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" Ooh! ElphieElphieElphieElphieELPHIE!"

Her ears ringing from the sudden onslaught of incredibly noisy name-calling, Elphaba moaned, rolling away from the source of the disturbance.


She wished desperately that Galinda would shut up. Usually an early-riser herself, Elphaba had, on many occasions, been forced to act as a human alarm clock for her bubbly friend… but that didn't give Miss Snooty little Upland an excuse to scream at her at such an ungodly hour, especially on a Saturday morning. In fact, it strained credulity to even begin to believe that the other was actually awake. Perhaps she had recorded her voice on one of her fancy gadgets, set it to go off at a specific time, and was now sleeping soundly with a pair of those large fluffy ear-muffs blocking out all noise. Elphaba wouldn't have put it past her.

Then again, that might be giving her undeserved credit.


The bed began to tremble as ferociously as if a bomb had gone off directly beneath it. Cracking open one dark eye a fraction of an inch, Elphaba winced. Galinda had thrown open the curtains so that a stream of pure unadulterated sunlight burned into her retinas. It was excruciatingly painful. Ignoring her friend's frantic attempts to tip over her mattress, scream in her ear, blind her, and in general try to get her out of bed, Elphaba pulled her thick downy comforter over her head, and clung to her blankets for dear life.

Galinda persisted. Elphaba felt a cool rush of air on her calves as Galinda flipped the blanket off her ankles and gripped them with vice-like hands. Elphaba gripped the bed stand, trying to withstand the constant tension. She succeeded until the other gave a final great heave, and triumphed. Elphaba's fingers gave way, and she was pulled roughly off the bed, landing with a muted 'smack' on the hard wooden floor. So much for sleeping.

Now quite awake, and pumped with adrenaline from her struggle to avoid just that, Elphaba stood, towering above her pink-adorned roomie. At the moment, friend seemed to be a little too strong a word. " What do you want?" Elphaba asked slowly, clenching and unclenching her fist at her side. She grit her teeth, and prayed desperately to anyone who would listen that Galinda hadn't woken her up to go shopping. That had happened the previous weekend, and Elphaba had sworn it would be the last time.

" Get dressed," Galinda commanded, " it's a surprise!"

" I don't do surprises," Elphie growled, looking extremely unhappy in her bedraggled state of exhaustion.

Looking a little frightened, Glinda relented. " The Wizard is visiting a nearby town!"

" What?" Elphaba could hardly believe her ears.

Galinda clapped her hands, jumped up and down, and said, " The Wizard is visiting a nearby town!" She suddenly squealed, loudly, and attacked Elphaba in a gigantic hug that was so powerful that it nearly toppled them both to the floor. " I thought you'd like to know!" she cried, nearly to the point of cracking Elphaba's ribs.

Grunting with the exertion needed to free her arms, Elphaba placed her hands firmly on the slightly shorter Galinda's shoulders, and peeled her off, staring her straight in the face. " Honestly?"

Galinda nodded, looking quite smug by now. " Would I lie to you?"

Elphaba stared at her.

Galinda sighed, and tried again. " Would I wake up this early for anything less important?"

Elphaba continued to stare. The shopping incident was still fresh in her mind.

" IT'S TRUE, OKAY!" Galinda shouted, shuffling over to her bed, and kicking off her pink rabbit slippers. She practically dove beneath layers of colourful pillows and comforters, until she came up with a slip of emerald paper clutched in her first. " Look, Elphie," she commanded, shoving her hand into Elphaba's face.

Elphaba sighed, and extracted the parchment from the death-clutch Galinda had it in. Heart-pounding, she set it down on her desk nearby, and smoothed it out. Eyes still a bit grainy from sleep, or perhaps the lack of, she had difficulty making out the words, because they too were written in a shade of green. It was obviously a notice from somewhere in the Emerald City. How Galinda managed to get her hands on an official Ozian document describing the Wizard's agenda, Elphaba had no idea. Maybe she didn't even want to know.

But there, right in front of her, was a seal of authenticity.

" He's arriving at eight, and leaving at nine?" Elphaba asked softly.

