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Leaving Galinda's pink monstrosity of a private suite was always somewhat of a treat for Elphaba, and as such, she tramped down the stairs at record speed, a flurry of ebony cloth and hair. Heavy black boots pounded out her haste as she rapidly descended to the ground floor. Galinda floated behind her, drifting from step to step as lightly as if she were walking on air, though quite a bit less silently. She was humming loudly, and slightly off key.

" Do you want to hear a song I wrote?" she asked once the two of them reached the bottom.

" No."

" How about once we're en route?"

" No."

" How about we don't go then," Galinda said in the same tone as her previous questions, this time grinning smugly in a most frustrating manner.

Elphaba clenched her teeth, and turned around to her friend, a completely false smile plastered across her green features. " I would love to hear your song, Galinda… in fact, I can hardly wait until we make it to the carriage."

She should have brought earplugs.

Although the thought had briefly crossed her mind on the way down the stairs, it was only now, waiting at the bottom, that Elphaba realized the extent of her unfortunate negligence. The likelihood of making it to see the Wizard alive was almost nil. Something told her that even if she did survive, she might not be able to hear for another week. Perfect.

" Come on then Elphaba, the Wizard's waiting. Follow!" Starting off towards the main doors, Galinda waved her hand emphatically to emphasize her point. Which seemed to be some notion that Elphaba would be unable to discern the general direction of their ride without her most spectacular help.

Elphaba followed until they were about five steps out the door, and was then halted.

" Well, here we are," Galinda proclaimed dramatically, gesturing to a large sphere created out of metal meshing. It was perhaps ten feet in diameter, and looked like some vague attempt at modern art. The empty spaces between the mesh were shaped like small octagons, each one the approximate size of her fist, and evenly distributed across.

The greener member of the party nearly choked on her own laughter at the ridiculous spectacle in front of her. " That's funny, Galinda."

Galinda frowned. " It's not meant to be!" she said petulantly. " Get in! We're going to be late!"

" This is the finest transport money can buy?" Elphaba inquired, quite skeptical.

" I'll have you know that it is! It's a prototype of a machine that the Wizard himself is inventing. If I'm lying, I will put on your ugly frock."

" And-?" Elphaba asked, expecting there to be something else, like 'throw myself off the highest tower' or 'dance in the main square of the Emerald City in front of thousands'.

" And what? It doesn't need anything extra. It's more than painful enough just to think about-"

" Yes Galinda, most things are."

It took a moment of concentration on Galinda's part to clue in, but when she did, she was quite unhappy. " GET IN!" she roared, swinging her pink handbag around at Elphaba's head.

Elphaba ducked, and in fear for her life followed Galinda's orders and stepped through the small (equally metal mesh) doorway into the interior of the sphere. It looked as unimpressive inside as it did out.

" Isn't it lovely?"

" I could make one of these out of coat-hangers, Galinda," Elphaba commented dryly.

" Just wait," her friend commanded with a happy smile.

" Where's Fiyero?" Elphaba demanded, looking about for any sign of the man.

" Right here," came the answer as he stepped into the bubble, all but hidden under an armful of fat cushions.

" Great. We're riding in luxury, we are," Elphaba grumbled with as much sarcasm as she could muster. She removed a few of the cushions from Fiyero's grasp, and set them down. She expected them to fall through the sizable octagonal holes in the mesh, but instead the bounced slightly… rippling the air like a puddle of water. Wrinkling her brow, Elphaba jabbed her finger into one of the octagons, expecting her arm to go right through, and nearly jumping back in shock when it didn't. Instead, the air stretched as if it were a thin plastic skin, forming to her finger. She drew it back, breathless when the air snapped back into place with a rainbow of colour like a prism.

" What is it?" She asked. Now, looking over the structure, she could see that the entire thing was encased in the stuff, and that it was stretched over the ribbing like a kite.

" I call it the Bubble," Galinda responded dramatically, waving her hand about in the air.

" We're rolling around in a bubble?" Elphaba asked, feeling sick to her stomach at the thought.

" No, the Bubble," Galinda protested.

" And we're not rolling," Fiyero said. He began pulling a few strange looking levers and wheels from a bag slung over his back, and inserting them gently into slots in the metal ribbing. He grinned, grasping tightly to a red stick protruding from the wall of the bubble and flicking it upwards. The entire structure around them shuddered.

" Then what are we doing?" Elphaba asked, watching as Fiyero situated himself on the cushion nearest the levers and clambering onto one herself.

" Flying," he answered happily, and the ground fell away.


" Don't be afraid, Elphie."

" I'm not afraid Galinda, I'm just apprehensive."

