want from her? Why was he so interested in getting answers from her? And about what exactly?

Bree only figured it had to do with something between him and Cameron. She was starting to suspect that somehow John's bashed WRX had to do with Cameron. She wasn't sure how, but she didn't like the implications. Could her friend have really ruined the car out of anger? Bree wasn't sure if she wanted to know the answer, but she had to find out.

To be continued.