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Pairings: NaruHina, SasuSaku, NejiTen, ShikaIno

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Helping Hands

Chapter 1 – The deal between Sasuke-teme and Hinata-chan

Sakura sighed and massaged her temples. Today had been really exhausting and the fact that Naruto was constantly babbling about Ichiraku having a new sort of Ramen didn't make it any better.

"Still… I'm so sad that the old man is making a holiday! A whole week without Ramen! I can't take it Sakura-chaaaaaaaan!"

It was true, the old man of Ichiraku was taking a holiday in wave country and therefore had to promise Naruto to come back with new energy.

'Why do I have to go with Naruto alone today? I still don't know why Sasuke-kun isn't coming with us! It's Team 7's weekly dinner out. I know he doesn't like it very much, but he never ditched us. And Kakashi-sensei is on a mission.'

"Well we have to go to another restaurant Naruto. We can't always go to Ichiraku you know?", Sakura explained and took a deep breath. "What did Sasuke-kun say? He didn't tell me any details why he couldn't come."

Naruto only shrugged. "I don't know. Sasuke-teme only said something about having an important meeting. But I still don't understand what could be more important than meeting with his two best frien… oh my god…"

Suddenly, Naruto stood still, the shock running through his whole body. Sakura, who walked right behind him, bumped into his back.. She then was pulled into hiding.

"Naruto! What the-"

He placed his hand on her mouth. "Sasuke-teme's having a date with Hinata-chan…", he whispered, his voice somewhat…dark and angry. His eyes were narrowed, and he was watching the café on the other side of the street.

Sakura, confused about what she just heard, was peeping around the corner. And then she saw it.

Sasuke was indeed sitting in the café, right opposite of Hinata. Just the two of them. Alone. Laughing and talking. This sight just seemed so wrong.

'Sasuke dating Hinata', she thought. 'That would be like…if suddenly Kakashi-sensei would throw away his Icha Icha Paradise. Nearly impossible!'

"What the…"

Curious the two ninjas watched their friends a little longer. They were getting more and more confused. Sasuke meeting Hinata?! That was more than a little awkward.

Of course the two of them were friends, and Sakura also knew that they had been good friends in their childhood days, but the two of them on a date?! She just couldn't take it.

'And here I thought we were getting a little closer.' She sighed.

Naruto on the other hand didn't know why he suddenly was so angry. He had a really odd feeling in his stomach, and his brain told him to punch Sasuke… but he didn't know why. He subconsciously clenched is fists.

"I don't believe this...", he growled and continued watching the pair.

Sakura and Naruto kept on watching their two friends. They were talking, laughing, and it seemed that they had been in the café for a while, because there was an empty cake-plate on the desk in front of Hinata.

After another 15 minutes though, they both stood up and Sasuke seemed to pay the bill.

"I think they're leaving.", whispered Sakura and tried to hide in the shadow.

The two black-haired ninja were leaving the café.

"…and thanks a lot for today Hinata-chan. I don't know what I would do without you.", they heard Sasuke say. And suddenly he hugged her.

Narutos anger increased. 'Get your hand off her Teme!...Wait.. why am I thinking that?'

Confused and totally shocked of what they saw (Hinata was hugging him back), Sakura and Naruto decided to leave.

They just couldn't bear the sight anymore.

Hinata giggled. "Oh it was a pleasure Sasuke-kun. I'm glad that I can help you."

She looked at her watch. "It is not that late, you could call Sakura-chan and ask them where they are. You could join them for dinner!"

Sasuke thought about it. "You're probably right. I hope they don't ask me that much question. You know asking you for help…it's somewhat embarrassing."

He sighed and searched for his cell phone.

"Good luck, Sasuske-kun! I'll see you on Monday!"

Hinata waved and then went down the street into the direction of her home.


Meanwhile, Sakura and Naruto were panting, leaning against the big well on the Konoha market place.

"N-Naruto?" The pink haired kunoichi desperately tried to catch her breath. "D-Did I just dream? Was that a genjutsu? I-I can't believe what I just saw…"

'Okay… Naruto and I are hugging all the time, but that's different! We're like brother and sister!'

Naruto sat down, exhausted. "I…I don't know Sakura-chan. I hope I just imagined that. Since when are Sasuke-teme and Hinata-chan that close?! He never told us about that!"

Sakura suddenly smiled. She knew that Naruto had to be angry. She had noticed that Naruto had started to notice the Hyuuga girl, not because she had grown to be a very pretty woman, but she had gotten stronger.