Galinda nodded.

" What time is it?"

" Just after five."

" How long does it take to get there?"

Galinda chewed the inside of her lip, and stared at the ground. " Three and a half hours."

Elphaba stared at Galinda, a fire slowly kindling in her eyes. " Is there any hope?" she asked, flying to her wardrobe and picking out a deep grey frock from her minimal supply of clothing.

" Not if you're going to wear that, there isn't!" Galinda exclaimed, quite appalled at Elphaba's choice in attire. " This is a triumphant parade of Oz the Great and Terrible for his birthday that we're talking about, not some funeral! Put something decent on!" Galinda, who had already dressed before Elphaba had awoken, shoved her out of the way, and flung herself into Elphaba's wardrobe.

Clothes flew out in a flurry of black, grey, and blue material. A few times, the green girl had to duck out of the way of a wad of cloth flying at her head.

Finally, Galinda emerged with an ebony dress in hand, looking not altogether happy, but contented.

" You never told me you had this. It's very nice. Put it on." She jabbed a finger at Elphaba, and shoved the dress towards her.

Elphaba recoiled. " I forgot I had that, no, it's not nice, and again no, I'm not putting it on."

" It'll go good with your ugly- I mean pointy hat."

" It'll go well, and I'm not wearing it."

Galinda scowled. " Well then, you're not going."

Elphaba scoffed. " Excuse me?" Did this- this- pink wearing atrocity before her think that she could really deter Elphaba Thropp? She couldn't even change a frock into a ballgown for Oz sakes.

" You have no way to get there in time."

" Oh," commented Elphaba dryly, " and I suppose that you do?"

" Money is power, Elphaba, and power equals speed. I will get you there on time to see the Wizard, if you'll wear this dress. If not, then I absolutely refuse to be seen in public with you."

Narrowing her eyes, Elphaba glared at Galinda for a long minute.

" Time's a-wasting Elphie!" her friend reminded her in the most infuriating sing-song voice that had ever been heard within the borders of Oz.

Elphaba snatched the dress from the other's hands. She examined it thoroughly, then nodded with a sigh.

" I can make you up on the way," the other commented cheerily as she left the room.

" You can try," Elphaba muttered rather testily, stripping out of her black nightclothes and into the dress Galinda had chosen for her. After fighting with the laces along the side of the dress for nearly an entire minute, she stood, stalking past Galinda's full-length mirror without so much as a glance. She snatched her hat off of the hat-rack by the door, slipped on her pair of surprisingly comfortable black combat boots, and slammed open the door. " Are you happy?" She inquired, folding her arms across her chest.

Galinda examined her, up and down with a scrutinizing gaze, then wiped a tear ( Elphaba couldn't tell if it was imaginary or real ) from her sparkling blue eyes.

" What is it?"

" You look beautiful. I've done such a good job with you."

Elphaba's eyebrow rose of it's own accord. " Glad to see you're so humble," she muttered cynically.

" You could use a bit of make-up… and your hair should really be let out of that confining braid… and oh- Elphie, is that a pimple appearing?"

Scowling, Elphaba couldn't help but run a hand over her chin where Galinda was pointing. There wasn't anything there. " No," she answered, letting her hand fall as inconspicuously away from her face as possible.

" No-no, I'm absolutely sure there is one… here… come on, I'll show you." Galinda snatched Elphaba's hand, and dragged her back into the room, practically shoving her before the mirror.

" Galinda, I really don't see any-" Elphaba froze, immediately alerted to what Galinda had been plotting. There wasn't anything on her face. But here she was, in front of the mirror.

" I told you that dress would look good on you."

Elphaba stared at her reflection. She ran her hand down the side of her dress, smoothing out the wrinkles with a crease in her brow as a flood of tumultuous emotions rushed through her. The first emotion was that of irritation for having allowed her friend to con her into doing something she hated- admiring herself. The second was surprise at how the dress really did suit her and her pointed hat quite well. And the third, and final emotion, was a little bit of pride in what she saw. She did look pretty good.