" What have I told you about using words like that. Stop trying to make my head explode," Galinda grumbled, wrinkling her nose with distaste. " Just admit that you're afraid."

" I'm apprehensive."

" EXPLODING!" Galinda protested loudly, clapping her hands to her ears.

Elphaba was too afraid to be amused. The ground was hundreds of feet below her. She was hundreds of feet above it. It was greatly unnerving.


Finally, an hour into the trip, Elphaba seemed to be able to relax. They had been traveling northwards for some time now, and despite that looking down caused her stomach great displeasure, she was quite enjoying the view.

" I can see my house from here!" Galinda proclaimed suddenly, pointing downwards.

Elphaba followed the line of her finger, and scoffed. " I think that's a town, Galinda."

" No it's not. I'd know my own home anywhere."

" Whatever."

" Not whatever! Look, there's the first tower, with all my rooms. The first window on the first floor of the eastern side is where I sleep. On the same side, just one floor above, is my bathhouse. I have the third largest bath in Gilikin, you know… I don't really know what's above that… I hardly ever climb up all those stairs. I'd have to ask the servants, they clean them all the time. On the west side-"

After her ears underwent several minutes of verbal abuse, Elphaba reluctantly agreed. It wasn't a town.

Galinda changed subjects without difficulty after she felt she had described her third dining room sufficiently.

" Are you ready to hear my song now?" Glinda asked.

" Not really. And you can't threaten to not take me to see The Wizard, because I'm already in the bubble… with you…" Elphaba trailed off, shoulders slumping.

" Exactly! So you can't get away."

Stealing a look to Fiyero, who was pretending to concentrate very very hard on the small blue steering wheel beside him, Elphaba groaned.

Galinda cleared her throat and began to sing loud soprano in a fair imitation of a professional opera singer.

" We're off to see the Wizard! The Wonderful Wizard of Oz! Because because because because because!!!!!! Because-"

Elphaba interrupted. " I don't think you can have that many 'becauses' in a song."

Galinda frowned. " Yes I can. I assure you, it'll be immensely popular one day. Perhaps even the national anthem."

" It's pointless. You didn't even say why we're off to see the Wizard. All you said was because."

Galinda thought for a moment, and belted out the next line. " Because of the wonderful things he does!"

Elphaba frowned. " I don't think you can start a sentence with because, either. "

" I just did."

" Why?"

Galinda smiled, a sickly-sweet smirk of superiority. " Because."


Easily bored, Galinda had taken to flipping through a magazine by the second hour of the trip. It might be hours before Miss Upland would decide once again to grace the passengers of the Bubble with her attention.

Elphaba was quite glad about the silence, as it left her alone with her thoughts.

At the moment, her thoughts were those of Fiyero Tiggular..

Ever since that horrible day, when everything Elphaba had ever believed in had crashed down at her feet in the form of a lion cub in a cage, she couldn't help but feel a strange sense of regret every time she thought about her best friend's love interest.

Quite a lot of regret was available because she couldn't seem to stop thinking about him.

Fiyero continually plagued her. Why? Whether genuinely self-absorbed and deeply shallow or not, he still wasn't the kind of man who would ever interest Elphaba. Surely he was handsome enough, but his mind- if he had ever been in possession of one to begin with- could never have survived the disuse and degradation he put it through. Partying through the night, acting like an airhead… spending hours with Galinda.

Against someone like Galinda, what chance did Elphaba have?

She sighed, hardly even noticing when the personification of her confusion addressed her.

"You cold?" he asked, staring at her with a bewildered expression.

" Hmm?" she asked, glancing over to him.

Fiyero was be dressed as he usually did, modeling rather tight clothing that hinted at his muscled frame despite covering every inch of skin. His tawny hair was swept back over his head like a leonine mane, feathery strands brushing glowing against his tanned skin as the hot summer sun blazed upon his masculine features.

Powerful, yet graceful fingers of his hands rested upon the controls of the bubble. His high, black boots lay nicely over his powerful calf muscles as he sat cross-legged on the pillow, and the neck of his shirt was open a little more than modesty tended to dictate.

" The jacket," he explained, before repeating, "Are you cold?"

Having ignored the oppressive heat of the coat since she had left the suite, Elphaba had almost forgotten she was wearing it. She shook her head, unable to keep a slight smile off her face. " Galinda made me wear this dress, and…"

" I most certainly did! It does look fantabulous on her by the way." The blonde piped up, hardly bothering to look up from her magazine as she scribbled furiously inside, a pained expression upon her face.

Elphaba felt her face flush, and she sunk lower into the cushion she sat on. Silence lapsed once more.

She did wish Fiyero would do up his shirt and stop tormenting her.