He may not have noticed for himself, but he started to develop feelings for her. And that was why he was so angry at the moment.

"I don't know… maybe-"

Suddenly her phone rang. 'Who would call me at that-'

"Naruto it's Sasuke-kun! What should I do?!", she shrieked, her cell phone vibrating in her hands.

"Answer it!"

Gulping, Sakura pressed the little green button and held the phone to her ear? "Hello?"

"Yo, Sakura."

She tried to be as natural as possible. Naruto was leaning in to hear what his friend was going to answer.

"Hello S-Sasuke-kun! How are you?".

'Well that was lame Sakura. You sound like a twelve year old fangirl again!'

"Fine. Listen my appointment didn't take as long as I thought. Are you and Naruto still at Ichiraku? I'm kinda hungry."

'He wants to eat with us? It's getting even stranger.'

Sakura quickly took a look around the market place and spotted a restaurant which was very well known for it's beef in Konoha.

She took Naruto by the hand and dragged him with her.

"Ichiraku is closed for a week Sasuke-kun. But Naruto and I are eating at the beef restaurant! You can still join us if you want!"

"Okay… See ya in a few minutes."

He had hung up and Sakura and Naruto were entering the restaurant.

"What the hell Sakura-chan! I don't want to talk to him right now!"

She sighed and sat down on a chair. "Listen Naruto. Sasuke-kun is not the type of guy who would ask if we are still outside. he would probably go home because he doesn't care. Maybe he wants to talk with us about Hinata-chan! We have to pretend that we didn't see a thing. Understand?"

Naruto nodded and ordered something to eat. He didn't like the fact that Sasuke was hiding something from them. He wanted to start a conversation with Sakura, but he was interrupted.

"Oi Sakura!"

Suddenly, Ino came running up to them. "Hey what are you two doing here?"

Sakura greeted her back. "We're having our weekly Team 7 dinner here, because Ichiraku is closed. And you?"

"I was eating out with my parents and the Naras.", she explained. "Shikamarus mom was too lazy to cook. Now I know where he has his laziness from."

Shikamaru was walking up behind her, waving. "Troublesome woman. Running away without saying a thing. Hey you two."

"Hey Shikamaru.", Naruto grumbled, obviously pissed.

Ino blinked confused. "What's up with him?"

Sakura laughed hysterically. "Ah..n-nothing! He's just angry because Sasuke-kun is late. Anyways Ino, what did you want?"

She seemed to have forgotten, because there was an expression of hard thinking on the blondes face, but then she remembered.

"Oh! Hinata called me a few minutes ago. She told me that she's not able to go shopping with us on Monday!"

"What? Why?" Sakura had a bad thought. 'Maybe she's having another date with Sasuke-kun!'

Ino only shrugged. "I don't know, she said something about having a very important thing to do. Just wanted to tell you that. Well I have to go. See ya!"

She took Shikamarus hand and dragged him along.

A few minutes later, Sasuke was walking in, bored face and cool attitude as ever. The evening was quite amusing, but the young Uchiha didn't mention his date with Hinata once. He just noticed that Sakura and Naruto were shooting glanced at each other, more often than usual.

'Well…', he thought. 'They're getting stranger each time I meet them'


Hinata was walking down the street. She was still amused and slightly shocked, because she had just made a deal with Sasuke Uchiha.

She giggled.

'I never thought Sasuke-kun would do something like this.'


Hinata was waiting outside of the Konoha Café more nervous than usual. Sasuke had called her this morning and he wanted to meet her.

She liked Sasuke, he was an old childhood friend, and since his return 2 years ago, there friendship had grown closer.

Looking down the street, she saw Sasuke approaching her, and she waved. "H-Hello Sasuke-kun.", she said and smiled.

He sighed. "Let's go inside.", he had said, dragging her inside the café.

They sat down on a desk near the window. Sasuke ordered a coffee for himself, Hinata hot chocolate and a piece of cherry-cake.

"S-So Sasuke-kun. Why did you want to talk to- Sasuke-kun are you alright?", she asked with a concerned voice.

The young Uchiha had buried his hands in his hair, shaking his head. "No I'm not alright.", he sighed. He lifted his head, and looked Hinata deep in the eyes.

"Hinata. You're one person of very few that I trust. I have to ask you to keep this conversation absolutely secret. Okay?"

'Oh my…', she thought. ' This is serious.'