Nessarose had purchased the dress a couple of years back for Elphaba for her sixteenth birthday. She had only ever worn it a handful of times at best, but hadn't had the heart to dispose of it, despite her initial dislike for the garment. It was cut a little bit- small, for her taste. Elphaba was much more comfortable in something that would cover every square inch of her repulsive green skin, rather than something like this…

Short enough that the hemline barely reached the bottom of her knees when she stood up straight, the dark material clung quite fetchingly to the curvatures of her body. It was a deep navy blue silken material on the inside, and strips of the black material were cut away to reveal the sudden flashes of colour. The neck dropped perhaps a couple of inches past her rather prominent collar bone, and was done up tightly by a piece of black leather cording woven criss-cross up her left side, exposing tiny dots of emerald green skin. The shoulders were removed from the sleeves, so that they were only attached to the rest of the dress by a small bridge of material along the shoulder blades.

Galinda snuck up behind her, and snatched the hat from her head. She held her friend in a headlock, her arm around Elphaba's neck, and furiously attacked the braid, loosening it and running a brush through it all in the same action. Just as Elphaba readied to drive her bony elbow right into the other's ribcage, Galinda released her.

" Hey!" Elphaba demanded, whirling around. " What do you think you're-" and then her friend shoved some sort of clip in the midst of her hair, and stepped back to examine her handiwork.

" There we are. Perfect. Okay, let's go."

" Come on Galinda, enough with the whole," she raised her voice to mimic Galinda's soprano squeal, "'pink goes good with green' thing." She had already suffered through that speech twice now, and she wasn't about to relive those horrid memories.

" Turn around," Galinda suggested, reaching up to grasp Elphaba's chin, and forcibly twisting it around to face the mirror.

Elphaba scowled, but couldn't exactly disagree with her friend's exquisite taste. Softening her features slightly to mirror her thoughtful attitude, Elphaba reached up, and ran her fingers over the navy blue rose that lay over her ear, fastened to her head by a black hairclip as dark as the hair it rested in. The work Galinda had so recently completed seemed to do a fantastic job at accenting Elphaba's pointed features, causing her to look a great deal more 'angular' rather than just 'sharp'.

All in all, it presented quite an appealing look.

" If you're done worshiping my stupendiferous miracle workings," Galinda said pointedly, jabbing Elphaba in the back of the shoulder blades for effect, " we should really get going. Fiyero's usually late too, but I told him we'd meet him down there fifteen minutes ago."

"Fiyero? He's coming?" Elphaba inquired, trying to fight down the sudden pounding of her heart in her throat.

Galinda nodded. " Of course."

" W- I- I can't wear this in front of him," Elphaba proclaimed, sounding a lot calmer than she felt. She immediately began to remove the clip from her hair.

" Don't worry, Elphie. He's not even going to notice you! He has-" Galinda giggled, and pointed to herself in a dramatic gesture, "-me!" She stepped slightly to the left, where the sun's rays bounced off the mirror to illuminate her shimmering golden locks.

Though the comment was not meant to be cruel, it cut like a knife. Elphaba knew it was to be true. Once past the initial shock of Elphaba having green skin, no-one would ever dream of looking at her over Galinda, much less choosing her. Sweet Oz, what was she thinking. Her mind was in a tussle with itself. She didn't want such an air headed Winkie, no matter how incredibly handsome he was; even if he did have some vague remnant of a mind left after all those late-night parties, that vague remnant wouldn't want to be seen with a green girl.

" I guess you're right, Galinda," Elphaba said resolutely, clipping the flower back where it had previously rested.

Galinda smiled, completely blissful of Elphaba's mental turmoil, and snatched up an incredibly sparkly pink purse from her bed. " Well?" she asked, " Are you coming, or what?"

" Not many people would let their friends shove random plants into their hair just to stand there for hours and watch themselves in the mirror!"

Galinda's brow creased in confusion.

Well, not many people besides Galinda.

Elphaba threw up her hands in exasperation. " Just come on!" she demanded, and stormed out of the room, snatching a long black coat and throwing it over herself before Galinda was even able to protest.


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