"Mom! I'm home!" Shimi comes through the door, "These are my friends Mom."

"You're watching that again?" An eyebrow quirked, the girl on the sofa turned around and glared at the new comer, and said haughtily, "Just because you don't like it doesn't mean that I can't."

"Nicole, you must have watched that a dozen times by now." Her sister replied experated.

Nicole stuck out her tongue, "Just because you're on the dark side and I am intelligently gathering data concerning the star wars saga is no reason to not broaden your horizons of learning."

"Yea whatever. I'm going to play fire emblem or golden sun now." She said dully. Opening a cabinet with food.

Nicole had returned to her movie, watching the battle scene with Maul and Qui-gon. "Oh, I wish I could be there. Anakin was so stupid and or brainless to fall for that trap. Palpintie is way too creepy to be that nice, never trust a person with that much power."

"Say, if you were to pick what side you would be on which side would you pick and why?"

Nicole turned her head to look at her sister, "Why the sudden curiosity?" "Just wondering."

"I would be neutral, nether Jedi or Sith. Sith are too power hungry and their way of training is to kill their master. Hate anger and greed are what they use most. The Jedi are a bit arragonant and I don't like the fact they can't have kids, well the corrielian ones do but it's discouraged. The Jedi are also chameleons that change with the environment that they're in. The Jedi also don't like to have feelings and stuff."

"You could just say neutral in the first place."

"True, but I was rambling out loud to pick what one."

Her sister pointed, "Is that the kid who turns into darth something?"

"Anakin Skywalker, former slave. He turns into darth Vader."

In a board tone, "Why?"

"He fell in love with a girl when he was 9. He wasn't allowed to get married but he did. He didn't trust her and they married too young. Palpitine also twisted how he thought. Anakin has all ways been very possive and controlling. He likes to break rules sometimes and the main point is that he doesn't use his brain. He was also under pressure too. So that might have done something to his brain."

"Okay. I'm going to play my game now."

"May the force be with you and may you not taste defeat of the dreaded game over."

"Ha ha! Very funny."

"It was wasn't it?"

Her sister went upstairs. My life would be less boring if star wars was real. It would be so cool if the screen opened and I was pulled into their galaxy. With a Jedi or something coming out saying, "O powerful-" what the heck?"

The screen had gone from the normal black into a purpley color. Nicole walked over curious and pushed eject from the VCR. The tape came out; Nicole grabbed the tape and put it back in the box.

A swirly purple fog continued to enter the room. Then grabbed Nicole and pulled her to the screen, the words on the screen were, "If you decide to accept this mission to help the Jedi, and restore peace and balance with the force. You will have to become one with their universe. If you succeed in rescuing and restore peace to this galaxy your reward will be great. Accept mission, deny mission?"

"Accept mission."

"Access granted. You will start with the phantom menace. Then work your way through the movies. If you die, you will be sent back to where you are and must star over, or go back to your home. Agree to conditions, disagree with conditions."

"Agree to conditions."

"Good luck, may the force be with you."

A door opened, Nicole steeped through it.

Well this is the start. I'm thinking of having Nicole go throught other things too. But Eh, I'm trying please tell me what you think.