"O-Of course Sasuke-kun. You can count on me!"

He smiled. "I know. W-Well the reason you are here today is because…", he took another deep breath. "I'm in love with Sakura…"

Hinata had dropped her fork in shock. Then she began to laugh…really hard.

Sasuke watched her, confused. "What in the world is wrong with you?!"

She tried to suppress her laughter, but wasn't very successful. "Oh my god, you finally realised that Sasuke-kun? A lot of people know that already!"

The black-haired ninja watched her in shock. 'Oh my god. Does Sakura already know?! I'm doomed!' "Who knows?"

Hinata tried to calm him down. "Don't be afraid Sasuke-kun, Sakura doesn't know. It's just a little.. well too obvious. The way you are looking at her, the way you talk to her…"

She was interrupted by a very confused sentence. "B-But I already know that I like her. a long time! I tried to avoid her!"

The Hyuuga heirness sipped on her cup. "That's it. You're not acting like you would usually do. You try to avoid her."

She sighed. "Nobody will tell her."

Sasuke let his head fall onto the desk, lifted it…and let it fall again. He did that a few more times until Hinata told him to stop.

"Sasuke-kun! Quit it!". She sighed again. "Tell me why I'm here okay?"

Sasuke once again watched his opponent. His expression was terrible. "I'm frustrated okay?! I can't sleep at night because she's always in my head, damnit! The reason I'm meeting with you today is, because I know you like Naruto just the way I like Sakura.. and.. ahm.. because.."

He stopped and once again tried to sort his thoughts. "And because you can cook and dance."

Hinata, a blush on her face because of the comment about Naruto, looked up in surprise. "B-Because I can cook and dance?"

It was true. Hinata was rated one of the best cooks in Konoha beyond ninjas, and she knew how to dance.

Sasuke started to explain. "I overheard a conversation between Sakura-chan and Ino a few days ago. She said that her perfect man should be able to cook and dance… and unfortunately I can't do any of it. Although I'm living alone, I always eat tomatoes because me and a kitchen equals chaos! And…well let's just say I am too stupid to dance."

Hinata smiled. "You want me to teach you how to cook and dance?"

She was delighted. Nobody had ever asked her to help with the kind of things she REALLY was perfect in.

Sasuke took her hands into his and squeezed them. "I'm not asking you Hinata-chan, I'm begging you! I really am an hopeless case! Please, please, please help me!"

He smiled, and then continued with a comment Hinata never would have expected.

"If you help me with this stuff, I'm going to help you with your new training, okay?"

Hinata, gasped and watched him in shock. "H-How do you know of my new training?!"

"You're not the only person who trains in the middle of the night, Hinata-chan. That Ice jutsus you have are amazing. You just need a little more perfection. I'm gonna help you okay? Deal?"

She smiled. "D-Deal!"

Then she laughed. "I would have never imagined that we would ever do something like this, Sasuke-kun. Is it okay if we start on mond- oh no.. my shopping tour with the girls!"

Sasuke gave her a pleading look. "Monday would be perfect Hinata! Please."


She had decided to ditch the shopping tour. Sasuke and his problems were much more important.

Hinata clenched her fists. 'I can do this! Cooking and dancing, that CAN'T go wrong.'

Entering the frontgate of the Hyuuga Mansion, she bumped into Rock Lee.

"L-Lee-san! Gomen nasai! I didn't see you there!"

Lee, who had fallen to the ground, jumped up and shook his head. "No problem, Hinata-san! It was my fault. I was too fast! I'm on my way to train with Neji-kun and TenTen-chan! They are in the garden."

'In the garden? That's rare.'

She entered the garden together with Lee, and saw TenTen and Neji, already waiting. They approached them.

"Hello N-Neji-nii-san, TenTen-chan."

They greeted her back, and Hinata shot Neji a questionably look. "D-Did father allow all of you to train in the garden? That's odd."

Neji shrugged his shoulders. "He said he wanted to say how we act as a team.

Suddenly, TenTen smirked. "Don't you think it is a punishment because you failed on babysitting Hanabi-chan?"

Neji quickly put a hand on TenTens mouth. "Shut it! Hinata-san doesn't know! Even she can watch over her little sister!"

Hinata did her best not to laugh. "Y-You let Hanabi-san escape again! I-Idiot!!!"

She laughed, and then decided to change, to do some light training.

Neji only stared at her, for calling him an idiot. 'It's true though..', he sighed. 'That's so humiliating.'


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